"Report!"  Shockwave asked.

"We have rounded the planet to our target side, and we are now within firing range."

"Excellent," Shockwave said.   "How long till our energy weapons are on line?"

"We have diverted all power from every energy weapon on the ship, to our main gun," The gunner replied.  "It should be on line in about thirty Cycles."

"Excellent," Shockwave said again.  "Let me know, the mini cycle you are ready."

"Yes sir."

MT. ST. HILARY: Maximal H.Q.

Outside, the missile stood on its launching pad, steam hissing from its booster.  The outside was completely deserted, as all the Maxiamls and Predacons were inside, in the command room, watching the monitors.

"We are ready for launch," Rinox replied.  "Initiate count-down sequence, on my mark."  He held up his hand, and then let it drop.

Tarantulas who sat next to him, flipped a switch, and pushed a button.  "Count-down sequence started."  A computerized voice began to speak.

"10, 9,8,7,6…"

They all watched the missile with anticipation, as the numbers counted down.

"2,1,0!  Ignition sequence started!"

There was a might roar, as flame spurted out from under the missile. The holders on the side of the missile were retracted, and withdrew from harms way.  At first, it just stood there, then, slowly, with a groan, the missile lifted of the ground, then began to rocket towards the sky.

"Success!"  Rinox shouted.  "It's away!"

Everyone cheered, as they watched the missile streak skyward on the monitors outside.

"Now comes the difficult part!"  Rinox said.  "Tarantulas, are you ready?"

"Of cause I am," He replied, as his claws stared tapping away on the keyboard.  "Just give me a cycle!"



"Report?"  Shockwave asked the radar man.

"I just detected some sort of primitive launch form the planet's surface."  Shockwave was silent.

"Explain."  He asked.

"Well, sensors just picked up the acceleration of a long ranged projectile weapon, which just launched from the planet's surface, right at the location of our intended target."

"Integrative: Can we have a visual?"

"Yes sir," the radar man replied.  "Punching it to the main screen, now!"

The image of the Earth disappeared, to show a blurry object, with a long fiery trail behind it, shooting up into space.  Suddenly, the engine cut out, and there was a small puff of smoke, as the bottom half of the missile fell away.  Then, another motor kicked in, forcing the missile still upward.

"Primal," Shockwave said,  "You still insist on fighting till the bitter end."

"Sir!"  The radar cried out. 


"Something's happening!"  He pointed to the missile, streaking towards them, "Look!"

Shockwave looked up at the monitor, just in time see the shimmering missile vanish from sight.

"It can't do that!"  The captain cried out.

"It is illogical that the missile be able to disappear like that, but somehow, the Maximals have installed a cloaking device on their weapon."

"I can see that," the captain hissed, "What are we going to do about it?"  Shockwave thought for a moment.

"Lower the shields, and divert the shields power to visual."

"Are you nuts?"  He cried out.

"Do as I say, Captain."

"Yes, commander," he replied, pressing a few buttons.  "What visual would you like?"

"Go to Infrared."  Shockwave said.

"Switching to infrared."  The captain announced.  The screen switched to show the planet, in the natural colours of heat, from cold to hot.  And sure enough, there was a large bright red and orange heat trail, streaking towards them.

"We have a visual."  The gunner said.  "I can easily destroy it."

"Then do so," Shockwave said. 

"Yes sir," The gunner said, as he filliped up three caps.  Under them were three switches, which he flipped one after the other, then stabbed a big red button, just off to the side.

MT. ST. HILARY: Maximal H.Q.

"We'll have impact in just two cycles."  Rinox said.  All eyes were on the holographic monitor in the middle of the command centre.  "Are you ready for the transmition?"  Rinox asked Tarantulas.

"Of cause, Maximal," The spider hissed.  The monitor showed a 3-D map of the volcano, along with the Titan.  There was a yellow flashing dot with a dotted line behind it, which was the missile, as it moved closer to the Titan.

"Wait!"  Rniox cried out.  "Something's happening!"

All eyes watched as on the monitor, three red dots suddenly left the Titan, and started on a direct corse for the missile.

"Oh no!"  Tarantulas shrieked.  "They've seen the missile somehow!"

"How is that possible?"  Primal cried out.  "I thought we had it cloaked?"

"We did!"  Tarantulas cried out, clutching his head with his claws.  "I simply don't understand how they saw it coming!"

They all watched, with wide eyes, as the three red dots rapidly approached the yellow flashing one.  They all held their breaths, as they closed in on it, then…

"We've lost it!"  Tarantulas cried out.  The monitor showed nothing more.  The yellow dot vanished, and the words, signal lost, flashed up.

Everyone groaned.


"The missile has been destroyed sir."  The gunner announced, as the ship shook with the shockwave from the blast.

"Excellent," Shockwave said.  "Move us into firing position, then destroy that volcano!"

"At once sir."

MT. ST. HILARY: Maximal H.Q.

