Teddy walks into his living room. He is alone and trying to collect the thoughts colliding in his head. It has been such a terrible day. He is feeling quite lost at the moment. The girls went home with Rayna. It is where they should be right now. In the solitude he sees movement in his peripheral vision. His nerves are already frayed. He turns on the light to reveal her seated in his chair.

"Abagail?" The woman immediately answers with the same tone. "Theodore." He walks towards the seated figure.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She audibly smirks. "Love you too, Teddy Bear." She stands and moves towards him with her arms open. She gives him a warm hug.

"Thought that you might want kin around at a time like this." Teddy takes a seat in his chair while Abby sits on the couch.

"When did you get back?" Teddy is actually happy to see his sister. She has been gone a long time.

"I just got off the plane. I thought it best to come here rather than there." Teddy sits back and runs his hands through his hair. In the past year, his life has been twisted 5 ways to Sunday and not in the good way.

"I am sorry about Peggy." Teddy looks up at her over his hands. "You never liked Peggy."

She is trying to be comforting but in her summation, Peggy was bat-shit crazy and she often shared that thought with Teddy when he dated her. "True but it doesn't mean I am not sorry and I am worried about you."

"Where were you?" Abby, actually has to think about this answer. Half the time she doesn't know where she until she checks her passport. "Australia."

Teddy gives her a look. "When did you leave?"

"Two days ago… as soon as I heard about it." They have talked via email and text but she has not been face to face with her brother in almost a year and half. It has been too long. Teddy sits back and is just quiet. She knows that he needs a bit of peace. She gets up and walks to his bar. She pours a couple of drinks. By the time she walks back to the chair, Teddy is fast asleep.

Abby puts the drink on the table. Her attention is immediately drawn to Rayna standing behind her. "Abby?" She turns around to face Rayna with a smile.

"Hey there." You could knock Rayna over with a feather at the sight of Abby. The last time she saw Abby, she was married to her brother… there was no affair… no chaos… it was the last of the peaceful moments.

"When did you get back?" Abby picks up the drink and hands it to Rayna. "Cheers." She taps her glass against Rayna's as she heads back to the couch. "I arrived a few hours ago. I saw the announcement on the news so I just came here."

"Where on earth have you been?" Abby laughs. "Everywhere. Europe, Australia… literally everywhere. I'd ask what the hell has been going on but… I'll save that interrogation for a later time."

Rayna sips the drink. "It is a long story."

"Yeah, like a Tolstoy novel… how are you feeling?" Rayna is touched that Abby would still ask but she always liked Abby. "I'm good… much better. Things are good. You coming by to see the girls?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Rayna puts down the glass and gives Abby a hug. Abby gets up and grabs a throw to toss over Teddy. He must have been exhausted to have fallen asleep that quick. Rayna was concerned about him being alone. She didn't want him to be alone right now. With Abby there, he is in good hands.

Rayna arrives home to find Tandy waiting up. Tandy hands her a cup of tea. "How did it go?" Rayna takes a sip of her tea and grabs a seat next to her sister. "You'll never guess who is home." Tandy gives a quizzical look. "I have no idea? You mean over Teddy's?" Rayna nods. "Abby was there." Tandy is really surprised to hear that answer given how long Abagail had been gone. "She flew in from Australia."

"Wow. She must be worried about him. How was he?"

"Fast asleep in the chair." Tandy smiles. "I'm sure he could use the rest after the past few days." Rayna nods in agreement.

The next morning Teddy wakes in the chair to see Abby fast asleep on the couch. He was glad that seeing her was not figment of his imagination. She was right. At a time like this, kin is good. He would love to lean on Rayna. He knows that he could but it is not fair to her. Abby will do just fine. He didn't realize how much he missed having her around. If any can keep his head on straight it would be Abagail Conrad. All he can think of is how much needs to be done today. How nothing will be the same.

He walks into the kitchen to make coffee. He needs his elixir to focus. The smell of the coffee rouses Abby from the couch. Teddy hands her a cup. "Jetlag hitting about now?"

"Trust me, I wouldn't know how to function without jetlag." She takes a couple long drags from the cup. "So what is on the agenda?" Teddy looks to the cup for answers. "The arrangements." Abby knows this is hard for him.

"Want me to come?" Teddy looks out the window for a bit. "No… I need to do this on my own." Abby gets the message. He needs space and time. "Why don't you go see the girls. I am sure they would love that." The conversation turns to lighter topics over the coffee before they take turns at the shower.

After a long hot shower, Abby grabs her keys and heads to the garage. There is her baby. Her jeep. Teddy has taken good care of her. She looks at the odometer… and put 13k miles on her. Given the current situation, she is not allowed to be pissed. Well at least it has gas and a new inspection. All forgiven but it makes her think what he did with her Jag.

Rayna hears the familiar purr of the jeep coming up the drive. The girls are down in an instant. They know that sound. Abby knocks and comes into the kitchen to the smiling faces. She has brought her treasure trove of gifts that she has been collecting for her nieces.

"Auntie A!" She is greeted by a hug from Maddie and Daphne jumping into her arms. "Hi guys. I have missed you." Abby lavishes both of the girls with hugs and kisses before handing each of them a huge bag of gifts to unwrap. Tandy wanders into the kitchen.

"Hey there stranger." Tandy leans in and gives Abby a hug. "Hey yourself." Abby reaches behind her and pulls out to black shopping bags. She hands one to each of them. "A couple of trinkets from Paris." Their eyes light up. Chanel. Abby always had great taste. "I could not forget the Mama and the favorite Auntie."

"Abby, you certainly didn't have to do that." She gives them a smile. "What is the point of working this hard if I don't get to spoil my family when I get home?" The girls rush in to show them the gifts from France, Italy, England... Abby wasn't kidding. She was all over the continent.

They visit for a long while before Abby heads out to find Teddy.