Nogal climbed out of the crumbling deathtrap of a cavern that he was buried in, slowly making his way to the lit up cliffside from earlier that he had crossed with his companions. He came upon the beautiful site, which peered into the immortal arch trees in the distance. Nogal collapsed onto the wall, physically and mentally exhausted from the previous battle. He tried to clear his mind from the events that had just transpired, but seeing someone get cut in half before your very eyes could leave a mental scar or two. Suddenly in the distance, Nogal spotted a bird flying towards him. As it flew closer, he noticed that it wasn't just a bird, but a crow. An enormous crow with a man riding on top of it. A man with a ridiculously big hat. What in the…? Thought Nogal as the man jumped off of the crow onto the cliff. The two men watched the crow fly away, disappearing into Ash Lake.

"Who are you?" asked Nogal. Logan looked at the sorcerer who currently looked like he was in rags because of his previous encounter.

"I'm the great sorcerer Logan, from the Vinheim Dragon School. Who are you?" proclaimed Logan, proud of his past heritage.

"I'm also from the Dragon School my name is Nogal… how come I don't recognize you?" said Nogal, a bit confused.

Logan pondered for a moment. "If you are undead, then I believe that these are false memories that you have. After all, you are one of those time-traveling heros, aren't you?" asked Logan, who was about as lost as Nogal right about now.

Nogal looked down at his hands, examining them as if he had missed something. "No… but I… time-traveling?"

Logan smiled at Nogal's fading mind. "You're hollowing boy… you're as good as dead. Let me speed the process up!" Logan exclaimed as he unsheathed his catalyst and it began to glow with an intensity that Nogal had never seen before. The young sorcerer knew he had to do something, but he felt to tired to do anything. Too tired to think, too tired to move… in truth he didn't really care. It is as if a part of him just didn't want to go on anymore… or as if something inside had finally taken over. Nogal sat against the wall, trying to remember anything of his past. His scrambled mind could only seem to recall faces. A blonde pyromancer who had an unquenchable temper. An honorable knight who was as quiet as could be, but as strong as a giant. A practitioner of the dark arts who boasted about his skills in battle, but hid behind a mask. And a woman in very dark robes, who actually hid a full set of armor underneath her veil.

Logan was about ready to launch his spell, which he took an awfully long time charging up. One would imagine that it would probably level the entire cliffside. He raised his staff to Nogal's head. "Good bye Nogal, and hello Soul of Ni-t...o… Oh" Logan struggled to finish his sentence as a spear had found its' way through his back and out of his chest. He choked as blood rushed up his throat and out of his tried to turn his head and managed to see the culprit of this heinous action. "P-Patches!" he managed to cough out at the smiling bald man behind him.

"That's right Logan, you traitor! And you know what else?" Patches said, as his hand started to glow a pale color. "NO!" yelled Logan as Patches stuck his hand into Logan's chest. The sorcerers skin started to decay and fall off. The life force of Logan became visible as it entered Patche's body, who sighed in ecstasy as he tossed the lifeless hollow that was Logan off of the cliffside. Patches knelt down to Nogal and pulled out a sprite of humanity from his pocket, shoving it in Nogal's chest. The younger sorcerer gasped as his sickly face beamed with emotion.

"Wha… What happened Patches?" exclaimed Nogal as he rose to his feet, looking around.

"Oh you know the usual, I just saved your ass from hollowing." said Patches, smiling at the sorcerer. "Why didn't you use the bonfire in Nito's room to get out of here while you had the chance?"

Nogal looked at Patches. "Bonfire? Oh… I remember now. The rubble from the cave-in completely covered it. We have to go back to-"

"Oh no we don't!" interrupted Patches. "Hey, you bloody bird come pick us up!" yelled Patches into the grandiose lake. Within moments, the crow that had been carrying Logan suddenly swept the two undead into the sky with its' claws, flying to who knows where.





The atmosphere was murky, dark, and full of mosquitos. With every step that Solaire took on the unstable wood that was Blight Town, an unforgivingly loud creak would sound back at him. He finally reached the giant spinning wheel of this giant decaying labyrinth and stumbled upon a man in familiar looking eastern armer. "Shiva…?" whispered Solaire as he approached the figure.

The man turned around, he didn't wear a helmet but did in fact wear the same armor. "I believe you have me mistaken with someone else, knight." he said as the spinning of the mill devoured the silence around the two.