All the Maxiamls and Predacons lounged around the control room.  Neither felt like blaming the other.  Neither felt like doing pretty much anything.  That missile was their last hope.  Now, they were all going to die.

"I never thought I'd end like this," Megatron muttered.  "All of us, going out in a memory of history."

"What have you Pred's got to worry about," Rattrap mumbled, drumming his fingers on the table.  "We Maxiamls go first, then it's you guys."

"I simply don't understand!"  Tarantulas muttered, over and over again, trying to observe every detail on the monitor.

"Oh give it a rest," Rinox muttered, "It's been destroyed for at least a cycle now."

"We've got nothing left to fight with."  Primal groaned.  "What do you believe will happen now, Megatron."  Megatron didn't bother looking up as he spoke.

"Well, following a logical tactic, which is what Shockwave will do.  He will fire the main cannon, and destroy the mountain, giving us no place to hide, or defend the Ark.  Shockwave will then most likely lunch an assault on us with all the troops he can muster.  Those old Decepticon cruisers carried about 150 personal.  With our combined forces that gives us a total strength of fourteen.  I estimate, it will take only a few cycles before we are all terminated."

"Oh, thankyou Magic Eight Ball."  Rattrap groaned.

"W-What are we going to do?"  Quickstrike asked. 

"Wazpinator don't want to die!"

"There's nothing we can do," Primal groaned.  "At every step, at every turn, Shockwave's lead us into a trap or a dead end.  Everything we've tried, has failed."

"This is it then," Rattrap moaned, "We're all gonna die.

Tarantulas let his head fall onto the keyboard.  "I must agree with the vermin."  He hissed.  

"If only we had someone like Shockwave on our side, we could've used some logic of our own."  Megatron grumbled.

Primal sighed, and then he looked at Rattrap with wide eyes.  "That's it!"  He cried out.

"Huh?"  All the Maximals asked.

"Shockwave's been successful because of his logic.  Everything's like a game of chess to him, it takes logic, strategy, power, and patients."

"So?"  Rattrap asked.

"We've been doing the logical thing so far."  He narrowed his eyes.  "It's time we did something illogical.  Megatron, do you still have any of those explosives still left?"

Megatron held out his hand, to reveal three small spheres.  "Just three, why do you require them?"  Primal didn't bother to answer him as he snatched them out from Megatron's grasp.

"What are you going to do, Big Bot?"  Cheetor asked.

"In this desperate hour, we need a miracle," he said, turning around, and heading for the Ark.  "I'm going to get one."

"Has it really come to this?"  Rinox asked, following Primus along.

"I'm afraid so," Primal said, as he opened the Ark, and Teletram 1 stood down.  The doors slid open, and Primal walked inside, followed by Rinox.

"Is there any other way?"

"I'm afraid not," Primal said, as he moved around the deactivated Transformers that littered the hallway.  "It's our only hope."  They came into the control room, and Primal walked over, and turned to face the command chair, and it's occupant, Optimus Prime.

"You're going to try and awaken Optimus Prime?"  Primal shock his head.

"No," He said, as he activated his feet boosters, and began to move up, and hover, directly in front of Prime. 

"Then what in the name of the Matrix are you going to do?"

"Exactly that," Primal said.  Rinox was confused.  He thought hard about that for a moment, before it suddenly sunk in.

"You're joking, right?"  He asked.  Primal shock his head, as he pushed on Prime's chest.  There was a soft click, as the chest plates opened up.  "I hate to sound like Shockwave at this moment in time, but have your logic circuits been corrupted!?!  This is the Matrix we're talking about!  The life-force of all Transformers!"

"I know, Rinox!  But we have no other choice!"  Then, the protective shield flipped up, to reveal the Matrix within.  It shone with the same power and energy the last time they saw it.  "But I believe I can hold it, like last time."

"The last time, you only held Prime's spark, not the Matrix it's self!"  Rinox cried, as Primal took it out of Prime's chest.  "It's too powerful, you'll never be able to control it!"

"Do you have a better idea!"  Primal snapped, spinning around to face Rinox.  Rinox remained silent.  "If history is to remain the way it is, I must bind my spark with the Matrix in order to defeat Shockwave!"

"But if you're destroyed, so is the Matrix!"

"It's the only way to save the future, Rinox!  I need the Matrix!"  Primal then turned back to Face Prime, and then opened up his own chest plate.  His own spark crackled and fizzled with energy.  Primal took a deep breath, and then slowly placed the Matrix within his own chest.

Primal jerked, as the two sparks meet, and began to merge into one.  He froze, then with shaky hands, placed the Matrix within his chest, then closed his chest plate up, sealing the Matrix within.

There was a few seconds of silence, before Primal screamed out in pain, and clutched his chest.

