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Chapter 16 - Surprise

I need a fucking drink.

Fucking Jessica.

As I'm standing at the counter, mixing up a Captain and Diet Coke, I see Jessica tug on Mike's arm and whisper in his ear. His eyes cut to me, which makes me wonder how he knew right where I was.

Sleazy fucker.

Giving him my best bitch-brow apparently makes him decide it's best if they just leave.

Thank fuck.

I do not need any more drama tonight. I don't know who the fuck that bitch thinks she is, but I am absolutely fuming. Before I start in on my drink, I decide a shot of tequila is in order.

A warm hand palms my ass just as I'm slamming the shot glass down on the counter, and I smile, happy but a little shocked at Edward's forwardness.

"Hey, sexy."

Only it's not Edward.

"If you don't remove your hand from my ass in the next nano-second, you will motherfucking lose it," I say to Tyler through gritted teeth.

"Aw, c'mon, baby. Don't be like that. I never did get a taste last year, and now that you ditched your little boy toy, you can be with a real man."

My nostrils flare, and I blow a breath out of my nose before turning toward him, which thankfully makes his hand slide off my ass. Walking my fingers up his chest, I turn my bedroom eyes on. "A real man, huh?"

Tyler licks his lips. "That's right." He's drunk but not enough to be unaware of what he's doing.

As he leans in, I reach forward and grab his balls, squeezing until I hear him squeak. I speak lowly into his ear. "A real man knows when to take a fucking hint. And a real man doesn't touch what doesn't belong to him. Got it?"

He gives a choppy nod, gasping and sinking to his knees after I release him.

Tyler's never been as afraid of my brother as Mike is because he's almost as big as Emmett, but I know how to inflict pain. And I don't need a hundred extra pounds of muscle to do it.

Looking up, I see Edward step into the doorway, surveying the scene before him. No one else in the room seemed to notice anything, but now that Tyler's on the floor…

"Whoa, bro. You need a ride home?" one of the other football players, Alec, asks, coming over to us.

"Yeah. He does." I step around the boys and go right up to Edward.

"Is everything okay?" he asks.

"Yes. Tyler thought he could get handsy with me, but I think he's finally gotten the message to back the fuck off."

"Handsy?" His eyes narrow, and his jaw clenches as he looks over at Tyler being helped up by Alec, and holy fuck. Possessive Edward is so hot.

Smoothing my hands over his shoulders, I try to bring his focus to me. "It's over now. Don't worry about it. He's gonna need to ice his balls down tonight. He'll remember not to touch what's yours."

Blazing green eyes focus back on me. "You're mine," he whispers.


"Where did he touch you?"

"It doesn't matter. It's not going to happen again, and I'm okay."

His nostrils flare as he sucks in a deep breath, exhaling noisily. "Okay."

The only way out of the kitchen is where we're standing. Tyler hangs off of Alec as he helps him out, both guys groaning as they get closer to us. Before I know what's happening, Edward's arm shoots out to stop them from passing through. "Don't touch her against her will ever again."

Tyler coughs and then groans again. "Yeah, man. I got it."

Edward's arm falls, and the boys continue out and to the front door.

"Well," I say. "That's four down. I'm quite the hostess tonight."

"What do you mean?"

Sliding my arms around his middle, I press against him. "I told Jessica to leave earlier, and she took Mike with her."

"Was she being a cunt again?"

I giggle. "Most definitely."

"Do you drink?" I ask Edward as I walk back over to retrieve my Captain and Diet Coke, which is, of course, all watered down now. After tossing it down the sink, I start making a fresh one. "Alcohol, I mean."

"I've tasted beer a couple times, but I didn't like it much."

"Yeah, I'm not big on beer either. Let me know if you want to try anything else. No pressure, though." Finishing my drink up, I smile at him. "And I'm not planning to get drunk or anything, just so you know. Maybe just a good buzz. I have plans for you later," I finish with an eyebrow lift.

"You do?" His eyes are excited. He loves plans.

I step closer to him. "Yes."

"What kind of plans?"

Running my index finger down his chest, I smirk at him. "You'll see."

"Like a surprise?"

I shrug. "Yeah."

He scowls a little. "I don't really like surprises."

Bouncing up on my tip-toes to peck his lips, I assure him, "This will be a really, really good surprise. I promise."

