The Wish

Disclaimer: I don't own Once upon a Time in Wonderland

"I Wish to end Alice's suffering" Alice gasped and opened her eyes as Will's wish took effect. "Alice? Alice" Cyrus said "Cyrus" Alice said as he helped her sit up. Cyrus smiled a little and hugged her. "Cyrus" Alice said again as he hugged her. "You're alive," Cyrus said smiling. "But how?" Alice asked as she cried. Cyrus stopped hugging her and looked at her. "The knave he used his wish" he answered. "But that was the third wish why aren't you in your bottle" Alice asked. Cyrus looked down at his wrists and saw that his binds were gone. "My binds they're gone," he said while touching his right wrist. "They're gone" he said again and looked up at Alice. "Alice I'm free," he said while smiling. Alice smiled too "I don't understand" she said. "The knave, he wished to end your suffering part of your pain was not being able to be with the one you loved" the White Rabbit explained. "Will you're a genius" said Cyrus as he turned his head to look behind him. His smile disappeared when he saw that Will's eyes were shut and he was perfectly still. The Red Queen was holding his body close to her as tears ran down her cheeks. "He's gone," She said looking up at Cyrus. "No he can't be" Alice said. She stood up and ran to Will's side. Cyrus followed her and knelt down beside her. Alice looked at Will's face as tears began to blur her vision. "Come on Will wake up I know you're not dead you can't be Will please wake up" she said. When Will didn't open his eyes she put her hands on his arm and started shaking him. "Wake up Will come on please wake up" Alice cried. "Stop" The Red Queen said in a commanding tone. Alice looked up at her. The Red Queen looked back at her with pain in her eyes. "He's gone Alice," she said quietly as more tears ran down her face. The pain in the Red Queen's eyes was like a slap to her face and Alice could no longer deny the fact that her friend was indeed gone. She thought about everything she and Will have been through only for it to end with him dead in the Red Queen's arms and as she thought this Alice let the tears she had been holding back fall from her eyes. Cyrus wrapped his arms around her and held her as she cried.

Authors note: This idea came to me when I saw someone's comment saying that when Will wished to end Alice's suffering he/she thought that Will was going to die.