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Robotnik raced through the twilit air, aided by his jetpacks. Continuously he found himself looking over his shoulder, looking for any sign that his arch nemesis may be following him. What had he done this time?! His plan--How could it have backfired so badly! It was impossible. Sonic--How could he have kept his mind?! He had thought it out to the last detail--It was perfect, he had won! And yet--here he was--once again fleeing his ruined ideal. More so now than before. He knew had unwittingly created a monster only moments ago, he knew full well the extent of the situation he has in--He had to get away--Had to hide--Had to survive! Sonic would kill him!

Feeling no longer safe in the air the tyrant dropped altitude, he had only moments before the hedgehog would be right on top of him again--As powerful as King Acorn was, he stood no chance against the newly robotizied hedgehog.

Before another thought could cross the tyrant's mind, the roar of a second engine howled into the night air.

He was coming! He was going to kill him!

The tyrant's heart pounded heavily in his chest; if the hedgehog didn't kill him, a heart attack surely would. His stomach wasn't helping either, it twisted and wretched violently in knots, making him feel as though he would hurl his last meal. Panic had completely overtaken his actions as he landed hard onto the ground, stumbling from his reckless fear. Scrambling to his feet his heart leapt to his throat as he watched Sonic's form came into view in the air, as a last ditch effort the tyrant raced inside the closest building he could access. Perhaps--Hopefully--The hedgehog hadn't spotted him yet.

Robotnik mentally cursed, the power in his city was still down. The building he stood in was black as pitch; Stumbling through the darkness the tyrant groped along the walls looking for something--Anything--he could use to hide himself.

In his efforts, he unwittingly stumbled into a table. In his frantic groaping, several metal tools were knocked off, slamming into the floor to create an echoing racket.

No! No! This couldn't have happened! Surely Sonic had heard him now!

He had... He had! He heard him coming... Saw the door open forcefully as the figure outside walked in from the dim light of outside. Sonic's metallic feet clanked loudly against the steel floor, echoing off the walls of the abandoned building. His eyes glowed fircely, illuminating the area around him in the darkness, giving an eerie and almost demonic look. His eyes than became considerably brighter, turning white, turning into beams that cast themselves onto the room and lit the hedgehog's path--A flashlight in the hedgehog's optical units.

"Run when the odds turn against you, like you always have, like you always will! You weak and pathetic coward! You had the nerve--The sick, sadistic pleasure--Of digging yourself into this grave, now show the backbone to face me. Face--Your--CREATION!" Sonic howled with all his fury. His words echoed off the walls, repeating themselves numerously. Burning themselves into the tyrant's mind.

Robotnik's painic reached a new level, tears beginning to stain his eyes, his stomach writhing violently. Silently as possible he continued to grope along the walls. His arm finally found something attached to the wall. It was long, slender... a railing. Stairs! As silently as possible the tyrant lifted a chubby leg up, setting it down on the first step. Repeating with the next, slowly... very slowly, he climbed. He could see Sonic's eyes move from area to area in the room below. Hear his calls out to him. He had to get to higher ground, fast! It was only a matter of time before he would be found otherwise...

Robotnik carefully exited the last stair onto the platform above. As his chubby leg stepped down... and the platform gave way to a pircing creak. The tyrant's eyes shot; quickly he looked over the platform's railing, Sonic's eyes snapped to his direction, followed by the sound of his feet hitting the floor at a faster pace. In a total panic the tyrant raced forward along the platform, he could hear--feel--the vibrations of the stairs as Sonic's feet charged up them, soon the glare of his eyes could be seen at eye level.

The former hedgehog stepped toward the tyrant, stopping a few feet. The glow of his eyes casting apon the features of Robotnik's face.

Robotnik froze with fear, like a deer caught in a set of headlights. A third light sparked from here the hedgehog stood... He was charging his plasma cannons.

Robotnik glanced to either side; he had effectively cornered himself. Sonic knew this, and took a sick and sadistic pleasure of slowly walking toward the tyrant.

Soon the hedgehog was on top of him. Robonik whimpered, taking a step back he stumbled onto his butt, sweat dripping from his face as if he had just emerged from a pool. His eyes closed lightly, his mouth pursed, he resorted to the one thing he could, as the barrel cocked point blank between his eyes "Please... Spare me..." he whimpered hoarsely.

Sonic cocked his head to the side, arching a brow as he registered the tyrant's words. Then, barked out a sadistic laughter throwing his head back "Give me one good reason why I should." Sonic hissed darkly, his eyes flashing brighter for a brief second. While it couldn't be seen, the smirk on his face could be felt "You never showed me mercy. You never showed mercy to all the innocent people you enslaved. You took sadistic joy in raping their minds, spilling the blood of those who refused. You showed no mercy in destroying an entire kingdom, destroying lives, separating families, the list goes on. Ten years, Robotnik. Ten years this has gone on. Ten years you have shown no mercy. And yet, you have the nerve, now that your life is on the line, to beg for it?" Sonic paused, snarling "You don't deserve mercy, you heartless monster. I'm gona take joy in giving you you're... you're..." Sonic paused again, for a different reason this time, his eyes dimmed as a washed out look overcame his face "... Payback." he croaked, his voice suddenly loosing all of it's grandeur.