Edward flashes a crooked smile at me, that one dimple making an appearance. "Okay." He eyes my drink as I take a sip.

"Do you wanna try it?"

"Yes." He takes it from me, sips, and licks his lips. "Mmm."



Nodding, I grab a new glass. "I'll make you one."

Tipsy Edward is a trip. He's very forthcoming and quite talkative.

We mingle for a while, and he talks to people he's never talked to before with relative ease. The only thing is, the conversations are pretty one-sided like ours used to be when he was more nervous around me. They're still like that sometimes when he gets excited or worked up, but I find it cute. I'm not sure everyone else does.

There's some eye-rolling, which pisses me off, so I eventually steer him toward Ben so they can talk World of Warcraft or something.

Mid-conversation with Angela, something makes me look toward the door. My blood freezes in my veins and then rapidly comes to a boil.

Brady walks in like he owns the place. He's always done that. His confident swagger hasn't changed one bit. He still looks exactly the same. Dark hair. Blue eyes. Tall. Muscular build.


Nothing compared to Edward.

Of course, Brady could be the best-looking guy on the planet, and I'd still look at him with disgust.

"What the hell is he doing here," Angela says after presumably following my eye-line.

"I don't know, but this night has already been beyond ridiculous." I huff. "I didn't even know he was back in town." Tapping Edward on the shoulder, I whisper in his ear, "I'll be right back."

"Okay." He turns back to Ben. "The druid is just so diverse, and…"

I walk away, smiling at my boyfriend's cuteness, but then a scowl wipes it right off when I see Brady watching me make my way through the crowd toward him.

"Happy birthday, Bella." He smirks.


He at least has the decency to look contrite, his smirk falling instantly. I look around for Emmett but don't see him anywhere. If he knew Brady was here, he'd probably go ballistic. "What the fuck are you doing here, Brady?"

He shoves his hands into his pockets. "I came to see you. I wanted to talk to you."

Crossing my arms over my chest, I glare at him. "And you thought my birthday party was the right time to do that?" I shake my head. "We have absolutely nothing to talk about, and I'm not afraid to tell you to get the fuck out. I'm not the same girl I was when we dated."

"Ah, so you do remember. We had some good times, right?"

The nerve… "Are you kidding me with this? Are you fucking high? You've been gone for over five months, presumably taking care of some girl you got pregnant while you were with me, and you just come waltzing back in here and expect what? For me to fall all over you? For me to reminisce on our 'good times'?" My air quotes are mocking, to say the least.

Brady runs a hand through his hair, mumbling, "I'm fucking this all up."

"No. You fucked everything up a long time ago, asshole. Just go. You shouldn't be here."

"The baby wasn't mine," he blurts out.

"What?" I heard him. I'm just… What?

"Look, can we just talk in private for a minute?"


Just as he starts to answer, two warm arms wind around me, my hair is pulled over one shoulder, and soft kisses are laid on my neck.

I close my eyes and smile, opening them to see Brady glowering at us.

"Who the hell is this dickhead?"

My eyebrows shoot up in disbelief, and then my eyes narrow in anger. "Not that it's any of your business, but this person is my boyfriend, and he treats me with respect, which is a hell of lot more than I can say for you." Oblivious it seems, Edward moves one hand to squeeze my breast through my top.

"Yeah, I can see he really respects you."

Ignoring Brady and gently moving Edward's arm back down to my waist, I glance back at him. "You okay?"

His eyes are closed, and he nods. "Just sleepy."

Turning fully in his arms, I loop mine around his neck and peck his full lips twice. "Do you wanna go wait for me in the bedroom? I won't be long." Brady huffs behind me.


"Okay, but don't fall asleep. Remember, you'll like my surprise."

"If you say so."

I giggle. "I do. Go. I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay." He leans down and kisses me once more before walking away.

Sighing, I watch his perfect ass under dark denim and can't wait to peel those jeans off of him.

Brady clears his throat dramatically.

Taking my time, I turn back to face him. "Oh, you're still here?"

He heaves a deep breath, clearly irritated, and I'm loving every second of it. He put me through hell. He deserves far worse than anything I've dished out so far.

