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"Okay, we've got no time to waste!" Jess murmured as she stalked backwards and forwards in front of the others. They were in an empty classroom, mulling over what to do about the hat. "For all we know the hat could be having a nice chat with the Headmaster as we speak!" She pounded a fist into a hand furiously still upset about narrowly missing out on Ravenclaw.

"Calm down Jess." Harry grabbed her wrist and pulled her down onto a chair next to him. "Hogwarts is already wondering about the strange storm outside we don't need to give them a tornado inside the castle!" He grinned wryly at her but she just 'hmphed' and turned away. Harry stood up and peered out of the classroom to check that they were safe from prying eyes.

"Oooooookay then!" Jason drawled. "Jess is officially pms-ing."


"Ow! Cut it out Nada! What'd I do?"

"What'd you think, you idiot!" She scowled darkly at him.


"Chill guys!" Anna stood up from her chair and plopped herself onto the teacher's desk, scattering aside some quills as she went.

"Hey!" Jess suddenly spun around with a huge smile on her face. "WE could curse it!" Four faces stared blankly back at Jess in disbelief.

"No shit Sherlock," Jason muttered dryly.

"No really!" Jess seemed unfazed by the response she was getting from her friends. "We'll threaten the hat- "

Jason snorted.

"Like we'll tell it that if it tattles we'll make sure that every seam is unpicked it in its little hat body!"

"Oooo, now that's what I call vicious!" Nada laughed and winked.

"NO seriously guys! We'll threaten it and then curse it as well, so that if it does tattle even if we do threaten it, our curse will make sure that it falls apart seam by seam before it can say a thing! It will never want to mess with us again!" She rubbed her hands together deviously with a triumphant smirk on her face.

Jason snorted again.

"Oh shut up Jason!" Nada whacked him upside the head. "I think Jess has something here and I mean, does any one else have any better ideas? Hmmm? Didn't think so!" Nada folded her arms across her chest satisfied and Jess beamed at her.

"Alright, well that's what we'll do." Harry said, swinging backwards in his chair with a thoughtful expression on his face. "But how to get Dumbledore out of his office while we do it?"

Everyone fell silent in thought until Harry spoke up again.

"Hold on, I've got it!" He jumped to his feet with a mischievous grin. "Remember how I told you guys about my first year, and the troll?"

"I like your line of thinking mate!" Jason's eyes glinted evilly.

"Hold on!" Nada the voice of reason spoke up. "Where the heck are you going to find a troll?"

"Erm…" Harry paused. "Er…."

"Didn't quite think that far did you Harry?" Anna giggled at him and he scowled.

"We'll go into the forest. We'll find something, may not be a troll but it's better than nothing!" Harry answered quickly and smirked at Anna. She rolled her eyes at him with a smile.

"So when shall this plan take action?" Nada asked.

"Harry and I will get the troll, you three girls wait until we give a yell and make a commotion and then you do the hat crap!" Jason suggested with a shrug.

"Your plan is just so carefully laid," Nada said sarcastically.

"It'll work," Jason said unfazed.

"You girls can borrow my map so that you'll know when Dumbledore leaves his office and when he's coming back." Harry pulled it from deep in his robes and chucked it at Anna.

"Come on Harry, I've been waiting for you to show me this forest!" Jason slung an arm round his shoulder and they disappeared out of the room.

"Bet they'll get themselves killed," Jess muttered dryly. "A troll? Seriously!"

"Yeah, no shit!" Nada agreed with a nod. "Jason's a bloody idiot and Harry is reckless, I think he laughs at death, the way he goes about things!"

"Yeah Harry is pretty reckless. But they'll be fine," Anna replied. "Harry knows what he's doing…"

"Does he?" Nada didn't look convinced.

"Here trolly trolly trolly!" Jason cooed as he and Harry trudged deeper into the forest.

"Like it's going to come out to that noise!" Harry rolled his eyes. "You're probably scaring anything away!"

"Hmph!" Jason grunted in reply and then suddenly toppled into a bush as a tremor shook the ground. He untangled himself from the bush and scowled at Harry. "What? You making earthquakes now too?"

"Shh!" Harry hissed at him sharply, his green eyes darting around. "That wasn't me you idiot." He crept slowly through the tangle of branches, Jason following closely behind. Another quake shook the ground beneath their feet, sending Harry headlong into a tangle of roots to a big tree. "Ow bloody hell!"

"Shhh!" Jason helped him out from underneath a tree branch and they both stood completely still. Something was sniffing them out. "Holy Hippogriff." Jason mumbled as his eyes made contact with two large red ones on the other side of the tree. "Harry mate," Jason whispered. "If this is a troll, it's a hell of a big one." Another thump sent them both crashing onto their bums as the creature moved forward into a gap of light through the trees.

"Bloody hell!" Harry's dark green eyes widened as he made out the magnificent form of a black dragon, its scales shining eerily in the dark and its head moving back and forth, sniffing at their scent.

"How the hell did that get in here?" Jason gasped, staring amazed at the site of its great big wings and swishing tale. They heard a sharp crunch as it decapitated a nearby tree.

