Hunstanton – 3/5

Gaara wakes up feeling cramped and disorientated. He shifts around restlessly, eyes refusing to open and whimpers rather pathetically when a cramp starts up in his right leg. He's fully prepared to lie there until the aching goes away, but Gaara can feel warm breath on his face and he's half creeped out and half curious when he peers up towards the source. He's certainly not expecting to find Naruto so close that all he can really make out is tanned skin and ridiculously blue eyes. And all Gaara can do is blink stupidly and pray that he doesn't have atrocious morning breath.

"You're pretty cute when you're asleep," Naruto says.

"Oh," Gaara mumbles and wonders just how long Naruto's been watching him sleep. He wipes at his mouth in case there's dribble (there's not), and urges his mind to wake up faster.

Naruto chuckles and messes up Gaara's hair with his hand. "We've still got some hot water left, when your brain starts functioning again you can have a shower or whatever, if you want."


"And I'm gonna make you a killer English Breakfast," Naruto exclaims as he begins to pull away, voice fading as he marches off to the kitchen.

Gaara pulls himself up into a sitting position, rubbing sleep out his eyes and yawning. "You don't have to. I don't really eat in the morning," he replies.

"You sure?" Naruto asks, but his gaze his fixed somewhere below Gaara's face. He stares quite intently for a little while before grinning and pointing. "Seems like one of your nipples escaped in the night."

"What?" Gaara pulls a face and snap his head down so fast he's pretty sure it's about to fall off. He then lets out an undignified squawk because Naruto's t-shirt has stretched in the night. Whilst before it bared his shoulder due to its size, now the hole has stretched and drooped down to show one of Gaara's nipples. The redhead hastily pulls at the clothing to cover himself and then sits there awkwardly as Naruto looks at him with something that resembles interest. "I'll have that shower now?" Gaara says; standing up and fleeing to the bathroom, yesterday's clothes clutched in his hand while Naruto yells about the location of a towel and an unused toothbrush.

Naruto's right about there still being hot water let, but there's not a lot and it doesn't take more than five minutes for the water to turn chilly and for Gaara to flee the shower and wrap himself up in a towel. He's eternally grateful for the toothbrush as he washes gunk off his teeth, and then Gaara spends some time combing his hair with his fingers, noting the small amount of brown that's started to peak through the red and considers re-dyeing his hair later in the month.

Gaara is standing in the kitchen with wet hair and yesterday's clothes on, making himself a cup of tea when a tattooed arm loops around him to reach for the milk. He freezes, hand halfway through the action of scooping out the teabag because Naruto is pretty much pressed flush up against him. And he's still only in his underwear.

The redhead's hands go all clammy and he's trying really, really hard not to picture Naruto pushing him down against the counter, spreading apart his ass cheeks and just eating him out. But whilst thoughts like this are rare for Gaara, they're also pretty hard to control when Naruto is breathing hot and heavy in his ear and all Gaara wants to do is press his ass against Naruto's hips.

But he manages to control himself, letting out shaky little breathes and not taking his eyes of his cup until Naruto is pulling away and turning his attention to his own mug of tea.

"Do you not have work today?"

"Nope. You've got me all to yourself," Naruto leers from next to him. He's propped against the kitchen counter and isn't doing anything to hide the way his eyes keep traveling up and down Gaara's body. "Do you want me all to yourself?"

Gaara furrows his brow a little, not quite sure what Naruto's implying. He's not going to answer at first, thinking that saying no would be rude and saying yes would sound like a sexual implication – which would be stupid because Naruto looks like a model and Gaara's just a veiny child-man thing, there's no point embarrassing himself more than he already has. So instead of saying anything, Gaara tries to pretend that he hasn't heard Naruto's question and busies himself by taking a sip of his tea and pondering if he prefers Earl's Grey over English Breakfast.

But Naruto reads him like a book, laughing and throwing and arm around Gaara. "Don't be shy. I won't tell if you won't."

Meanwhile the redhead stares at his tea so hard that the water might start boiling again. He thinks he might be going a little red, which basically means Gaara's about to look like a lobster with panda eyes. But he can feel the blond man's gaze, knows that he's a few inches to the left of him and that Naruto won't give up until Gaara's awkwardly given his answer.

