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Chapter 3 Naruto vs Jiraiya

" Four years later "

Four years has passed since Kyūbi came into his possession .Over the years He had encountered many Konoha Anbu along with many other shinobi's .He had killed them without a care .After reading the mound tablet he learned that Bijū weren't mindless beast , because someone like sage of six path wouldn't create nine mindless beast . so he decided to make a deal with Kyūbi

" Flashback "

Red flame like chakra surrounded his body when Naruto opened his eyes he was within divine Gourd Dimensions

" Divine Gourd Dimensions "

Naruto was standing in front of a massive red torii . Stepping through the massive red torii he came upon a large wooden doors, Naruto found seals in it. Biting down on his thumb, he placed his thumb on the seal. When he did that, the seal unlocked . Seeing that the doors were now unlocked, Naruto pushed the large doors. He saw dark room, which was filled with evil chakra and killing intent. He ignored it and made his way to his destination.

" In Front of the Cage "

Inside enormous cage, The Kyūbi was pinned down by several massive interlocking torii , completely immobilize it

Naruto moved again walking straight through the cage and stood in front of the Kyūbi

" Release " Naruto said releasing Kyūbi from his Sharingan's control

Kyūbi saw Naruto's face its both eyes widened in recognition then flashed in anger. " you " Kyūbi said senting huge amount of killing intent toward Naruto

"My name Naruto Uchiha senju." Naruto said

"You are one that sealed in here " Kyūbi said with much hate in his voice.

yes I am " Naruto said ,I know you hate me for sealing you in here but I do not believe that Bijū are mindless beast. In my theory, the tailed beasts have their own personalities and emotions , so I want to make a deal with you." Naruto said in clam voice ,

I don't want to make deal with human's." Kyūbi said senting huge amount of killing intent.

"I know you hate human's due to the fact human's had enslaved you and view and use you as a sources of power and denying your existence .Kyūbi eyes widened slightly at hearing Naruto's words

"You know i can use Sharingan and Mokuton to control you but having you as a friend is much better than that of a controlled pet " Naruto said

You..."Kyūbi thought.

we will meet again " Naruto said walking away

" Flashback End "

Kyūbi wont allay himself with me so easily "Naruto thought and What's more he- Naruto's thought where interpreted when he bumped into someone

"You know, you are hard to find, but to running into you here is truly ironic." Person spoke as he stared at Naruto .

you are Jiraiya one of Konoha's legendary Sannin. also known as the Toad Sage " Naruto said . I know why you are here , But my answer is "no "

Sorry kid ,but I got order's so you are coming with me to konoha one way or other " spoke the deadly serious Jiraiya as he glared at Naruto

That is the reason why I didn't join konoha or any other village in the first place " Naruto said ,beside konoha only care for them self than others

"Shit I was careless there is no running away now " Thought Naruto

Naruto launched himself at Jiraya and aimed a punch at his face but Jiraya caught his fist and tried to slam him against the ground but Naruto landed on his feet and kicked Jiraiya on the knee which caused the him to stumble where Naruto followed up with a knee strike to the face which made Jiraiya roll across the ground and grimace slightly in Jiraiya kicked Naruto in the chest sent him flying

Naruto in quick response angled himself in the mid air where he landed on the trunk of a tree and redirecting the moment . Jiraiya rushed forward at his opponent and performed a flying kick ready to hit Naruto . but Naruto ducked underneath it and tried to hit Jiraiya . Jiraiya however flipped in midair and caught the his arm with flexibility Naruto wasn't aware he had.

Jiraiya who had caught Naruto's arm landed on the ground and attempted to slam the him against the ground However he was unsuccessful as Naruto landed on his two feet and instead threw the sannin over his shoulder and performed a tornado kick at Jiraiya which caused him to smack against a tree making a large dent in the wood and landed on the ground roughly Naruto followed after Jiraiya and attempted to continue his assault.

Jiraiya knew he was losing the taijutsu battle. He could see Naruto Sharingan eyes staring at him. With Sharingan predicting his movements there was no way Jiraiya could win against him with just taijutsu.

Jiraiya from many of his experiences in combat and warfare , knew Naruto was faster than him .

" he is good " Jiraiya thought

Jiraiya formed a single hand seal and called out " Earth Style: Earth Flow spears " as he slammed his hands down on the ground creating Earth spears

Naruto sensing something rising beneath him jumped into the air before a earth spike shooting out of the ground . Naruto kept on dodging the earth spikes while they chased after him and landed on the ground.

