Bella P.O.V

We didn't tell Emmett straight away about me being pregnant. We had waited until I was at least eight weeks, since when I had told Edward, I had only been around six weeks pregnant. I didn't tell anyone at first, not even Alice, it was just Edward and I that knew for a while. We decided to keep it that way until we definitely knew that our baby was inside of me.

I left the school one day at lunch to meet Edward at the hospital, where one of his doctor friends did the scan on me. I can still remember the shiver that ran through my body as she put the gel on my stomach, then the happiness that exploded inside of me as we heard our baby's heart beat for the first time. It was faster that I had expected. We found out then that I was further along that I thought; I was nine weeks pregnant.

"And there is just one baby?" Edward had asked, squeezing my hand.

"Yes," the nurse had answered, laughing slightly. I had been too busy staring at the screen though; it was so hard for me to believe that the small thing, that resembled a pea, would soon become mine and Edward's child. A wide grin had formed on my face as I realized then just how much I loved it. It was too early to find out the sex of course, so once we had everything we needed, we had left.

Edward had called Beth that day when we both got back from work. She had been happy and congratulated both of us, promising to visit soon to see how we all were. I called my mom next and she had also been happy, although we weren't as close as we used to be, she had made a deal with me to change that now that she was going to be a grandma.

We had invited everyone over for dinner the next day, which included my dad, Ben, Angela, Alice and Jasper. Emmett found out that night too and he had been more than happy to find out I was pregnant, he had tried to convince everyone that he already knew with the morning sickness and headaches I had got recently. My dad and Alice had been a little worried that I hadn't told them earlier, but they were excited.

It was strange to say, but at that point I could feel the changes to my body. My boobs were getting way bigger, growing up another cup, the side effects of the first trimester were the hardest though. The morning sickness I had was horrible, I didn't just have it in the morning, I had it during work and then before I went to bed too. I also had headaches and I was emotional all the time, Edward had assured that was normal.

He was my guide throughout the pregnancy. He always had a book in his hands, he would tell me every week what was different with our child and he took care of everything. Since I couldn't drink alcohol or coffee anymore, he also gave them up and when I decided to start exercise more and to eat healthy, he also did. He was great, I could see how excited he was for our child. Edward was going to be a wonderful dad.

Edward P.O.V

"Bella?" I asked, walking into our bedroom. I was shocked to find her in her underwear, almost crying as she looked in the mirror. "What's wrong?" I asked softly, pulling her into my arms. She was sobbing as she laid her head on my shoulder and pulled me to lay on the bed next to her. It was late, I was surprised she wasn't asleep yet.

"Look what you did to me!" She cried. "I hate being pregnant."

"You do?"

"Yes, I'm all fat."

"You have to be kidding," I laughed, covering my face as she glared at me. Bella's stomach may have began to form into a more round, pear shape, but she was far from being fat! For being twenty-one weeks pregnant with our first child - there would be more, I was sure - she still looked like a freaking supermodel! I was biased though, I debated.

"This isn't funny," Bella sobbed.

"I know," I replied, pulling her to lay on my lap. "I understand that you're feeling strange now, but I'm here for you. If you ever feel like eating everything in the world, tell me and I'll go to the supermarket. If you ever feel like shouting at the person who knocked you up, sure do that, I understand. And if you ever feel like crying, come to me and I'll be your shoulder," I explained, making her cry more.

"You're such a good husband," she said.

"Yes, but only for you," I nodded, grabbing the pregnancy book from my bedside table. "Now that you're well into your second trimester and twenty-one weeks pregnant, the book says that you should begin to feel movement from the baby. It also explains that it is normal for you to feel restless and tired all the time and suggests that you should get a pregnancy pillow."

"What about the baby?" Bella asked, grinning. It was her favorite part of the book. "Our baby is growing very fast. He or she will be developing eyelashes and eyebrows and will also be covered in white stuff called 'vernix caseosa', to stop it from scratching itself from its newly developed fingernails that are growing," I read out, making Bella giggle. "What should we call him?" She asked.

"Well, I think he is a she," I laughed.

"Okay," she groaned. "What name for a girl and what name for a boy?"

"I don't know," I shrugged, scratching my head. "Do you have any ideas?"

"Yes," she blushed. "I'm not sure if you will want to..."

"Tell me," I insisted, feeling curious.

"For a girl, I was thinking Esme, after your mom. And for a boy, I was thinking Carlisle, after your dad," Bella explained, making me speechless. Tears formed in my eyes embarrassingly enough, running down my face, which made Bella think I didn't like the idea. "I'm so sorry!" She panicked, pulling me in for a hug. She shook us back and forth, apologizing over and over again.