Gaara gives the barest of nods.

Naruto lets out a cheer, setting down his tea and coming to stand in front of Gaara before leaning down and bumping his nose against the redhead's.

And Gaara is too busy thinking about how awful he must look, all wide-eyed and red-faced, that he hasn't realised that he's gaze has wondered from Naruto's eyes and he's now just blatantly staring at the other man's lips. He swallows and keeps staring when Naruto licks his lips slowly and cocks a brow. And he really doesn't know what's going on when his body leans forward and he tilts his head up to kiss Naruto.

There's probably about a second. A second in which Naruto doesn't do anything, doesn't reject the kiss nor does he return it. And that's all it takes for Gaara's brain to catch up and for him to jolt away from the inked man, looking panicked and apologetic and mumbling out, "I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!" at a pace that makes the words unintelligible. Gaara feels embarrassed. And he's completely ready to push past Naruto, leave and avoid his tattoo shop for the rest of his stay.

But then Naruto steps forward, crowding Gaara back against the counter, takes the man's tea and puts it down on the counter to their right and covers the redhead's lips with his own.

Gaara inhales through his nose and just lets Naruto kiss him, lets him go from lightly pecking at his lips to moving insistently against them. And Gaara stupidly returns Naruto's intentions, tilting his head so that they slot together perfectly and raising a hand to bury it in Naruto's blond locks. It's wet and it's hot and Gaara just wants and wants. So he arches into Naruto when the man wraps an arm around his lower back, and he lets out little noises of pleasure when Naruto tugs at his bottom lip with his teeth.

This could have lasted forever, but its Naruto's wandering hands that have Gaara freezing. Its Naruto cupping Gaara's ass that has the redhead pushing Naruto away (no matter how much is body is screaming at him and yearning for more of the inked man's touch). He pants heavily, looking torn as he mumbles out, "Sakura."

There are flashes of guilt in Naruto's eyes and he opens and closes his mouth several times, finally giving up and dropping his head down to rest it on Gaara's shoulder. Naruto stays there for some time until he eventually lifts his head a little and begins to press little kisses up Gaara's neck. "You're fascinating, Gaara," he says against the pale skin.

Gaara closes his eyes and then jerks away from the touch of the blond man's lips. He clutches the kitchen counter behind him with both hands and presses his lips tightly together. There's an assault of emotions flying through his head and whilst half of him is begging Naruto to ravish him, because for some reason the inked man likes him and wants him, the other side is screaming at him, angry that Naruto would even consider this and furious at himself for letting him.

"Sakura." Is all he manages to say (because he doesn't know what else to say), eyes flickering up to Naruto's.

Naruto's face is twisted. "Don't. Don't try to make me feel guilty because I like you."

"But she -." Gaara begins.

"Let me hate myself after this, alright? I just want to -." He doesn't finish because he's too busy shoving his lips onto Gaara's.

Maybe it's the way that Naruto presses his tongue in, all hot and wet, or maybe it's the way that Naruto bites at his lips that causes Gaara to melt and not push him away. Regardless, Naruto's kisses are controlling and strong and the way he uses his tongue has Gaara clutching and pulling at his t-shirt.

The way Naruto kisses throws Gaara's dynamic completely off; the man alternates from possessive bites and bruising kisses that are almost painful in a good way, to long drawn out kisses and the flicker of tongue against his own. Gaara's confused as to how to respond, and he spends the minutes pressed up against the counter pecking at Naruto's lips and letting the tanned man make his all swollen and pink. It's a little one-sided, and all attempts of Gaara trying to take control are quickly shot down as Naruto caresses his tongue expertly into the redhead's mouth.

Gaara's breathe jolts in through his nose and he curves his body into Naruto when the blond man slides one hand up his back under his t-shirt and uses the other to somewhat hesitantly cup Gaara's ass. This time, Gaara doesn't pull away, instead he shivers when Naruto squeezes and then begins to knead the flesh through his trousers. It feels nice and Gaara finds himself pushing back into Naruto's touch, whining when the tanned man breaks away from the kiss to suck and bite his way along Gaara's jaw and neck.

