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Damon snoozed peacefully on the beach, enjoying the warm sun and gentle caress of the wind coming from the waves. He was utterly relaxed and happy. They had been on their first anniversary trip for only a few days but those few days were proving to be the most relaxing of his life. Being married to Stefan had been the most relaxing time of his life.

Stefan loved being near a beach and so they'd decided on Asia for their first year married. Still they had to be very careful here. There were still many countries where homosexuality was illegal. Damon had snorted at the hypocrisy of that being Stefan's concern when they were vampires.

Still, after everything that had happened to them as a result of compulsion fuck ups, they were a lot more careful to avoid having to use any. Damon had found an isolated and amazingly untouched part of a private beach in Thailand and he'd paid a lot of money to keep all people away from them. Some servants came and found themselves as willing donors thanks to the pleasure of feeding and they both compelled them to believe that they were sleeping with them. That way, it simply looked like two men stayed here who liked fast girls and plenty of them. Thailand was actually quite relaxed with homosexuality and relationships which pleased them greatly. They wouldn't have to hide here, but they still wouldn't be considered married. Damon wanted Stefan all to himself anyway and paid to keep people away despite the culture.

Damon let out a sigh of relaxation and let his body melt into the little bed Stefan had made for them on top of the sand. Stefan had wanted to go on a long walk and collect shells as Damon read his book and slept. Damon jumped in surprise therefore, when he felt small kisses going down his spine. Stefan gave a delighted chuckle that he'd managed to surprise him and continued as Damon hummed and enjoyed it.

"My sexy husband is going to burn out here." Stefan teased, giving his shoulder a little bite and Damon chuckled and exhaled happily.

"Maybe I need a human blanket to protect my delicate skin from the sun." He mumbled content.

"I think we can manage that." Stefan whispered seductively and slid his hands over Damon's naked bottom.

They were so isolated here that they could lie on their little patch of beach nude and make love and no one was any the wiser. Stefan kissed his way down his spine slowly, enjoying the feeling of heat on Damon's skin. He licked down onto his buttocks and Damon ground his hips upwards, humming. Stefan licked him gently until he was hot and bothered and then he sat up and leaned to push into him. Damon spread his legs and moved against him, effectively taking Stefan as Stefan chuckled and gasped in surprise.

"Oh god, what do you do to me?" Stefan let his mouth hang open as Damon used his muscles to ride him.

Stefan could only stand it for a few minutes before he growled and threw himself down on top of him, plunging deep and taking control of the thrusting as Damon moaned and grabbed at the towels underneath him. They moved together, gyrating, moaning and whispering words of love as they sweated and grabbed at each other. It was so perfect. Stefan climaxed deep inside of him and stayed inside as Damon climaxed too gasping. They lay for a little while like that, before Stefan roused and placed small kisses around Damon's neck. Damon's hair had grown longer and although he now wanted to cut it, Stefan had begged him not to. He loved being able to grab sections of it when they had rougher sex. Now he stuck his nose into the hair at the back of Damon's head and inhaled deeply.


"Husband you smell like sand." Stefan chuckled.

"Husband you smell like sex." Damon retorted and they both sighed.

"Come and shower with me." Stefan began to separate their bodies and Damon whined unhappily.

"What's the point when I'll lose all of you inside me?" Damon teased.

Stefan loved filling him and he knew he could use that to his advantage.

"All of you, spilling down the drain." Damon continued and Stefan growled and flexed his hips into him again.

"Fine." Stefan surrendered and lay on top of him again.

Damon smelled like the sun and sea and it was nice. No sooner had they began to drift to sleep again, than the timely thunderstorm appeared overhead and they were roused by pouring rain coming down on them. They both jumped and Stefan pulled out of him, helping him stand as he grabbed his book and they headed towards the little porch of their cabin. They laughed as they ran and hid under the roof.

"Gotta love this weather." Damon grinned and pulled him in for a deep kiss as he exhaled happily.

They'd abandoned the little bed Stefan had made and as Stefan looked towards the wet mess of blankets that now remained there, he pouted.

"I'll make it tomorrow. Let's get some Sangsom and get loaded." Damon tucked Stefan's hair behind his ear.

"I thought you said it wasn't really whiskey." Stefan joked about Thailand's famed 'whiskey'.

"No but it'll do." He swatted Stefan's behind and they went inside to have a bath and rid themselves of wet sand.

The thunder storm outside continued, with loud booming thunder and occasional lightning. It was thrilling, like no other place in the world and so far from Mystic Falls it was unreal. Damon began to mix them some drinks when a knock sounded at their door. Stefan wrapped himself in a towel and went to the door.

"For you? You buy?" A young Thai man shoved a package towards him and Stefan shook his head at first as he tried to figure out if he was being sold something. "You buy? American man with cigar?"

Stefan gasped and reached out for the package and gave the man some baht for coming out in the storm. The man grinned widely at how much Stefan had given him – probably more than he made in a week. Stefan still couldn't get his head around dollars to baht exchanges. Oh well, it was making them very popular here – they were the rich white American boys.

Stefan hid the book behind his back and moved back into the room. Damon was absorbed with running the bath so his back was turned anyway. Stefan slid the package under his pillow in their enormous bed.

"Who was that?" Damon asked.

"Just someone from the hotel up the road. Wanted to sell us some souvenirs." Stefan lied and Damon grunted in acknowledgement.