"I'm sorry, you bare a striking resemblance to him. If I may ask… what is it that you are doing here?" said Solaire. He left his shield and sword sheathed, he didn't see this man who was only armed with a Grass Crest shield as a threat.

"Well frankly, I'm stuck. I need to get to the bottom of this swamp for… reasons… and I have searched every nook and cranny of this maze but can't seem to find a way down." said the man in eastern armor, scanning the area around him.

Solaire laughed at the man, which caused the easterner to look at the knight questionably. "Why not just ride the mill down? It seems to be constructed conveniently as an elevator." said Solaire, with a large grin on his face. This was not the first time that he had helped an adventurer with this puzzle. The easterner blushed in embarrassment and bowed to Solaire, the two jumped onto a wooden panel that was heading towards the base of Blight Town. Upon reaching the ground, a familiar voice called out to the two men. "Solaire! What are you doing here?"

Solaire turned around to see Shiva, leaning against a wooden beam. He then analyzed the scene around him. Everyone stood upon a small strip of land that hugged a stone wall. The rest of Blight Town was covered in poisonous swamp water, save for some strips of land every here and there. Solaire turned to address Shiva… the one who had betrayed their mission and fled to this god forsaken place for who knows what reason. "Oh I'm just meeting up with Siegmeyer, Shiva… don't mind me." spoke Solaire. The last he heard of Shiva, the man had become a lunatic who only cared about one thing, murder. Shiva pointed at the other eastern man, while looking at Solaire. "Then why are you here with him?"

The eastern man looked at Solaire, and he at him. "Have you come to take my blade from me? Huh? Is that it?! The last person that tried that…" Shiva gestured at his fallen ninja companion behind him, decaying and covered in swamp insects. Shiva then started to cackle maniacally as he unsheathed his chaos blade. "What in the hell happened to you, Shiva?" spoke the easterner who stood by Solaire. The knight pondered the relation between these two individuals, but decided to stay out of it, he slowly backed up.

"Who did the east send this time? More food for my hungry blade I suppose…" Shiva said as he laughed again.

"I'm Russ, the dragon. I will destroy you and that thing you carry in your hand to restore honor to your shamed house Shiva." said the eastern man who now stood alone, Solaire had backed up quite a distance.

Shiva yelled as he madly dashed to Russ, swinging his black katana at the man in a frenzy of attacks. Russ raised his shield to meet the onslaught of blows, easily blocking all of them. After the sound of clashing metal faded into the swamp, Russ' grass crest shield shattered to pieces. Shit! Thought Russ as he danced around Shiva's swings. Shiva laughed maniacally at his opponents situation. "My blade is too powerful for you, dragon." said Shiva mockingly. Dragon, the words echoed in Russ' mind for a split second, then he madly ripped his armor off. Shiva stood back, questioning his opponent's actions. He didn't think twice though, within moments he was charging Russ again. The now naked man roared a foul sound, one foul enough to make Shiva stop in his tracks and shiver for a split second. Russ curled up in pain, but defiantly stood tall in a blast of power, knocking Shiva back. Solaire's jaw dropped at the sight in front of him. It's a real dragon, praise the sun! He thought to himself.

There had been whispers of acolytes from around the world who strode to actually become dragons. Although man could not ever fully become a dragon, they were able to ascend to beings that were considered hybrids. And so, here stood Russ. He roared again at his opponent and fire poured out of his mouth, bathing Shiva in flames as the eastern warrior yelled in pain. "It's going to take more than that to beat me!" he said, charging at Russ. The dragon defiantly roared as a force exploded from his core, knocking Shiva back again. The dragon placed the stone scales of his claws together and slowly brought them apart, materializing a stone greatsword in the air. Shiva stood back, waiting for what his opponent would do next. Russ raised the greatsword into the air and suddenly, Shiva and Solaire fell to the ground. Solaire tried to stand with all his might. Everything is so… heavy! He thought to himself. Shiva struggled as well, trying to lift his blade to combat his slowly approaching enemy. The dragon stood above Shiva and stabbed his greatsword into the traitor's gut. Shiva's helmet fell off of his head, revealing his crazed face.

"What…. what are you!?" said the traitor as blood poured out of his mouth.

