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A boy came crashing through the door, exhausted from sprinting home from school, fearing what he would find. Deep down, he knew what would be waiting for him, and it terrified him to the core to think of such a fate.

"No…" he whispered, taking in what he saw, tears filling his eyes. He couldn't make it, no matter how fast he ran. He came crashing down to his knees next to their mangled bodies, fresh with blood. He knew who had done this; He knew he could have stopped it. But here he was, in his House, crying over the bodies of his now-deceased family. The only thing he ever knew as friends, as people who loved and cared for him.

"NO!" the boy screamed, smashing his fists into the floor, bloodying them in the process.

"What the hell was that?" An unidentified man said, filling the boy's heart with fear. The man ran into the room and saw the little boy staring at him in shock.

"Boys, it looks like we missed one!" The brute chuckled maliciously as he crept closer to the child, staring him down with an evil smile.

"I have to run, NOW!" The child screamed into his mind, adrenaline filling his veins as the evil man swung at him with a large knife, slashing his face, causing a large stream of blood to splatter the wall next to him. The man slashed again, that cut across the boys chest.

"Fuck that hurts!" He thought as the cuts stung his now opened skin, "I have to get out of here!"

As he turned to run, a blunt object connected with the back of his head, knocking him out instantly.

He awoke with a start, almost falling out of bed in the process, gathering his surroundings in the dark room.

"Damn nightmares, why can't I get a little sleep for once?" He wondered out loud, scratching the back of his head, as he swung his legs out over the bed. This nightmare had bothered him for years, following him from family to family, from Kanto to Kalos. He was always grateful to his foster families, but they tried too much too hard, and much too often to pry into his thoughts and his past. All he wanted was to forget it all, and act as if it never happened in the first place. He walked to his closet, retrieving the clothes he would wear for the day, and sleepily chose a Black Metallica shirt, one of his favorites, and a pair of black boot-cut jeans.

"Zekiev! Breakfast is ready!" his foster mom shouted up the stairs, grabbing his attention.

"Okay Sharon, I'll be down after I take a shower!" he responded as his stomach growled from its past three days of abuse. Sharon was a nice lady, but a little nosy, Zekiev kind of liked her for a caregiver, and respected her as a person. She never tried too hard to get him to talk about his past, and only talked about it if he wanted to. "Yeah, she is a real nice lady", he thought, jumping into the shower, and preparing for the few minutes he would get to think in peace. Only two things ever gave his mind harmony and one of them was Pokémon battling. He had been known for being a top notch battler, and had even won a few rewards from tournaments all over many different regions. But he was never one to brag, and usually kept the trophies in his closet, despite Sharon's many objections of showing his "accomplishments to the world" and whatnot, remembering her being disappointed that he didn't want to show off what he had achieved. But that woman was plenty persistent, and eventually he caved in and let her put a few of the small ones in the living room. She polished them every day, and they shined like gold. He shook himself out of daydreaming about the past, and realized he had been in the shower for almost twenty minutes.

"Crap, now my foods going to be cold…I guess Blaze could eat some anyways" he thought, running down the stairs to greet Sharon, who was sitting at the table with her husband, Mike, who Zekiev had more than one problem with. It was always something else with this guy, he would either complain about Zekiev's look, or his music, and went so far as to call Blaze a "filthy animal" which earned him a few nasty stares from Zekiev and Sharon, and a low growl from The large Typhlosion. Sharon adored blaze, and he ate it all up. She would feed him treats, and let him sleep on the furniture, and she sometimes even let him eat at the table. He smiled as he thought of his spoiled Typhlosion, and wondered what they would do today.

"About time you got down here, your food is cold and that animal has been staring at me all morning" Mike said, receiving a frown from Zekiev and Sharon.

"Blaze, come on, we're leaving" Zekiev said, and the Typhlosion joined him, excited to see what plans the human had today.

"And just where do you think you are going?" Mike asked, sounding cocky in the process, knowing it would just piss off the seventeen year old boy. He waited for the day Him and that animal he kept with him tried something, just so he could rid them from his life. Two years and the pathetic pair were still in his house, mooching off of him. He didn't even know anything about the kid! He never spoke about himself to him, and he was basically a stranger living in his house. His wife adored them though, and it infuriated him to know that the woman actually liked them. Yes, he knew that she was a carefree soul, and would take in anyone, but why this scared little punk and his filthy animal?

"Mike!" Sharon protested, obviously displeased with his behavior, "leave him alone, you promised you would be nicer!" she looked over to Zekiev with a loving, yet worried expression on her face as he strapped on his black combat boots. She really wished he would try and be a little more colorful, but she never bothered him about it, feeling she should just accept the boy as he was. "Just stay safe, okay honey?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine," he stated plainly, "I'm just going out to the forest for a little while." He stood up without looking back to see the anger on Mikes face, and started walking out the front door.

"Come on Blaze, " he said, as he patted his best friend and partner on the head, "we have some training to do"

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