He's rocking into Naruto's thigh now, and there are the signs of an equally hard cock pressing against his own leg. Gaara feels foolish doing this, humping up against the tall, hard, muscular frame that is Naruto, but the other man only seems to encourage his actions by gripping his ass even harder and pulling Gaara closer. So Gaara doesn't stop, because it feels really good; the friction and the pressure on his cock. And it's made even better by the way Naruto explores his neck and ear with his lips, tongue caressing skin that his teeth had tormented moments before.

The whole thing causes Gaara's eyes to roll back and suddenly the possibility of the pale man's fantasy of being taken against the counter is becoming more realistic by the second.

Except Naruto is pulling away from the counter and tugging Gaara with him. There're still kissing when they stumble out of the kitchen, and Gaara presumes that their destination is the bedroom, though they never get there. Instead Naruto is pushing Gaara up onto the dining table, forcing the redhead's back against the wood as Naruto leans over him. Hands run up his sides, sliding under his t-shirt and Naruto uses his fingers to roll Gaara's nipples between.

"Mnh!" Gaara's breathe hitches in reply and it doesn't take long for him to help Naruto peel off his shirt so that the tanned man can capture one of the pink nubs in his mouth. He uses his teeth to ever so gently tug at the nipple until it is sensitive and hard and then uses his tongue to sooth the abused skin. "Ah -." Naruto's touch leaves him boneless and craving for more. He finds himself arching towards the blond man's lips, trying to tempt Naruto into taking the pink nub back into his mouth and playing with it a little more.

And Naruto does exactly what Gaara wants him to, albeit, he does it with a knowing smirk and look. But nonetheless, he begins to suck at the erect nipple, pressing down on the other with his thumb and then squeezing it between two fingers.

It leaves Gaara yelping and jerking, fingers burying themselves in Naruto's hair so he can press him against his chest more insistently, more selfishly. Because Gaara just wants Naruto to keep playing with his body forever, wants him to keep trailing his lips down his chest and stomach, wants him to keep pausing to bite and suckle at his pale skin. And Gaara thinks that if Naruto kept this up, he could easily come from this alone.

But the blond man has other ideas, though he takes his sweet time to carry them out. After he's thrown off his own shirt, Naruto slowly, oh so fucking slowly slides down the zipper of Gaara's jeans. And then without bothering to slide them off, he runs his hand down to cup Gaara through his underwear. "Seems like someone's a little needy," he comments, palming Gaara's cock and watching calmly as the redhead struggles to inhale properly.


Naruto certainly knows how to please someone, and he does so with an air of confidence that has Gaara wanting to roll his eyes at him and kiss him at the same time. The redhead chooses to do the later, swallowing a moan whilst he wraps his arms around Naruto and pulls him down. Their kiss is a lot messier now, probably because Gaara can hardly concentrate with Naruto stroking him through his underwear like that. There's spit and there's clashing teeth and tongues caressing each other and it's all so perfect.

Gaara bites down on Naruto's bottom lip a tad too hard when a tanned hand slips under his briefs, sliding through brown hair to wrap around Gaara's cock and give it a lazy, slightly restrained tug. But Naruto doesn't seem to mind the force, what with the way he smirks when he pulls back, hand still generously playing with Gaara's cock, smearing pre-cum over it to help the slide of his hand.

Naruto becomes frustrated after a while, and he ends up yanking off Gaara's jeans and underwear with more force than necessary. But Gaara's not complaining, not when Naruto can now properly take him in his hand and can travel his other hand down from where it had been tweaking a nipple to play with the redhead's balls.

Minutes drag by, with Gaara lying lax on the table, hips giving unconscious jerks upwards whenever Naruto decides to press his thumb against the slit at the top of his cock. It's glorious pleasure and Gaara just takes it all greedily, legs falling wider apart in invitation when Naruto hesitantly trails a finger downwards and just barely presses it against Gaara's hole. He's asking for permission without speaking and when Gaara manages to peel his eyes open from when they'd fallen shut at some point, he nods and says, "Please, can you…?"

"Hold on," Naruto mumbles out and then he's rushing off to his bedroom, leaving Gaara panting and flushed on the table. When the inked man returns, this time fully naked and with a bottle of lube and a condom packet in hand, he freezes momentarily to sweep his eyes over Gaara.