Jiraiya knowing that this was his chance prepared another Doton jutsu to hold down Naruto.

" Earth Style: Swamp of the Underworld " spoke Jiraiya as Naruto landed on the ground from avoiding another earth spike he felt both his leg being encased with mud . He looked down the mud with his Sharingan eyes. it was swallowing up his leg like food.

" I see" so he is trying to trap me within the mud " Naruto thought He felt himself sinking into the mud and he knew that if he struggled he would only be wasting energy.

" Earth Style: Devouring Earth " said Jiraiya as he watched the giant earth maw ready to pulverize Naruto. He held back on this technique since he needed Naruto alive

Naruto started going through some handseals and yelled out " Wood Style: Wood Golem Hand Jutsu" An enormous humanoid Hand made out of wood erupted from the mudriver with Naruto standing on top of humanoid wooden Hand

Jiraiya eyes slightly widened when he saw enormous humanoid wooden Hand rose out from the mud " Mokuton " Jiraiya thought he knew that this fight wasn't going to be easy.

Jiraiya barely had time to duck away from Naruto's kick given the amount of experience he had in battle. However Naruto wasn't done he gives a whirling kick to Jiraiya which sent him crashing through the ground

Jiraiya recovering from Naruto's attacks positioned himself in a defensive stance ready to counter Him if necessary. but saw Naruto running towards him. Jiraiya formed a Gaint Rasengan on his hand

" Giant Rasengan " Jiraiya yelled out Slamming the gaint Rasengan into the incoming Naruto

" Susanoo " Naruto said red flame like chakra surrounded his body and took the form of a large humanoid red spiritual warrior with two bull horns horns four arms protected Naruto from Gaint Rasengan

Gaint Rasengan clashed against Susanoo causing A large shokwave all around blowing Jiraiya away , recovering from the shockwave Jiraiya was shocked when he saw Naruto being protected by a large humanoid red spiritual warrior .And his sharingan changes to red pin-wheel shuriken design

So that's the legendary Mangekyo Sharingan " Thought Jiraiya

Naruto released his Susanoo and performed some handseals " Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation " Naruto shouted while blowing out a massive wall of intense fire which was aimed at Jiraiya and traveling at tremendous speed.

Jiraiya seeing incoming massive wall of intense fire went through some handseals and shouted " Fire Style: Giant Fire Blast " blowing out a massive giant flame .both attack collided , but Naruto's attack overpowered Jiraiya's

Seaing his attack being overpowered Jiraiya went through some more handseal and shouted "Earth Earth: Mud Wall " forming a wall of dense earth around him Incoming massive wall of fire collided against the dense earth wall. Earth wall held firm proctoring Jiraiya from Naruto's attack

Naruto clapped his hands and shouted out " Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence " as dense forest erupted from the ground and rushed towards Jiraiya at tremendous speed.

" Shit " Jiraiya thought as he saw incoming dense forest coming towards him .

Jiraiya bite his thumb and drew out blood and went through some handseal and slammed his hand into the ground " Summoning justu " Jiraiya yelled out . In a poof of smoke a giant toad appeared before Naruto with Jiraiya standing on top of its head

The toad was magenta-coloured with black markings on his face, arms, and legs with horn like protrusions on his head It wear a black kimono with a white sash and mesh armour underneath. He had a sakazuki-like shield wrapped around his back and his sasumata in his hand.

" Gamaken " I need you help " Jiraiya said

o-okay ,I know i am clumsy but i'll give it my best shot " Gamaken replied " spinning his sasumata all around him destroying the dense forest , protecting himself and Jiraiya but tree trunks kept on coming towards them . Gamaken jump high into the air , As he descends from air he smashed his sasumata into the dense forest , destroying the forest causing a explosion of smoke and dust

Forming a tiger handseal "Wood Style:Wood Dragon Jutsu " Naruto shouted out as an enormous wooden dragon erupt from the ground and shot towards the giant toad at intense speed and coiled around the giant toad completely restraining it

Sorry toad but i can't let you interfere with our battle "Wood Style:Wood Dragon spike Jutsu " spike shot out from wooden dragon piercing the giant toad all around

Gamaken " Jiraiya called out worried

I am clumsy after all " Gamaken said and dispelled in a poof of smoke .causing Jiraiya to land on the ground but rushed towards Naruto with a rasengan in his hand

" Rasengan " Jiraiya shouted slamming Rasengan at Naruto

Naruto blocked the Rasengan with his Gunbai , causing the Rasengan to be absorbed into Gunbai

Why doesn't the Rasengan explode " Thought Jiraiya

" Uchiha Reflection " Naruto said causing Rasengan to explode straight in front of Jiraiya's face blowing him away .

