Chapter 11: Deleted Scenes

First of all, we'd like to share a poem written by Mandy. It sums up the whole story rather nicely.

Then, there are two deleted scenes. The first is where Harry meets Hermione's parents, and the second when Hermione goes with Harry to retrieve a few things from the Dursleys.

We'd both like to thank everyone who took the time to read and review this. Your comments were always appreciated, and we're sorry to say there won't be a sequel… there just isn't the right story for it, you know?

Keep an eye out for the story Bridge to Caliadrien; we're going to pick that one back up now that AoS is finished.

AoS Poem:

I stare at you

Could it be?

That I just saw

You looking back at me

If only you knew

What's really going on,

I have a feeling what we have

Would be long gone

A stupid bet

That was made

Yet somehow

Its goal seemed to fade

What I really want

Is not in your bed

But for "I love you"

To be said

To find a love that

Without it you could not function

Is the true

Art of Seduction

Deleted Scene 1: Harry meets the Grangers

Harry stepped off the Hogwarts train and held his hand out to help his girlfriend down.

"Thank you Harry." Hermione beamed at him and gave him a quick kiss.

"Sure." Harry grinned and curled his fingers around hers. Blaise and Ron got down a moment later and then the foursome went to find their trunks.

"Here…got it…" Harry grunted, staggering slightly under the weight of Hermione's trunk. He nearly dropped it at her feet, panting lightly.

"I could have gotten it, but thanks Harry." Hermione tried not to laugh at his flushed face.

"No problem." Harry replied. Blaise was currently rewarding Ron for retrieving her luggage as Harry saw his own trunk being tossed from the train. He grabbed it and set it next to Hermione's. He sat down next to her and she placed her hand on his knee.

"All right there?" she asked teasingly.

"I'm just fine…" Harry started to say, but had an idea. "Actually, I got hurt."

"You did?" Hermione feigned shock. "Where?"

"Right here." Harry pointed to his lower lip and leaned in. "It hurts a lot, it needs to be kissed."

Hermione giggled slightly as Harry's mouth pressed against hers, she opened her lips underneath his and curved her hand around the back of his neck as his tongue slid into her mouth.

"Oy, POTTER!" Draco Malfoy screamed across the platform. "Let's GO!!" Draco had been strangely buoyant ever since boarding the train at Hogsmeade, possibly because he had been signed on as Seeker on a professional Quidditch team, or perhaps because he was moving into his own flat with Harry that very same day.

Harry broke apart from Hermione and turned to glare at his friend. "I'll meet you out there!" he called back, annoyed that his moment had passed.

"Come on," Hermione was standing up and straightening her Muggle jeans and tank top. "My parents are waiting for me over there. I want you to meet them."

"Your… parents?" Harry gulped. Meeting a girl's parents was a nerve wracking experience he had yet to encounter, but it seemed he was about to face it finally.

"Yes, silly." Hermione said as he stood up. She saw the apprehension written all over his face and hugged him reassuringly. "Don't worry; they'll love you as much as I do." She brushed his black bangs back and smiled.

Harry couldn't help but smile back. "I wish I had parents for you to meet." He replied quietly. "I'm sure they would have loved you too."

Hermione took his hand and squeezed it gently. "I'm glad." She said, kissing him once more on the lips. "Come on!" she said again, keeping one hand in his, grabbing her trunk with the other. "Blaise, I'll meet you on the other side, okay?"

"Okay." Blaise replied, and went back to snogging Ron. Harry stifled a laugh and grabbed his trunk. Hand in hand, they went through the barrier. There was a couple standing on just the other side that Harry immediately recognized as her parents.

Hermione and her mother looked a lot alike, with the same bushy brown hair and slender figure. She had her father's brown eyes however, and carried herself much of the same way.

"Mum! Dad!" Hermione cried happily as she hugged both her parents tightly.

Harry stepped back and tried to flatten down his messy hair. Hermione broke away from her parents and turned to him.

