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"The rules will be the same as last match! Begin!" Gold and Crystal began their, battle, quickly gaining the upper hand. Platinum turned to Diamond and spoke as they watched the match.

"This was a surprise. I did not expect a tournament to be held at the dance." Diamond turned to her, a smile on his face.

"It's sure a lot more fun though. Not that dancing with you wasn't... I mean..." He blushed and looked down, stumbling over his words. Platinum cocked her head quizzically.

"Are you all right?" Platinum looked genuinely worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just feeling a little warm cause of these lights." He motioned to the bright lights up above and Platinum nodded.

"They do make the room a lot warmer. Why not take off your jacket?" He looked down at his suit and nodded, taking off the black tuxedo jacket. He felt a lot better afterwards, partly from it being much cooler and partly because of how formal he felt in it. They idly talked for a bit more when they heard Crystal yell. They looked down to see her jump in joy.

"We did it!" Crystal screamed. Turning to Gold, she threw her arms around him.

"Nice!" Gold laughed.

"Hurry back up here so they can start the next match!" Red yelled. The Johto trainers busted up laughing before heading up. "Come on, Come on, please choose us! Please choose us!" He pleaded at the screen.

"Are you really looking that forward to battling?" Blue asked.

"Yes! Now shut up!"

"What was that?" Blue grabbed Red's collar, pulling him closer to her glare.

"Nothing Blue! I didn't say anything!" Red stammered out.

"Mhm, that's what I thought." Blue smiled before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, then letting him go. They turned their attention back to screen to see that their faces had shown up on the left. Red had turned ecstatic for a couple of seconds until...

"The other team has forfeited! Therefore, Red and Blue will advance to the next round!"

"Are you serious!" Red stood up and screamed at the referee.

Blue started to sweat at the stares they were getting. "Damn it, Red. Sit down!" She pulled on his collar, forcing him to sit down.

"Humph." He complied, but sulked for the rest of the first round.

"Geez, you're acting like a child. Just stay down until its our turn." Since Red and Blue had technically won, the next pair showed up. Green and Yellow started to walk, throwing a last look at Red who was glaring at them.

"Yellow, this is your last chance. You don't have to fight if you don't want to."

"I'm fine Green. We can back you up. After all, I've taught my Chuchu some new moves."

"Well, if your really alright with it." He shrugged.

"Same rules as last time! Ready, begin!"

"Go Charizard."

"You ready Chuchu?"

"Chu!" The mouse jumped out of her ball, smiling and looking ready to go. On the other side a Blastoise and Ivysaur were preparing themselves.

"Charizard, start with a Flamethrower on that Blastoise." The dragon glared before sending a stream of fire towards the giant turtle.

"Fire against water? Blastoise, Withdraw!" Blastoise retreated into it's shell, riding out the flames. The trainer smirked when the turtle came back out, sweating a bit. "Not much of an effect, eh? Now, use Water Gun!" Two spurts of water shot from the cannons, aiming straight for the Fire type.

"Let's go Chuchu! Light Screen!" The Pikachu jumped in front of Charizard, before a bright transparent yellow screen appeared. The Water Gun splashed off it harmlessly.

Green nodded at Yellow before turning back to his pokemon. "Fly." The flame pokémon flew into the air, before charging at the enemy.

"Counter with Razor Leaf Ivysaur!" The leaves flew towards the incoming Fire type, doing little to stop it. Charizard scooped up the Ivysaur before flying back up.

"Alright Charizard, throw Ivysaur at Blastoise using Fire Spin." The Grass type was hurled at the turtle surrounded by a vortex of fire hitting both pokemon straight on. "Good! Now..."

"Chuchu! Use Thunderbolt!" Chuchu let a bolt of electricity strike the opponents, knocking them out. Green turned to Yellow with his eyebrow raise.

"What happened to not liking fighting?"

"I still don't like it. I just did it for a good reason." She smiled.

"Heh, sure. Let's head back, I bet Sapphire's dying to battle."

The next trainers faces appeared, no one that the group of friends knew. Gold stretched a bit before talking. "So, who wants to make bets on who's gonna win?"

Blue smirked. "Okay, 5,000 poke on me and Red winning?"