The dragon roared at Shiva, and flamed once again bathed the traitor. Solaire couldn't see what had happened, as the breath of fire created a large smoke cloud that blocked his vision. When the smoke cleared Solaire was suddenly able to stand again, rising fully to his feet to observe the magnificent dragon in all of its' incandescence, but it was no where to be found. All traces of Shiva, Russ, the chaos blade, and even the ninja that had been stashed behind Shiva were all gone… only ashes remained. Solaire knew that no one would believe his tale if he were to recall this event to anyone else, but he continued forward, knowing that some things in the world should be kept a secret.





Black Iron Tarkus and The Lightning Blade, Fiora strode to the Primordial crystal which lay at the end of a giant room, resembling an arena. The two knew what they were getting themselves into, but marched on nonetheless. The Crystal Cave echoed with magic that seemed empowered by the Primordial crystal. The two reached the crystal and heard the breaking of stone and crystal in the distance, accompanied by a loud dragon roar.

"Are you ready to slay a dragon?" bellowed Tarkus who now had his great sword and shield drawn. Fiora smirked behind her helmet. "If you mean stand back while you do all the work, then sure!" This made the two laugh.

The pale drake crashed down into the cave from above, roaring at his opponents as they readied themselves for battle. Fiora pulled out a strange Amber Herb and stuffed it into her mouth real fast. Power illuminated from her hands as she covered her rapier in lightning. Tarkus followed suit and stuffed a Green Blossom into his mouth, after a few seconds of chewing it a huge surge of adrenaline swept through his body. Seath the Scaleless unleashed infinite arcane power in the form of dragon breath at his foes, forcing them to dodge left and right as he accidently obliterated the Primordial crystal. When the relic was destroyed, it let out a psychic pulse which only Seath could feel, causing him to screech in pain. The two undead took advantage of the situation and surrounded the dragon. Fiora charged Seath from the front and stabbed her blade into his gigantic stomach. In truth, her blade alone wouldn't do much in this situation… but her blade was covered in lightning, a weakness to all dragons. This sent a surge of pain and electricity up Seath's spine, causing him to swipe ferociously at Fiora. She easily dodged his blind attacks.

Tarkus positioned himself behind the distracted beast, bracing his greatsword in both of his hands as he raised his great weapon behind the drake's large tail. With a heroic roar Tarkus brought the blade down as steel clashed with scale, serving the tail from the great dragon's body. The dragon roared in agony as it collected arcane energy between both of it's hands. It brought them together to create a large explosion which knocked the two undead onto their backs. Fiora heard a shatter as she rose to her feet. My estus flask! she thought as crystal spikes started to rise from the floor, chasing the two undead to opposite corners of the room. Fiora, unfortunately did not run fast enough and a spike impaled her foot from the ground. She fell to the floor, right as the crystals dissipated. Seath saw the injured swordsman and started to approach her. The dragon roared as it slowly but surely limped to its' target. Tarkus noticed that something was wrong, and approached one of the dragons "legs", if it could even be called that, and mimicked what he had done earlier. He swung his great sword with all of his might and his blade ripped the dragon's leg off of it's body.

"Praise the sun!" yelled Tarkus as Seath collapsed onto the ground. The iron covered knight ran to it's neck and decapitated the beast from behind, accidently bathing in the dragon's blood. A soul flew out of Seath and into Fiora as Tarkus ran to her and pulled his estus flask out, Fiora gladly took Tarkus' offer and drunk from the flask. Her foot was healed within seconds, and she cursed at how her flask was now broken. The two noticed a bonfire appear where the Primordial crystal once laid, and approached it. They warped through time and space to the Sunlight Altar, the regroup point for the Warrior's of Sunlight.





Sir Lance stared into the bonfire in the Dark Chasm of the Abyss. He felt as if he was unwelcome in this dark place, and wanted to leave immediately. He looked back to where Manus' body used to be, but it seemed like the Abyss had reclaimed its' champion, as the body was no where to be found. Sir Lance peered into the darkness even closer and managed to make out a floating object. It was dark and blended in with its' surroundings, but it seemed alive. The knight carefully approached the object as it flew into his chest. Sir Lance reached for his armor but it was to no avail, nothing happened. Sir Lance stuck around long enough to see Jeff's body explode into a million tiny souls, disappearing into the darkness like a herd of fireflies traveling onto the night sky.

The strong knight proceeded back to the bonfire and raised his hand over it in one swift motion.