"Optimus!"  Rinox cried out.  Primal jerked about in the air, and finally, crashed to the ground, curled up in a ball, screaming in pain.  "I knew this was a bad idea!"  Rinox growled, as clambered over a fallen Autobot to get to his leader.  "Primal!"  He shouted, as he grabbed an arm, and rolled him over, "We have to get that thing ou…!"

"NO!"  Primal's voice boomed with an odd echo.  He stopped rolling around and clutching his chest, then slowly, rose to his feet.  His eyes opened, and they blazed with energy.  "I am now one with the Matrix!"  He bellowed.  "It's time to stop Shockwave for good!"

He then fired his feet boosters, and rose of the ground.  Then, sticking one arm forward, rocketed down the corridor, and out of the Ark.  The other Maximals and Predacons only had a whirlwind glimpse, as Primal shot over their heads, and outside. 

"Big bot?"  Cheetor whispered in shocked awe.

Megatron kept his eyes on the cave entrance, and scratched his chin.  "I believe it is time, we should all get going," Megatron said, "Primal can no doubt handle this by himself.  All Predacons return to base, I believe Primal has things wrapped up here."

"Yeah, go on, get!"  Rattrap muttered, swiping his hand at the Predacons.  "Don't be a strange now!"

"What!?"  Quickstrike cried out.  "We're just gonna leave!?"

"Yes," Megatron said, "Now, let's go!"  Then, the Predacons all transformed, and left the volcano.

"I don't understand, Megatron," Tarantulas said, as they exited the volcano, "Why did we have to leave?"

"Primal didn't get all that power from the Ark," Megatron said.  "No, he had to have gotten it from someone else."

"The Matrix?"  Tarantulas cried out.

"Correct," Megatron said.  "Not even Shockwave will be able to stand up to the Matrix.  So, even if we were to stay behind, and take all the Maxiamls as hostages, Primal will have more than enough power to destroy us all!  No, despite the humiliation we have suffered, it would be logical and profitable to simple retreat with our tails between our legs."

Once outside the volcano, Primal then transformed into his jet mode, and blasted towards the heavens.  As he reached his altitude limit, he put on a burst of power, and his rocket engines roared, as he soared into the high clouds.

Normally, he wouldn't have been able to travel into space on his engines, but the Matrix give him the extra power needed to brake through the Atmosphere and Gravity hold.  Then, with a final thrust, he broke free of the planets pull, and passed through the last layer of clouds, and into the Stratosphere.  The sky was a dark blue, and above him, lay the blackness of space.

In the distance, loomed the Titan.  It's strange purple colour, stuck out against the inky backdrop of space.  Primal put on some extra speed, his rocket engines blazing behind him.


On board the Titan, the Decepticon manning the ships sensors, leaned over, and tapped the screen.  Something flashed across it, and then disappeared.  He hesitated, and then watched, as it showed up again.

"Commander?"  He called out to Shockwave.  "There's something out there!"  Shockwave just stared back at him with that same blank expression.

"That… is impossible."  He said.  "The Maxiamls, nor the Predacons have any crafts capable of achieving sub-orbital flight."

"You tell that to my sensors," the Decepticon said, "Whether you like it or not, something's out there!  And by the Pit, is it fast!"

"What's it's current speed, and trajectory?"

"It's speed keeps changing," The Decpeticon reported, "But at its current heading, it'll be on us in a matter of Cycles."

"Integrative: Do we have a visual?"

"Yes sir," the Decpticon replied.  "Putting it up on the screen, now!"  He pushed a button, and the view of the planets surface was replaced, by a picture of the outside.  In the middle, a strange looking jet was flying towards the Titan at fantastic speeds.

"Enhance."  Shockwave ordered.  The Decpticon zoomed in, until the object took up the whole screen.

"What the pit is that?"  The captain asked.

"Primal."  Shockwave said.  "But… how?"

"Sensors are detecting massive power flux's from the incoming craft," a Decepticon said from his post.  "What ever the Pit that thing is, it's got more power than us."

"That is… impossible," Shockwave stated.  "That simply cannot be!  Fact: Such crafts of that size, even from a Transformer, cannot wheeled such energy."

"It's firing on us!" The Captain said.  There was a brief flash of light form the incoming craft, before two energy blasts slammed into the ship.

"Report!"  The captain shouted!"

"Shields are holding," a Decpticon reported.  "That blast wasn't very powerful it's self, and our shields aren't brought down by any significant levels.  Nothing to worry about, we can handle this."

"Very well," The captain said, "Target that thing, and lock on with short-ranged interceptors."

"Targeting sir," The Gunner announced.  Primal fired another burst of shots, and banked off to the right.  "Target acquired, sir.  We have a shooting solution." 

"Fire."  The Captain snarled.

"Fire one!"  The gunner cried, and stabbed his thumb on the button.  There was a loud hiss, as a missile silo on the ships side opened up, and ejected a long but sleek looking missile.  Then, there was a burst of fire, as it's engines kicked in, and spat flame out the back, then turned around, and bore down on Primal.  "Fire two!"  The gunner cried again, and released another missile.  He turned around in his chair, to face the captain.  "Interceptors are on their way, sir." 

