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Chapter 15 - X-Ray Vision

After a pretty intense makeout session, only cut short because we remembered Emmett was here, Edward grabs his bag. "I need to unpack."

"Oh, you don't have to. We're only going to be here one night."

He shakes his head, unzipping his bag. "No. I need to. Everything will be wrinkled if I don't."

Do sweaters really wrinkle?

"Uh… Okay. Whatever floats your boat."

He's busy pulling everything out of his bag and lining the items up on the bed and distractedly responds, "I don't have a boat."

Silently chuckling, I step up behind him and hug him around the middle. "It's an expression. I just mean, if it makes you happy to unpack, then go for it." I lay a kiss in the middle of his back.

"What? Oh, right. An expression. I do remember hearing that one once or twice." One of his hands covers mine for a second, but then he goes back to his task. I squeeze him around the middle one more time and am just about to release him when he freezes. Peeking around him, I see he's holding a note in one hand and a strip of condoms in the other.

Holy shit.

With wide eyes, I step to Edward's side, glancing up at his face. His eyes are fixed on the condoms, so I take a peek at the note.


If you decide to have sex, remember what we talked about. You need to use a condom every time, the entire time. I've included a few in case you need them.



"A few?" I blurt out, startling Edward.

"I think this qualifies as several," he says, still blinking at the strip of six condoms in his hand.

"I don't think we'll be needing those tonight. Let's just put them back in your bag for right now."

He glances at me with a small smile. "Right. No birthday sex for you."

Winking at him, I reply, "Maybe next year."

His smile widens. "Yes. Next year."

I've prepared Edward as best I can for his first high school party. Obviously he knows it will be crowded, and unexpected things will happen, which he's not thrilled about.

His parents were worried when he told them he wanted to go to it, but he assured them he has a plan.

Edward always likes to have a plan, and his plan tonight is to stay close to me, which he will never hear me complaining about. If he feels overwhelmed, we'll just go hang out in the bedroom or outside for a while. No big deal.

The deep purple sweater he's chosen to wear tonight offsets his hair and eyes in the most spectacular way, and I can't stop ogling him.

"Fuck! Ow." Note to self: don't stare at your boyfriend while cutting lime wedges.

Edward was helping Emmett move the couches around, but at my outburst, he's by my side in a millisecond, gently lifting my hand to inspect my wound. His thumb caresses my wrist, and I don't even think he realizes he does little things like that that make my heart flutter and flip. "You're bleeding. Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"I don't think so. It's not too deep. I just need to clean it and get a bandaid on it, I think." I wrap my hand in a kitchen towel as we walk toward the hall.

"Okay. Maybe I should take over in the kitchen for you. I forgot about your propensity to have mishaps with knives."

I poke him in the side with my good hand as we walk to the bathroom. "It's your fault."

His eyes widen at me. "My fault? How so?"

"You just look so fucking good tonight. I can't keep my eyes off of you, and I got distracted." I pinch his ass, and he jumps. "Oops. Guess I can't keep my hands off of you either." Shooting him a teasing grin, I run the rest of the way down the hall and into the bathroom that connects to the bedroom we'll be sharing tonight.


I still can't believe we'll be sharing a bedroom tonight. It feels… epic.

Edward chases me, laughing his beautiful laugh. "I don't want to keep my hands off of you either." Said hands wrap around my hips, and I'm pushed into the counter, over six feet of gorgeous boy pressed against me.

No. Complaints.

Planting my good hand on the counter, I awkwardly lift myself up to sit. Edward is between my legs, and his hands move to my bare knees. My skirt is flowy, so my bits are covered, but his eyes are fixed on that area anyway.

"Do you have some x-ray vision I don't know about?" I tease.

His eyes meet mine, his brow furrowed. "No. That's impossible."

Still smiling, I reply, "Okay. Just checking. There's some antiseptic and some bandaids in that cabinet if you want to grab them."

The first guests start arriving just as we emerge from the hallway after getting my finger bandaged.

My good friend, Lauren, who attends a different high school close by, comes in with her boyfriend, Chris. She's been spending all her time with him since they got back together, so I haven't seen her since the end of summer. We have one of those low maintenance friendships where we can go for a while not seeing or talking to each other and just pick up right where we left off.

"Hey, girl! Happy birthday!"

"Hey! I'm so glad you could come." I give her a hug. "You remember Edward from the rink?" I ask, placing my hand on Edward's back.

"Oh. Yeah, hey, Edward. How are you?"

"Um. Good."

"Cool," she says, gesturing to the cute blond guy beside her. "This is my boyfriend, Chris."

"Hi." Edward's hand comes out of his pocket to give a small wave. "I'm Bella's boyfriend."

Placing my hand in the middle of his chest, I beam up at him.

"Oh, wow," Lauren says. "How long have you guys been going out?"

"About two months now," I answer.

At the same time, Edward says, "Fifty-eight days," and I giggle.

"Yes. Exactly."

"That's so great!" She looks to Edward. "She had a crush on you for so long." Edward's eyes flash to me and then to Lauren. "I don't know how many times I had to listen to her go on and on about you. 'Oh, Edward's so cute. Edward's so dreamy. I just want to sit on his face.'" She hyena-laughs.

Gasping, I swat at her arm. "I never said that! Whore." I join in with her laughter.

"You want to sit on my face?" Edward asks quietly, leaning toward my ear. "I don't think that would be very comfortable for me. My oxygen supply would be cut off, and it would surely be uncomfortable for you as well."

"We'll just go get a drink," Lauren says with a wink at me.

