The Grand Master of #TFU Chapter 1

It all started with a Pokemon. One of great and terrible power. It is said that this Pokemon was the ancestor of every living Pokemon. That Pokemon was Mew. And it was on that day, when Sly managed to somehow capture that Mew, that Team Force Update was formed. At that time, it was bluntly composed of our Grand Master, Steven, and his right hand man, Kevin. They formed this group as a means of steal Mew from Sly as mainly a joke, but then Steven realized that the world could be his if he harnessed the power of Mew. After many failed attempts to steal Mew, Steven finally managed to steal Mew away while Sly went out of town with the mayor of Guam and was able to start Operation: Black Screen. With this operation, by using Mew's power, Team Force Update would be able to create Shadow Pokemon! But that's when everything went wrong. Sly came back from his little "vacation" and charged at our Tower to retrieve his precious Mew. There was a great battle against Sly and Aleks, which ended up in Aleks's demise and the Grand Master turning to stone... Now... It is my mission, with the help of my teammates Umaro and Kryptic to bring the Grand Master back!

It's been a month since the failure of Operation: Black Screen. While I was planning to bring Steven back using the power of another Pokemon, it turns out that Steven was already brought back and that all Pokemon were killed during the process. And who brought back Steven? Well it was none other than Kevin! But there's something strange about all of this. Steven has no memories of his days in #TFU and Kevin seems to have gone soft and befriended Sly once more. With Steven back, I must find a way to bring him back to his sense and come back to #TFU. But how will I pull this off? If only I could get Steven away from Sly and Kevin... And then it hit me! For now I shall go on recon and monitor the Grand Master and when the time comes, I'll strike! I shall call this Operation: SCMowns!

Before I can go on recon I need to gather some supplies for my expedition to Guam. First, I shall need to gather a Trio sword, a Trio Pickaxe, and a Trio Axe. And as for food, I'll get the bread from the official #TFU bread supply. As for the Trio equipment, we're all out of Trio Gems and I shall have to go mining for more materials used to make them. Since I am the leader of this squad and I have more things to plan, I left the Trio gem gathering to Umaro and Kryptic. As they leave I start thinking of ideas on how to bring Steven back. While some ideas were crazier then others, in the end I decided to leave that for when I'm actually on recon. What I should be thinking about is how I'm going to monitor Guam without being noticed as a member of Team Force Update. All I could basically think of is killing a Guam guard during the night and taking his armor so I could blend in with the guards.

With a couple hours of planning, Umaro and Kryptic come back with each a backpack full of supplies for our Trio supplies. With that, we all get to crafting our Trio equipment! Once finished, we all head to the Enchanting table to further strengthen our weapons and equipment. Next to the enchanting table is a chest full of experience potions. We take a good amount of potions and use them on our selves to which we then enchant our stuff. Umaro got a Sharpness IV buff on his blade, Kryptic got Knockback IV, and I got the Fire aspect IV buff on my blade. With these buffs I'm sure we can slay every enemy out there! Now that we've gathered our supplies, we can move out!