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Chapter 1: Two Weeks

Pan sat in her apartment watching TV. Her family has no idea she returned home a week ago. She didn't want them to know. They would expect her to move back home. She hated the way her father treated her like a child. He never her to make decisions about her life till she discussed it with him.

Pan gazed around her apartment. There were still a few boxes left to unpack but it was for the most part done. It's a nice sized apartment with two bedrooms each with it's own bathroom, a decent sized kitchen and a fairly large living room. The best part is the balcony with a great view. The building is on the outer part of the city and the balcony away from the city.

Pan looked out the balcony as Vegeta landed on the other side of the glass. He is the only one who knows she is home. The second day she was home she showed up in his gravity room to spar. She has to keep her ki low. If it got to high her family would know she is home. Thank Kami the gravity room has a ki shield.

Vegeta walked in and tossed a silver bracelet in her lap. "It's a ki braclet. Now no matter how high you power up no one will feel your ki."

"You're the best Vegeta!" She said clasping the bracelet. "Thanks"

"The longer your parents don't know the more time we have to spar." Vegeta gave her his typical smirk.

"Want to hang here with me for a while?"

"I'm already waiting valuable training time brat."

"Come on Vegeta just a little while won't hurt ya." She gave him the sad eyes bra had taught her to use so well.

In his royal grace Vegeta sat beside her on the couch and crossed his arms.

"Where is the brat that live with you?" Vegeta asked.

"She's out with her boyfriend." Pan said flipping through the cannels.

Pan stopped on a movie and settled back on the couch. She tucked her legs under herself. She then tilted to the side and put her head on Vegeta's shoulder fully content. Vegeta looked gown at the young women with her head on his shoulder. A small smile graced his handsome features as he thought how she is the only person besides his daughter he will allow close.

~I hardly let the onna do this when she was alive. Why now? Why her? She's third class. The spawn of Kakorot no less. But she is better than third class this young saiyan hardly know anything of her heritage. I told my children about their heritage every day since they were born and she's more saiyan than my brats. If our training continues she might go super saiyan.~ Vegeta thought.

~I can't believe I love hanging out with Vegeta so much. I love it more than I liked hanging out with Trunks. He always treated me like a weak child. Not that I didn't like Trunks. He was always more like a big brother. Bulma died a year after I left for college. I returned home for two weeks for the funeral. I spent the entire time I was home with Bra and Trunks. Everyone tried to comfort Vegeta but he wouldn't have it. He just wanted to be left alone. He wouldn't even allow his children near him. He just completely absorbed himself in his training.~ Pan thought.

For the next week Vegeta and Pan continued to train every morning for a few hours then Pan would go to work and at night Vegeta would go to Pan's apartment to watch TV or listen to watch movies or listen to music.

Vegeta began to enjoy the time he spent with Pan. Not that he would ever admit it. The time with Pan helped him keep his mind off the onna. The only time he felt lonely was at night. He still wasn't used to her side of the bed empty.

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