I'm giving the 'White Collar' series a darker twist, with a slight 'The Blacklist' crossover (AU, of course). Well, people will come over something at some point in their lives, so here's mine.

I tried my best to keep the characters intact. But please forgive any OOCness and point them out so I can improve ;-)

It's my first ever entry, so take it easy.

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It was another Monday morning for the FBI White Collar unit. Agents pacing around, either with case files or coffee mugs in their hands; the occasional ringing on the telephone; and the low tone chatter between co-workers. All was a normal sight for Peter Burke, the team leader, who then turned to gaze out the window.

Something felt amiss. It always had been. Either his usual dose of Caffrey shenanigans, or the cases are becoming more dull without his involvement. It was undeniable. Neal made everything interesting, for better or for worse. But after what happened .. Peter quickly shrugs it off before it ruins his Monday mood.

Even after all this time, it was hard to shake off the guilt that he had served Neal's head on the platter. He ratted out his CI, his colleague, his own best friend for God's sake, just to save the Bureau some face. Back in the day, Peter could cut Neal off some slack using whatever loopholes in the law that they thought of. But that case, that major bust, it was just... If Peter Burke could not wash off his hands from the dirt, let alone Neal. He simply sank and could never resurface scot-free.

Just as he turned back to sit on his armchair, he caught a glimpse of two figures walking in fast, confident strides. A man and a woman, both wearing the same grave look on their faces, and both had met him in the eyes, however brief.

"Said they want to meet you," Diana poked her head into his office.

"You know what's this about?" Peter asked as he puts on his jacket. She shook her head. "Conference room."

She then accommodated the pair into the conference room.

"Special Agent Peter Burke?" the man said as soon as Peter stepped in. He then offered his hand. "I'm Assistant Director Harold Cooper of the Counter-Terrorist Tactical Force, and this is Agent Meera Malik of the CIA."

Peter took the hand, going along with the pleasantries. "This is my probationary agent, Diana Berrigan."

"I understand that you've had a CI before," Cooper said as everyone seats themselves as Malik was busy setting up her laptop and stuff.

"Yes, sir. Neal Caffrey. What about him?" Peter asked cautiously. What does the Counter-Terrorist and CIA wants from them, inquiring about Neal no less? Something's definitely off. It can't be good.

"He went AWOL recently, right? Heard of him lately?"

"Not to say recently, sir. It's been a few years since. So far we only have rumours and talks on the streets regarding him, but not directly from him, so I can't confirm on that. May I ask what this is about?"

Cooper nodded to Malik, who then tapped on her laptop and began to explicate, shuffling through images, hard-copies and documents about sabotages, espionage, middleman. A frown formed on Peter's forehead.

Shit got real as she mentioned assassinations, and detainee extractions. Peter and Diana simply nodded, unable to ask any relevant question or add on. Both of them share a look between themselves.

What the hell are these? The White Collar unit is likely out of depth here. Plus, these allegations are serious, and to somehow be connected with Neal no less?

Just when things were about to get jumbled up due to confusion, the screen played out a series of actual images of what seems to be CCTV shots and witnesses' video recordings.

"Didn't make an attempt to cover up his face. He knows we can't close in on him through proper channels. Though he seems to be playing with the camera angles." All of them only contains a partial of whoever-it-is.

"If I may reiterate," Peter sighed exasperatedly. "What does all these have to do with us?"

Malik paused a little to look at Cooper, who nodded again in return, as if playing with dramatics.

"This is the only valid picture to ID him. It was taken 2 days ago here at New York City Park, from a tourist's phone camera. NYC is the closest he'd came to us. Though the majority of his operations are domestic, he's very elusive."

She went on talking about it, but sounds escaped them. The White Collar officers were stunned.

It was Neal Caffrey.

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