"Cinnamon! Red! Get up lazy bones! Today's your big day isn't it?" shouted Delia.

"Coming mom! Just getting dressed!" came the answering shout.

"Will you both quiet down?" shouted the lone male of the house. Sometimes the chatter of his mother and twin sister drove him nuts. Like today. Suddenly there was a crash from Red's room.

"CRAP! What time is it?!" he shouted, as he crashed about his room to find his favorite outfit.

Cinnamon, known as Cinna to those she actually liked, giggled as her twin brother tripped over everything in room while she adjusted her special headband. She had won this outfit the last time she was in Sinnoh region after tagging along with Professor Oak.

Ten years ago she had been kidnapped from the crib she shared with her brother, only to be found by Professor Oak in Viridian forest six months later with no knowledge of what happened or how she had come back.

Ever since her mother had a special tracking device sewn into her headbands, which she wore to cover an oddly shaped scar on her forehead. Her brother Red had them in his caps.

The kidnapping was the entire reason why their mother had moved them to the idyllic town of Pallet.

Satisfied with her appearance, she walked calmly to the stairs...before a fit of mischief took her and she slid down the bannister and did a flip to the ground. Gymnastics had always appealed to her, as did some of the more female activities such as cooking and nurturing. She was still debating on whether to become a Breeder, Professor or a Nurse. Her brother was dead set on becoming a Trainer, like many children their age.

"Cinna! What have I said about acrobatics inside the house?" said their mother.

"Sorry mom, couldn't resist. I was so excited for today that I couldn't help but do that!" said Cinna.

"Where's your brother?" she asked with a tired sigh.

"Coming! Save some bacon for...WOAH!" yelped Red as he tripped on his on pants before the open stairs. He went flying, his clothes half on, with a yelp.

Cinna sighed, and threw up her hands. Her psychic power took hold of her brother before he crashed into her. She had worked hard for years to control her natural psychic powers, and she could hold her brother up for at least five minutes.

"Pull your pants up dummy, no one wants to see your ratty underwear," she said, looking away.

"I'll have you know I'm wearing my new pair today!" he shot back, as he took the chance to pull up his pants and pull down his shirt. Cinna let him down right as he was looping his belt around his waist. Just because she was holding him up didn't mean he wasn't used to floating.

He was her current test subject after all. He was used to it by the first week.

"You got your Poliwhirl?" she asked.

"Right here. Got Dratini?" he asked back.

"Ryusuke, breakfast!" she said with a happy cry.

The shiny Dratini, which she had found abandoned in a horrible pollution-choked city after another of her stowaway trips with Professor Oak, curled around her with a purr. It thought of her as it's mother ever since she nurtured it back to health all on her own with advice from the Professor. Red just didn't get why his sister refused to evolve it.

"Now, I'm sure you're eager to go on your adventure, but don't forget your cell phones."

"Yes mom," they answered.

Red helped a couple of kids while Cinna headed straight for the lab.

"Cinna! I see you're finally wearing that outfit that you won in that radio contest," said Oak.

"Loving it. I can move real well in this!" said Cinna happily.

"That reminds me. Here's the Pokémon you won in that magazine contest from Celadon," said Oak. She had used his address so that she could pick it up once she started her journey. That had been a month ago, and it had been two weeks since the drawing.

"Yay! Ryusuke, say hi to your new friend Umbra!" said Cinna.

The shiny Dratini looked inside the Pokémon and crooned. There was a voice outside, and it took Cinna few moments to recognize her brother. By then it was too late to stop the resulting crash.

"What did that klutz do now?" she said with a facepalm.

"RED! Why did you release all the Pokémon!" shouted Cinna.

"Sis!" yelped Red.

"Cinna, who is this?"

"This is my klutz of a brother Red. I didn't even recognize his voice, it must have been muffled by the door!"

"Cinnamon Red, huh?" said Oak.


"Sorry. We need to recapture all those Pokémon!" said Oak.

It took them six hours, and they eventually ran all the way to Viridian City to find them all.

"If I had known that they had come this far, I would have left it to you Cinna!" said Oak gasping for air.

"Isn't Blue back from Johto?" asked Cinna with a giggle.

"He wouldn't have helped me unless there was something in it for him," said Oak annoyed.

"What's Johto?" asked Red.

"There are several major continents where different Pokémon reside. This is Kanto region. The next one over is Johto, then there's Unova, Hoenn, Sinnoh...there's a whole world of Pokémon out there!"

"Cinna has been sneaking into out supplies since she was six. We finally gave up keeping her out by the time she was seven," laughed Oak.

