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"Hah-ah, E-Erza," gritted Jellal, his grip on slim, writhing hips tightening, "S-Slow down."

The red haired woman threw her head back and moaned at the ceiling, not slowing down the tiniest bit. "I-I can't," she panted, "It feels... too good."

He growled low in his throat, his hips growing mind of their own and began thrusting up to meet Erza's downfall, which only earned sexy whines from the over-heated redhead.

Holy shit, this was fucking paradise.

His body was in flames, the coil in his pelvis tightening and tightening at the sensation of velvet, wet walls shuddering around his sensitive erection. Erza's flushed face and sensual moans were bringing him closer to his release too. He could see it coming and he couldn't keep it in for much longer.

"I-I...", he stuttered and sucked in a deep, shaky breath, "I'm coming... Erza..."

The redhead smiled at him and lowered her body to him. She captured his lips into a steamy kiss, her hands clutching a fistful of his blue hair while her hips picked up the pace.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh sh-

"Come in me, baby. Fill me."

Dang it.

Jellal groaned loudly, his hips thrusting up one final time. He tried to bury himself as deep as he could inside the woman he loved while another mind-numbing orgasm took over his entire being. Hell, even his vision turned white and filled with tiny little stars. Erza soon convulsed around him, a sensual cry escaping her lips, her brown eyes closed shut as she reached her peak. Quickly after she came, she fell right on Jellal's chest, hiding her face in his neck.

"Damn it, Jellal," she gasped, "I love the way you make me feel."

The blue haired man chuckled and hugged her closer. "That should be my line."

Erza pulled back from her hiding place and stared at him before initiating a slow, lazy kiss full of - oh yay - tongue and passion. Jellal felt his entire body turning to liquid, useless liquid and he allowed himself to be swept away by that amazing woman.

She was his, did you know that? How lucky was he?

Reluctantly, Erza broke the kiss and smiled down at him, shaking his existance. "We should probably take another shower," she husked.

Jellal chuckled. "You go first."

"Eeeh?", Erza whined playfully and stood up from his lap, "You won't join me?"

The blunet sat up and pushed a hand through his blue locks. "I remind you that the last time we were in the shower together, about an hour ago, you went all grabby hands on me and now we have to take another one," he said, a blue eyebrow quirked incredulously.

Erza's smirk was slow and mischievous. "You didn't sound like you didn't like it back then."

Jellal snickered and stood up, approaching her and wrapping his arms around her middle. It was fascinating and very, very satisfying that every time he did that, she always tried to fit closer to him.

"Do you promise that you won't try and harass me again?", he asked in amusement. Let's just say that he wouldn't try and harass her first...

Yeah. Not gonna happen.

"I don't give promises I can't keep and you shouldn't do it either," she murmured seductively on his lips, before they started kissing. Again.

She was right. He couldn't keep his hands to himself. They were all over her, greedily mapping every available surface on her skin, his lips spreading scorching fire on her neck, chest, stomach and oh...

Jellal couldn't get enough of Erza's personal taste; it was heady and powerful, much like she was, but what always drove him to the brinks of insanity were her moans whenever he touched her down there. Shaky and breathy, accompanied by the tugging of his blue hair.

"Nga-ah, Jellal... I'm-I'm...!" Her hips twiched, making the blunet smirk and prod harder with his tongue.

Erza screamed as she came and Jellal drank the sight with wide, parched eyes. God damn, she was so beautiful.

He slowly stood up from his knees and watched in amusement the redhead's balance falter once he got his hands off of her. What? He couldn't help it! It was entirely too satisfying for his ego to see the woman he loved like this and he was the one to blame for it.

Erza peaked at him from her fiery bangs, still heaving and leaning against the wall. "What... What the hell are you doing to me?", she panted. Jellal smirked.

"Nothing special, just some... True Heavenly Body Magic...", he said with a teasing smile and Erza busted out laughing straight away. Although it was a little risky to talk about the magic with which he had killed Simon in the past and tried to kill her and Natsu Dragneel as well, Erza didn't seem to mind one bit, for which he was extremely grateful.

