This story was originally made for a contest on the Domain of Netraptor site so some of the credit to this story goes to her, as a small portion from the beginning of this was written by her.
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Note: Many things in this story are in reference to happenings in the Archie version of the Sonic comic books. It takes place after #73 and is an alternate ending to the storyline leading to and in #75. You don't have to be up to date with the series but it would make life easier with some references mentioned.

Sonic couldn't remember the last time he had been this exhausted, his feet ached and his chest felt like it would explode, but he pressed on as he ran through the tranquil forested area he was currently in. The ground was soft and slightly damp, shafts of sunlight peered through the thick canopy created by the trees. It was early morning, the sun was just beginning to rise.
"Got to keep goin--got to get away..." Sonic gasped between shallow breaths.
He thought back at what happened, what had drawn him here. That thing... that horrible thing. Everyone he loved, everything he knew, gone. Friends, loved ones, everything--gone.
Sonic narrowed his eyes as his mouth thinned at this thought. It wasn't his nature to run like a scared rabbit, but at the time choices were few.
He remember what happened all too well. The satellites that had been activating around Mobius had joined together. He was in a meeting with the other freedom fighters as the eighth and final satellite had come to life above Knothole. Sonic had rushed as fast as he could to see what dangerous effects the satellite had brought; only to find the entire village deserted.
During a quest he had taken around Mobius strange accurances kept happening him and Tails. It wasn't untill a few nights ago did he learn the truth of what they ment. The battleship that was formed by the satellites was a secret base Robotnik had created to hide safely from view of all during those months.
These recent images vanished as much older memories flooded back to him, some as old as his childhood.
In one of them he saw the day Robotnik took over Mobotropolis. A painful day that would be forever in the hearts of many victims and families. He was no exception for he had lost both his uncle and dog during this time.
Then he saw himself giving a pep talk to Tails, whom was feeling sad because he believed he had no special talent. Untill Sonic raised the idea of if Tails spinning his twin-tails like helicoptor blades, maybe, just maybe he'd be able to take flight with them. He could vivedly picture the great joy on the young fox's face as he rose swiftly into the air for the first time with Sonic'a aid.
He saw the time he and Rotor saved Bunnie from being fully robotizied. If Rotor hadn't been sight seeing that day in an area of Mobius the freedom fighters would normally not have been to and managed to run and get help, Bunnie surely would have been done for. There was unease letting Bunnie stay in the village, as Sally was paranoid that Robotnik could track them through her. The princess warmed up however, and Bunnie had become one of the finest members of the resistence.
These visions kept coming as if it were a movie rolling right before Sonic's eyes, tearing at his already weakened emotions and threatening to blind him from his course.
He saw himself making a fool out of Antoine, placing a whoopie cusion in the coyote's seat before he sat down to eat, with everyone giggling and snorting around as Antoine glared at the hedgehog but eventually joined in himself.
The day Uncle Chuck's free will had been restored for the first time. Sonic couldn't remember too much more of a happier moment then being reunited with his uncle after so many years. Even if Charles was only ment to stay in the city and do spywork, Sonic at least found comfort in knowing he was back and being able to see him occationally.
Then he saw Sally. Her beautiful eyes stared back at him, twinkling like blue crystals; so full of love and warmth. Sonic had known the squirrelmunk as far back as he could remember. Dispite having always had their arguments and their differences, Sonic always felt as if there were something more to them then just friendship. He almost lost her once before in a plan by a traitor's hand carried out through an innocent victim, which nearly caused the princess' death. It wasn't untill that moment when he was lead to believe her death did Sonic truly realize how much he really loved Sally. Now he was afraid this was it--this time he'd never see the woman he truly loved again. A tear trickled down his cheek at this thought, with a grunt he rubbed his grubby arm across his face trying to dispose of it quickly.
He looked behind him, he had been running for days. Fleeing the trackless woods, fear pumping throgh his heart like steroids, driving him onward. Sometimes he was nearly asleep on his feet, almost forgetting why he ran. Then he would stumble. His eyes would open, and he would see the clean tear on his shirt. It ran from the center of his chest to the top of his left hip. He bore a cut in the flesh that followed the same course. It was only skin deep and had stopped bleeding, but it ached and burned unnaturally. It frightened him. He kept going. No atter that his clothing was in rags, or that his feet were cut to pieces by the rough terrain. He had to get away--away from that thing.

* * * * * * * *

The morning of the fourth day found him still on the move, too exhausted to run and to afraid to rest. He was nearly delirious with fatigue and hunger, but pressed on. His weary feet had found a thin trail through the trees. He instinctively followed it, hoping on the off-chance it might lead to a cottage or settlement where he could rest. Every step was pain, now, even with his bloody feet wrapped in strips of his shirt. He was too tired to notice the faint burn from the lesser slash across his upper body. All he could think of was resting someplace safe. His blurred eyes made out a clearing ahead. He stumbled to the edge of it and paused by a large tree, looking around. At first he thought he was dreaming again. Before him was a small village, much like the one he had fled. But this one was different. And there were people moving around. He rubbed one dirty hand across his eyes, trying to brush away the haze that hung over him. Were they robots? No, they were normal people--different animals, all looking quite, secure and unconcerned. Maybe, just maybe, if he entered, they could protect him. He flagged the next person to walk by, which happened to be a tall female hedgehog. She looked about Sonic's age, but he was so dazed it was impossible to tell. A gasp escaped her throat as she looked down at the battered and bruised body in shock.
"Please--help me--!" Sonic managed to choke out, his breath was ragged and weak.
Shaking her head to brush away the shock she nodded. Quickly turning heel she ran over to the nearest onlooker and started to say something, thought Sonic was so delirious he couldn't make it out as he fell to his knees grasping at the dirt and grass. She walked back over to Sonic kneeling down beside him.
"Don't worry, stranger," she said in a soothing tone, "The doctor and paramedic are on thier way."
That was the last thing Sonic heard before he collapsed, passing out from sheer exhaustion.

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