Gold grinned. "Deal!"

"Are you serious?" Her smirk fell and was replaced by a look of shock.

"Yep! I'm sure Yellow and Green could beat you this year! Or maybe Dia and Platinum over there!"

"Us?" Platinum stuttered.

Sapphire fumed. "What the hell about me and Ruby? You sayin' we suck?"

Gold shook his head. "No, you're just not good enough."

"What!" She screeched. "Rono! Take Down!" The iron pokémon appeared behind her, growling, before charging. Gold jumped out-of-the-way as the table splintered underneath the weight.

"What the hell Sapphire!" Gold yelled.

"What the hell is right! Rono, Iron Tail! And don't miss this time!" While this was happening, everyone else was talking and acting as if none of this were happening.

"So Diamond, do you believe we can really make it?" Platinum seriously pondered this.

"Depends, do we have to go against our seniors?" He laughed nonchalantly. They both turned to their companions. Blue, Yellow and Green were all standing over Red.

"How's Red doing Blue?" Yellow asked.

"Oh, he's still being a big baby. Wake up Red!" Blue shook him slightly before a limp arm tried in vain to swat her away.

"Go away. I don't wanna talk." He mumbled.

"Red's become such a whiner." Green said.

"Seriously!" Blue agreed.

"Look! Ruby and Sapphire are up next!" Yellow pointed at the screen. Sapphire recalled Rono, and smiled.

"Finally, c'mon Ruby."

"I'm not battling." The boy replied, crossing his arms.

"What do ya mean 'not battling'! Of course you are!"


"Fine." Sapphire grabbed a random pokéball from Ruby's waist before walking down to the stadium.

"Hey! Sapphire! Damn it!" He was left sitting in his chair shocked.

Sapphire started to sweet talk the referee, trying to convince him to her battle with Ruby's pokémon and her own to battle. "Please! My partners not feelin' well, so can I battle without him?"

"I'm sorry, but those are against the rules."


"I'm sorry, but I cannot bend the rules."

"Fine. No more nice girl. Rono! Please 'convince' this referee to let me battle." Rono came out and glared at the referee, swinging it's tail threateningly. The referee ran back to the middle.

"The next match will begin! Go!"

"Thank ya very much! Now come on out... whoever ya are!" A milotic appeared beside Rono, confused at not seeing its trainer. "Hi Mimi! You ready to battle?" The milotic still looked confused, but eager to battle.

"No!" Ruby screamed. "Not my Mimi!" He started to run down to the field. Sapphire rolled her eyes before throwing a pokéball at the boy.

"Toro, grab him." The blaziken grabbed Ruby and jumped back to the table, still holding on to the thrashing boy tight. She turned to the Tangela and Noctowl on the other side. "Now, where were we?"

Platinum watched as Ruby struggled to free himself from the blaziken's grasp. She turned to Yellow and asked, "Do you think we should help Ruby out?" Yellow giggled nervously.

"I think he'll be fine. I hope." They continued watching the match, watching as Mimi and Rono battled. Mimi gracefully dodged a Flamethrower from the opponent's torkoal, countering with her own Ice Beam. As the torkoal dodged it, Rono charged forward and attacked with Take Down. Platinum and Yellow winced slightly simultaneously as the torkoal was crushed. The match was over in a matter of moments after that. Platinum along with Yellow cheered for Sapphire as she grinned broadly at her opponents.

"Mimi's a pretty good battler. Ya really should let her battle more often."

"Never!" Ruby glared at the girl. Sapphire rolled her eyes as the Referee went to the middle.

"The second round will begin shortly! Will the next challengers please come down!" The next few rounds were over fairly quickly. Platinum, Diamond, Green and Yellow won their battles easily, Blue and Red's opponents forfeited both rounds while Ruby and Sapphire in the second round were disqualified due to the referee getting caught in their crossfire. Gold and Crystal's third match placed them up against a new, young pair. Scoffing at how easy this would be, Gold sent out his pokémon.

"Let's go Polibo!"

"Xatee, your turn!"

The toad came out, clapping it's hands at the bird and dancing with it, making Gold laugh and Crystal smile.