In fact, she turned the water on, and they both stepped right under it, its warm presence soothing Jellal like nothing else. If he relaxed a little more he would be turning into puddles of goo sooner than he would have ever expected. All of a sudden however, he could feel hands wandering on his chest, traveling over his shoulders, then down his back to cup his ass. Jellal smiled but he didn't say anything, pretending he was just washing his hair, like was actually doing. However, when those sneaky little, delicate hands slid between his legs, his eyes snapped open and locked with a pair of smiling brown ones.

"What are you doing?"

Erza snickered and kissed his chest. "I thought it was pretty obvious."

"I can't go another round, Erza," the blunet sighed.

A fine red eyebrow reached for an equally red hairline. "How can you say that when you're half hard?" To make her point even more obvious, the redhead slowly stroke the awakening member, drawing a hiss out of Jellal's lips.

"Shit, Erza," he grunted, grasping her wrist to stop her, his heart breaking a little inside when disappointent filled those expressive, big brown eyes. He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the top then proceeded by cupping her face and kissing her waiting lips.

"It's... It's not that I don't want you," he whispered over her lips, "I just... Fuck, I can't seem to get my head around it how... How things changed between us."

Erza gave him a long, searching look before he sighed in defeat. "I can't belive it either," she confessed, "I mean, after so many years that I loved you and finally you are mine..." She shuddered and Jellal chomped down on his tongue to stop himself from jumping her once again.

"I know," Jellal quietly finished the sentence for her, "You wanna make sure it's not a dream."

"Mmm," the red haired woman hummed and scooted closer, wrapping her arms around his waist. They kissed again, with no heat but with enough love to leave them both breathless.

Jellal fleetingly wondered if he'd ever get used to this. How Erza made him feel. Hell, how he made Erza feel. On second thought... He didn't want to get used to it. Life would be boring without the constant fear of separation, with him being a wanted criminal and Erza being more prone to accidents than a troublemaker, wouldn't it?

Yes, things were fine the way they are. Jellal would be greedy to ask for more, concerning all the sins he had comitted in the past. He didn't deserve anything more. Fuck, he didn't even deserve what he already had, meaning Erza, but that was all behind him now because he had made a promise; he had promised to show the red haired woman his love, using all means possible. You know, to try to redeem himself a little.

"I love you," he mumbled in her wet, fiery hair, feeling the smile spreading on her lips upon his pulse point. Erza held him tighter to her body, her heart on a rampage inside of her chest, much like his so to say.

"Yeah... I love you too, silly," she said, "Don't you ever try to run way from me anymore."

"I won't," he said sternly, the finality of his words scaring even him, "I will never run away again."

"Good." She gently pulled away and looked up at him. Then she added, "Now let's get out or we'll get all pruny."

Jellal rolled his eyes and snorted, switching the faucet off. "Way to ruin the moment." He stepped out of the shower, Erza following closely behind him, and grapped a towel for himself while he gave the redhead one too.

"Heh," she chuckled, "I'm a Fairy Tail magician. Ruining and breaking things is my specialty."

Jellal busted out laughing at that. He could really get used to this.


"C'mon!", Erza complained with an adorable pout, "Lemme eat more cake!"

Jellal shook his head and got the chocolate cake out of the redhead's reach, placing on the counter. "No, you already had three pieces. Leave some for Yuuka-san."

The redhead followed him and pulled on his shirt. "Jellal!"

"No," the blunet denied his girlfriend's wishes with a straight face - he was having hard time not to laugh though - and closed the lid of the cake container before turning to face her, "It's a matter of hospitality. Besides, if you eat so much, you'll become fat."

Erza "Hmf!"ed and crossed her hands in front of her breasts. "I am Erza Scarlet, I don't get fat. I grow stronger."

"Hmm?", Jellal hummed, quirked one amused blue eyebrow, "You certainly are a little bit... Stronger from the last time I saw you."

As expected, Erza blushed and scowled. "Wh-What are you saying? I did not!"