"This is Harry." Hermione took his hand in hers. "He's the one I wrote to you about…" her face turned a slight shade of red.

"Harry." Her father put his hand out. "Nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too, Mr. Granger, Mrs. Granger." Harry replied politely, shaking each of their hands.

"Well we've heard so much about you from Hermione." Her mother said.

"Mum!" Hermione's face was even redder.

"You will have to come join us one night soon for dinner Harry. Hermione's mother and I would like to get to know you better." Harry nodded, still a bit nervous.

"Sure." He replied.

"Mum! Dad!" a squealing voice came from behind them. Blaise threw herself at Mr. and Mrs. Granger.

"Hello Blaise…" Mrs. Granger chuckled as she received a large hug from her daughter's best friend. The girl had become like another child to them over the past seven years.

"Ahhh, meeting the parents are you Harry?" Blaise gave him a wicked grin. "He's been a perfect gentleman to your baby; I've been keeping an eye on him for you."

Harry looked absolutely mortified, and Hermione took his hand. "Don't worry, Blaise is just being funny." She said, giving his fingers a gentle squeeze. "Besides, she has been occupied elsewhere."

It was Blaise's turn to blush. Everyone laughed as she opened and closed her mouth.

"Well are you girls ready to go?" Mr. Granger asked, grabbing his daughter's trunk.

"Yeah." Both girls answered. Hermione turned to Harry. "You'll have to come for dinner soon." She said.

"Yes, Harry, we'd love to have you over." Mrs. Granger added. "Hermione's father and I would like to get to know you better."

"Sure." Harry grinned. "That'd be great!" he honestly was looking forward to getting to know Hermione's family better, and try not to make a fool of himself.

"HARRY!" Draco came bursting out of nowhere, lipstick smeared on his chin. "Come on! We've got to go move into our shag pad!"

Harry didn't think his face could get any redder. Hermione and Blaise both stood still, their jaws dropped in shock.

"I'm sorry…" Harry was first to say something. "My future roommate seems to have left his manners back at school." He stuck his hand back out. "It was nice to meet you, Mr. Granger. You too, Mrs. Granger." He shook their hands again.

Hermione grinned and hugged him. "I'll owl you tonight about dinner, okay?" she said, and Harry nodded and kissed her cheek, not wanting to get into a full on snog in front of her parents.

"Bye, Harry." Blaise waved as the four of them started off. Hermione turned back to look at him and he blew her a kiss.

"Love you." He mouthed. She did the same.

"What a nice young man, Hermione…" Her mother said in approval as they rounded the corner. Harry grinned to himself as he heard this, and his nervousness about dinner evaporated.

Deleted Scene 2: Hermione meets the Dursleys

Harry looked at his watch, Hermione was arriving any second and they were heading over to the Dursleys to get the rest of his things so he could move into his new flat.

POP! The apparition sound right outside his door told him that his girlfriend was right on time, as always. A knock sounded a second later.

"Come in!" he called. He bent over to pick up the bag he was using to put his things in and stood back up. His jaw dropped at the sight before him.

Hermione stood in his doorway, in the tightest pair of black leather pants he had ever seen. Her upper body filled out a leopard print baby tee shirt, and she had a black tote bag with Oxford printed across the side slung over her shoulder. She wore minimal makeup; her hair was blown straight and hung down her back.

"What…why…how…" Harry was rendered near speechless as she smiled and came into the room.

"Well, I'd like to show your relatives what you're capable of getting." Hermione replied, in her heels she was almost as tall as he was.

"Oh." Harry stared up and down her body.

"You don't like it?" Hermione asked, feeling a bit worried.

"No… no… it's just… you look amazing…" Harry fumbled for the right words. "I'm not used to you looking so… so sexy…"

"Are you saying I don't look sexy all the time?" Hermione said, looking up at him as she furrowed her brow.

"No! You always do… I just… it's that… Oh hell." He pulled her up tight against him and kissed her hard, sweeping his tongue into her mouth immediately.