"No," I coughed, calming down. "It's a great idea. Thank you," I grinned.

"It's okay," she replied, tears rolling down her face.

"I love you," I whispered, pulling her in for a kiss.

"I love you."

Bella P.O.V

I had many happy memories from my pregnancy. The first time our baby kicked; I was in the living room watching a movie with Edward and Emmett when it had kicked me in the side. I had gasped, not knowing what the slight pain was, but once we realized what it was, we had all took our turns on feeling my stomach. Emmett was shocked the most out of all of us, since it was the first time he had ever saw something like this.

My second ultra scan, which Emmett had attended this time, was a real eye opener for me. The change my baby had went through was remarkable, he/she was so much bigger than last time, I could now make out the head, hands and feet. It was at that scan, when I was twenty-two weeks pregnant, that we found out I was having a girl.

She would be named Esme Renee Cullen, after my mom and Edward's. The months after that were some of the hardest in my life. I was getting fatter, I had to organize my maternity leave, I had to start buying everything for her and I had to deal with the worry of giving birth. I was struggling to sleep and when I managed to, I had the weirdest dreams and then had to go to the toilet a lot.

When I got to my third trimester, I was beyond impatient. Since I had stopped working, I spent most of the days decorating Esme's new room and buying her new clothes. I also had to endure a horrible day out with Alice, where she made me walk around for hours, buying baby clothes and maternity ones, resulting in swollen ankles and blisters for me.

When I was around 40 weeks pregnant, I woke up one late night to some horrible pains. I was used to being restless and having back pains during the night and at the same time, dealing with Esme's kicking, but this pain was different from anything else I had ever felt. Edward and Emmett had woken up with me, grabbed my hospital bag and rushed me out to have our baby. My waters broke in the car.

Around four hours later, baby Esme Cullen was born on November 25th. She was beautiful, more than I could have imagined. The moment she was placed in my hands, so small and fragile, my whole life had changed. Edward had bent down and kissed her head, before kissing my lips and whispering those words that made me happy every time. "I love you so much," I had whispered back.

Edward P.O.V

"Emmett?" I asked curiously, watching as he walked downstairs next to Rosalie, cradling Esme in his arms. He lifted her slowly up to his face and whispered something in her ear, before kissing her cheek. I grinned; sometimes I didn't understand how he was so good with her already, they both loved each other so much and she was only four months old. "Where are you going?" I asked as he passed me Esme.

"I'm walking Rosalie home," he explained.

"Okay," I nodded. "Bye, Rosalie!" I called, walking upstairs to find Bella. I found her in our bathroom, in a huge bubble bath, with some soft music on and candles gathered all over the room. I quietly walked in, making her open her eyes and smile as she noticed Esme sleeping in my arms. I had to admit that sometimes Bella and I didn't have time to be alone now, but I was going to change that.

"How is she?" Bella asked.

"Good," I answered, looking down to Esme. Her bronze colored hair, copied off mine, was in a curly mess on the top of her head, which usually complimented the chocolate-brown eyes she had from her mother, but they were shut. "I'm going to put her to bed," I explained, walking out of the bathroom and into Esme's room. It was painted a light pink, with her crib in the middle and soft toys placed all over.

"I love you so much, baby girl." I whispered, placing a soft kiss of her forehead. "You, Emmett and your mother are my life. Everything I am is because of you. I just wish you could have met my parents, they would have loved you. They made me the person that I am to this day and I promise I will do the same for you. Sweet dreams, my princess," I sobbed, placing her down in her crib.

"You're such a good dad. Already," Bella sighed from the doorway, making me jump. I shook my head and grinned, raising my eyebrows at the silk dressing gown she was wearing, before I walked over and pulled her into my arms. "Are you okay?" She asked, confused as I laid my head on her small shoulder, resting in the croon of her neck.

"I'm fine," I answered. "Thank you."

"What for?" She asked, laughing slightly.

"Giving me a life I would have never imagined."

"Well...you're welcome?"

It was true. I had started off my life with things looking up for me and then the death of my parents had knocked me off that track. But I kept my head up and I struggled through that time, but I had never been more relieved that I had. At the end of that journey stood Bella, Emmett and Esme. They had brought my life back to the right course. I couldn't be any happier.

"I love you. I always will," I whispered, resting the top of my head in line with her's.

"Always," she said back, touching her lips to mine.

The End.