With a lazy smirk, Jellal reached out with his hand and cupped her ass, squeezing the supple flesh and welcoming the heat that shimmered his body from the contact, as well as Erza's intensifying blush. "But then again, it suits me just fine. I like you a little chubby you know."

The redhead was nearly the same color as her hair when she slapped his hand away and averted her gaze. "P-Pervert."

The blue haired man chortled and stepped closer to her. "It goes with the package. Take it or leave it."

"What package?", Erza quiestioned, suddenly not to shy after all, her eyes dancing with mischief and affection. Jellal growled angrily but cupped her face nonetheless.

"Shut up and kiss me."

"Hmm, gladly," purred the redhead and their lips melded together. It felt so right and familiar as if they had been doing it for years. Warmth filled Jellal's soul to the brim and he knew he was being a disgusting sap but he loved every minute of it. Erza was finally his, let him be happy for once, yes?

"Oh my," a startled voice cut through their intimate moment, forcing them apart almost instantly. They both looked to the side to see said Yuuka-san giving them a wide eyed stare, both her hands clasping her mouth in shock. Jellal instantly blushed and caught with the corner of his eye Erza doing the same.

"U-Uh, we-we... We were just...", he stuttered, trying to save the situation.

"Yeah, we... We weren't...", Erza tried too but she finally sighed in defeat and frowned at the floor, "Damn."

On the other hand though, Yuuka-san's expression had completely melted and a huge grin that reached her ears took over her face. "Finally," said the old woman with a long, suffering sigh, "I was tired of you two dancing around each other like alley cats and not admit your feelings. I was so close into locking you in a room together for hours until you've made up."

Both Erza and Jellal stared at the elder with wide, shocked eyes but it was Erza who recovered first. The redhead chuckled and facepalmed. "You had planned this from the beginning, hadn't you?"

"Maybe," Yuuka answered with a mysterious grin.

Erza gave her a long stare before she bowed slightly. "Thank you so much."

Jellal blinked at his lover - was Erza really just his lover? It felt as if they were soul mates or something of that sort - and mimicked her actions, thinking that indeed, if he hadn't come here, if Yuuka-san hadn't told him that Kami forgives the sinners, he wouldn't be in this situation right now.

"Thank you," he said from the bottom of his heart.

The old lady chuckled merrily and approached them, placing either of her hands on top of their heads respectively. "You two did it, you have nothing to thank me for," she said with a smile and withdrew her hands so that Erza and Jellal could straighten up and look at her.

"Just promise me that you'll cherish each other because what you have is very hard to find," she then added, her face a little more serious.

Jellal was blinking at the woman in shock and he was surprised that Erza smiled instead. "Dont worry. We won't." The redhead glanced at him and gave him a small smile before looking back to Yuuka-san. "Although we had some... Minor differences in the past..."

"They weren't exactly minor, Erza," Jellal corrected with a frown. He didn't want to remember the past. He didn't like the past at all. He had hurt Erza so much back then-

"... It's the present that matters, right?", she finished her sentence, completely ignoring him. Sneaky little weasel.

Yuuka clapped her hands and smiled broadly. "I'm so glad to hear that!", she beamed, "But I'm also happy that you found your memories, Erza-chan, am I right?"

Jellal saw Erza's eyes widen in shock but then she ginned sheepishly. "Uh, yes, I did. Yesterday."

"And it is safe to assume that you, Jellal-kun," she was now looking at him, her eyes dancing with mischief, "... Have everything to do about it."

The blunet felt his face catching on fire but it was nothing compared to how much Erza had blushed. "U-Uh," he stuttered, scratching the back of his neck, "Yeah."

Yuuka-san chuckled before her face fell a little. "So now you have to take her back to her family."

"We can stay a little more if you want us to," Erza rushed to explain when she saw the chestfallen expression on the elder's face.

"No, no," Yuuka said, waving them off dismissively, "You must go back, Erza-chan, your family will be worried."

She was right and both of them knew it. Even though neither of them liked it, they had to go back to their reality. They were late and Jellal was worried about Master Makarov coming here himself.