Sensing a sudden weakness, Robotnik cracked an eye to meet the now dimmed glow of Sonic's. In the light generated he could vaguely make out the surrounding area. Realization hit, he recognized where he was. The chemicals tech labs, where harsh substances were often tested. If he was correct, this pathway should be above one of several tanks of acidic substances. His eyes met back with Sonic's, had the hedgehog have his flesh body still, his face would have been pale. His attention was no longer focoused on the tyrant, his eyes stared off into the distence with no focous. An idea crossed his mind...

Robotnik's face curled into a wry smirk, wrapping both hands around the hedgehog's outstretched arm, the tyrant heaved with all his might. Taken aback by the tyrant's sudden movement, Sonic found himself hurtling into the platform's railing, griping the railing with both hands, the hedgehog clung tightly before falling over. With a swing he managed to land himself back on the platform as Robotnik climbed back to his feet.

Before the hedgehog could fully recover his bearings, the tyrant let out a roar charging forward. Sonic instinctively ducked to the side, Robotnik hit the railing with a heave.

The railing, however, could not hold the tyrant's weight--And snapped.

With a surprised yelp, Robotnik turned quickly, trying desparately to reclaim his balance. In a flailing mess, one of the tyrant's hands wrapped itself around an unsuspecting Sonic's arm.

Loosing his struggle, the tyrant toppled off--Dragging Sonic along for the ride.

A word was never uttered, nor a thought crossed either's minds. Sonic instinctively attempted to wrench his arm away from Robotnik, but lost in adrenaline the tyrant held too firm a grip.

For the second time in the past month, Sonic watched his life flash before his eyes.

But no--Sonic would not allow himself to die this easily, not without a fight! Precious seconds were slipping away, he had to act fast. As a last ditch effort, Sonic rammed both feet square into Robotnik's chest; firing his rockets. The tyrant screeched in pain, feeling the heat of the hedgehog's exhaust burn into his chest, streaming over his sides. Letting go of Sonic's arm, the hedgehog rocketed upward.

No sooner had he cleared myself of harm's way, he heard the splash--As Robotnik hit the surface of the chemicals with impressive force.

Silence followed for the next few seconds. Sonic turned his eyes downward, wonder wha to make of what he'd just seen. He considered flying closer to survay the tank, just as Robotnik emerged from the survace. Screaming. Writhing. The acid had quickly began eating away at his flesh.

A horrific yelp escaped the hedgehog's throat, quickly he adverted his eyes. Unfortunately for him, the image had now been burned into his mind.

A minute passed. Robotnik's final scream faded with a choked gurgle. Sonic waited several more minutes before finally daring to crack an eye. As he gazed down, he found himself staring at nothing. Not even a ripple in the surface of the deadly liquid to suggest the vile scene it had birthed.

With a slight grunt, the hedgehog landed himself back on the platform. The glow of his eyes had subsided back toto their normal red colored intensity

It was over. Robotnik was dead. Dissolved into atoms. This time, there was no questioning.

So why did he feel like such a horrible monster?

Slowly he began descending down the stairs, back to the ground floor. His mind wandered elsewhereas he did. He should have felt triumphant, happy... He had finally achieved victory. But, he only felt empty and hollow. He had let his emotions overpower rational thinking. He had let his fury and desire for revenge take control, almost... Taken another's life.

... He had almost sunken to Robotnik's level...

No matter how sick, how twisted, no matter what crimes Robotnik had ever commited, taking his life would have made the hedgehog no better than he. And yet, he couldn't help but shudder at how dagerously closer he had come.

But then... To have only met his demise anyway...

"It wasn't me... I didn't do it... IT WASN'T MY FAULT!" Sonic moaned hoarsely, cradling his head in his hands "He's gone... He's finally gone... But it wasn't me..."

Slowly, Sonic lifted his head. His eyes fell apon his hands; Cold steel claws built for destruction, that only such a short while ago had been made of flesh, covered in soft, white cotton gloves.

For a brief moment, red flashed across his eyes. Robotnik did deserve his fate, he deserved death for his crimes. Anyone he could have asked would have said so. And in a sense, the tyrant died with poetic justice--A victim of his own pollution.

On that note, Sonic decided to leave. A chill was beginning to work it's way down his spine.

Exiting the building he took to the air, intent on going back to old fortress. His work here had been finished, but there was still much that had to be done.


Yeah, I know. That was anti-climatic and stupid. Sorry.