"Lo prometido es deuda"

Keeping my word...

Chapter 12 – Twenty One, Two

Sick of all the waiting she had endured, Luna responded in kind. Reaching up to touch his long neck and tangle her fingers in his hair while allowing him to explore her mouth, she pushed her body against his, separating from the wall.

Reid had not been expecting this reaction. A slap, yes. A push to get away, maybe. But instead Luna opened her mouth and replied to his forced, hard kiss. She tasted of the cranberry juice she had been drinking with her vodka.

Lowering his arms, he grabbed her ass with one hand and hugged her waist with the other one, lifting her against the wall, any inhibitions still blocked by the effect of the alcohol (and now also by the heady feeling the lack of breath was causing on him). He was deceivingly strong.

Oblivious to the real world, neither of them saw the security guard approaching.

"Ehem. Excuse me, kids..." Realisation hit the guard's face as the two lovers separated. "Dr Reid?" He said, unable to contain his utter surprise. "You... you know there are cameras here?"

Reid was too embarrassed to look at the man.

"I am so sorry, Arthur. He's completely drunk and I was only bringing him back."

"Dr Reid doesn't drink."

"He does today. He's been celebrating his twenty-first birthday." She pushed him off gently, as he was still too close to her to pretend nothing was happening. He was dripping wet and mortified.

"What happened?"

"He drunk too much and fell on a pool."

"With a woman, Arthur, I fell in a pool with a woman." Embarrassment was taking the best of him, and he was starting to come back to the world and realise what he had done.

Arthur took in Luna's dry clothes and inferred she hadn't been the one to fall in the pool with him. He was judging the kids' demeanour, after seeing Dr Reid uncharacteristically pushing the young lady against the wall, and he came to the conclusion that Luna was sober enough to know what she was doing, and Reid was looking rather embarrassed and distressed by his own behaviour. The kid was harmless, and in good hands.

"Arthur, do you mind if I walk him in? I don't trust him on his own tonight."

"Sure, Luna, go ahead."


The fangirl had been following them, observing the full interaction. That bitch had stolen her momentum and Reid had openly rejected her in front of everyone at the party. She was not happy.

When she recounted her story to Tom later that night, all Tom could hear was how that fucking pencil with eyes had manipulated Luna into thinking she wanted him, and how he had pushed her against the wall.


Reid was too embarrassed and too drunk to even apologise. He followed Luna to the apartment, crestfallen.

Once they were inside, Luna grabbed his hand and walked him to the bedroom. He kicked his pumps off and picked them up, neatly placing them under his chair on the corner. He had OCD even under the influence.

He didn't know what else to do. He was wet, but he couldn't get undressed with her standing right there, watching him.

Luna adopted a no-nonsense attitude and went to grab a towel from the en-suite bathroom.

"Take off your clothes, Spencer." She said softly. He looked at her, uncomprehending. Her white silky blouse had gotten wet when she had pressed against him before and it was nearly translucent now, stuck to her turgid breasts.

"Luna, I am so sorry. Out there, I didn't mean to... And that girl... I don't know what got over me. I'm not like that."

"I know you're not, Spencer."

"But you... you didn't push me off."

"No, I didn't."

Reid nodded and then shivered, the cold wet clothes finally having an impact on his slender body.

"Let's get you dry."

He was like a child again. Maybe he did need someone to take care of him, after all.

Luna walked up to him and sat him on the bed to be able to pull his vest off his head. He was following her every move with big dark eyes. He didn't dare look at himself, at his pathetic frame. He didn't want her to undo his shirt, but allowed her to do so and, button by button, there he was, skinny and pale, feeling absolutely exposed and self-conscious, behaving like a little kid. The room was only half-illuminated by the small lamp on his shelf, the only light Luna had switched on when they had arrived. Reid was thankful for the shadows. She was gently patting his torso, his arms, his stomach and his back with the towel, drying him. She dried his hands, his fingers, one by one. She then dried his face and his wet, unruly hair. Reid could feel his chest moving up and down, the deep breaths giving him a headache, a knot in his throat. He was still shivering, but these were nerves, not cold. Luna didn't care about his thinness, he could tell. Instead, she seemed to relish it. Her wet blouse was giving her away, as he could clearly see her respiration was as affected as his own. It was incredible how lucid he felt at that very moment in his inebriated state. How clear she had become to him, when normally she was more of a question mark.

"Where are your T-shirts?"

In reply, he pointed at the chest of drawers but as Luna stood up he grabbed her hand and she looked back at him. He averted his eyes again, unable to say what he wanted, and let her go.

