Someone came up with an AWESOME NAME! Barry and Felicity; Smash!

People were like "Don't make Oliver a total dush, just oblivious to what his actions could do if taken the wrong way" and thats what I'm gonna do! Ish… interpret it however you will. I'll do my best to make Oliver not a total asshat, but again, no promises.

Disclaimer: Don't own Arrow.

Olivers POV:

Felicity is going to get hurt. Cops are completely unreliable when it comes to relationships! Allen is going to break up with her, he has a total hero complex!

Pfft, like you don't!

I dont! I just know this city needs a hero!

You can't lie to me! I am you!

Shut-up! I'm trying to save Felicity's heart! She will get it broken by that Allen kid.

Barry. His name is Barry.

Did I spend so much time with Felicity that I have another her in my mind?

Just admit you have a hero complex! You dress up in a green hood and take down criminals! You have a hero complex!

I'm arguing with myself, and one side is winning. Maybe I am crazy.

Whatever. Felicity is going to have her heart broken, she's my Girl Wen-Friday. Girl Friday. Or is it Wednesday? But what can I do? I can't use The Hood to put the fear of g-d in him, he knows who is behind the hood, and the mask he made for me. Damn, why is he so nice?! Whatever, I'll make a plan on the plane. Should Felicity come with me? Nah, I shouldn't tell her I'm doing this. She'll be pissed. She's too good of a hacker and assistant to lose… Even though she keeps breaking the coffee machines that we buy.

"Hi, this is Oliver Queen. I would like my private plane to be ready to fly to Central City in two hours."

Perks of being a billionaire.