Last night I was awaken by a sound

similar to something falling on the ground.

I climbed from my bed, and walked straight ahead,

to the dark and silent hall...

The floor was cold and the hall was dark,

I tried in vain to control my heart

as it beat faster and faster, and made my teeth chatter

when suddenly there was the opening of a door...

I looked upward in fear and saw my father's eyes

He lifted me into his embrace, his arms large in size

He began to walk, and started to talk,

in a soft and stern tone...

'You should be in bed', I heard my father scold,

and after I felt the gentle tap, I did as I was told.

I crawled into bed, and felt on my head,

A gentle loving kiss...

'Get some rest, little one', he said kindly,

and I felt all my fear leave me.

I turned to my side, and closed my eyes,

and slipped back into sleep.