Cinna snickered. The only reason her mother hadn't freaked was because Oak always called her when Cinna decided to show herself and told her where she was. Red wasn't the source of her gray hairs, Cinnamon was!

"I'll go ask Jenny if she's seen any stray Bulbasaur. Red, you keep an eye out with Professor Oak," said Cinna.

"Red...why is there an unconscious Machoke behind you?" asked Cinnamon a little too sweetly.

"Um...it happened to be in the Gym where the Bulbasaur was?" said Red.

"It's alright Cinna, Red just saved us both. Besides, I still have to give you two your Pokédex," said Oak.

"In all the excitement, I almost forgot!" said Cinna.

Once they reached Pallet town, Oak handed them two of the devices. Red had a bright fire red colored one, pretty standard. Cinnamon, on the other hand...

"Why is her's a different color?" asked Red.

"Because I got to know the people who helped to make it, so they made one extra special just for me!" said Cinna. Cinna's Pokédex was black with gun metal gray linings. The inside had red and gold buttons, and the plastic lining on the screen was white. Cinna loved darker colors.

"The nearest open gym is past the Viridian forest," said Oak.

"Brock's gym, right? The Rock trainer?"

"Which city is past the forest?" asked Red.

"Pewter city gym."

"Let's get to it!" said Red.

Cinna broke off from Red for a while to deal with an errand of nature. That was how she found Blue.



"Hey sis, you done yet?!" shouted Red.

"Who's that?"

"My twin brother, Red. Um, hang on," said Cinna.

She vanished into the bushes, and a few minutes later came back with a boy who looked just like her in brighter clothes wearing a cap.

"Blue, meet my brother Red."

"Cinnamon Red. Now I see why you hate that nickname," said Blue smirking.

"So how was Johto?"

Blue reached into his bag and put a box in her hand.

"Found that in a store. Figured it was something you would enjoy more than me," he said.

"How do you two know each other?"

"We met through Gramps/Professor Oak," they replied in unison.

"Blue here is Oak's grandson, and we used to train together till he went to Johto for a few months last year."

"Cinna refused to leave me alone, seeing as how we shared common interests," said Blue.

"Plus let's not forget the fact that Blue was very interested in my Ryusuke," said Cinna proudly.

Red sighed.

"Sis, I won't hold it against you if you want to travel with Blue instead of me," said Red.

"What?" she said in surprise.

"You mean you don't have a crush on Blue?" asked Red 'innocently'.

Cinna grew a tick mark, and whacked her brother hard on the head.

"Red, we're only eleven, though Blue is six months older than us. Just because I may or may not have a crush on him does not mean we are going to split up this early on," said Cinna annoyed.

Blue didn't know how to handle that information. Sure, he liked Cinna as a friend and trainer, but the idea of her having a crush on him...yeah, he didn't think traveling together right now was a good idea.

"So Blue, are you here looking for that Kangaskhan?"

"How did you guess?"

"We passed one five minutes ago...I think the baby in the pouch was poisoned. It did pass through Beedrill territory," said Cinna.

"We better find it then," said Blue.

Fifteen minutes of searching, a little battling and one minor argument between Blue and Red, and they found the Kangaskhan. Cinna's eyes were as sharp as ever...the baby was poisoned and hiding in the pouch of it's mother.

Red managed to apply some antidote once the mother was calmed down.

"That was fairly painless," joked Cinna.

"So which town are you two heading next?"

"Red's going for a badge. I'm going for the first bookstore I find," said Cinna.

"You'd have better luck in Cerulean. The ones in Pewter are more about minerals and rock mining," said Blue.

"True, but they also have the largest selection of books about evolutionary stones in Kanto," said Cinna.

"A Pikachu? Seriously?" said Cinna.

"Dibs," said Red immediately.

"Go for it. I call first dibs on catching anything in Mt. Moon though," said Cinna.


Cinna started swiping some of Red's food after he caught the Pikachu. It wasn't that different from what she did often enough at home.

Once they headed to the Pokémon Center, Cinna's sharp eyes caught something.

"We better head to the Pokémart instead."

"Why?" asked Red.

"There's a huge crowd at the Center, and I think it's closed for a while. Let's hit the Pokémart before anyone else has the sense to do the same," said Cinna.

"Where is it?"

She grabbed his hand and started dragging him behind her. She had spotted it next to a bookstore she was going to hit while her brother fought Brock's lackeys.

"Welcome to the Pewter City Pokémart! How can I help you?"

"Do you have anything to restore power points?"