Gaara's turns a darker shade of red under his gaze; he's laid out, naked with legs spread apart and a hard cock throbbing between his legs. And Naruto just won't stop staring; hence Gaara awkwardly starts to close his legs, so he doesn't look quite so desperate.

But Naruto stops him with a hand gripping his inner thigh. He strokes the skin there, alternating from kneading the flesh with his hands to grazing his fingers of the paleness until goose bumps have risen and Gaara is shivering against his simple ministrations. Naruto leans forward and gives the redhead a long kiss, pulling away with a tiny smile. "Jesus," he whispers against Gaara's lips. "You're perfect."

There's the popping noise of the bottle being uncapped, and the rustle of a condom wrapper. And then there's just the sound of heavy breathing, followed by a sudden intake of air when Naruto uses his fingers (on one hand dry, and on the other slick and cool) to spread Gaara's ass cheeks.

The blond man takes the time to run his thumb against the redhead's perineum, pressing down on it firmly and eliciting sweet, needy sounds of pleasure from his partner. But it's not long until Naruto is circling Gaara's entrance with a lubed finger. He's patient, waiting until Gaara's breathing has settled a little until he starts to push the digit in slowly, pausing to let muscles clench and then relax around the intrusion.

Gaara's toes curl as the tanned man gently begins to finger him. The redhead knows he's tight, it's been at least a year since he last had sex, and he hasn't masturbated in that way for a while either. But Gaara likes the stretch, likes the way that Naruto ups the speed a little, and likes the way the inked man pushes in another finger eagerly, causing Gaara's mouth to fall open whilst he gasps.

Naruto scissors his fingers inside Gaara, crooking and twisting them as he searches for the redhead's prostrate. He manages to hit it once, proven when Gaara keens and shudders, jolts of heat running to his weeping cock. After that, after that brief taste of ohmygodthatfeelssogood, Naruto stills his fingers and watches almost sadistically while Gaara tries to fuck himself on them.

"No! Ah!" Gaara tries to shift so that the fingers end up stroking his sweet spot, but fails and ends up practically sobbing on the table, a wonton mess. His neglected cock twitches on his stomach and Gaara does his best to glare at Naruto, though he does so through a hazy lust-filled eyes.

He supposes that Naruto eventually just feels pity for him. And Gaara certainly doesn't question him when the man starts to thrust his fingers in and then out again, adding a third digit to the mix and crooking them expertly against the redhead's prostrate. He just welcomes the maddening pleasure, shaking violently and moaning desperately. Gaara's completely debauched, and the more Naruto teases that bundle of nerves, the more wrecked the pale man becomes. He's lost as to what to do, mewling on the table and chanting ohgodohgodohgod in his head at every stroke of Naruto's fingers.

By now, Gaara's voice is hoarse, his brain has turned to mush and there's not much going on in there besides a voice begging for more. So when Naruto's fingers pull out, Gaara's not quite sure if the groan he lets out is because the torture has stopped, or because now he feels empty and is just aching to be filled again.

He barely registers Naruto coating his cock in lube, hardly notices the man taking hold of his thighs and only just about manages to whine when Naruto's cock is resting against his clenching hole.

When Naruto finally pushes into Gaara, the pale man's eyes flutter shut and his mouth falls open. He whimpers because the stretch and the feeling of fullness feel so good. And it seems to last forever because Naruto goes in really slow and by the end Gaara is arching his back and clawing at Naruto's arms impatiently.

Once Naruto's balls are resting against Gaara's ass, the tattooed man pauses to pant out heavily. His arms are shaking slightly on either side of Gaara's body and his eyes are all dilated and dark. Naruto uses his time to lean down to play with the skin on Gaara's neck. There's a wet tongue and the scrapping of teeth as they map out pale flesh, careful not to leave noticeable marks but insistent enough to have Gaara shifting towards Naruto's touch. Enough to have him moaning in the blond man's ear.

"I've wanted to do this since I first met you," Naruto whispers against Gaara's skin.

And Gaara wants to point out that they've only met twice, but instead his eyes are rolling back as Naruto pulls out. "Nghh!" He gasps and makes little noises because Naruto's pulled almost completely out, leaving Gaara to basically clench around nothing. He should be ashamed, lying naked and all spread out on the table, cock leaking and hard against his stomach whilst a man with a girlfriend stares at him like he's a piece of meat. But Gaara's filthy desire to be completed used and fucked washes away the indignity and leaves him squirming. It's been a long time since he's felt this desperate, and at this point Gaara wants nothing more than for Naruto to fill him up all nice and proper.

