"Where are we going?" Kagome asked.

Rin clearly didn't like the idea of Inuyasha carrying Shiemi on his shoulder. But she didn't mind at all.

He was thinking about someone sharing the same name as him. The other Rin which Kagome accidentally blurted out. The other Rin was obviously a girl and was probably out there, somewhere.

"Somewhere where we won't be caught by the True Cross Order." Rin avoided the forest that was in the campus and he exposed his secret. He was still under execution by them if he doesn't become an exorcist under six months. Rin wanted to be one so bad.

Kagome was still in amazement of the other world or part of Japan she was in and Inuyasha followed her to it and making a friend out of Shiemi.

Inuyasha poked his protracted claw onto the blonde's nape, she didn't flinch. Kagome still had her yellow overstuffed bag on her shoulders, the weight was starting make her tired.

"Want me to carry that for you?" Rin asked her.

"Huh? Oh yeah." Kagome shrugged of her backpack and handed it to Rin.

He quickly placed her overstuffed bag on his shoulders.


"Wow, you're strong," she admitted. She noticed that Rin's strength was like Inuyasha's.

"I was born with this demonic strength. What's this in rocks?" The weight of the bag clearly didn't bother him at all.

"You're not alone, tough guy," Inuyasha sneered.

"Don't start, Inuyasha, please." Kagome slapped her forehead. "Well just some... stuff like personal belongings."

"I think we're getting close." Shiemi squinted to see a clearing.

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