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"Lancelot, use Poison jab!" Zekiev commanded, as the steel warrior's hands began to glow purple. They were in Pokémon battling class, and he was eager to test his new teammate's ability. Their opponent was a brown haired boy named Niles, who's Pokémon were rumored to be incredibly strong.

"Cacturne, dodge it and whip up a sandstorm!" Niles countered, while his teammate flashed out of the way of the fatal attack. The grass type began rapidly spinning, causing sand from around the arena to violently whip around in the air.

"Lancelot, use Iron defense, and follow up with Night slash!" Zekiev shouted over the sandstorm, grabbing a pair of goggles from his bag.

Lancelot nodded, crouching slightly as if he were about to strike his prey from the shadows, his steel body hardening and becoming heavier. He slid the blades from his forearms, as a black aura covered his hands.

"Cacturne, quick! Attack him while he is busy, use Sucker punch!" Niles ordered, his Pokémon quickly rushing Lancelot. The scarecrow Pokémon slammed its stubby arm its steel foe, causing a burst of sand to cover the two Pokémon, rendering them invisible to their trainers.

"Now!" Zekiev shouted, as a cone of darkness exploded from the center of the arena. Cacturne had been hit, and hard. The Pokémon skidded across the arena, falling to a knee while covering its stomach.

-I barely touched that bastard- Cacturne thought to himself in shock, -that should have taken him out!-

The sandstorm died down, revealing Lancelot in the middle of the arena, crossing his arms.

"Go Lancelot!" Joan shouted from the sidelines, cheering on Zekiev's new partner. This battle had just started, but so much had happened. She was eager to battle finally, and she would have her chance soon.

Zekiev smirked slightly, taking off the heavy goggles he kept for these occasions. It was good to hear her cheering for his team, it made him feel stronger.

"Lancelot, finish him off with iron head!" he called as his partner nodded, rushing the Cacturne with all its might.

"Dodge it Cacturne!" Niles shouted frantically, waving his arms erratically. The green Pokémon attempted to jump out of the way at the last second, only to be grabbed quickly by Lancelot. The blade on his head glowed brightly as he smashed his head into the Cacturne's face, knocking it out quickly.

"Damn it…"Niles mumbled, as Zekiev made his way to the center of the ring. "Good job, Zekiev." He congratulated, sticking a hand out to the newer student.

"You too, I hope we get a chance to battle again." Zekiev responded, shaking the other boy's hand. They made their way to the sidelines for the next pair of trainers.

"Joan, you're up!" Professor Colress called, motioning her to the arena. "You'll be battling Natasha, one of my best senior students!"

"Great…" Jean mumbled, her excitement dying down. –Why do I have to battle the senior?- she thought to herself blandly.

"You ready to get whipped, kid?" Natasha chided, taunting the younger girl.

-So she's going to be like that? I know who will deal with her… - Joan thought mischievously, her face taking on a dark smile.

"What's with the smile, freak? Excited to get crushed?" Natasha laughed, taking her place on the other side of the arena.

Joan simply smiled, put her headphones in, and grabbed for her favorite pokeball. She held the blue ball out at her rival, smiling widely. "I haven't used Hades here in a while, so thanks for the opportunity!" She shouted maliciously.

"Whatever, freak…" Joan's opponent said quietly, taken back by the small girl's evil tone. She threw out her pokeball first. "Go, Hitmonchan!" She shouted, her Pokémon taking a boxers stance, readying itself for an opponent.

Joan selected a song on her iPod, and threw the dark blue ball high into the air. As the ball made contact with the ground, a flash of light revealed a large, angry looking Garchomp, roaring at the ceiling loudly. Joan's dark smile grew wider as her opponents face grew shocked; she had never faced a massive Pokémon like this before.

Zekiev simply smiled on the sidelines, -She seems to be a different person while battling.- He thought curiously, as his fellow students stepped back, in hopes of not attracting the attention of the feral dragon.

I like it.-

For the love of god, will you bite your tongue?

Before we make you swallow it!

It's moments like this where silence is golden…

And then you speak…

"You're going down, bitch!" Natasha shouted, her initial shock wearing off, "Hitmonchan, use Bullet punch!" she shouted, her Pokémon rushing the beast in front of it.

Joan simply stood and watched, smirking evilly as the Hitmonchan delivered a flurry of near-invisible blows to Hades torso. The large Pokémon stood still, staring at the foolish Pokémon trying to hurt it.

No one wants to hear you…

No one wants to see you…

So desperate and pathetic,

I'm begging you to spare me,

The pleasure of your company!

The boxing Pokémon kept its assault up for several minutes, until it grew tired, smacking the dragon uselessly in the stomach. Hades blew a cloud of smoke from his nostrils into the fighting type Pokémon's face as the crowd watched on in awe. Nobody expected Natasha's Hitmonchan to be worn out so easily, let alone by a new student.

"Hades, use hyper beam!" Joan commanded, her Pokémon leaning down, face to face with the tired Hitmonchan.

When did the diamonds leave your bones?

I'm burning down every bridge we made!

I'll watch you choke on the hearts you break!

I'm bleeding out every word you said!

Go to hell for heaven's sake!

Hades opened his mouth widely, a large ball of light forming in his massive jaws. The Hitmonchan crossed his arms quickly as the beam of energy slammed into him, quickly smashing him into the wall behind Natasha, who stared on in disbelief.

-How? - She thought to herself quietly as her opponent wrapped the large dragon in a hug.

"Good job Hades!" Joan congratulated her Pokémon, holding out his pokeball. The dark blue dragon leaned down, tapping the center of the pokeball with his nose. He would be called out again soon, ready to make his master proud.

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