Chapter 9: Cute together

Pan thought about what she had just witnessed as she flew home. She tucked Garrick into his crib and climbed in to her bed thinking of Trunks and Goten.

Pan couldn't believe it Trunks and Goten gay. "Oh, Vegeta's gonna love this. Not only is his son gay but with the 'spawn of Kakkorot' no less."


Pan was woken up the next morning by a poke in her ribs.

"Brat wake up."

Pan's eyes fluttered open and focused on none other than Vegeta sitting on the side of her bed. "Vegeta?"

"Brat it's 8:30. Get your lazy ass out of bed."

Pan sat up to look at her clock. "Shit I forgot to set my alarm."

"Um brat you might want to cover yourself." Vegeta said but didn't bother to look away.

Pan looked down to the blanket that had pooled around her waist leaving her bare breasts exposed. Pan grabbed her blankets and pulled them up to her chin. "Hehe ops, sorry Veggie. I was so tired when I came home from hanging out with Trunks and Uncle Goten I just kinda striped and climbed into bed."

"No need to apologize brat. I like a good view every now and then." The Saiyan prince said with a smirk.

"Vegeta!" Pan yelled while throwing a pillow with one hand and holding the blanket over herself with the other.

Vegeta caught the pillow and dropped it on the bed as he stood. "Gravity room half hour."

"I can't I have to work in an hour."

"Fine after work then." Vegeta said as he flew out the window.

Pan flopped back against her pillows. "Well that was intrusting." She muttered to herself. "Guess I better get ready for work."


"So he saw you totally topless." Sovay giggled.

Pan and Sovay were sitting in the back room of the tattoo parlor. Pan had just finished telling Sovay about the encounter she had with Vegeta that morning.

"Yeah and I have to train with him after work." Pan sighed. I don't know how I'm gonna train and be so close to him after the way he was staring at me this morning."

"Damn girl you should go after him. You two would make a cute couple."

"Vegeta and cute do not go in the same sentence."

Arvid walked into the back room. "If you two are finished gossiping Psyfer and I are ready to close up."

"I guess I gotta go meet Veggie."

"Pan think about what I said. I've seen you together." Sovay said.

"Yeah, yeah whatever." Pan replied walking out.

Twenty minutes later Pan walked into the gravity room.

"It's about damn time." Vegeta growled as he stood up straight from stretching.

"It was a busy day. I had to give five tattoos and do seven piercings." Pan replied.

"Where's the little brat?" Vegeta asked.

"He's with Grandma Chi-chi. I have to pick him up in two hours."

Pan began a series of stretches to prepare for a vigorous spar with Vegeta.

"What?" Pan asked as she straightened up and looked at Vegeta who up until that point hadn't realized he was staring.

"Ready brat?"

Pan nodded as she lunged at him with a flurry of kicks and punches.

"Come on brat." Vegeta taunted her. "You can do better than this."

Vegeta and Pan continued to train for a while and didn't stop till he had Pan backed up against the wall with both hands to the wall on either side of her head and a knee to the wall between her legs so she had no place to go.

"You're a better fighter than this brat. What's got you so distracted?"


"Don't lie to me brat I know you and the way you fight. Today your hearts just in it." Vegeta growled in Pan's face.

"You think you know me, then what am I thinking." Pan challenged.

Vegeta stared into Pan's eyes as he slowly began to lean forward. Pan eyes flickered from his eyes to his lips before closing them and waiting for the feeling of his lips on hers.

Vegeta's lips were about an inch from Pan's when he was interrupted by a banging on the door.

"Daddy open up!" Bra yelled from outside the door.

"What!" Vegeta growled turning his head to the door.

"Your dinner is ready!" Bra yelled through the door.

"I'll be in, in a while."

"Daddy it's seven-thirty."

"Seven-thirty! Oh shit I was suppose to pick Garrick up a half hour ago." Pan exclaimed.

"I can get him if you wanna keep training Pan."

"No Bra it's ok. I haven't seen my son all day. I'll get him." Pan pushed past Vegeta and headed toward the door but stopped when Vegeta grabbed her wrist.

"Tomorrow morning five-thirty."