"Well, it didn't take you long to move on from my friends."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"Look here, you cocksucker. You slept with half the goddamn school while we were together, not to mention whatever girls you fucked around the country. I'm not going to stand here and listen to this bullshit from you of all fucking people." We're attracting more and more onlookers by the second, but I can't hold this shit in. "I'm not proud of the way I handled things. I was free to sleep with whoever I wanted, but I did it for the wrong reasons, and I own that. But you. You weren't free. We were together, and you claimed to love me. Well, guess what, dipshit. You wouldn't know love if it shit right on your fucking face. That guy," I say, pointing in the direction Edward went, "has shown me more love in the last two months than you did during the entire time we were together. And I love him more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone. So whatever it is you're looking for by coming here and trying to ruin my party… You're not going to find it. And if I ever see your douchey face again, with your smug little smirk, it'll be too. Fucking. Soon." Spinning on my heel, I all but stomp toward the hallway to the sound of my friends and classmates hooting and whistling, a few slow-clapping. It surprises me at first, but then a wide smile breaks out on my face.

Damn, I'm on a roll tonight. Telling people off never felt so good.

As soon as I walk into the bedroom, Edward looks up at me from the bed. I can't read the expression on his face, but it makes me nervous. "You love me?"

My chest seizes, and my palm flattens against where my heart races. "You heard me?"


I realize someone turned off the music, and I didn't even notice while I was ranting.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to find out that way."

"It's okay." He keeps his eyes on my face. "Is it true?"

"Yes." Looking down, I fidget with the hem of my skirt, feeling exposed.

Edward stands and steps right in front of me, pulling me to him. "I love you too, Bella. So much." His voice rumbles through his chest where my ear is pressed to it, his heart beating as fast as mine. "More than... drawing houses. More than my mom's enchiladas. More than my new Astral Cloud Serpent mount in WoW." I giggle, and he strokes a hand down my hair. "More than everything I've ever loved before."

"You do?" Tears sting my eyes, and I sniffle. "That much?"

His arms tighten around me. "Yes."

Sweet relief envelops my body, and I throw my arms around his neck, rising up on my tiptoes to kiss him like my life depends on it.

A soft knock on the door breaks us apart.

"Who is it?" I ask, dropping back down on my heels.

"It's Em. I'm sorry. I was out back on the phone with Rose. Angela told me what happened," he calls through the door. "I threw Brady out on his ass, and I figured you might be fed up and want some time to yourselves. So we're moving the party to Colin's house. His parents are in Seattle for the night."

I turn and open the door. "You know me too well. Thanks, Em. I really appreciate it." Stepping out, I let him give me one of his signature bear hugs until I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets.

"You okay, sis?"

I nod on his shoulder. "Yes. Thank you."

Setting me on my feet and stepping back, he slaps his hands against my upper arms once. "Alright, you two have fun. But don't do anything I wouldn't do." He winks and walks away, leaving me smiling.

"What wouldn't he do?" Edward asks as I close the door.

I snort. "Not much, actually."


"I'm so glad everyone's leaving."

"Me too. It was okay, but I'd rather spend time alone with you."

"Ditto." I smile as he leans in and kisses me again. "Are you ready for your surprise?" I whisper against his lips.


Rubbing my palm over his growing erection through his jeans, I loop my other arm around his neck and pull him in for a scorching kiss.

"Mmmph," he moans.

I start guiding him backwards toward the bed and pull away when the backs of his legs hit the side of it. Holding his loving gaze, I use both hands to unbutton the fly of his jeans. "Is this okay?"

"Yes," he says between panting breaths.

I slide my hands just inside the waistband of his boxer-briefs and send a silent thank-you to the big guy upstairs that my boyfriend doesn't wear tighty-whities. My hands move around to his bare ass, and I squeeze both cheeks, making him jump forward a little, his hard cock rubbing against my stomach. He grinds it into me as I bring my lips to his throat and suck at his pulse point.

"Bella," he says, sounding out of breath. He licks his lips before continuing. "Did you um… Did you change your mind about the birthday sex?"

I shake my head. "No, but I want to touch you. I want to make you come, but I want it to be on my hand or in my mouth."

Edward swallows hard and shakily responds, "Okay."

I chuckle. "Good surprise?"