I surreptitiously flip her off, and she cackles.

Rubbing Edward's chest lightly, I lean up to whisper in his ear. "It's actually a sexual thing. I would be naked or at least without underwear, and you would use your lips and tongue to uh… pleasure me."

Pulling back, I watch Edward's Adam's apple bob on a swallow, and then he licks his lips, cutting wide green eyes to me. "Is that… really something you want?"

I peck his cheek softly. "Maybe someday. I'm in no hurry."

He nods. "Okay. I'd like to try that someday."

Not gonna lie. There is definite clenching going on. "I look forward to it." Lifting my eyebrows at him, I pull him behind me to the kitchen. "All right, hookers! What are we drinking?"

More and more people have been trickling in, and there's a pretty decent crowd now. The music is loud, and people are milling around, a few dancing here and there. I'm staying away from the people who I now know aren't true friends of mine. Being with Edward has opened my eyes in that regard. I always sort of ignored the rude or bitchy behavior of some of my "friends", but no more.

I've mostly been hanging out in the kitchen, with Edward behind me, his long arms wrapped around my middle. Catching up with Lauren has been great. She's one of my most favorite people in the world. She's sweet and hilarious, and Edward seems to be warming up to her as well. We've talked about going on double dates in the future, and I honestly can't wait.

About an hour into the party, Edward and I decide to take a little break from the mayhem and retreat to our bedroom. Thankfully, the sign on the door to 'KEEP THE FUCK OUT' is working so far.

"Are some of your friends sex workers?" he asks me once we settle on the bed.

"What?" I ask on a laugh. "Oh, the 'whore' and 'hooker' thing?"

He nods.

"No, it's just a nickname, I guess. Kind of a term of endearment amongst friends, which is weird now that I think about it." I shrug. "But it's just something we've always called each other. It's all in fun."

He smiles. "Okay."

Scooting closer on the bed, I snuggle into him. "Are you having a good time so far?"


"Good. Just let me know when you're ready to go back out. No rush."

Edward's warm hand smooths up and down my back. "You can go ahead. I think I'm going to stay in here for a little bit." His fingers play with the hem of my sweater before slipping underneath and touching my bare skin.

I shiver. "If you keep doing that, I might just stay in here with you."

"Okay," he says with an easy smile.

Chuckling at him, I stand and rest my hands on his shoulders. "I guess I should get back since it's my party and all, though. Just come find me when you're ready."

His eyes meet mine, and he's still smiling. "I will."

My legs are between his, and I lean into him even more, wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing our lips together. Running my fingers up into the back of his hair, I sigh into his mouth, and he moans into mine.

Before I know it, I'm climbing onto his lap and grinding against him. "God, what is wrong with me?" I mumble against his lips.


Burying my face in his neck, I smile against his skin and then lay a soft kiss there as his hands pull at my now still hips. "As much as I would love…" I kiss a line up his neck to the spot behind his ear. " continue this…" I suck his earlobe into my mouth. "...I really don't think you want to come in your pants right now."

"I have a change of clothes," he says breathlessly, bucking his hips against me.

"Those are for tomorrow." I'm still wrapped around him so tight, and the pressure of his chest against my hard nipples is just too good. My hips start moving again of their own volition. "Dammit. Why are you so sexy?"

"I don't know."

Laughing softly, I finally find the will to pull away and crawl off his lap. Edward chases my lips, his arms still holding on to me. "There's lotion and tissues in the bathroom." I peck his lips.

"Okay." His eyebrows pull together in confusion, probably because he finds it weird that I'm listing the contents of the bathroom.

"Y'know. If you want to take care of your… grower." With a wink, I lean forward to kiss him one more time, a whine of protest leaving my own mouth when I pull myself away again. "Okay, okay. I'm going now. For real. I'll see you in a little bit?"

Edward's hands linger around my waist as I back up, finally falling away. He glances up at my face and then to my legs. "Yes."

The first person I see when I leave the bedroom is Jessica. She's just coming out of the bathroom toward the other end of the hall.

"Hi, Bella."


"Um… Where's Edward?"

I cock an eyebrow at her. "Why do you want to know?"

"I'm just… Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Curiosity gets the better of me, not to mention the hope that she's morphed into a human being recently and wants to apologize. "Sure."

Stepping into the other bedroom at the end of the hall, I cross my arms over my chest and wait for her to start speaking.

She moves to sit on the edge of the bed. "So is this thing with you and Edward getting serious?"

"That's really none of your business, but it's not just a fling if that's what you're asking."

"I'm just asking as a friend, Bella. I'm concerned about you."

"Concerned about me? Why the fuck are you concerned about me? Edward's great."

"I just feel like you're committing social suicide here. You used to be one of the most popular girls in school, and now it seems like all you care about is Edward, Edward, Edward." She rolls her stupid eyes, and I want to scratch them out. "He's cute and all, but seriously. What are you doing?"

Scoffing, I shake my head at her. "God. And to think I thought you were going to apologize for being such a heinous bitch to him."

Jessica's idiot mouth drops open. "Hey, I'm just looking out for you, okay? I mean, you go from dating the quarterback to this? Seriously? You obviously don't care about being popular anymore, which is just sad."

My eyes narrow at her. "You're fucking right I don't care about that shit anymore. What the fuck did dating Brady get me anyway? A fucking broken heart. That's what. You have no clue what the fuck you're talking about, so I suggest you keep your stupid fucking thoughts to yourself about me and my relationship with Edward." I turn to walk out but stop as my hand lands on the doorknob. "Oh, and you can kindly get the fuck out of my house."

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