"Sorry. I'm afraid this store is too small scale to order any, and it would take a week to get some in."

"Drat. In that case where is the selection of Full Heals?"

"Isle three."

"Thank you!" said Cinna.

"What about potions?" asked Red.

"They only restore twenty health points, and we can raid the drink machines for a fresh water that heals for fifty for the same price."

Plus she wanted to get her red cream soda fix.

Cinna paid for half the full heals, and spent half her money on a large stock of fresh water. Red was mildly surprised that it only took one bottle each to heal his Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur.

Cinna took count of her wallet and winced.

"Looks like I'll have to join you for some quick cash."

Red grinned.

"Think we could tag team?"

"No, if I remember right, Brock's gym is a one-on-one gym. They won't let people tag team."

"Pity. It would have been cool to finally see you battle, seeing as how you almost always make me do it," said Red with a pout.

"Tell you what...the one to beat their opponents the fastest gets to battle the Cerulean gym leader first, deal?"

"You bet!"

Cinna grinned. To be honest she did love battling, she just hated seeing her Dratini hurt. Especially after all the time she spent making it better after she first rescued it.

"Go, Ryusuke!"

The shiny Dratini curled around her, just as eager as she was to fight.

"Go Geodude!"

"Ryusuke, Water Pulse!"

Ryusuke slammed the attack on Geodude, knocking it out in one hit.


"My baby Ryusuke is a level 20. knocking out a level fifteen like your Geodude is a piece of cake!"

"Go, Graveler!"

"Let's show these boys how a Pallet girl fights! Ryusuke, Dragon Pulse!" said Cinna with glee.

Outside the ring, Blue and Red had identical sweatdrops.

"Cinna's gone a little battle crazy hasn't she?" said Blue.

"She's never battled with Ryusuke. At least not that I've ever seen. She usually makes me do it," said Red.

Cinna wiped the floor with her five challengers, each with a powerful attack.

Finally, Brock appeared.

"Go, Geodude!"

"Time to take a break. Go Umbra!" said Cinna.


"Geodude, Rock Throw!"

"Umbra, use Shadow Ball!"


The black ball slammed into the Geodude, and it nearly passed out.

Just because Cinna didn't go around catching every Pokémon she saw didn't mean she never trained. Unlike her brother, she didn't focus on the catching, she focused on the raising.

"Umbra, use Bite!"

The Eevee grabbed the Geodude by the arm and started shaking it like crazy! Geodude got so dizzy that it gained the confused status.

"Geodude, use Seismic Toss!" said Brock.

Instead the Geodude slammed itself with it's fist, knocking itself out.


"Go Onix!"

"Go Hinoarashi!"


"Hinoarashi? Where did she get that thing, and more importantly what the heck is it?" said Red.

"It's a Cyndaquil. I mentioned Cinna to Professor Elm in the Johto region and how she had a fiery temper when provoked, and he gave me two starters since they had only one new trainer, since the next new batch of trainers wasn't due for six months. It seemed a waste to leave a perfectly good starter in the lab for six months doing nothing, and a new set would be sent to the lab anyway."

"Are you sure that you two aren't..." said Red.

"We're just friends, and like Cinna said, we aren't even twelve yet. We can wait on dating until we've spent a year on the road," said Blue tiredly. It was like dealing with his grandfather all over again. He didn't care about what a cute couple they would make, they hadn't even hit puberty yet for crying out loud!

"And down goes Onix," said Red.

"Cinna really has a mean streak, doesn't she?" said a voice behind them.

"Who are you?" asked Red.

"Name's Green. I heard Cinna was in the area," said the girl with bright green eyes. She then realized who the two boys she was chatting up were.

"How do you know Cinna?"

"Friend of mine. We frequent the same acrobatics clubs. You must be the klutz brother of hers Red, and her boyfriend Blue," said Green.

"I'm not her boyfriend!" said Blue hotly.

"Yeah, yeah. Cinna said you were a bit dense to certain signals."

Blue looked like his face was a tomato. Red was trying not to laugh, as he had picked up on it the second the two were together.

Okay, first off this is a HP/Pokémon crossover, but the HP elements come after the Pokémon League. Cinnamon is the the Girl-who-lived, not that she knows or cares at this point. Red is a little different because he has a twin sister instead of being an only child, and there will be minor changes in his character.

About the only thing I am not changing is the fact that he will be more like Red than Ash. The only real change is that someone will be keeping his more foolish ideas in line. This will follow the manga more closely than the games or anime right up until the events of Gold and Silver. That will be when I switch to HP mostly.