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Kagome walked with her head hanging low, hands clenched. A stuffed backpack containing all her stuff was on her shoulders. She sped up with anger as she stepped on a fallen tree branch.

She was going back home for a few weeks.

A pale glow from inside her hand, a glint of light clenched in her fist. She had only a few pieces of the Shikon Jewel, she accidentally broke the jewel that caused it to turn into a thousand pieces.

The forest around Lady Kaede's village remained silent. Only a dirt path and grass were ahead of her.

Kagome scanned the area, hoping a certain somebody would follow her. The objection of her leaving to go back home.

She reached the Bone Eater's Well and heaved her bag over the wooden edge.

Kagome thought someone was following her when she heard the sound of a tree creaking.

"I'll be back soon," Kagome whispered.

Kagome palmed the side of the well, gazing down into the recesses of the depth. Her backpack had already disappeared to the other side.

She curled her lip as she closed her brown eyes and pulled herself over.

Jet black swallowed her as bright light above grew small, it flickered like a light bulb.

Kagome climbed up from the well with her pulling on her heavy backpack but she thought she was back home.

"I'm home?" Kagome brushed off a strand of her pitch black hair from her right eye. She figured it was already dark out so she could get some sleep and go to school.

She swallowed nervously as she scanned her surroundings, some kind of large building was seen ahead of her that was not too far from where she was. Perhaps, she was sent to the wrong city or something like that. Nothing feudal like was seen but modern theme. Kagome hopped off the Bone Eater's Well as her bag landed on the grass. She quickly adjusted her backpack on her shoulders and began to wonder through the recesses of the city. Maybe someone can show her back home or she'll need to board an airplane to get back to her city.

But there was something about that building that caught Kagome's eye.

However, instead of looking for getting airplane tickets to get back to her hometown, Kagome decided to head towards the building as her heart beat nervously with a hint of excitement.

Kagome wasn't sure if the well can lead to other cities beside her home.

"I'm going after Kagome," Inuyasha announced to Sango, Miroku and Shippo as he ran towards the Bone Eater's Well.

"I just hope Kagome doesn't get mad at him," Sango said earnestly.

"Don't forget she can 'sit' him," Miroku added in.

Inuyasha dived into the well as the pitch black swallowed him whole.

Inuyasha climbed out of the well as he hopped off. He scanned his surroundings as he bent down to sniff the ground to track down where Kagome went off to.

"I picked up her scent," he mumbled as he ran off with his arms spread out as if he was going to fly. "I think..."

His golden eyes saw a large building that looked like some sort of academy or something like that, he made his way to enter the campus It probably lead to Kagome. Inuyasha, himself grumbled something about Kagome's era.

Inuyasha and Kagome sometimes get into arguments since he was the one who made Kagome storm off go to back home. Inuyasha climbed on a fence and landed on the ground, gracefully.

Then somebody bumped into him causing a few folders scatter on the ground as if they were confetti. "Oh, I'm sorry sir! I didn't see you there!"

"Watch where you're going will ya?" Inuyasha turned to see a girl with short platinum blonde hair and green eyes. She adjusted her denim jacket that was tied around her waist like a belt.

He sighed as he helped her collect her things.

"I don't recall seeing you around here." She eyed Inuyasha from head to toe, his clothing was rather traditional not modern like compared to her street clothes. She did wore traditional clothing but began wearing street clothes after befriending Misaki and Hotaru. "My name's Shiemi Moriyama and you?"

"Inuyasha. Hey, have you seen a girl around? Black hair that's sort of long, brown eyes, carrying a light yellow bag on her shoulders and she's probably around here somewhere," Inuyasha explained to Shiemi, describing Kagome to her.

"I did see a girl with a light yellow bag earlier but I thought I was imaging things..." Shiemi hung her head a little low, rubbing her nape. "Why? Are you looking for her?"

"Yes, I am. Will you help me find Kagome?" Inuyasha asked as he grabbed her forearm slightly impatient.

"Yes, ah! Hey, wait!" Shiemi was being dragged by a white haired teen as he was tugging on her left forearm.