The slippery drag of Naruto's cock pushing back in and then starting up a steady pace has Naruto letting out a cry and Gaara's glad that he's not the only one feeling overwhelmed here.

The room fills with the sound of skin against skin, of Naruto's groans and Gaara's whimpers, and the creak of the table whenever Naruto's thrusts forward with a bit more force and causes the redhead's body to shunt up the table. There's the smell of sweat – the smell of sex, and the room gets too hot very quickly.

"Ah! Ahh!" Gaara cries out because the pleasure is dizzying. Naruto knows just the right way to fuck him, and each time he presses his hips forward, his cock barely grazes against Gaara's prostrate, leaving the redhead to moan and tremble on the table. His limbs are all weak and useless as he lets Naruto fuck into him, occasionally aiding the tattooed man's efforts with a roll of his hips, bearing down onto Naruto's cock and mewling out his pleasure.

It's perfect and just right and Gaara could easily let Naruto fuck him until like this until he comes. With his slow and gentle, teasing thrusts. But Gaara is greedy and it's not long before he's gasping out, "Faster! P-Please!"

His cock is swollen and achy and dripping pre-cum onto his stomach. It gives a little jump and shivers run down Gaara's body when Naruto adjusts to the redhead's pleas; the snap of his hips now hard and fast and completely brutal.

But he's not hitting his prostate. Naruto is teasing him, and the smirk on the tanned man's face tells him it's entirely on purpose. It seems like the tattooed man likes to watch Gaara gasp and twist on the table. And Naruto seems to like it even more when Gaara manages to look at him directly and whimper out a pathetic "N-Naruto!"

Gaara's stuck in some strange sort of limbo; where everything feels so good and that feeling just before he's about to come is lasting forever and ever. But it's not enough. It's nowhere near enough and the redhead can do nothing but plead, "Please! P-please, it's not - ahh! Not enough – oh!"

And Naruto just smirks and grunts, pounding into the redhead's body all fast and deep and hard. There's sweat sliding down his chest and his blond hair is stuck to his forehead.

It takes a lot of begging; a lot of Gaara whining and bucking with toes curling for Naruto to finally feel some sympathy for him. And still, he only shifts slightly, so that an occasional unexpected thrust will hit that bundle of nerves inside Gaara, sending the pale man into a quivering, shrieking mess. "Ahh! Ah! Ah!"

It's all slightly embarrassing because it doesn't matter how hard Gaara tries to bite at his bottom lip to stifle his cries, Naruto still manages to punch out whimpers and shouts like he knows exactly how to play with redhead's body. He's learnt that Gaara likes it when he thrusts in hard and fast and pulls out slowly. And that leaning down to tug at one of Gaara's nipples with his teeth will earn him a shaky inhale. Naruto knows which buttons to push and he does a wonderfully torturous job at doing so.

They fall into a rhythm in which Naruto continues to torment Gaara with only the roll of his hips, with the press of his cock against all the right spots. A rhythm in which Gaara claws at the inked man's back, gasps and whines earning groans from Naruto. And it just continues. On and on and on and on, with Naruto pushing his cock into Gaara over and over until the redhead thinks he can't take it anymore. He's at that point where he's so desperate to come, and all Gaara can do is clench around Naruto's cock and hope that the man gives him what he so urgently needs.

And then all of a sudden, Naruto stops. He breathes out heavily above Gaara, staring down at him, cock still buried deep inside.

"W-What? Why did y-you -?" Gaara succeeds to gasp out before Naruto is pushing his legs up and resting them against his shoulders. "What are you -?" He stops, back arching and mouth falling open in a silent scream as Naruto pushes forward all of a sudden. The angle is all different now, a consistent pressure against his prostrate and god, it feel so good. "Nngh!"

"Do you want me to fuck you all proper now?" Naruto whispers against his ear. His voice is all low and sultry and it drives Gaara crazy.

