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A pillow bounced off of Zekiev's head, and he opened his eyes slowly in annoyance. The sun was blinding, as his roommates had opened the window, and he could hear the bird Pokémon chirping.

"Zekiev, wake up!" Kaidon said loudly, throwing his jacket on, "We're going to be late to class!" He continued, tying his shoes. "Jakus already left, because he doesn't have our first hour apparently…"

Zekiev groaned, lifting himself out of bed slowly to grab a pair of clean pants and a black Nirvana shirt out of his dresser. –How the hell did I manage to sleep in? What time even is it? - He thought to himself, tying on his boots, checking the clock and groaning. "Blaze, come on, we need to get to class." The teen said groggily, as his friend stretched out on the floor. The trainer grabbed Lancelot's pokeball off of his dresser, attaching it to his belt, and grabbed his messenger bag. "Come on buddy."

"Ty!" The Pokémon responded, ready for another day of battling practice. He especially liked the attention he got from the other trainers…

They left their room, walking briskly to their first hour class. It seemed a nice enough day, and Zekiev was looking forward to battling class, which was at the end of the day. –Well, we won't be too late after all...- He thought to himself, as their first hour room came into view. The sign read "Pokémon evolution" and was taught by Professor Rowan, the best mind on evolution the world had seen. The three walked into the class, only to be greeted by the professor himself, sitting at his desk and grading papers.

"Ah, hello you three. I'm surprised to see you here on time, early in fact." The professor said with a smirk. "I'm glad you are still recovering nicely Zekiev." He finished with a nod towards the trainer. They took their seats and awaited the rest of their classmates to join, taking their books and notepads out of their backpacks quietly.

Blaze laid on the floor quietly next to Zekiev, who took a window seat on the edge of the room, so his Pokémon wasn't in the way of anyone.

"I'm glad you brought your Typhlosion along today Zekiev, he will be crucial to the lesson." The professor announced, motioning towards Blaze. "Our lesson today will be about the starter Pokémon of Johto, and their evolutionary changes. I, for one, am relieved to have a trainer experienced in this area."

"Uh…thank you professor, I'll be glad to help out." The trainer responded quietly, adjusting his messy hair. A few more students arrived, taking their seats next to each other, while quietly talking amongst themselves.

"The rest of the class should be arriving soon enough." Rowan declared, writing the day's lesson on the white-board as more students arrived. The professor finished, sitting back in his cushioned chair, and continued grading papers.

"So Zekiev, what are we doing after our classes today?" Kaidon inquired, turning to his dark haired friend.

"I don't really know…" He responded, scratching his head, "Maybe we can head over to the main island with Joan, and find something to do there?"

"I guess that'll do…heh, maybe there will be some battles, there seem to be a lot of crazy competitive people over there." The blonde smirked, remembering his battle.

"Yeah, maybe." Zekiev said quietly, putting his chin in his hand. He hadn't gotten out for awhile, and it sounded like a nice idea. At least that wouldn't worry Sharon, who nearly had a panic attack when he told her about being attacked by Lancelot. Even Mike seemed a bit worried, even if he would never admit it.

"And hey, when the hell are you going to ask Joan out? I know the chick is absolutely crazy about you." Kaidon continued with a confused look on his face. "I mean, you DO like her, right?"

"Well yeah," Zekiev replied quickly, his voice stumbling, "O-of course I do, she's amazing…" He finished, asking himself why he hadn't talked to the girl about it. It surprised him really, his amount of trust for Joan. He felt like he could be more open for her than anyone else, and that really was new to him.

"Then do it today, or who knows, someone else might end up taking your place." Kaidon said with a slight sarcastic tone. "Naaaah, that chick is going nowhere; you're safe as houses man. Just don't keep her waiting, girls don't like that."

"I guess…" The dark haired trainer said, more to himself than to Kaidon. –Wow, am I really more scared of this, than being attacked by a damn Pokémon? Jeez- He thought to himself as the rest of the students came pouring into the class and took their seats, just as the bell rang. Professor Rowan stood at the head of the class after the bell finished, and grabbed everyone's attention.

"Today…We will be learning about the evolutionary lines of the Johto starters, and thanks to our fellow student here, "He motioned towards Zekiev and Blaze, "we will have a more in depth detail of at least one of those Pokémon."

The students quietly whispered to each other as the Professor began speaking again, this time Directly to Zekiev.

"Will you please take the floor, and maybe answer a few questions?" The old man asked, moving aside for the trainer and his Pokémon.

"Yeah, I can do that." He responded, waking Blaze up, and taking the floor. A few students' hands flew up, hoping to be called on.

"Uh…you. With the black hair." Zekiev chose, pointing at a girl in the middle of the room.

All other hands went down as the younger girl asked her question. "How did you get your Typhlosion to be so much bigger? She asked curiously.

"Well…I don't know really. He was sort of the runt of his litter…well, What was left of it at least." He finished.

"What do you mean?" the girl asked again, tilting her head.

"Well, Blaze here was the last living member of his family was killed by poachers, and I barely managed to get him away safely." The teen replied, petting his Pokémon's head. "Next question, please." He continued, as more hands flew into the air. The hour would go by slowly, with Zekiev answering all of his classmates' inquiries, and Blaze sitting silently next to him.

"Ah, before the bell rings for the next class, I would like to ask a question myself, If you wouldn't mind." The professor requested, stroking his mustache slowly.

"Of course, ask anything professor." The trainer replied, turning to his teacher.

"I watched your battles at the Hoenn regional tournament, and I was very impressed at your Typhlosion's shear speed." He spoke quickly, remembering the tournament, "How did you manage that?"

"Well…" Zekiev stated slowly, "We train together, and we always have. We have always tested each other's limits, and we also spar. Speed just comes with it, and we are evenly matched with each other." He observed, resting a hand on Blaze, "I guess you could say that it comes from how much effort we have put into training."

"Remarkable… "Rowan said quietly, as the bell rang. "Have a nice day everyone!" He spoke to the bustling class, as they made their way out the door, and on to their next rooms.

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