No, he had promised to bring her back himself, damn it.

"I'll go pack my things then," Erza mumbled before her brown eyes focused on Jellal, "Wait for me outside?"

Jellal smiled and kissed her forehead. "Always."

Yeah. He could wait even centuries for her to come to him. He was so whipped.


"You didn't forget anything did you?"

"No," Erza assured the old lady, "But if I did, I'll use it as an excuse to come see you again."

Yuuka laughed merrily. "You are welcome in my house always. Both of you."

"Thank you for your hospitality," Jellal said with a polite bow.

"Don't mention it."

"And thank you for... For what you said to me," he added hesitanly, catching Erza giving him a questioning look. Yuuka however smiled in understanding and nodded.

"You're welcome, my dear boy."

"Well then," Erza chirped and interlaced their fingers, "We bid you farewell, Yuuka-san. We shall meet the soonest possible."

Yuuka-san waved at them with a small and somehow sad smile. A smile that had Jellal's inside stir with wonder and wariness. Like they wouldn't see her ever again after all. What the hell?

"You felt it too?", Erza suddenly asked him, jerking him from his inner musings. Jellal glanced at her and nodded.

"What was that?", he asked. The redhead shrugged.

"I don't know either. I just know that we won't see Yuuka-san again."

With a last glance behind his back, Jellal took in the beautiful house he had spent the most amazing moments of his life and finally looked at his soul mate by his side. Erza was looking at him too, smiling happily and he couldn't stop his own smile that found its way to his lips.

As they walked hand in hand back to the quarters of Fairy Tail, none of them noticed a small fragment of their memory that had started fading away...


Yuuka watched the two lovebirds leave her nest and she sighed in contentment. There was nothing more satisfying than helping people find their true love. Although for those two it was pretty easy since they were both crazy for each other, the force of the eruption and collision of their emotions was remarkable. She had never seen such fierce love in all her thousand years of life. And for someone that had lived as long as she had, and seen as much as she had, that said something.

Those two will be together forever, she thought to herself, Although they will forget me eventually, their love will stay alive even in the hardest situations.

Her "victims" always suffered from memory loss about her existence after she had literally worked her magic on them. It was somehow lonely but she'd always find a new pair to give few nudges to, so she wasn't lonely for too long.

Loss of her existence was a side effect of her magic. Finder Magic. She could discover every single emotion in any individual's soul and cure their pain, but ironically in the end, she was the one to be lost.

Whether that emotion was regret like Jellal's or longing like Erza's, she would always find a cure to their disease.

Finder Magic had many aspects, but Yuuka was most capable of finding true love. Once she did, she'd cultivate it, like she did with Erza's emotions and then, once one of two burst, the other will eventually give in. It sounded somehow manipulative and bad however Yuuka never forced two individuals to fall in love with each other. She just gave them the best conditions but whether their feelings would bloom or not, that was up to them only.

"Ah," she sighed as she watched her house and her belongings begin fading into the air, "It's time, isn't it?"

And with that, the old lady dissolved into the wind, along with the memories in Jellal's and Erza's minds...


They arrived at Fairy Tail's building faster than both of them could ever wish. They hadn't stopped holding hands during the whole trip, they made love under the starry sky in the night, and then slept in each other's arms peacefully. It was in fact so peaceful that Jellal thought he was walking on clouds.

But then reality kicked in.

"This is where we take separate ways huh?", Erza hummed quietly, not looking at him straight in the eyes. Damn. Jellal knew just how hard it was for her to part because he was thinking along he same lines. So he tried to cheer her up a little.

"Just give me a shout and I'll be by your side," he said, the sound muffled by the mouth cloth that was once again hiding his face. He really hadn't missed that one.

Erza peered at him through her bangs and sighed. "Kiss me before you vanish once again."

His heart clenched at her words. He wasn't exactly vanishing from her because he wanted to. Still, he was always around and watching her from afar, even though he never approached her because he didn't want to hurt her anymore. That was why he was "vanishing". Anyhow, he reached out and cupped her face, feeling her fingers pulling down his cover to reveal his lips. Their faces grew closer and closer, the world around him slowly fading away, save from Erza. Their lips crushed together in a kiss full of emotion and desperation that soon morphed into a full blown battle of tongues.