"Excellent."  He said.  "How long till impact?"  The gunner turned back to his consol, to read the information there.

"They'll impact in… ten, nine, eight…"


Everyone looked up, just in time to see Primal fly through the explosion that was the first interceptor.  He then fired again, and blew up the second.  Then, swung around, and strafed the side of the ship."

Suddenly, the entire bridge was shaken, as there was a loud slow rumbling sound throughout the ship that shook everyone about.

"Report!"  The captain screamed out, barely clinging to his own seat.  "What the pit was that!?!"

"Our shields weren't raised up fast enough after firing the interceptor, sir," a crewmember cried out.  One of the blasts fried from the enemy fighter hit a closed silo hatch dead on, and took out five other interceptors in the row."

The captain knew what that meant.  The one draw back with projectile weapons was that the shields needed to be lowered in order to fire them.  They hadn't really considered the small fighter craft a threat, and had been caught totally of guard.  "Blast it!"  The captain cried out.  "Raise the shields!  NOW!!"

"Shields raised sir." 

"Damn it, Commander," the captain said, turning to face Shockwave, "We can't afford to take another hit like that again."

"Are our energy weapons on line yet?"

"Our main plasma cannon is, sir," the gunner replied, "But our AA guns aren't.  We've been diverting all power to the main cannon, it's simply impossible to divert all that power back again."

Another series of blasts hit the shields.  Even though these didn't cause any damage to the ship, or reduce the shields to incapacity, it was enough to frighten the captain.

"Damn it, you're in charge here, do something!"  He shrieked.

"Your frightened mewling shames the badge you wear, captain," Shockwave said, unmoved, "Hypothesis: our normal interception methods will not work against our foe.  Conclusion: I will take this threat out personally."

"Better you than me," The captain said.  Even though he transformed into a jet fighter himself, and was considered an Ace, he had a bad feeling, deep down inside his spark, about tangling with that thing outside.  However, he did not voice his opinion. 

"This won't take long."  Shockwave said, and then getting up, exited the room.  The captain then turned back to the gunner.

"How long until our main cannon can fire?"  He asked.

"Our main cannon will be at full power in about five cycles, sir."


Outside, Primal dove in and fired a burst of shoots off at the Titan's bow.  He then looped back, dove, and rose up to fire at the ships belly from underneath.

Just as he was preparing to fire, a small Bombay door in the ship opened up, and a purple figure dropped out.  His legs were together and his arms spread out so he looked like a giant 'T.'  As he drew closer, he recognised the figure.

"Shockwave!"  He snarled.  The Decepticon then transformed into his gun-mode, then activated his own rocket boosters, and flew towards Primal.  Primal in turn, changed his course, and flew directly towards the Decepticon.

As he drew closer, Shockwave's voice floated in over his COM.  "I don't know how you managed to get up here, Primal," Shockwave's voice crackled, "But I promise you this; you won't live to experience re-entry."

"We'll see who ceases to function first, Shockwave," Primal retorted.  "Catch me if you can!"

Primal then banked off to the left, and rose, skimming off the surface of the Titian's force shields.  Shockwave swung about, and with a burst of acceleration, flew off after Primal.

And so, a quick game of follow the leader ensued, as Primal weaved and dodged every blast Shockwave fired at him.  They flew all around the Titian, climbing, and diving at the ship, flying at insane speeds.

Primal always kept ahead of Shockwave, flying erratic, in order to confuse Shockwave's logic.  He flew down close to the top of the Titan, close enough so that one wing sip skimmed across the force shield, leaving a green trail of sparking energy behind.

Shockwave fired of a few shots, and Primal climbed sharply, and then doing a loop the loop, swung back, and came up from behind Shockwave.  He closed in, and fired rapidly at the Decepticon.

A few shoots hit Shockwave, then one, hit his rocket boosters.  The engines sparked, exploded, and ceased to function all together.  Shockwave's acceleration stopped, he began to have no control of his speed.

"Hypothesis:" Shockwave said, "My engines have been destroyed, I am useless in this mode.  Conclusion: Transform, and fight as a robot."  He then transformed, and slowed down his speed.

"Die, Shockwave!"  Primal snarled, as he closed in for the kill.

Shockwave just took aim with his arm cannon, and fired at Primal.  Shot after shot struck Primal, until a shot priced his fuel pipe, and cut off all power to his engines.  His engines failed, and shut off, leaving him without power. 

Primal then spiralled out of control and sailed past Shockwave, as he tipped of to the right, and began to nose dive into the bow of the Titan.

"G-got to, Transform!" he cried, as he transformed back into his robot mode, just before he slammed into the forward shields.  There was a flash of bright light, and Primal was bounced off, and tumbled about.