"Wanna try this battle Zorua?" Their opponent asked. A small fox pokémon appeared from behind him, walking out to the field. "Thanks Zorua!" He turned to his partner. "Well? Are you gonna send out your pokémon?"

The girl looked distraught. "But... then that means I have to actually battle this time!"

The boy laughed. "Of course it means you have to battle! I don't think these guys are gonna be such push overs like the last match, so I don't think I'll be able to carry you."

"Fine." The girl grumbled. "Let's go Amanda!"

Crystal looked excited at the new pokémon. "Oh! What are those pokémon? I've never seen them before! Oh, they're so cute I'm a little sad I have to battle them."

The other girl smiled back. "This is a servine. Her name is Amanda! And this is a zorua. He belongs to this grumpy guy!"

"Grumpy? I'm not grumpy! I just don't like how you forced me into this tournament."

"Well, how was I supposed to know it was a battle tournament?"

"I don't know, you could've read the sign up form?"

She waved him away dismissively. "Oh, don't be so mad. I'm battling, so you have to too."

"Great logic." The boy rolled his eyes.

Gold yelled at them. "Are you guys finished talking yet?"

The boy laughed. "Well, I guess we should start. Zorua, use Scratch." The little fox darted forward, his claws extended.

"Knock it back with Psychic Xatee!" The fox stopped in dash, before being thrown back. Crystal smiled at Gold. "Your turn."

Gold grinned. "Alright Polibo, Water Gun on that... servine?" Polibo spewed a jet of water toward servine.

The girl panicked a little. "Um... dodge it! And use... let's see... Leaf Storm?" Amanda jumped out-of-the-way and shot forward a tornado of leaves at the toad. The leaves fell to the ground as Polibo jumped. "Now use... um... what moves does Amanda know again?"

The other boy giggled at his friend, struggling to think up moves. "Try Tackle or Take Down. Zorua, use Pursuit on that xatu." The dark type jumped forward, extending its paw as it glowed darkly and swiping the bird across its chest.

Crystal smiled. "Fly up Xatee!" The bird flew up, shaking off the attack. "Now, Drill Peck!" Xatee repeatedly struck Zorua with Drill Pecks, before the pokémon finally fainted.

The girl panicked. "Use Take Down Amanda!" The grass type charged forward before being knocked backwards by another Water Gun. "Umm, Leaf Storm!" The leaves shot forward again only to miss again. Gold smirked.

"Alright Polibo, Hypnosis!" Polibo's eyes turned Blue, before the servine fell asleep shortly after. "And that's a wrap!" Gold laughed at his terrible pun while Crystal just groaned.

"The winner's are Gold and Crystal!" The referee called, waving his flag.

"Amanda!" the girl ran out to hold her snoozing pokémon. Her friend walked over and picked his pokémon up, thanking Crystal and Gold for the battle.

"It was fun. By the way, my name's Crystal! But you can call me Crys. And this annoying kid over here is Gold."

"My name is N." The boy smiled. Crystal returned the smile.

"And my name is White!" The girl chirped in. "We're new here, and thought this would be a fun first thing to do. We just didn't know it was battling tournament..." She explained.

"Ah! So that's why you don't seem familiar. Want to sit with us? I'd love to learn more about those pokémon."

"Sure! We'd be happy to join you." White grinned. The four walked back to the table, followed by introductions started by Blue

"Hi! My name's Blue." She gave them a friendly wave. "And this sulking boy here is Red!" She motioned towards a slouched figure.

"Sulking?" N laughed. "About what?"

"Not being able to battle." Blue rolled her eyes. "He's a battling addict I'm afraid. Such a shame, the doctor's couldn't find a cure for it..." White laughed while N frowned a bit at hearing this about the boy, before looking away at the next pair.

"Hello, my name's Yellow!" The girl smiled at White and N. The boy next to him looked up from his pokéball, muttered "Green.", then turned back to examining his pokéball.

White smiled. "Nice to meet you Yellow!"

N stared a little while at Yellow. "Yellow..."

Yellow fidgeted a little. "Um, yes?"

"Oh!" N started. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare." Yellow giggled a little. Green looked up for a moment at this with an arched eyebrow. N didn't notice as he turned to the next pair who were yelling at each other, while the girl choked the boy. Crystal smiled nervously a little.

