What can I say? That haunting and beautiful song has laid claim on my brain. Thank you to A Great Big World for it, and to Stephenie Meyer for Twilight and its characters. I mean in no way to infringe on either.

Say Something

Scene One: A Dying Meadow

I don't know what happened. How it all went so horribly wrong. How I ended up here… on my knees… both of them instead of one…

I had the ring in my pocket. I was ready to ask Bella to be my wife. Hell, I'd been ready… but I finally thought that she was, too. To be asked and to say yes and…


I thought wrong. Not because she said no...

I never even got the chance to ask her.

But because she didn't say anything at all. After she said things I never thought I'd hear from her. And after I said things I never thought I'd say to. Stupid things. Hurtful things. Things that had no place and no purpose and no right to destroy us.

We loved each other. We didn't hurt, or abuse, or torment…

But we're all of those things now. Hurt and abused and tormented. And none of what we were before. Before I brought us to our meadow to forever change our lives. Brought us to our sacred sanctuary. A place that, a few hours ago, and every hour we'd ever spent in it before those few, bloomed with life and love and hope.

And a place that doesn't now. Isn't blooming with anything. I see it dying all around me. The flowers wilting, the grass drying up, the life seeping out of it all as the minutes tick by. Quietly.

Bella is serenading me with silence. After she sang her cruel song at the top of her lungs, making sure I couldn't and wouldn't miss a note of it, she ran out of breath. And took all of mine away.

This was supposed to be a joyous day. A celebration of our love.

Not the burial it's become. Not this

Not for us

Us that has stopped feeling solid to me. I can feel her, she's still close, but the feel of her is different. Her hands in mine, her forehead against… they feel cold. Even though the sun beats down on us...

It can't warm what's already dead.

"Say something," I tell her for the hundredth time, trying for the same to breathe life back into us.

But still she doesn't. And won't let me. And won't give me any more than she already has.

I told her I loved her… after those other things I said…

But she didn't seem to hear me.

And I told her I was sorry. With all of my heart and from the bottom of. But hers had stopped beating for me, and so, didn't feel mine breaking for her.

Nothing I've said has made a difference. And I don't think anything I could can.

She's stopped listening to me. Stopped existing for me. And stopped being a something for me to hold on to. An anything that will let me, though still I try… "Dammit, Bella! Say something!"


"Say anything!"

Not this...

This nothing at all that I hear…

"Don't say nothing! I deserve more than that from you! We deserve more!"

But sadly I'm the only one of us who thinks so.

I've begged her. I've pleaded with her. Felt the pride I swallowed bounce up and crash down again and again like a brick in my gut at each heartfelt effort that she silently disregarded as a meaningless nothing.

Because it's what I am to her now.

What I've become.

She won't even look at me. Not now that she has nothing to say.

I saw her eyes when her mouth was lashing at me… whipping me with its ire…

But as the welts rose up and surfaced, they fell from me. And she won't give them back.

She won't give me anything.

The everything I wanted to give her is all I have, and it's my own. I'll never get to share it with her. She doesn't want it. Just like that, she doesn't.

And though I'd have followed her anywhere, throwing it into her path, just for the delight of watching her stop every few steps and reach down for it with a smile on her face, I won't follow her to where she's gone now.

Though she still sits in front of me…

And touches, even…

She isn't really here. And I can't go to where she is.

So, I try one more time to bring her back to me. "Say something, I'm giving up on you."

And hear, without a word from her, that it doesn't matter to her if I do.

Because she already gave up on me.