The Captain watched as the jet then transformed into a transformer he'd never seen before.  He smiled in amusement, as the Transformer bounced of his shields like a rubber ball, and then tumbled down out of sight.

"Well," he said, "That's that threat neutralised."  He turned to the gunner.  "How much longer?"

"Two cycles, sir."

"Hmmm," he rubbed his chin.  "I don't think that guy will be bothering us anymore.  Divert all power from the shields to the main cannon.  Let's blow that volcano now!"

"At once, sir."

Outside, Primal was tumbling out of control, as he approached the main cannon on the Titan.  It's muzzle building up with energy, and he was heading right for it.  He braced himself for the impact on the shield, but was surprised when he instead gripped the metal barrel of the cannon.

He looked about.  He was still holding on to the gun, with the energy build up.  Even though it wasn't harmful, the heat of the energy was already starting to metal of his paint.  He watched as it morphed into tiny spears, and drifted away into space.

Shockwave watched as Primal tumbled about, then grabbed hold of the Titan's main armament.  Shockwave activated his COM.  "Captain?"  He asked.

"Yes Commander," the captain replied.  "Great job getting rid of who ever that was."

"He's not terminated yet," Shockwave replied.  "Integrative: why have you lowered the shields?"

"We need to increase the cannon's power, and loading time," came the reply.  "We'll be ready to fire in about fifty mini cycles.

"Remember, only destroy the volcano, not the Ark."

"Understood."  Shockwave turned to face Primal, who was slowly swimming towards Shockwave.

"Now, Primal," he said, "It's time to end your troublesome spark, once and for all."  He then aimed his arm cannon at Primal.  "Hypothesis: at Maxima firepower, a concentrated beam of infrared radiation will penetrate even Primal's ultra-dense armour plating.  Conclusion: the force of the blow will send Primal into a forced re-entry, and without his rocket boosters, will no doubt burn up in this planet's atmosphere." 

"You would do better to fight more, and talk less, Shockwave!"  Primal shouted, as he fired of a blast from his chest cannons.

"Wha--!?"  Shockwave was taken buy surprise.  He'd been building up the power in his arm cannon, that he never had time to shoot.  He just raised his arm up in defence, as Primes shot blasted his arm.

Shockwave was sent flying from the force, and was sent tumbling down to the surface of the Titan, where he dug his fingers in to try and get a hold, drawing sparks, as he finally came to a stop.

He glanced down at his arm, and was surprised.  The blast had destroyed the metal casing covering his arm, and exposed the circuitry beneath.  The blast had also dispelled the energy he'd been building up.

"Hypothesis: Primal has somehow increased his energy in both strength, and firepower.  Conclusion: he is more than a match for me."

With a loud clang, Primal landed on the side of the ship, where Shockwave was, where he activated the magnets in his feet that allowed him to walk along the side of the ship.

"Your madness ends now, Shockwave!"  Primal's voice boomed the COM.

"Illogical," Shockwave replied.  "Hypothesis: I am only insuring a Decepticon victory in the future, by doing the most logical thing.  Conclusion: It is not madness."  He fired of a shot at Primal.

Primal raised his arm shields, and the blast simply bounced off.  As his shield was lowered, he was granted a one second view of Shockwave flying towards him, before his fist slammed into his face, and knocked Primal over.

Primal then cried out, as he received a kick to the head.  Then a blast to the chest sent him flying, and rolling over the surface of the ship.  His fingers dug in, in order to stop from flying of the ship all together.

He looked down, and saw his chest damaged.  Wires floated around, and small bits of circuitry began to float from the wound. 

Primal looked up, as a shadow loomed over him.  Shockwave looked down at the fallen Maxiaml.  "Hypothesis: At full power, my gun will destroy you, Primal," he said, "Conclusion: There's nothing you can do to stop me!"

Primal tried to move, but the damaged hydraulics wouldn't allow it.  "Farewell, Optiums Primal." 

Primal glared at Shockwave, his eyes glowed bright with power.  His chest suddenly surged with energy, and his arm swung up, and grabbed Shockwaves cannon.  The shot went wiled, blasting a hole in the side of the ship.

"Impossible!  Hypoth – ARRGGGGHHH!!!"  Shockwave cried out in pain, as Primal squeezed the gun, then bent it, breaking it off.  Shockwave stared in horror at the stump that was once his weapon.  He never got time to contemplate it.

Something grabbed his shoulder, and he saw Primal's oversized hand on his shoulder.  As he looked up, he saw Primal reach back with a balled fist, then power on through.


Shockwave never screamed out in pain.  He just stood there, doubled over, shuddering.  He then, slowly, glanced down at his middle section.  Smiling, Primal pulled his arm out, leaving a great gapping hole in Shockwave.

Shockwave collapsed, gripping the tattered remains of his stomach.  Bits and pieces slipped through his grasp, and floated away into space.

"Hypo- hypothesis," he stammered.  "Structural integrity has been compromised.  Lose of energy, critical!  Conclusion: I am in no condition to fight."

