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Chapter 1: Burning Snow and a New Mystery

"Urgh…" a 30 year old man opened his eyes, he was tied up and was lying in a tank.

"Well…well…" a person wearing black and wearing a mask that is half black and half white with an inverted colour stripe running down from the eye hole.

"You are awake…"

"Who…who are you? Why have you captured me?" The masked man went over to the table,where the his phone laid, he picked it up, "Do you recognise this lady?This is Flower Petal. She was the lady that you raped two years ago. She died soon after your affair with her,she drowned in the bath!"

The masked man showed the picture on a long haired lady on his phone.

"I didn't kill her…" "Don't deny it…" the masked man growled as he pulled a lever. Water gushed into the tank, "I will make sure you die the same way,like who how you killed the lady."

Steam rise from the gushing water,the man's skin slowly turned red and started to peel. The man started to scream in agony.

The man revealed a cold blue eye and left the room,screams echo through the hide out.

Pulling down another trigger, the hot water started to freeze, turning solid.

But Stone,the 30 year old man didn 't move,as he had already taken his last breath.


A young French lady had received a call from her best friend, Lily.

"Neptune stay home…I will be back home soon…"

The young girl called Neptune nodded.

The French lady,Sophie is a tall, older, teenage girl with green eyes and pale blue wavy long hair that matches her outfit. She wears a blue blouse underneath her matching dress jacket designed with hearts which matches with her gloves and pants that tuck into her boots. On her left wrist she wears a golden heart pendant.

She had flagged a taxi and was already racing to Lily's house.

Lily was older by two years and she had brown long hair and grey eyes. Her eyes were now pretty much red and puffy as she was crying.

"What is wrong?"Sophie asked her best friend.

"That is wrong…"Lily pointed, it was the body of a grey haired man,his skin was red but yet he felt so cold.

His killer had buried him in the snow ,burn marks all over his body.

"Stone…someone killed him…" Lily cried softly. "I have called a well-known team to investigate ,Stone won't die in vain…"

"Sir!" A girl with tanned skin, short brown hair that goes down to just above her shoulders and bright blue eyes. Along with her was a five month pregnant has cherry red hair with side bangs not covering her baby blue eyes. Her hair extends slightly below her waist. She wears a flashy touch of makeup which is: magenta-pink lipstick , lavender eye shadow, mascara, and some rosy blush. Her skin is in a peachy colored complexion. Her finger and toenails are generally painted pink.


"We have received a call from a lady call Lily and Sophie,reported that they found Lily's husband ,Stone who id deceased this afternoon at two pm."The pregnant lady called Frieda said.

"Sophie?" The man at the desk who is their boss, stood up.

The man took a last look at the agents behind him, "Okay you two can go check their location and we are off."

"Yes sir…"

Both ladies exit the room while the man opened his desk drawer, a photo frame with his team, Julian Konzern,Wales,Sophie and Klaus.

"Sophie…it has been so long…I really miss you…"the man walked out of the shadows,revealing ginger coloured hair and blue eyes.


Sophie:Nice for you to stop here…

Wales:*Holding roses and chocolates*I want to see Sophie!

Me:Today is Halloween,not Valentine Lover boy.


Masked Man:So who am I?

Lily:YOU KILLED STONE*Starts strangling him*

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