Reid wished the cold hadn't sobered him up, and his actions were still fuelled by the alcohol breaking down his walls, as it had when they were outside. What was the point of still feeling tipsy otherwise? He wished he could rip her clothes apart without having to apologise for it. These feelings were so against everything he was, that he wasn't sure how to deal with them. He didn't even shake hands with people, for God's sake, and now all he wanted was for her to keep touching him.

Luna grabbed a T-shirt and pulled it on him. "Give me the rest of your clothes, Spencer. They are drenched, I'll put them in the washer." She walked out of the room, giving him some privacy, and he quickly changed and sat on the bed with his back against the wall, his arms around his knees, waiting for her. She came back to take the rest of the clothes, without uttering a word. Without looking at him, while his doe eyes followed her small figure around the room. What had he done? He let his forehead rest on his hands.

"Spencer?" A few minutes later she was back, bringing him out of his self-absorbed stupor.


Luna sat by him , copying his posture against the wall, her side touching his. "Do you want me to stay with you tonight?"

Silence. He hunched over his knees, letting his head drop again and breathing out deeply before whispering a quiet "yes".

She laid down on the bed, facing up, with her hands crossed over her stomach and Reid realised her blouse was still wet. He laid by her on his side, propped up on one elbow. "Your blouse is still wet."

"Yes, it is." Luna fixed her stare on his eyes and watched him looking at her lips; he was still shivering, still so unsure. His breathing was becoming more and more agitated; he was getting nervous. He was so close, so close to kissing her, but he sat back down, frustrated.

"Luna, I can't... I've never... And you... I don't want to..."

"It's ok, Spencer. I can just keep you company. You don't want anything to happen between us, do you?"

"No! Yes, I mean, I do, it's not that... I... ehem, I don't know what to do, and I'm erm... afraid."

"Afraid of what?"

"Afraid of messing things up and losing you. I can't afford that. You're about the only good thing in my life. You and Ethan."

Reid moved to sit on the edge of the bed, with his back to her, and he didn't feel her shifting around, until he saw her blouse dropping on the floor in front of him. Unconsciously, he turned around to face her before he could stop himself, his eyes taking her features in, mentally learning every bit of her skin, her neck, her full breasts, her small waist. He had never seen it before, but she had a piercing on her belly button. She extended her left arm, reaching for him, and he saw the three small stars tattooed on her ribcage, right underneath her left breast, on the side. He gave her his hand, which she placed on her wet chest. It was burning. Without thinking too much about what he was doing, Reid took his T-shirt off and dried her with it. By the time it dawned on him that he was shirtless again, he had thrown the T-shirt on the floor and he was kissing her, as if a new wave of drunkenness had taken over him. If only he could switch his brain off and stop thinking.

But I'm not thinking much, am I? And I'm not even drunk any more, right?

He was on top of Luna, one leg between hers, resting on his side, kissing her. On an impulse, he grabbed both of her wrists and put them above her head, fixing them there carefully with his long fingers, while the other hand traced the inner side of her left arm all the way down to the stars. He followed the traced skin with a trail of soft kisses, lingering on the stars and looking up at her for consent before carrying on. She looked at him, short of breath, her lips slightly parted, and nodded imperceptibly but enough for him to let go of her arms and carry on kissing her side, descending to her hip. Suddenly she wanted badly to feel him against her and she pushed up, sitting him down and straddling his crossed legs, letting her small weight rest on his lap. His mouth was on her neck, sucking and kissing. His hands on her back, bringing her closer to him as she let out a soft moan and started moving against him, feeling him through the clothes, under her skirt.

The moment her pelvis touched him and he felt the heat emanating from her, he was completely undone and, magically, his brain was so overwhelmed that it seemed to shut down. He held her tighter and looked at her, still unsure of what he was supposed to do – or not do. He didn't know how far she wanted to go – it felt pretty obvious but he had no experience so he could be wrong. There he was, over-analysing again.

Luna peeled her torso off him and bent backwards, pushing her pelvis even more against him and resting her hands on the bed to support herself. Her smooth stomach was stretched and her breasts perked up. He run both hands up her waist, towards her bosom and pushed his thumbs inside her bra, watching her. She unhooked the bra and to his surprise, it didn't move. It stayed right where it had been, hugging her breasts, until he removed it. They were so hot, and round, and perfect, he didn't even dare look at them for too long, lest they break or something. Anxiety was overflowing him and she sensed him pulling away, going back down to earth. Before Reid could distance himself any further she pushed him on the bed and kissed him until he felt steadier. She had a hand on his neck and her thumb could feel his blood flowing rapidly.

"Your pulse is racing," she murmured in his ear.

"I'm fine."