"That's Ruby and that's Sapphire. They... argue a lot. But I think they actually really care about each other."

White giggled. "That's so sweet. Well, they do say you hurt the one you love. Hmm..." White looked at N before slapping him on the back of the head, knocking off his hat. N picked up his hat and adjusted it, pouting at the girl.

"What was that for?" He demanded.

"Nothing." White giggled while N groaned. They turned to the last pair. The girl extended a hand.

"Platinum. Pleased to meet you." She smiled.

"Likewise!" White took her hand, shaking it vigorously. The boy smiled at the two.

"And my name's Diamond, but you can call me Dia." N nodded, before sitting down still holding his zorua. "So, what do we do now?"

Blue laughed. "We wait and talk. There's a ten minute wait before the semi finals."

Green smirked. "And before we beat you two."

"Good luck with that!" Red smiled. "I've been training my pokémon non stop!" Again, N frowned at this. He was beginning to like this boy less and less every minute.

"Well, Yellow and I have our secret weapon."

Blue perked up at hearing the word secret. "Secret? Well, well! Yellow and Green have gotten a little sneaky!"

"Shut it. Pesky woman." Platinum and Yellow giggled at them. After a few more minutes of talking, the referee announced the first battle in the semi finals.

"The next match will be between... Red and Blue against Green and Yellow! Please make your way forward to the center floor!" The four Kanto trainers looked at each other, Red and Green staring each other down as they walked down.

"Well." Red smirked. "Let's see your so called secret weapon." Yellow laughed while Green glared. The four went to their respected sides.

The referee waved his flag at once. "Begin!"

"Ready Chuchu? Let's go!" Yellow turned back to her opponents. "Good luck you two!" Yellow yelled.

"Same to you!" Blue shouted back before she turned to Red. "You get Green. I don't trust you to not get carried away and kill Chuchu. Now, let's go Blasty!"

"I wouldn't kill any pokémon! Maybe..." Red muttered. "Go! Pika!"

"Come on out Charizard." Both trainer and pokémon glared at Red. "Your move."

"Great! Pika, Thunderbolt!" Pika charged before sending out a bolt of electricity shot towards Charizard.

"Chuchu, Light Screen!" The pikachu ran in front of the electricity before sending out a transparent yellow screen, deflecting the attack. The Charizard countered by flying into the sky and sending wave after wave of flames.

"Blasty, put that fire out with Hydro Pump!" Two jets of water shot out of Blasty's cannons, putting out the Flamethrowers and sending up a cloud of steam.

"Not bad. Charizard, Fire Spin!" Fire spiraled toward the two pokémon, trapping them in the flames. The Blastoise withdrew inside it's shell.

"Chuchu! Add Thunder to the flames!" Electricity joined the vortex, shocking and burning the pokemon inside.

"Now Red!" Blue yelled.

"Pika! Volt Tackle!" The mouse appeared from behind, startling Green and Yellow before charging at Charizard with an electric tackle, hitting the pokemon dead on. The flames disappeared around Blasty, leaving Charizard wide open to a Hydro Pump that slammed the flame pokemon against the wall.

"Damn!" Green yelled. "I'm regretting teaching that Pikachu Substitute. Charizard, Blast Burn!"

"Counter with Hydro Cannon Blasty!" Both pokémon charged their attacks before sending them towards the other. The attacks collided, shrouding the entire field in steam.

"Alright. Chuchu! Quick Attack on Pika!" Chuchu darted forward, towards Pika.

"Pika, counter with Thunder Shock!" Pika hesitated before sending a few weak bolts of electricity at Chuchu, who dodge them easily. Chuchu ran right up to Pika, preparing to tackle it before Yellow called out.

"Now, Sweet Kiss!" Instead of tackling it, Chuchu kissed Pika on the cheek, confusing the poor pokemon before jumping back out of its range. Pika ran around in circles before charging up a Volt Tackle and rushing Chuchu. The mouse was caught off guard and fainted from the direct hit. Pika couldn't stop his attack in time and continued running until he hit the wall and fainted from the collision. The four trainers just stared at what happened before Red started to shout and celebrate at the victory. Sighing, Green followed Yellow up to their table with Red and Blue not far behind.