They stood out so much here with their pale skin that even if they hadn't been moneyed, they'd still have to fight off the amount of tourist trade here.

Damon didn't ask any more questions as he looked back at him and motioned him over. He unwrapped Stefan from his towel and kissed him softly as he helped him into the bath. Every day their bath was filled with rose petals for them and it just made everything so much more perfect here. Stefan sighed in bliss as the warm water encompassed him and Damon got in at the other end.

"Can we just stay here forever?" Stefan closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

Damon chuckled and stroked his legs with his toes gently.

"Can we get a rose bush for the garden? Then we could have rose petal in our bath at home." Stefan said and Damon shook his head jovially, smiling.

"Who's going to pick them all out of the drain?"

"I will."

"Ok, Stef." Damon snorted and Stefan chuckled.

They didn't talk much, just happy to be in each other's company. The thunder storm began to clear eventually, giving rise to the sounds of frogs and other nightlife beginning to rouse with the falling sun. The water went cold and they eventually got out, draining the bath away. They laughed amazed at how much sand was at the bottom of the bathtub. They must have been covered. Damon went into the walk in closet to grab some boxers to wear to bed and Stefan took the opportunity to grab the package from under his pillow. He opened it quickly and peeked inside. His heart swelled. He bit his lip excitedly as he waited for Damon to re-emerge into their room.

Damon yawned, stretching and moved around, not noticing the expression on Stefan's face. Stefan made a last minute decision and shoved the package under Damon's side of the blankets.

"So, you wanna go out? Hit a few bars or you wanna watch some movies tonight?" Damon asked as he tidied their wet clothes away and hung them in the bath tub that was in the centre of their room.

"Let's stay in." Stefan smiled and lay back, yawning.

"No arguments from me." Damon winked.

Damon continued to tidy and Stefan became more and more anxious for him to just come to bed.

"Hey, leave that all. Come here." Stefan pouted and Damon chuckled.

"Just let me hang some stuff Stef."

"Come here Angel." Stefan said and Damon stopped and looked to him.

Whenever Stefan called him Angel it was because he needed him for comfort or to hold him. Damon raised an eyebrow in surprise and Stefan looked at him with wide eyes. Damon placed their wet things in a heap in the tub and walked over to him, frowning slightly. He climbed onto the bed and cupped Stefan's face.

"What's wrong?"

"You're too far away." Stefan kissed his thumb and Damon gave a relieved smile and kissed his forehead.

He pulled back and pulled the bed clothes aside to jump into his side when he saw the package. He paused in surprise.

"What's that?"

"Open it and see." Stefan held his breath and Damon reached out and lifted it.

He opened the package carefully, trying to make the item inside wet as the outer package was soaked from the rain. Thankfully whatever was inside had been wrapped in polythene and was protected. He tore at it and paused when he uncovered the contents. He stared at it for a few minutes silently as Stefan's blood pounded in his ears.

"Damon?" Stefan whispered but Damon seemed entranced.

Stefan reached out to touch his shoulder gently and Damon looked at him as tears spilled down his face. Stefan leaned in and kissed his shoulder and Damon closed his eyes and took a shaky breath.

"How…?" Damon choked and looked down at the treasure in his hands again.

"It doesn't matter. I got it." Stefan stroked his back and kissed into his neck and shoulder softly as Damon body trembled with emotion.

"You shouldn't have." Damon breathed, more tears spilling as he ran his fingertips over the treasure.

"It's part of who you are." Stefan whispered and Damon lay it down and turned to him fully, embracing him as Stefan cooed at him and squeezed him. "Is it the one?"

Damon pulled back nodding and wiped his face with the back of his hands as they both looked down at it. It was such a small thing, but such a huge thing to Damon – like a million spitfires.

"I love you." Damon whispered and Stefan leaned their heads together as Damon turned the first page of the little book and read the inscription inside.

"Dear Mr Salvatore, I hope you enjoy the story, love Margaret Mitchell."

Damon gave a sob of happiness and ran his fingers over it again. His book. His copy of Gone with the Wind that he'd kept at his bedside all of these long years and had sold to a random collector to buy their home in Elmwood. Stefan had started searching with Caro9line's help as soon as their honeymoon had ended. He'd been on a mission to get it back and it hadn't proved to be easy. Thankfully with enough hard work, Caroline's charm and determination, they'd found the buyer. He was a retired Colonel with no family and a lot of money to spare. He didn't even read the book, he simply knew its value. He didn't understand what value the book had in any other way but financial. It had taken the best part of a year to haggle and convince him to sell it back. Caroline's youth and appearance had helped immensely and she had played the part of a young admired of the civil war period perfectly.

The Colonel had been taken with her – like most men when she turned on her charms and had eventually agreed to sell it. He lived in Thailand and Stefan had contacted him secretly to exchange.

They lay down together as Damon held the book to his chest and closed his eyes. He couldn't believe he had it back again. He almost didn't want to let it go even for a second. Stefan chuckled and held him as they drifted to sleep peacefully and happily. Stefan had made himself a vow – to get back everything that Damon had sold that meant something to him. He would do it, if it took a hundred years to. Damon would do the same for him. It was comforting to know that they had all the time in the world to do just that – be in love and make each other happy and Stefan wasn't going to waste another moment.