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Skyrim logic #31; Gargoyles

Rowan had joined the Dawnguard and was given a task by Isran to find out what the Vampires are looking for in Dimhollow Crypt.

He had confronted several Vampires, a few death hounds, nearly having to fight a wounded Frostbite spider, and had soon arrived at this weird looking platform with braziers. Rowan slid the braziers to their correct spots, which took him ten minutes to figure out, and walked up to the button in the middle of the platform.

The button shot out a spike that went through his hand, causing him to swear some very indecent things. Purple light came out of the ground making Rowan pull the spike out. The platform around me started to slide down, making a stair case. He wrapped a rag around his hand to stop the bleeding. Rowan then noticed the pillar in the middle, he examined it for any kind of trap, like the surprise spike, and saw nothing dangerous attached to it.

Rowan walked up to the pillar and place a hand on it, the pillar opened up a door to reveal a woman inside it. After asking a few question to the woman, he found out her name was Serana and she wanted him to take her to Castle Volkihar.

On their way out of the cave, they were attack by two gargoyles, they defeated them though and they continued on their way to Castle Volkihar.


On their way out, the stone gargoyles burst to life, Rowan was scared out of his wits and hid away from the gargoyles.

Serana had to kill them all alone, with no help from Dovahkiin.

"They're dead," Serana stated.

Rowan looked up from where he was hiding and then slowly got out.

"Are you okay?" Serana asked.

"Just a little surprised from that, let's leave this cave, now." Rowan walked ahead of Serana, he hated getting surprised.

Skyrim logic #32; Ninja dodging bandits

They had run into a bandit fort, Rowan was armed with his bow and Serana was casting spells at them.

Rowan had a great angle on one of the bandit, so when he shot the arrow at them.

In the name of all that is Sithis, Anu, the Aedra and the Daedra.

The bandit ninja dodged the arrow

Rowan had a rage at that and broke his bow in half, like the idiot he is. He then just shouted the Oblivion at of them.


Rowan had a great angle on a bandit, so when he shot the arrow at them.

The bandit died, end of story, there is no way the bandit would have survived an arrow in the face, unless that bandit was a Daedric prince or was on god mode.

Rowan killed the rest of the bandits and took all their stuff, like the sicko he is.

Skyrim logic #33; Meeting Harkon

When Rowan made it to Castle Volkihar, he met a Vampire Nord named, Harkon, who was Serana's dad. He had offered him the gift of the Vampire Lord, but Rowan declined the offer and was kicked out of the Castle.


"I give to you my blood," Harkon said.

"But I'm a werewolf," Rowan stated.

"Yes, I can smell it on you. The power of my blood will purge that filth and make you whole again," Harkon stated.

"Well," Rowan said, he looked Harkon in the eyes. "Aren't you a fucking racist," Rowan said in a growl.

"Don't talk to me like that in my count, wolf," Harkon said, they were glaring at each other.

Rowan could feel the beast trying to claw out and rip this man to shreds, but Rowan wasn't that stupid, he wasn't going to start a fight with an ancient Vampire Lord.

"Uh…. Father? Rowan?" Serana asked, she waved a hand in between the two, but their glares at each other never faltered.

"So, wolf, will you accept my gift?" Harkon asked.

"No, I don't want your blood, I don't know what type of diseases are in there, I know, Vampirism," Rowan said in a dark tone.

"Stupid mutt," Harkon growled.

"Blood sucker!" Rowan snapped back.

"Shouldn't you be chasing a cat?"

"Shouldn't you be a good parent?"

"Go sit on a silver sword!"

"Go and get a sun tan! You sure as hell need it!"

Orthjolf and Vingalmo were sitting on the side lines watching their "precious leader" arguing with a werewolf.

"I'm not going to let Harkon forget this," Vingalmo whispers to himself.

Orthjolf was sitting on the other side of the room away from Vingalmo, he had the cockiest smirk, he was enjoying this little argument between their "Lord" and this werewolf.

Rowan was led out of the Castle, by Serana, after he struck a nerve, he mentioned how Harkon needs to control his wife and the fact that he's a sicko for letting a Daedric Lord take his daughter's virginity, Rowan reads a lot about Vampires.

"Fucking Vampire and his fucking court," Rowan murmured to himself, he hated that man even though they just met.

Meanwhile back in Castle Volkihar, Orthjolf walked up to Harkon with a little spring to his step and a really cocky smirk.

"You're not just going to let a werewolf get away with that, are you?" Orthjolf asked.

"Leave. Me. Alone!" Harkon whispered in a dark tone, his eyes were glowing an unnatural brighter gold colour.

Orthjolf then backed away, he did not want to piss Harkon off, especially when he says it in that tone of voice.

On the other side of the room, Vingalmo was hoping that Lord Harkon would break the other Nord's neck, at least then he wouldn't have as much competition for the throne.

Skyrim logic #34; Brelyna's Practice issue

A couple of weeks later, Rowan had decided to join the College of Winterhold, he was already getting to know the other students.

Brelyna had asked for his help in something, which he was willing to assist with, she was a nice girl after all.

She had turn him green, and then later on, had turn him into a horse, cow, and a dog. Brelyna had apologised for turning him into all those things, but Rowan had told her that it was fine.


After Brelyna had done all those things to Rowan, he was afraid to go near her. Later on in the day, Rowan had thought of a brilliant plan.

Brelyna was willing to teach Rowan the animal turning spell, she didn't know why he wanted to though.

Rowan then went on a journey all the way back to Castle Volkihar.

"What are you doing here, wolf?" Lord Harkon said, he had his fist clenched in anger, he really didn't like the werewolf.

"Oh, nothing, I'm just here to-"In middle sentence, Rowan had cast the spell on Harkon.

Harkon was turned into a dog.

Rowan went into a laughing frenzy, and Orthjolf and Vingalmo were snickering silently, in case Harkon heard.

Harkon was barking and growling at Rowan, he would make him pay for turning him into a dog.

"Shouldn't you be chasing cats, Harkon?" Rowan asked in a cocky tone.

A couple of minutes later of Rowan with his little nicknames for Harkon, the said dog then turned back into a Vampire Nord.

And Harkon was pissed, really pissed.

Rowan had never run so hard in his life, he was sure he would have been died, he was so lucky that it takes forever to turn into a Vampire Lord.

Rowan regretted nothing, even though he was now going to deal with Harkon's full wraith, but he still couldn't wait to tell the rest of the Dawnguard of what happened.

Skyrim logic #35; Crossbows

Rowan had never used a crossbow before, but he was using it like a chap.

He could shoot a Vampire or a bandit down in one shoot.

He loved using these things.


Rowan stared at the devise in front of him, it looked like a retard bow. He picked up the devise and started to examine it closer.

"What the fuck is this?" He asked the orc in front of him.

"It's common for people not to be familiar with, it's called a crossbow, so I suggest you start getting use to using one, that thing will save your life one day," Durak stated.

Rowan then went to training with it, the thing was really heavy and it took forever to reload.

He put the crossbow down near Durak, the said orc gave him a look.

"I think I'll stick with thees babies," Rowan stated, he showed Durak his ebony swords. "At least I know how to use them, and they save my life all the time." And with that, Rowan went back inside the fort to continue training with his blades.

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