The winners of this round are Red and Blue! Will the next challengers please step forward!" Platinum jumped up and ran, dragging Diamond on to the Arena, eager to fight her seniors. Gold and Crystal walked down, laughing at their juniors. Platinum already had her empoleon out despite the match not even starting. She waved to them.

"Please hurry Crystal and Gold!" The older girl giggled at the girl's enthusiasm. Picking up a poke ball, she sent out her Xatee, with Gold sending out Exbo.

Diamond chose Moo, smiling at Platinum's face. "Remember this guy?" Platinum giggled.

"Of course! This is pretty much your first time using him in battle, is it no?"

"Yep! I know his Blizzard is pretty strong, but I'm not sure how good his other attacks are." He scratched the back of his head.

"I guess there is only one way to find out." They both nodded at each other before turning back to the battle.

"Begin!" The flag dropped, starting the match.

"Alright, be careful Diamond. Empoleon, start with Water Sport!" A ball of water formed at the tip of its beak before shooting up into the air and exploding, dampening the battle field.

"Damn!" Gold cursed, earning him a slap on the back of the head from Crystal.

"I told you already! No cursing in front of Platinum!"

"Will you save that for after the battle?" He countered "Exbo, Smoke Screen!" Exbo released the smoke from his mouth, covering the arena in a thick black smog. It slowly crawled closer to Platinum and Diamond, eventually covering them as well. Platinum coughed as she covered her mouth.

"Ah... Platinum, are you all right?" Platinum managed a strangled yes. From the smoke, she could hear Crystal give a command.

"Xatee, use Future Sight!"

Diamond turned to Platinum. "Try to get Empoleon off the ground." Confused, Platinum complied.

"Very well. Empoleon, use Aqua Jet to lift yourself into the air!" As the penguin pokémon lifted itself into the air, Platinum heard a loud squawk. Squinting, she could barely make out a dark shape falling to the ground. She gasped as it hit the ground with a loud thud. "No! How ?" She gritted her teeth at the realization. Crystal had anticipated them trying to get above the Smokescreen and had planned a Future Sight in advance. Platinum had fallen right into her trap. "We need to get rid of this smoke..." She started when she heard Diamond give a command.

"Moo, Blizzard!" She heard another squawk from the opposite end of the field as the temperature dropped. The smog quickly faded as the harsh Blizzard blew it away. Her vision clear, Platinum quickly surveyed the field to regain her bearings. Empoleon was struggling to stand while on the other side Xatee had one wing frozen. Exbo and Moo were still in good condition however. "Try to get off the ground again." Platinum nodded.

"Use Aqua Jet one more time." The empoleon coated itself in water before shooting off the ground. Satisfied that she was safe now, he ordered Moo to attack.

"Now, try Earthquake!" The mamoswine roared before lifting up his front legs and slamming them down on to the ground. A large shockwave flew through the ground, knocking both Exbo and Xatee over. Platinum followed up with her own attack.

"Now, Hydro Pump on Exbo!" A large stream of water shot from penguin's mouth as it landed, hitting and forcing Exbo to be thrown back and collide with the wall.

"Shit!" Gold cursed again, earning him another smack.

"Gold! Stop swearing..." Crystal gritted her teeth.

"Stop hitting me! Exbo! Blast Burn on Empoleon!" Exbo began to charge for the attack, flames swirling around it. It roared, sending plumes of fire towards the defenseless water type, hitting it straight on. The fire type panted heavily before collapsing, Empoleon following suit mere seconds later.

"Return Exbo! Good job." A beam of red light and the typhlosion was gone. Platinum returned her pokémon as well. Gold grinned at his partner. "Good luck! Try not to lose."

Crystal rolled her eyes. "Thanks for the vote of confidence. Xatee, Psychic!" The bird's eyes glew blue, lifting up Moo and tossing him effortlessly. Moo crashed to the ground, shaking the ground again.

"Use Blizzard Moo!" Steadying himself, Moo prepared for a final attack. He released a Blizzard in the xatu's direction. With no way to dodge due to its wing, Xatee was knocked out. Diamond jumped with joy and patted Moo as his pokémon nuzzled him. Platinum smiled at the two.