Yeah. They were really desperate.

They were so absorbed int their little world that didn't even register the angry shouts and the slaps and kicks that were progressively coming closer, not even the four pair of eyes that widened and stared at them in shock, four jaws hitting the ground at the same time.

Jellal reluctantly ended the kiss and pulled away from her, wanting to stare into her eyes for a change. They were so dark and glowing with love and longing that the words spilled out of his mouth as if he had said them a thousand times before.

"Aishiteru, Erza Scarlet."

Erza's eyes widened and she blushed profusely, making him chuckle. It wasn't every day that a man said that to his woman, however, Jellal meant it more than anything in this world.

"I-I am... I...", Erza stuttered adorably. He kissed her forehead and retrieved his hands, placing the mouth cloth on his face.

"I'll see you soon, my love," he said and turned on his heel to leave. He had to leave quickly or he wouldn't be able to leave at all. His heart was being ripped apart once again however this time, he had somewhere to return to and find comfort. He had Erza's open embrace and that was all he needed.

Jellal smiled while he ran through the streets of Magnolia, heading back to his hideout, thinking of getting Meldy back on track to begin their Crime Sorciere action once again. The world was full of evil and he needed to exorcise it.

And maybe to exorcise the demons from his past along with them.

Ah, he couldn't wait to see Erza again though.

Patience, Jellal. Everything will slide back to its place eventually.


Erza was staring blankly at her lover's retreating back, his quiet words repeating themselves in her brain like a mantra.




She blushed even more and touched her flaming cheeks but she didn't realize she was smiling like an idiot. When was the last time she had been so happy?

"ERZAAAAA!", four loud and very familiar voices called her name loud enough to make her jump. Her head snapped up to see her three favorite people and a flying cat running towards her, in a hysterical mode, their eyes wide and their hands in the air.

Oh shit, they had seen that?

Eh... Nevermind.

"ERZAA!", Natsu howled once he got close enough to her to get in her face, "WHA-WHA-What was that?!"

The redhead smiled at the three blushing faces of her friends. "What did it seem like?"

"I-I-It looked like you-you," Lucy stuttered, her hands covering her mouth while she blushed more than Erza did, "You and Jellal we-were..."

"KISSING?!", Gray erupted, making Erza grin sheepishly.

"Oops," she said and as if nothing had happened, she began strolling towards her home. Natsu and Gray began fighting once again behind her back and she felt the always present urge to beat them up for the thousandth time, however she was too happy and high from Jellal's earlier kiss that she couldn't do nothing more but stomp her foot on the ground. At the sound of her armor rattling, the two instantly quieted down.

Speaking of her armor, there was another, very odd clattering sound coming from the inside and Erza frowned once she felt something relatively circular sliding down her body. Before she even changed clothes to see what was in there, a small, round blue orb slid from under the upper part of her armor and fell unceremoniously on the ground. She stared at it for a few moments, thinking when the hell had that one got in there. However something was nudging her conscience, as if she was forgetting something very important and her mind tried to recall it.

She bent over and picked it up, barely noticing the noisy gang walk past her, as she stared at the washed blue shade the little orb carried.

Someone had eyes with that color, she thought to herself and frowned. But why couldn't she remember who that someone was?

Sighing in defeat, Erza understood that she wouldn't be recalling that person right now, therefore there was no point into over-thinking it. She would remember sooner or later... Or so she hoped, before she went back to her original thoughts.

Things were changing so fast, yet again it didn't feel strange or unfamiliar. Now, whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, Erza didn't know yet.

What she did know though was that she was finally happy. And that she couldn't wait to see Jellal again.

Patience Erza, she chided herself and stepped into her home, Everything will slide back to its place eventually.



Note; I had Jellal use the Japanese word for "I love you" because I wanted to enhance its meaning. Japanese language has different ways of saying "I love you" and "Aishiteru" is the serious one.

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