" Tsukuyomi " Naruto said before Jiraiya could recover with single eye contact Jiraiya found himself in bottomless white void strapped on to a cross "

" Tsukuyomi world "

Naruto appeared in front Jiraiya holding a sword , This is the world of Tsukuyomi , here i control space and time , even the mass of objects " Naruto said as his voice echoed through the world of Tsukuyomi

Jiraiya immediately disrupted his chakra flow and tried to dispel the genjutsu . But nothing happened , he one's again stop the flow of his chakra and sent a large pulse of chakra to to dispel the genjutsu. But again nothing happened

such powerful Genjutsu "Jiraiya thought "

Now for for 72 hours you will be continuously stabbed by these swords and he started stabbing Jiraiya

guaaahh "Jiraiya cried out in pain as Naruto stabbed him with sword all over his body, only thing Jiraiya could do was cry out in pain

" In the real world"

Jiraiya fell on his knees panting

" Three days in Genjutsu world and only a second passed in the real world is this the true power of Mangekyo Sharingan " Jiraiya thought barely keeping himself conscious

"Came after me again and " i will kill you " Naruto said as he Shunshined away sensing six chakra signatures coming towards his direction

As Naruto left Jiraiya fall face first to the ground unconscious

" Unknown to both two pair of eye's were watching there fight "

One was a light-skinned woman of average height with brown eyes and straight, blonde hair. Her hair is waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing both sides of her a violet diamond mark on her forehead She wear a grass-green haori with the kanji for gamble written in black on the back, inside a red she wears a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. She wears open-toed, strappy black sandals with high heels she wore a green necklace around her neck

Other was a fair-skinned woman of average height and slender build with black eyes and straight hair with shoulder-length bangs that cover her ears and frame her face. she wore a long bluish-black kimono with white trimmings, and open-toed sandals with low heels

Lady tsunade he can truly use Mokuton " Shizune said

I saw Shizune " Tsunade replied Came we are following him I want some answers from him . Tsunade was flabbergasted when she first learned about Naruto being a senju

" Flashback "

Lady tsunade " Shizune called out rushing towards her with holding a small book on her hand

Shizune what's the hurry " Tsunade asked

Lady tsunade its about the newly edited version of bingo book " Shizune said while opening it at the last page showing it towards tsunade

Tsunade eyes widened at the content of newly edited version of bingo book

Name : Naruto Uchiha senju

Age : 15-16

Rank : S

Status : Unknown,

Affinities : Fire, water, earth

Bloodline : Sharingan and Mokuton

Description : waist-length white hair , wore a black, high-collared, long sleeve mantle that splits down the lower half over a purple body suit, with a red colored sash wrapped around his waist, ,black sandals. he also carried an black war fan which had a long black chain running up it

he is also as mastery in the use of Space–Time Ninjutsu " able to render himself intangible to allow objects to pass harmlessly through his own body "

Taijutsu is unknown except for incredibly fast speed , master of Genjutsu.

Action : Engage with caution

Bounty : 50,000,000 Ryo in Konohagakure - Alive

H-How can he be a senju , I thought i was the last of the clan what's more he use Mokuton , only my grandfather could use Mokuton ,even i can,t use nor any one in my family could use Mokuton so how can he use it . There has to some answer,s " Tsunade thought

Came Shizune we are going to find this gaki " There are some thing I would like to know "Tsunade said

" Flashback End "

Naruto leaped through the trees ,but narrowed his eyes when he sensed Two chakra signatures flowing him which caused him to stop

" Came out I know you two are there " Naruto shouted , causing two figures to reveal them self

Naruto's became shocked when he saw on of the figures that had been flowing him

Y-Y-You a-are ...Naruto said with wide eyes

So this will be the harem - Mei Terumi , Konan ,Yugito and some others

no Tsunade will not be in the harem she is way older