"You two did wonderful out there." He returned the smile and looked out over to Gold and Crystal. The girl returned her pokémon before turning to her partner.

"Gold, this is all your fault." She said tiredly.

"My fault?"

"Yes. I don't know how, but it is." She smiled at him, causing the two Sinnoh trainers to laugh at Gold's look of disbelief.

"Fine! I'll accept the blame. But only if you..." He whispered to Crystal, causing her to shriek and slap him. They both followed Platinum and Diamond up, still bickering.

"I think Ruby and Sapphire are rubbing off on them." Diamond whispered to his friend, making her laugh. They both headed up, looking uneasily at Red's excitement towards them.

"We will take a ten minute break before the finals to allow the field to be fixed up!" Diamond sighed a bit before rummaging through his bag. He pulled out an orange case and pulled out two poffins from it before turning to Platinum and giving her a blue one.

"I think our pokémon each deserve one." He laughed. She smiled before calling out her Empoleon. The penguin looked ecstatic at the poffin, almost bowling Platinum over for it. After eating it, Empoleon sighed in satisfaction and sat down smiling. Platinum looked over at Diamond and Tru, laughing at the Grass type. The boy picked out another poffin and examined it. "Huh... have you ever wonder what these taste like?"

She thought about it for a minute. Truthfully, she had thought about it once or twice on their travels. "I suppose I have. Pokémon seem to love them, so they cannot be too bad." He grinned at her, a hint of mischief in his eyes.

"I'll try one if you do."

"Really?" She giggled a bit and then thought about it. She always did say it was good to try new things. Even... this. "All right. I shall." She picked out a pink one with yellow sprinkles while Diamond picked up a red one. She bit her bottom lip and looked at him. "Would you care to go first?"

"Ah..." He looked cautiously at the poffin, turning it around. "I don't know..."

"Fine. We shall eat them at the same time. On the count of three. One." They both held the treats to their mouths "Two." They opened their mouths. "Three!" Taking a bite, they both regretted it immediately. Platinum gagged as soon as she bit into the poffin. The treat was a sickening sweet. She looked over at her friend to see he was panting and sweating, gulping down water as fast as he could. She would have laughed if she wasn't drinking her water, forcing the taste out of her mouth. After a minute the taste finally subsided, leaving only a trace of the horrid sweetness. She giggled before breaking out into a full fit of laughter. Diamond frowned, his mouth still burning a little. After a minute, Platinum started to hiccup.

"I do not think people are supposed to eat these." She hiccupped again, trying to sip some water before it dribbled out of her mouth. She quickly wiped her mouth, praying that Diamond had not seen.

"It was so spicy... how was yours?"

"It was much too sweet. I thought I was going to pass out."

"I wonder what the other ones taste like." He picked out two more. She jerked back and looked at it in horror.

"No. I refuse. I am not eating another one."

"Please?" He begged her, giving her puppy dog eyes. She caved in.

"Fine. Only one more though." She chose a blue one this time, carefully avoiding the pink poffins. "On three again?" The boy smiled before popping the poffin into his mouth, smiling at her face. He quickly fell on the floor, his lips forced together and puckered. She stifled a laugh before turning back to her poffin and popping the thing in her mouth, prepared not to be outdone. She chewed for a bit and nothing happened. Her mouth started to feel a little dry, but she ignored it. After swallowing, there was still nothing..

"Nothing is happening..." As soon as the words left her mouth, her lips immediately felt dry, the saliva in her mouth disappearing. She tried to talk, only to let out a ragged sound. She grabbed her water and downed it, her mouth still dry even as the liquid was in her mouth. She turned to her friends and tried to motion at her mouth. They all cocked their heads, stifling their laughs. Yellow gave her another glass of water, which disappeared in seconds. She panted as Yellow giggled and patted her back.

"Feeling better?" Diamond was smiling at her from across the table.

"Terrific." She laughed. On the opposite side of them, Red was looking at them again. "Excuse me Red? Do you need something?" He smiled and waved. She blinked in confusion.

"Hey Platinum, they're almost finished with cleaning up the field. You ready for our match?" Blue asked the girl, trying make up for her boyfriend's lack of a response.