"It's over, Shockwave!"  Primal said.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light.  They both turned to see the main armament of the Titan swing around, to face its target.  It's muzzle brisling with energy.

"Negative," Shockwave replied.  "It is you that has lost, Primal."

"I don't think so."  Primal snickered.

The cannon fired.

There was a massive explosion, and a bright flash of light, as the main cannon blew up.  Primal grinned.  Shockwave had never seen him plant those bombs of Megatron's inside the canon, when he was busy talking to the ship.  Now, as the cannon fired, it set of the bombs, and they blew up, with an explosive force.

Section by section, the ship began to disintegrate, blowing up.  Primal then turned of his magnetic hold on the ship, and pushed off from the doomed vessel.  As he flew away, a piece of the ship slammed into the back of him, sending him tumbling over and over. 

Shockwave could only stare as the exploding sections drew closer.  He uttered only one word.


Then, the section of the ship he was standing on, blew up.

Primal fought to regain balance as he tumbled through space.  Looking at the sheet of metal in his hands, he saw it was part of the ships missile silo hatch. 

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light, and a shockwave that suddenly struck with titanic force.  Primal braced himself, as the sheet of metal he clung to protected him from the blast.

Just then, there was a jerking force, as something struck the shield that Primal had.  It only sent him tumbling for a few seconds, before he regains balance, and looked over his shoulder to see what it was.

Shockwave's destroyed body was turning head over heals, as it tumbled away into the far reaches of space.  Along with him, were some pieces of the ship, including a scrap of metal with the letters 'TITA,' where written on it. 

He reached out a hand, as if trying to grasp hold of Shockwave.  Trying in vain, not to change history, but he knew, that Shockwave knew too much about the future, and had to be destroyed.  He pulled his arm back, and closed his eyes.

When he opened them, and looked back, Shockwave was gone.  Nothing more could be seen against the inky backdrop of space.  He sighed heavily.

"It is done."  He said.  "All is as it should be."

He then opened up his leg compartments, and set about reattaching his fuel lines, then, using the metal shield he'd acquired from the Titan, prepared to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere.

A burst from his rockets, sent him back towards the planet, and into the atmosphere.


"Do you see him?"  Cheetor asked.

"Not yet!"  Rinox cried from inside the base.  His eyes floated across the scanners.  But nothing had been picked up.

"It's been five cycles, now," Depthcharge said.  "Surly we would've heard something from him!"

"Wait!"  Rinox cried.  "I've got something coming in, real fast!"

"Look!"  Rattrap shouted, as he pointed to the sky.  There, up the clouds, streaming down was a meteor.  It approached at dangerous speeds. 

"Is that Big bot?"  Cheetor asked.

"I – don't know," Silverbolt said.

"Look!"  Black Arachnia pointed.  The fire around the meteor parted, showing something black, hurtling towards the ground below.  Then, something leapt from the meteor, and began to drift away.

"I've got something!"  Rinox cried.  "I have a signal!"

"He's alive!"  Rattrap shouted, jumping up and kissing Depthcahrge.  Depthcharge plied Rattrap off, and threatened him with bodily harm if he ever did that again.

Primal in jet mode came to a smooth landing before the mouth of the volcano, and transformed.

"You're all right!"  Cheetor cried out.

"Have I ever told you I love this guy, or what!"  Rattrap said, elbowing Depthcharge, who in turn, punched him in the head.

"I'm fine," Primal boomed.  "Shockwave is gone, and the timeline is no longer under threat from him anymore."

Rinox emerged from the cave, and looked at Primal's damaged chest.  "How's your passenger?"  Rinox asked.

"Still safe," Primal said.  "Come, its time to return it to its rightful owner."  He walked past his troops.  "You all have earned a great rest, spend the rest of the day, doing what you want to do."

"Yes!"  Rattrap grinned.  "Now I can organise my Pred parts collection!" 

"Rinox, walk with me!"  Primal said, as he headed for the Ark.

"How did it go?"  Rinox asked, as they approached the Ark.  Primal got Teleram 1 to stand down, and open the doors.

"I was nearly destroyed," Primal confessed, as they entered the Ark.  "It was pure luck that I managed to succeed.  If they hadn't lowered the shields, we wouldn't be standing here talking about this."

"Then what do you suggest we do, the next time something like this happens?"

"We can't endanger the Matrix like that again," Primal said, as he approached Optimus Prime.  "We're going to have to use another option."

He reached up, and opened Primes chest, then, his own.

"There's more to it, isn't there," Rinox asked.

"Yes," Primal said with a sigh.  He reached in, and gripped the Matrix by the handles.  He passed.  His hands trembled.  Then, he slowly pulled it out, shuddering as the spark of the Matrix detached, and became two.

"Are you okay?"  Rinox asked.