The redhead doesn't manage to say anything; his hands grasp at Naruto's tattooed biceps and he's just about able to nod. Gaara traces his tongue up Naruto's neck and biting at his earlobe.

Naruto seems to take that as a yes because he ends up pulling his hips back briefly before pounding them forward, hitting Gaara's prostrate dead on and swallowing the redhead's scream with a kiss.

Every thrust from then on hits Gaara's bundle of nerves perfectly and all Gaara remembers is trying and failing to stop his eyes from rolling back as he howls out his pleasure. It's good. It's so, so, so good and it's too much all at the same time. So the redhead just lets Naruto punch into him over and over again, lets him fill him up for a second and then leave him aching and whimpering the next.

At some point a hand wraps around his leaking cock, probably because Naruto's realised that Gaara's close but too busy being driven insane to actually be able to do it himself. So the helpful hand strokes up and down Gaara's cock in time to Naruto's thrusts, squeezing and playing in a way that's different to how Gaara does it, but that's still so good it has the redhead sobbing and shaking.

"J-Just let me come," Gaara manages to whine, beginning to start to try to shift his hips to meet every single one of Naruto's brutal thrusts. But the constant stimulation of his prostrate, the constant pounding and the constant sweet torture means that Gaara soon stops trying. Instead, he lets Naruto fuck him, lets the man graze his fingers over the head of his cock and lets Naruto pull screams and moans from the redhead's lips.

"Just let –. Just -. Ah!" Gaara doesn't get to finish his plea before his orgasm hits him. His back arches off the table, and he throws his head back, eyes scrunched shut as he cries out. "Ahh! Ahh! Nghh -!" Clear fluid coats his stomach and Gaara lets Naruto milk him in his dazed state until the redhead whines from oversensitivity and the tanned hand withdraws, also covered in Gaara's come.

Naruto follows Gaara after a minute or two, leaning down to bite at the redhead's lips as he growls and the jerk of his hips becomes erratic. "Fuck, ah!" He pants against Gaara's mouth, accepting a kiss from the pale man.

Gaara whines as Naruto pulls out and his legs fall from the tanned man's shoulders. He pants heavily, not moving whilst Naruto uses something to kindly clean Gaara's stomach. It takes a while, but eventually Gaara is pushing himself up into a sitting position, sitting on the table numbly and barely noticing what Naruto is doing until an arm wraps around Gaara's waist and the man whispers his name into the redhead's ear.

The pale man doesn't say anything, pulling away from Naruto's touch and wandering off to retrieve his underwear, which he pulls on, guilt lying heavy on his shoulders.

"Gaara?" Naruto says again, this time there's a questioning tone to his voice and he draws closer to Gaara like he's afraid he's going to spook a skittish animal. "Gaara, you alright?"

And whenever his name leaves the inked man's ones, Gaara is met with flashes of Sakura and memories of him moaning and screaming on that blasted table only a few minutes ago. He feels awful now, like he's just ruined something good. So he silently yanks on the rest of his clothing, trying to desperately ignore that satisfying ache between his legs and the taste of Naruto's lips on his tongue.

Gaara's marching off towards the door before Naruto's even managed to pull on his underwear properly. "Gaara, wait?" He manages to catch the redhead at the door, one hand grasping at his arm and refusing to let go.

And if this was any other moment, Gaara would be giving an awkward smile and pointing out that Naruto's underwear is inside-out. But the truth of the matter is that he did just get fucked by a guy with a girlfriend, and that he enjoyed it. And no matter how much bloody chemistry the two men seem to have for some absurd reason, it's just not okay. Gaara somehow musters the courage to look Naruto in the eye and shakes his head, face showing all the guilt he feels. "This was a mistake."

Naruto recoils like he's been burnt. And all that post-orgasmic haze clears from his eyes. He gapes at Gaara for a second, and then he's slamming his hand against the door and stopping the redhead from opening it. "You liked it though. You wanted to."

Gaara's mouth feels dry and he doesn't even manage to mumble out a confirmation, even though Naruto is staring at him and silently begging for Gaara to give him one. Instead Gaara places a hand on top of Naruto's so that he can gently pull it away from the door. "I'm sorry," he whispers, giving Naruto's hand a gentle squeeze and then leaves the man standing alone in the doorway in his underwear.

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