"Yes. I can not wait to battle you." She smiled at the girl before turning to the boy. "Red?" He just smiled again. "Would you like to try one of these poffins that Diamond has made?" She plucked a nice bright red poffin and passed it down to the other side of the table to the boy, resisting the urge to laugh.

"What is it?" He examined the treat, eying it carefully. Ruby chuckled next to him, smiling to try to hide it. Red shrugged and ate it. Immediately, his hands flew to his throat and clutched it. He was sweating profusely and looked like he was choking, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. White and Blue stared at him, wondering what was happening while the two Sinnoh trainers, Ruby and N were clutching their sides in laughter.

"This is too much!" N and Ruby both fell to the ground.

"What are they?" Blue almost screamed.

"Poffins." Ruby explained. "Think of them like pokéblocks. They're mainly used in contests to help a pokémon's looks. Humans usually don't eat them but..." He gestured at the gagging Red while smiling. "It's pretty funny when they do."

"You poisoned me!" Red yelled before gulping down more water.

"No! It wasn't poison, it was a treat!" Diamond laughed before handing the boy some more water. "Well, a treat for pokémon at least. It wasn't that bad was it?" Diamond now looked concerned for the boy.

"Too bad." N muttered quietly to himself. White gave him a quick look but shrugged it off.

"Nah. I'm fine. Thanks for treat. I'll have to make sure I repay you though. " He smirked.

Platinum and Diamond looked at each other and smiled nervously. "I can not wait." The girl muttered. The referees voice boomed through the building.

"The finals will begin shortly. Will the last trainers please step down here." Blue got up and stretched.

"Well, here it is!" She winked at the Sinnoh trainers before walking down to the field with Red.

"I think we might have a chance at winning." Diamond smiled, trying to reassure his nervous partner.

"Yes, if Red collapses from poffin poison and can not battle." She laughed before walking down arm in arm with her partner. They both walked to the opposite side, turning to face their opponents. Blue cupped her hands to her mouth before shouting good lucks to them. They nodded at her and threw their pokéballs.

"Alright Empoleon, one last battle!" The penguin puffed up his chest, staring down his opponents.

"Do your best Tru! I'll give you lots of poffins after!" Diamond grinned at his pokémon, now jumping up in down while smiling.

"Okay Jiggly, your turn!" The wigglytuff came out and started to bounce around, flapping its arms.

"Saur! Let's win this!" A venusaur appeared on the field, grunting a response to his trainer.

"Begin!" The referee's flag dropped to the ground, starting the match. Red immediately attacked.

"Saur, Razor Leaf!"A group of leaves shot towards Tru.

"Counter with your own Razor Leaf!" Tru's leaves collided with Saur's, slashing each leaf to bits. Saur growled before vines shot through cloud of leaves, lifting Tru and throwing him against the wall. The Grass type struggled to stand, while Blue scolded Red.

"I thought I told you to hold back a little." She whispered, trying to keep her voice level.

"No point in holding back." Red waved her away before smirking. "Alright Saur, start charging Frenzy Plant." The venusaur started to charge. Blue just stared at Red.

"Frenzy Plant already? The battle just started!"

"So? Just protect Saur while he's charging." He smirked again, causing Blue to groan.

"Fine. But you're going to make this up to me." This time Red groaned while Blue smirked. "Jiggly, Disable!" The Wigglytuff looked briefly at the Empoleon before flashing blue. Platinum .

"Empoleon, try Hydro Pump!" The penguin just stood there without even blinking. "Empoleon?"

"Perfect!" Blue smiled. "Now, Double-Edge!" The pokémon started to charge the penguin.

"Dodge it!" Empoleon blinked before coming back to its senses. Before it could register what was happening, Jiggly tackled it to the ground. "No! Empoleon..." Platinum stared at her pokémon, still groggy and disorientated. Diamond bit the bottom of his lip.

"Tru! Wood Hammer!" Tru ran towards the wigglytuff, aiming for the pink pokémon. Jiggly simply enlarged itself and floated above the attack. The Grass type continued running before tossing itself sideways and slamming into Saur and tossing the venusaur over on to it's back.

"Oops." Blue giggled a little. "Sorry Red."

"Well, we can forget about Frenzy Plant now..." Red smiled nonchalantly.