Primal then placed the Matrix back into Prime's chest, and sealed it up.  Primal's eyes flickered, and went back to their low level of brightness.  With a sigh, he turned to face Rinox.

"Rinox, did you just see me hesitate, then?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"I --- I didn't want to give up the Matrix," Primal confessed.  "When I fought Shockwave, I could feel its power, making me stronger with every passing Cycle.  I didn't want to give it back."

"I told you it was too powerful."  Rinox warned.

"Rinox, we can't do that again.  If I use the Matrix again, I might be tempted to keep it for good."

"Then what are we going to do, if worst comes to worst."

"In order to prevent massive damage to the timeline.  We may have to move the Ark it's self."

"You're…"  Rinox was about to say kidding, but stopped short.  He knew deep down inside, Primal wasn't.  "Sounds logical."  He said.

"It's good to see that you can joke, old friend," Primal said, as they turned about, and started to head out of the Ark.  "I wish I could."

"Still worried about the damage to the timeline with the destruction of Shockwave?"  Primal nodded.

"This war is starting to get way out of hand," Primal muttered, as they exited the Ark, and Primal reactivated Teleram 1.  "If things keep getting progressively worse, we might not have the luck we've had for so long.  This has not been a great victory for us, my friend." 

"Time will tell," Rinox replied.  "Sooner or later, time will tell."


From outside, Megatron watched with interest.  He'd seen Primal fly up into space, the destruction of the Titan, and Primal's re-entry.

He'd heard Rinox and Primal discussing something about a passenger, and Primal had patted his chest.

"Ahhh, the Matrix."  Megatron murmured.  "Such power from the Autobot leaders has given Primal great strength, even greater than that of the late Shockwave.  I was right to order a retreat after all."

Megatron turned away from the Ark, and began walking back to his own base.  "If Primal received such power from melding his spark with Prime's, then what if I…"  His eyes flashed with intensity, and his grin widened.  "Yes, of cause!  It's so deliciously evil and yet, so simple!"

He then transformed into his beast mode, and activating his turbines, he lifted off the ground, and began to fly back to base.  "I believe this whole fiasco hasn't been one big waist of time after all!  I may yet grasp victory in the end!"

He laughed out loud, his voice echoing all around the countryside.


Deep down in his lair, Tarantulas was busy working on a rail ramp, that lead down a step embankment and into the sea below.  He flipped of his welding torch, and took of his mask.

His gaze flowed down the sleek flat ramp, he's just constructed.  He'd be finished constructing the ramp in about a week.  All he had to do next, was install those trans-warp cells into the ship, and connect a compatible computer to the ships interface, and he'd be set.

Even though he wasn't endanger from being wiped out from history along with the Maxiamls and Predacons, he was in danger from Shockwave.  Normally, he would've retreated to his lab, and waited for Shockwave to finish with Megatron and Primal, then remerge and leave.  After all, he now had the Nemesis at his command.

But it wouldn't have worked.  Shockwave wanted the Nemesis also, and would have not left this planet until he'd found it.  It would be a strategic weapon over the Autobots. 

No, as humiliating as it was, he had to side with the Maximals and Predacons, until Shockwave was destroyed.  Now, with both sides back to hating each other, he could go back to his own work.

Megatron had his own agendas, but Tarantulas had his own.  And the best part was, they were completely secret, unknown to anyone's eyes but his own.  He then glanced over at the ground, where the smashed remains of the spy camera Megatron had planted on his forehead lay.  He must admit, it was cleaver, but not cleaver enough. 

He'd let Megatron order him around from now on, doing things for him, and so on, and so on. 

In the end, it would all amount to nothing.

In the end, Tarantulas would be victorious. 



THE DEAD END: Two Months Later…

The Dead End is a region on Cybertron that is the worst hellhole on the planet.  Here the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons has been fought so bloodily, so savagely, that the fighting has reduced this area to a burnt-out graveyard of a waist land.

Now abandoned by both Autobot and Decepticon alike, this place has over grown with junk, scrap, and lost souls.  Transformers of all kinds end up here, and they all have one thing in common.  They're all victims of the Great War.  Some who are driven mad, some who have lost limbs, or are beyond repair, wonder around in disarray, their sanity, long since deserted their shattered minds, looking for something to re-jolt their memory.

In the ruins, of a long burnt, and bombed out building, two transformers are scrounging around, looking for replacement parts.  The two are indistinguishable, for they have long since forgotten; just which side they were on. 

Autobot?  Decepticon?  Or maybe they were both on the same side; life long buddies, who caught the wrong end of a plasma cannon one fateful day.  We can only wonder.

One of the transformers, picked up a battered arm, and tried to implant it into his own socket.  He jams it in, and twists it around.  It sparks in the joint, but refuses to insert it's self in. 

Frustrated, he tosses it down, and looks for another.

His partner, is busy trying to cover the exposed circuitry of his leg with hunks of scrap metal that has presented it's self for use.

