Glen woke up to the front door opening and heard psych's voice, "So then when I came home I discovered my things were missing. Glen knew what he was talking about, it was the night one of psych's friends got really drunk and stayed the night at the house and when he went to work his buddy still had a massive hangover so he let him be, but when he was for sure psych's was gone he stole a few CD's and smokes, Glen wanted to say something but was too afraid too, worried he might scare the man to death or something, he was blamed for the incident and the punishment was not pleasant. He opened his eyes just enough to see who it was, there was a woman in an outfit that practically covered nothing, it was one of his prostitutes. "Oh god not again," Glen thought, he always hated when he brought one home, he would hardly get any sleep and psych's would be an even more horrible person to him (if that were possible).
"Wake up shitface," Psych's said and threw and empty bottle at the cage making Glen jump and looked up. "This is Shirley me and her are going to my room, so don't bother us okay and you try to pull any shit you know what's going to happen, come on Shirley." The two walked down the hallway, with Shirley giving him a sympathetic look before turning her head again. Glen laid back down and looked up at the ceiling and felt like crying. 'Why does he do this,' he thought to himself, 'what has he done to me?'
He sat there staring up at the ceiling and he thought for a bit more. 'I can't stay here anymore, but how? He'll just catch me again and he won't be happy.' It had finally occurred to him, of course it was the perfect plan, he just had to wait for the perfect time to do it.

A/N so I realized there were a few faults in the story, first of all I called him Glen, well the reason being for that is because I do not like his old name, I know alot of you may agree, and i know I should still type it but- I don't know how to explain it, idk I'm just a strange person.
Also, they live in a house or apartment, in the movie they were in the tent, the reason I put them in an actual building was because I wanted them to have more living space outside the tent.
Thirdly psychs came with a prostitute, well that I could just sort of see happening.
Also, I apologize it was kind of a rocky start, but I'm not always the best at starting the stories.
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