Her legs were either side of his body. Reid distractedly run his nail up her thighs and her sides, sending a shiver up her spine. Luna leaned down to kiss him. She had been imagining this intimacy with him since she met him and, although she was aware that he was at his most vulnerable after the incident at the party, she couldn't – no she didn't want to stop herself. Despite feeling like she was taking advantage of him.

Reid grabbed her hips to move her up to his lap and then lifted his torso, hugging her waist. Luna moaned as her boiling hot breasts came in contact with his alabaster skin and his soft lips deposited a kiss on her shoulder.

"Too many clothes" she murmured in his hair.


"Too many clothes, Spencer".

Tentative hands moved up her thighs towards her buttocks, where he grabbed them firmly in place. She rotated her hips against him, feeling his hard cock on her pelvis.


"Oh, shut up, Spencer"

"No, you don't understand..."

Luna's hand diving between them and fondling his length interrupted what was no doubt about to become a speech on why they should stop, and the speech became a gasp as Reid's mind went blank.

"Where are you going?" He panicked, realising she was moving away and fearing he had done something wrong. You can try to learn everything you want from a book, but this? This was different.

Luna was standing up, pulling him closer to the edge of the bed, when he figured out that she was trying to gain easier access to take his pants off. Panic set as memories of him being naked in front of the entire football team filled his mind.

"Stop." The urgency in his voice stopped her right on her tracks and brought her out of her sex-induced trance.

"Ok, Spencer." Feeling self-conscious, she covertly tried to cover herself.

"Wait." Reid stormed out of the room, leaving Luna at a loss and she had almost made up her mind about the benefits of leaving when he came back, determination all over his face, his jaws set hard and his fists clenching.

"Why are you doing this?" Ever so slightly, and in spite of his collected appearance, he was still rolling his words.

"Because I want you."


"You are the most incredible person I've ever known. Meeting someone like you... that only happens but once in a lifetime. I admire you. You are interesting and intense. I want to get to know absolutely everything and every inch of you" she winked, "I'm a hormonal chick and you turn me on, what can I say."

The apparent sincerity of her first words and the humour of the last sentences confused him. "Are you trying to intimidate me or humiliate me? Is this a long-winded joke designed to turn me into the college laugh stock?

"So that was it..." Luna's shock showed in her eyes. "How can you even say that? How can you think that? Look, Spencer, I understand why you are the way you are but, with me? What I ever done to deserve it? I'm tired. I think I'm just going to go home."

"No" Reid made her stand up, grabbed her buttocks with the surprising strength he had demonstrated when he had pushed her against the wall earlier, and he lifted her. Luna's legs surrounded him and she held him in a firm embrace, receiving his passionate kiss. He clumsily took the few steps that separated them from the desk and sat her on it, pulling her knickers off as he let go of her ass.

"Oh, God, Spencer." But he couldn't reply because his tongue was now busy tasting her left breast. Luna lifted her knees and she pushed his pants down (finally!) with her feet. His still clenched fist opened, leaving something cold on her thigh and she realised it was a condom. That's why he left, she thought. "Are you sure?"

"Aren't you?"

For all answer, she opened the package and moved her hand up and down his already hard-rock cock. Reid had buried his face on her neck, avoiding having to look at her, holding on to the desk with both hands as she pushed herself closer to the edge of the desk, never letting go of him.

Reid first felt the heat of her pussy, then her expert fingers guiding his tip to her entrance, but nothing else. She wasn't moving. She was giving him the choice to stop. Reid pushed in slowly, releasing a long contained deep breath against her neck. Before he was all in, he pulled back and thrust in a little faster this time. A little harder. Luna's eyes rolled involuntarily and she couldn't stay still any longer. Reid could feel her fingernails digging into his shoulder blades and her teeth sinking into his shoulder. Her throat reverberated with her moans.

His cock felt compressed, filling her up completely. They were made to just about fit each other, and every thrust was a pleasurable agony, but he knew he wouldn't be able to go on for long. It was too wet, too hot inside of her. It was better than he had imagined, the few times he had allowed himself to imagine. His cock was throbbing and her respiration on his ears, her soft moans, were driving him crazy.


"It's ok. You can fuck me again later" she whispered, gasping for breath, and the loud moan she let escape as he pushed hard inside of her melted him and made him come.

Sweat was dripping down his face and his hair stuck to his forehead. He was still inside of her, unwilling to separate and holding himself still to prevent his shaky knees from giving up on him.

"I'm so sorry, Luna. I couldn't..."

"Shut up, Spencer" she ran her fingers down his back.

"I never want to stop doing that."

"Neither do I", she smiled.

Reid was genuinely happy. A silly thankful smile spread on his face.

He was definitely no longer drunk.