His friend pulls out another arm, but it falls to pieces in his hands.  Angry, he throws what little is left away.  The pieces land in the darkness of the building, their sounds, echoing up and down the long deserted halls of the ancient corridor. 

The night sky blinks down, through the top of the roofless building, bathing the two robots in the glow of the two metallic moons, that Orbit Cybertron from above.

The other robot, picks up a thin sheet of metal, and tries to bend it around his exposed leg.  One the front side of the sheet are a few letters.  'TITA.'  The rest is un readable.  As the transformer tries to bend it around his leg, he finds it's hard at first, then, it suddenly snaps, and the transformer is left, holding two sheets of metal.

His friend tugs at an arm in the garbage, but it is stuck fast.  He pulls even harder, but it won't come out.  It's still attached to its original body.

The transformer growls in frustration, as he grips the arm tight, then braces one leg on the rubble for support, and strains with all his might.

There is a sharp crack, and a spark, flowed by a snap of something. Then, there is a click, followed by a slow, but steady hum, that builds up, and then quickly, cuts off.

Suddenly, the garbage of rusted metal explodes, as something emerges from the heap.  The two transformers stumble backwards, surprised at the recent events.  They cannot make out much detail of the figure that has just risen from the junk pile, all they can see, is a single glowing, yellow eye.

There are cracks all over the figures body, and circuitry is exposed and hangs outside the splits, here and there.  There are a few more clicks, then, another slow and steady hum, but as it builds up, something happens.

The exposed wounds spark, causing the body to jerk in sink.  There are a few small explosions here and there, and the humming stops.  The head of the figure twitches, and sparks.

Slowly, but surely, the figure takes one step, then another, then another, and shakily exists the building, leaving the other two Transformers behind in a dazed state.

The figure limps out of the building, and into the night, occasionally sparking as his damaged hydraulics attempted to their best ability to keep movement possible.

For weeks, the figure limps through the twisted metal of the Dead End, looking, searching, hoping, to find something, it can recognise.  Then, one day, as it stumbles across a twisted and rusty old suspension bridge, it sees a symbol.  High up on a well-kept building, is a large dark purple icon.

The figure stairs blankly at the image, trying in desperation to recognise the symbol.






Just then, the head turned with much effort, to look at the symbol on it's own arm.  It stared at it for quite some time, then turned back to look up at the exact same image on the buildings side. 







The Figure stared blankly at the symbol.  Then it spoke is a slurred and stuttery voice.  "Dec- *Huk* Dec- *Ka-ka* Con!  Decp – *Ta-ta-ta-ta* Con!  Decept - icon!"  It now knew who it was.  But what was plaguing it's mind, my what had happened to it, to cause such damage. It then suddenly stared of into the night, as a humming sound began to build up.



The humming sound cut off, but the figure didn't care.  Once again, the humming sound began to build up.



Suddenly, sparks erupted all over his body, and the metallic bat-like ear on the right side of his head exploded outward, flying off to land in the darkness somewhere, as the humming sound cut off, and ran down in a whirling whine.  Smoke began to bellow from the side of his head where the ear had been blown off.

The Figure then stumbled forward, towards the building.  The events of the past month was a total blank.  Everything would have to be dumped from his data grid, and be replaced, much to his anger. 

But surely, one of these days, the explanation would reveal it's self.  Until then, he had a planet to rule.

"I-I, am Shaark – Avve!  Shock-s-shock!"  The figure stopped, and raised both arms to the heavens about, and titled his head to face up the side of the building, at the Decepticon symbol on it's side.

"SHOCK - WAVE!!!!"


Authors Comments:

Hey one and all!  Judging by the reviews I received for the first chapter, there are quite a few of you out there who, like myself, are huge Shockwave fans.  Shockwave is a hard character to write for, especially with the clashes between his Comic Book personality and his Cartoon one, so I hope I've lived up to your expectations.  Also, I mentioned in the story, that Shockwave is killed during the battle against Unicron.  I say this, because after the movie, Shockwave is never seen, mentioned, or even heard from ever again.  There for, it seems logical that he died there and then.  The reason for this I believe, is that in the Cartoon version, Shockwave existed only as the ruler of Cybertron.  Since Cybertron was back in Autobot hands, he had no reason to exist, so the writers, wrote him out.  The sad thing about Shockwave is that in both the Comic book and the Cartoon series, he vanished without a proper explanation.  In the Comic series, Shockwave is last seen getting the living tar pounded out of him by both Galvatron and Megatron, before the Ark crashed into the Earth.  PERSONAL NOTE: I refuse to believe all those people who say Shockwave died in the crash, after all, the guy survived a forced re-entry into Earth's atmosphere without a ship, so I doubt a crash inside a space ship would finally do him in.  It's my belief Megatron and Galvatron both killed him before the Ark crashed.  Alas poor Shockwave.  He was the best Decepticon ever, and he never got a proper farewell.