Pan walked through the door of her parent's home at quarter to eight. She found her grandma Chi-chi in the living room with Garrick sleeping in her arms.

"Sorry I'm late Grandma Chi-chi. I lost track of time sparing with Vegeta."

"It's ok sweetheart you need a break every now and then. Pan sit, I would like to speak with you."

Pan sat on the couch beside her grandmother and took Garrick into her arms. "This is about Vegeta isn't it?"

Chi-chi nodded. "Why do you enjoy his company? You love training as much as your grandfather did so I can see why you go spar, but to invite him to your apartment. Panny he's rude and cares for no one but himself."

"That's not true Grandma Chi-chi. Vegeta cares, he has already proven well enough to me that he cares. As for enjoying his company I like hanging out with him because he doesn't treat me like a child."

"Panny how do you feel about Vegeta?"

"Grandma," Pan jumped up from the couch. "Vegeta and I are only friends."

"Ok sweetheart. You run along now and get that baby to bed."


Pan stopped back at Capsule Corp. before going home. She let herself in through the front door and headed towards the stairs. On the way she passed the kitchen where Vegeta was eating dinner.

"What are you doing here brat?" Vegeta asked.

"I'm just stopping to see if Bra wants to hang out."

"In her room." Vegeta said turning back to his meal in front of him.

"Thanks." Pan replied before running up the stairs as fast as she dared carrying her son.

Bra walked out of her room as Pan got to the top of the stairs.

"Oh hey Pan. Ya come back to train with my dad more. Want me to watch Garrick?"

"Nope, I came to see if you wanted to hang out at my place tonight." Pan said resituating Garrick in her arms.

"Sure just a sec." Bra went back in her room and threw some clothes in a bag then came back to where Pan was waiting for her. "Ok lets go."

When Bra and Pan arrived at the apartment ten minutes later Sovay, Arvid, and Psyfer were sitting on the couch.

"Hey Pan." Arvid said

Psyfer just nodded to her.

"So Pan how was training?" Sovay asked raising an eyebrow.

Pan just rolled her eyes at Sovay and turned to Bra. "Bra you remember Sovay and Arvid, and this is Psyfer. Psyfer this is Bra."

Pan turned and went to her bedroom to put Garrick to bed.

Sovay got up from the couch and followed Pan into her room. "So Panny anything new happen at training today?"

"No not really." Pan said laying Garrick in his crib.

"Don't lie to me. I know something happened."

"Well almost." Pan shrugged.

"What do you mean almost?" Sovay persisted.

"Well we almost kissed but got interrupted by Bra banging on the door." Pan just gave in she knew Sovay wouldn't stop nagging till she did. "I realized I was late for picking up Garrick."

"Why didn't you call my cell? I would have picked him up."

"No I wanted a reason to get out of there."

"Oh so you were nervous. Because I know you wanted it." Sovay said with a giggle.

"Vegeta! No I don't want Vegeta."

"You like him! You want to kiss him!" Sovay said in a singsong voice.

Pan walked out of the bedroom rolling her eyes. "Whatever Sovay. You think whatever the hell you want."

Sovay followed Pan out of the bedroom dancing circles around the young Saiyan waving her arms and singing. "You think he's sexy! You want his body!"

Psyfer sat up straight and looked at Pan. "Who's Sexy?"

Arvid cocked his head to the side raising an eyebrow. "who's body Panny?"

Sovay grinned and began to speak. "Who do you think? Ve."

Pan clamped her hands over Sovay's mouth and glared at Arvid. "You don't call me that." Then she turned to Sovay and growled, "and you shut up before I blast you!"

"Haha, Pan you just sounded just like my. Wait I only know one person who's name starts with Ve."

"Yea Vegeta. So him and Pan would be great together." Arvid replied.

Bra jumped up from the chair she was in facing Arvid. "But that's my daddy!" Then she turned to Pan. "My dad Pan! You want my dad?! That's sick! He's older than Goku!"

"Pan who is Goku?" Psyfer asked.

Pan sighed turning to Psyfer. "Goku is my grandfather, but it doesn't matter that Vegeta is older than him I don't want Vegeta."

"You keep thinking that. But I know the truth." Sovay said sitting next to Arvid.\

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