Smiling, I push my hands down, taking his jeans and underwear with them to pool at his feet. He steps out of them and kicks them away. "Lay down for me." I tug his socks off once he's stretched out on the comforter. Running my hands up his shins and then his thighs, I climb onto the bed and settle between his legs. His dick is tucked up under the bottom of his sweater, and I push the garment up his torso. "Off, please."

Edward sits up, his stomach muscles bunching beautifully as he almost frantically pulls his sweater off over his head.

I lick my lips as I take in his naked body, long and graced all over with sinewy muscle. "Mmmm." Wrapping my hand around his hard-on, I give it a gentle squeeze, eliciting a strangled moan from him.

"Is it… okay?" he asks, glancing down his torso at himself in my hand.

My eyes focus on his face, and I smile as his gaze flicks up to me for a moment. "It's perfect."

I'm not even telling him what I think he wants to hear. His cock is the perfect size. Not too big. Not too small.

A hollow ache forms instantly. I can't wait to feel it fill me.

I notice some tension leave his body, and one corner of his mouth tilts upward. "Told you I was a grower."

Laughing, I reply, "You weren't kidding." Gripping the thick base, I look up at his face in time to see him lick his lips, staring at where my hand is wrapped around him. Smirking, I stroke him once, watching his eyes squeeze shut in pleasure as I swipe my thumb over the head, spreading his pre-cum around.

Bringing my gaze back down, I stare at the flushed head as my hand works him. His legs twitch as he moans and groans, fisting the covers below him.

My mind fixates for a moment on the fact that I'm wearing a skirt as I continue watching my hand pump up and down. He's so fucking hard, and it would be so easy to just straddle him and pull my panties to the side. Let him sink in to the hilt.


Licking my suddenly very dry lips, I lean forward and flick my tongue over the underside of his head. Edward's entire body convulses, and he throws both arms over his eyes.


"Yes," he croaks out.

I continue flicking my tongue on that spot, relishing his groans. Then, opening my hand and just covering the front, I flatten my tongue against the underside of his shaft, dragging it up and circling it around the ridge at the top.

"Fuck," he grits out, and a rush of wetness pools between my legs. I have never heard him say that word. I want to hear it again, so I part my lips over his swollen head and move down, sucking him into my mouth. Gripping his base in my fist again, I use it in tandem with my mouth, up and down, lick and swirl. I glance up at him, and his head is shaking back and forth, but he lifts his hips at the same time, wanting more, so I know he's okay. It's probably overwhelming when he's never been touched by anyone but himself this way.

It makes me feel powerful, being the experienced one. Pulling these sounds from him. Knowing that I can bring him so much pleasure.

Closing my eyes, I hum around him, and his hands are suddenly in my hair, fingtertips pressing into my scalp. Not enough to hurt, but it makes me speed my movements slightly. "God, Bella." My pussy clenches at the sound of my name falling from those lips in that desperate tone, and I increase my efforts even more, bringing one hand up to cup his balls.

That's all it takes to push him over the edge. He doesn't give me a warning. Maybe he doesn't realize he should, or maybe he remembers what I said earlier about wanting him to come in my mouth. Either way, he does with an intense shudder, rewarding me with another muttered fuck as I swallow.

Edward tries to catch his breath as I whip my sweater over my head and unhook my bra, tossing it to the floor. I move to lie beside him, and he turns to face me, cupping one of my breasts and kissing me hard, pressing one leg between mine. I rock against his thigh, craving friction, so turned on at having him in my hand and my mouth and wondering when I'll have the opportunity to do that again.

I'm already so worked up, it's not long before I find my release, stiffening in his arms. My mouth is still locked to his, and he swallows my moans. Our kisses become less desperate, more soft and sweet as the bone-deep relaxation seeps through me.

When he releases my lips, I stroke my hand over his clean-shaven cheek. "Did you like your surprise?"

"Yes. Very much." His smile is lazy, and his eyes don't leave mine. He looks at me with awe. Gratitude. Love.

He loves me.

I still can't believe it.

Smiling proudly, I curl my hand around the back of his neck. "Good."

Edward skims a finger between my breasts and down to the waistband of my skirt. He glides it back and forth along the edge like he wants to delve inside.

Kissing him softly, I cover his hand with mine. "Is it okay if we sleep now?"

"But it's your birthday."

Pressing closer to him, I bury my face into his neck, inhaling his scent deeply. "Don't worry. I got just what I wanted."

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