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Writing a post-final-episode story is nothing very original considering all those which have already been written. However, while reading some of them, I was convinced that there were still new paths to explore.

I won't revolutionise this fandom nor Vauseman, but I'm trying to offer something slightly different. Most of the stories send Piper directly to SHU without questioning her ability to avoid it; Piper is smart, I'm sure she can find something. So here is my story: I'm just trying to explore how things could turn out if Piper is given a chance to get out of the situation she put herself into; and if she is really able to keep up everything in the prison. I know where I am going, just trust me. The first part of this story might seem patchy, but the reason for it is that I am focusing on Piper's point of view, she can't know everything.

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Chapter 1

Piper is panting. She has finally stopped beating Pennsatucky's face, and while still sitting on her she is trying to calm down. She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and exhales, hands on her lap.

What has she done? What the fuck has she done?

She looks at her hands: they are covered with blood, her knuckles hurt. She opens and closes her fist. Yes, they hurt.

Then she finally takes a look at the woman who is lying under her. Piper can feel her stomach move up and down, slowly, painfully. But seeing her face she would never think she is still alive. She hears her own short breathing, but she can also hear Pennsatucky's weak inhalations.

Under the crude light of the lamppost, surrounded by silence, coldness and darkness, she looks at Pennsatucky.

And she forgets everything around her, and just focuses on the face. She looks at what used to be a face, a face which she has just destroyed. Because there is no other word. She has destroyed this stupid fucking face. There is blood everywhere on it, over it, around it.

Except for her stomach, Pennsatucky is not moving. She probably passed out, Piper thinks.

And she stops looking at her.

She must do something, she can't stay here. She can't bear being next to Pennsatucky right now. She cleans her hands on the snow before the blood dries and gets up.

Nobody knows. They are all still in the chapel, attending the pageant. There were no cries, no shouts, no sounds... No camera in this prison because of the perpetual budget cuts. There was just Healy who has walked away. But Piper knows he won't talk: how could he justify that he left the two girls alone while they were about to fight? How could he justify that he did not try to prevent what happened? He hates Piper, but she is certain he would not lose his job for her. He will find another way to make her pay.

Back in the warm corridors of Litchfield, she goes straight to the bathroom. She could take off most of the blood on her hands, but she can see from her reflection in the mirror that blood drops were projected on her face. Hopefully there is nearly nothing on her jacket.
So she turns on the tap, and rubs her face and her jacket with hot water. And while she is doing this, she feels incredibly calm. She feels like she dreamt what happened. And not even "dreamt": she would still have been shocked. It is as if she was wiping away the memory of what has just happened.

Once nothing of blood remains on her, she stands in front of the mirror. She stops moving. She closes her eyes. She breathes deeply. In... Out... In... Out... And there it is. A sudden nausea. She swallows, but it is still there. And the image of Pennsatucky's face comes to her. She opens her eyes. But the image remains in her mind, in front of her, in place of her own face in the mirror... She starts breathing rapidly. She needs water, cold water, on her face. She puts her head under the trickle of water, she rubs her eyes, and she looks back at her reflection in the mirror. Her WASPy face is back again. Water is dripping from her chin. Not only water. She knows tears are mixed with it.

Leaning over the sink, she tries to calm down again. But the nausea is still there, pushing stronger and stronger in her throat. She sobs... and that's the moment when she feels she really is about to vomit. So she turns to the toilet. And lets it go.

She does not know how long she has been there. Maybe she slept, her head on the toilet bowl, maybe she has just stayed like this without thinking of anything, waiting for the nausea to disappear.

She immediately knows someone entered the room when she hears the loud comment, mixing surprise and disgust, that comes from behind her. In deed, the smell of the regurgitated mashed potatoes and beef-like meat loafs they had for dinner is filling the bathroom with an awful odor that heavily floats in the air.

"God Chapman!" The girl says when she sees Piper on the toilet; the blonde recognizes Taystee's voice. "You responsible for this? Guh!" The woman adds, waving her hand in front of her nose as if it could be of any use to get rid of the stench.

But Taystee quickly understands that Piper needs her help and despite the disgusting smell which exudes from the stall in which Piper has slumped, she comes closer to Piper, trying to refrain from breathing too deeply.

"Are you ok, woman?" she asks, hesitantly placing her hand on the other's shoulder.

As an answer, Piper weakly lifts her hand before she retches again.

Piper is in her bed. She blinks several times, barely remembering how she got there. Blurred images of Taystee supporting her the way back to the dorm let her know that she did not come there by herself. Now gone to chat with other girls, the black woman held her hair and helped her wash her mouth before she brought her back to her cube. Away in her mind, a little voice tells Piper to think of thanking her bunkmate one day. But truth is right now she does not really think of this. Her mind is filled with a blurred emptiness: emotionally, physically she is weak, blank, drained. She can't think of moving the slightest toe.

She remains in her bed, hardly aware of the women walking, shouting, laughing and singing around her. Maybe will she be able to fall asleep soon. Maybe will she never wake up and all this would be over. Or maybe will she wake up, on the contrary, and discover that all this day just a stupid nightmare which would be over. That would be so good...

But she cannot let herself go completely: they will be counted soon. She closes her eyes to enjoy her last minutes of immobility. As she is about to get up, the loud ring of the alarm suddenly starts yelling in her ears.

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