"Mmmm… I like that response, Potter." Hermione said when they pulled apart many minutes later.

"I thought you would." Harry had finally regained his composure. "I'll bet Dudley's eyes will pop out." He started laughing. "Come on; let's go before I throw you down on that bed."

"I wouldn't mind." Hermione whispered shamelessly in his ear as they left his bedroom. Harry had learned that reserved as people usually saw her, Hermione was actually quite the flirt. And he didn't mind that in the least.

Draco was in the kitchen, eating something Harry could only conclude as disgusting.

"What are you eating?" Hermione asked in horror.

"Pickle and chocolate sandwich, on rye bread." Draco replied. "There's also a cherry on top. Want some?"

"No, thanks." Hermione replied. She bit back laughter at the look on Harry's face as Draco took another large bite. His eyes widened as he took her in.

"Holy Merlin's Beard, Hermione." Draco dropped his sandwich. "Are you busy later?"

"Yep." She answered, grinning. She knew Draco was only joking around; he had recently become involved with Daniela, a witch who owned a flower shop in Diagon Alley. "Shagging your best friend."

Harry snorted back a loud laugh while Draco made no attempt to hide his merriment.

"And a sense of humour too." Draco snickered. "Better watch this one, Potter."

Harry nodded. "Not letting her out of my sight." He hugged her closely around the waist. "We've got to get going."

"See you later Draco." Hermione waved and giggled again as Draco tried to pick up the remnants of his sandwich.

They left the kitchen and stood next to the living room. "We'll apparate right into their front hallway, where they can see us." Harry said. "I want to give them the shock of a lifetime."

"All right." Hermione agreed. She shifted the bag on her shoulder.

"What's that for?" Harry asked.

"My Oxford bag?" Hermione pulled it around so he could see the name on the front. "Well, it makes them think you're dating someone smart." She grinned. "It's actually my cousin's, but I know the names of her professors, so it'll seem like I'm going there."

Harry grinned back. "You think of everything don't you?"

"Yes, I do." She said smartly and then kissed him quickly. "Let's go." He took her hand and the two of them apparated from Harry and Draco's flat to the Dursleys' front hallway.

Vernon Dursley sat next to his wife Petunia, with their son Dudley on the other side. They were enjoying a Sunday afternoon of tea, biscuits, and a good program on the telly. Their perfect day was shattered when suddenly his good for nothing nephew appeared in the hallway with a girl on his arm.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing here?" Vernon asked angrily, rising from the sofa like a volcano about to erupt.

Harry squeezed Hermione's hand tighter in his. "Just picking up my things, VERNON." Harry refused to call him uncle anymore.

"We'll ship them to you." Vernon said, his face already turning purple. "I don't want you in my house anymore! I told you before you left for that bloody school that you're not welcome here!"

Hermione couldn't believe the nerve of this man, talking to Harry that way. Her blood was already reaching the boiling point, and she slipped her hand in her bag, fingering her wand.

"I want you out this instant, boy!" Vernon barked. "And take this trash with you!" he jabbed a finger in Hermione's direction.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL HER TRASH!" Harry bellowed, and suddenly Vernon went flying backwards into the living room. Hermione stood with her wand in her hand, glaring angrily at his uncle. They moved into the doorway as Vernon struggled to get up, his great weight making it difficult.

"You… boy…" he wheezed as Petunia and Dudley looked on, too frightened to speak. "You'll get in trouble, just like before!"

"Wrong." Harry said triumphantly. "I've graduated. I can do magic anywhere, anytime, I want to."

Dudley's cheeks grew red as he heard this, and his hands spread over his backside. His piggy eyes moved back and forth, nearly bugging out when he rested them on Hermione. With her hair flying angrily about her face, and her clothes, she looked like a wild temptress. Harry, in the midst of his fury, felt the sudden urge to drop everything and snog her senseless.

"You have no idea what you've been spared." Hermione spoke, her voice hard and cold. "You have no idea what Harry went through, and you should be lucky for that." Vernon went to speak but Hermione silenced him with a raise of her wand.