Blue snapped. "Just use another attack."

"Fine, Saur! Use Vine Whip to throw Tru into the air." The vines extended from the Venusaur again, wrapping around Tru and tossing him up into the air again. Red turned to Blue and smiled. "Your turn."

Blue rolled her eyes. "Tri Attack!" Jiggly waved its arms, forming a triangle and sending multi-colored orbs towards the air stranded Tru.

"Withdraw!" The torterra withdrew its head and limbs into it's shell before being bombarded by the balls. The orbs exploded on contact, shrouding the field in smoke. As soon as the smoke cleared, Diamond bit the bottom of his lip. Tru was in the middle, frozen solid. With nothing he could do, he returned his pokémon. "Tru, return." A red light enveloped the pokémon before disappearing back into the pokéball. "Good luck Platinum." He gave her a goofy grin before stepping off the field.

"Thank you." Platinum was beginning to panic now.

"Sleep Powder!" Saur shook its flower, unleashing a cloud of spores toward Empoleon.

"Deflect it with Blizzard!" The penguin unleashed the freezing wind and snow attack towards the cloud, blowing the spores right back at Saur and sending him to sleep. "Great! Now, Hydro Pump!" This time, it shot a blast of water directly towards the sleeping pokémon.

"Jiggly, charge right through that water with Double Edge!" The wigglytuff ran straight towards the jet of water, charging through the stream and tackling the empoleon, knocking him back. "Now follow up with Sing." A melodious sound came from the wigglytuff, drawing the penguin pokémon into a deep sleep. At the same time, Saur woke from his slumber. The match was as good as done, Platinum sighed in defeat and returned her pokémon.

"I apologize. But there is no point in continuing this match." The words stung her as she said it. Diamond gave her a small smile as they watched their seniors. Blue pumped her fist and jumped into the air. "Yes! We did it!"

Red smiled. "Just like last year."

Gold screamed at them. "Fuck! Damn it all! Why couldn't you lose!" Crystal grabbed the back of his collar and threw him back into his seat, still cursing at the tournament winners.

White put a hand to her mouth. "Wow, he knows some interesting words."

Crystal scowled. "Yeah. Interesting." They both looked back down to the field where Red and Blue stood on a pedestal, accepting Professor Oak's congratulations along with Gold's cursing. Platinum and Diamond stood beside them with their arms around each other, smiling at each other. Everyone clapped as Professor Oak gave a speech. Most of the students whispered during the speech, paying no attention to his words.

Sapphire giggled as Green sent death looks at everyone in order to quiet them. She was far enough away that he wouldn't hear her if she whispered. Or so she hoped. As soon as he turned his head back to the center of the field, she started to talk with Yellow and Ruby.

"I don't get why we have to listen to this speech every single year. It's the same one as last year." She quietly groaned while Yellow giggled.

"Well, you could listen to it at least once."

"I listened to it last year!" Sapphire countered, making Yellow giggle even more.

"For like ten minutes. You fell asleep after and Ruby had to carry you back to your room."

"Yeah, that was not a fun night. She was heavy!" Ruby smirked.

"What! I'll kill ya!" Sapphire shrieked, making the professor stop his speech and look up at their table. She shouted a sorry before sitting back down and continuing her rant. "Heavy? Ya better watch yourself tonight because I swear..." She glared before continuing, Ruby and Yellow tuning her out now. They had dozed off after a few minutes and awoke with a jolt. Green was carrying Yellow on his back while Sapphire was now dragging Ruby unceremoniously towards the door.

"Whatcha doing Sapphire?" Yellow murmured sleepily, not minding being carried.

"Takin' both of ya guys back home. Ya both fell asleep during his speech!" She smirked at Ruby. "So, who fell asleep this time?"

"Hey, at least I had the decency to carry you back." He countered. "And why did you guys even stay with us?" He look up at Green.

Green kept his gaze forward. "Grandpa wouldn't let us head back without you two. We got tired of waiting, so we just decided to take you both back."

"That's so kind of you." Ruby grumbled.

"I know!" Sapphire replied cheerfully. "Now ya should really think about losin' some weight." She laughed as Ruby started to curse at her, waking up the sleeping students in their houses as they walked down the path back to their own.

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