"And Hermione isn't trash." Harry had pulled his own wand out. "You take it back." Vernon looked as if he wouldn't comply for a moment, so Harry continued. "She was the smartest witch in my class, and will hex you to kingdom come if I want her to." He moved closer to Vernon and pointed his wand at his jugular. "Now take it back, before I do more than give Dudley a pig's tail."

"I'm… sorry…." Vernon forced the words out. Harry stepped back, his green eyes full of hate.

"We're here to get the rest of my things." Harry said coldly. "After that, I'll only be too happy to leave this house forever." He took Hermione's hand in his again and they marched from the room and up the stairs. It was only after they'd gone into his old room and closed the door did he realise he was shaking.

"I'm sorry." He apologised as she locked the door behind them.

"It's not your fault Harry." Hermione replied reassuringly as she sat down on his old bed. She patted the spot next to her. "If I had known they'd be this horrible, I'd have hexed them the second I walked in the door."

Harry gave her a half smile as he sat down. "I'm just so ashamed to be related to them." He muttered. She raised a hand and brushed back his hair in a manner that made him feel calmer.

"It just makes you a better person." Hermione said, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. "You were raised by them…" her lips moved down his neck. "And yet you're a perfect gentleman." She suckled lightly at his skin.

Harry closed his eyes at the feeling of her mouth. She moved over so that she was sitting on his lap, and their eyes met and held for a good minute. He curved his arms around her waist, pulling her up right against him.

"You know you're better than them." Hermione whispered, and sealed her lips against his, running one hand through his unruly hair, the other cupping his cheek.

He fell back on the flat pillow, taking her along with him. Harry slipped his tongue into her mouth, letting his hands roam through her long locks and over her back.

It was some time later that Hermione finally pulled away, needing some air. She moved off of Harry and lay down next to him, running her fingers through his hair again.

"I wish I'd known what prats your relatives were." She spoke softly. "With living with them and dealing with Voldemort it's a wonder you're still sane."

Harry smirked at the ceiling but said nothing.

"You're a lot stronger than even I thought." Hermione said, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Thanks." Harry turned to look at her. "I'm glad you were with me. I'd probably be on my way to Azkaban if I came alone." He finally smiled at her.

Hermione grinned and kissed him one more time. "Let's get your things and get out of here." She said, pushing herself off him and hopping off the bed.

"All right." Harry agreed, sitting up. He moved over and pried up the loose floorboard where he kept a few secret things he couldn't fit in his trunk, then over to the small closet, pulling out his first set of robes that he had long outgrown but couldn't seem to part with.

"Is that everything?" Hermione looked around with barely concealed contempt. How had his relatives expected Harry to live in this…. closet? It could barely be considered a bedroom! Harry seemed to read her thoughts.

"This was Dudley's second bedroom." He said, tossing the robes in the bag. "It was given to me after I started receiving Hogwarts letters."

"Where… where did you sleep before then?" she asked.

"In a cupboard under the stairs." Harry answered. Hermione looked absolutely furious. "I think we've scared them enough. I don't want to spend any more time here besides." He looked around the tiny room. "I hate this place."

Hermione sighed, she realised getting mad wasn't going to change the Dursleys' opinion. However, seeing how he had been raised, and his living conditions prior to Hogwarts, made him that much more dear to her. "Let's go." She picked his bag up. Harry nodded silently.

"All right." He said quietly. Hermione sensed his sadness and moved to his side.

"Don't worry about any of this anymore, Harry." She laced her fingers with his. "You have me, you have a beautiful flat you're about to move into and you have loads of friends who care about you."

Harry couldn't help but smile as he looked at her. She was right, as usual. "Okay." He said, pushing old memories aside and locking them away, hopefully forever. Harry raised their clasped hands up and kissed the back of hers. "Love you."

"Love you too." Hermione answered, kissing him on the lips. "How about we go back to your new flat and try out the bedroom?"