"That's how." Harry whispered in reply referring to the tangled gap in the roof of the forest, his eyes never leaving the dragon's face. A moment's silence passed between them before Harry spoke. "Not a troll."


"Let's get a dragon!" Harry's mouth split into a wide grin.

"You've got to be kidding mate!" Jason glanced at Harry but Harry just bit his lip thoughtfully. "Are you bloody suicidal!" Jason hissed and then rolled his eyes, "Stupid question."

"Jason shut up for a moment." Harry said and slowly began stepping closer towards the dragon, ducking under branches that seemed eerily like claws in the night. Jason quickly shot out a hand and grabbed Harry by his robes.

"Want to fill me in?"

"Fine," Harry sighed in frustration and squatted down in the roots. "I say we bate the dragon."

"Bate it? With what?" Jason asked incredulously and then his face dropped in sudden realisation. "YOU ARE SUICIDAL!" He accused.

Harry rolled his. "NO I'm bloody well not. But just think, this dragon will definitely have Dumbledore up and awake in seconds. It's the perfect distraction."

"That's true…" Jason mused, looking thoughtful. His eyes were gaining a gradual maniacal glint, similar to Harry's. "No one will be able to sleep tonight…" he chuckled and then added, "And I doubt any other students have ever attempted dragons before…"

"Umm…." Harry coughed. "Ahem, I have."

"You WHAT?"

"Yeah, fourth year. Remember I told you?"


"We in agreement then?" Harry asked, sticking out a hand.

"Definitely!" They slapped low fives and then both stood up at the exact moment the dragon spotted them.

"OH Merlin…" Harry mumbled as the dragon began approaching menacingly.

"Now would be a good time to run… right?" Jason asked. Harry nodded and they both spun around and sprinted down the forest paths, a mad thumping echoing behind them. Behind them they could hear the snap and crunch of tree after tree as the forest was subjected to the angry storm that was the dragon.

"We're never going to out run -" Harry spluttered as he dived over a huge root in the path and got up and kept running. "IT."

"Why didn't u say so-!" Jason puffed in return. "BEFORE!"

"OH SHUT-?" Harry snapped in reply as the earth shook beneath him and he was sent careening into Jason unable to finish his sentence. They tumbled down into a ditch in the forest floor and collected themselves. "Do something!" Harry hissed as he peered out of the ditch at the exact moment the Dragon stopped its mad chase and began sniffing them out.

"What do you want me to do?" Jason asked sharply. They both watched as the dragon paced into view, its head low and sniffing. "Please Merlin, save me." He mumbled afterwards. Harry craned his neck and looked at the path the dragon had made through the trees behind them.

"Jeez he's a big one." Harry murmured. "Wonder what breed he is…"

"Harry. Now is not a time to be contemplating dragons, more like thinking about a way to get out of here alive. Cause I don't know about you death-boy but I want to keep my body intact!" Jason scolded with a sarcastic tone to his voice.

"Yeah, Yeah," Harry replied with a careless wave of his hand. He was studying the forest intently. "Hey Jason…" Harry mumbled thoughtfully. "Reckon you could create some barricade with the earth or something?"

"What, to stop the dragon? It'd just get out in a matter of minutes!"

"Yeah a few minutes that we could run with!" Harry snapped.


"Yeah Oh." Harry rolled his eyes.

"Okay can do…" Jason grasped his hands in front of him and pushed them out and suddenly the ground sprang up in front of them and began creating a wall of dirt. The Dragon let out a roar of frustration and stepped back hastily at the wall building in front of it. There were a few crunches as trees were snapped out of place by the dragon's movement. "RUN!" Jason yelled. They sprung out of the ditch in full view of the dragon and made a run for it. The air behind them seemed to crackle and they felt heat prickle at their robes.

"It's trying to cook us!" Harry yelled. The outline of the forest could be made out and they sprang out into the open just as a loud blast resounded and sent them to the ground. Harry rolled over and peered up in horror and amazement. "This may have been the most stupid idea we've ever had…" Harry muttered.

"We've?" Jason asked in a disbelieving voice. "This was your idea!" Over the falling debris of trees and the slightly smoking forest, a large black form was painting the night sky. They both scrambled to their feet and staggered across the lawn, exhausted and at the same time panicked. They heard the loud booming roar that symbolised that the dragon had spotted them and they increased their speed. "Can't you do something!" Jason cried out as they pounded past the lake and towards the steps of the castle. "We're not going to make it to the castle!" Jason didn't notice between his yelling and running, that Harry had stopped until he didn't get a reply. He halted and turned around to see Harry standing further back, his hands to the sky and a wind tousling his robes and messy mahogany hair.

"What the hell are you doing!" Jason yelled. The dragon was circling above Harry in the sky and all Jason could do was watch, frozen in shock. Suddenly Harry threw his head back and his hands slightly forward and an invisible force pushed the dragon back. It cried out again, sending chills up Jason's spine. Harry turned and came sprinting towards Jason.

"Quick! It'll be back in any moment!" Harry gave Jason a big shove and he stumbled forward and began running at full pelt. They scrambled up the steps of the castle at the same moment the dragon landed at the base of the steps. Harry wrenched the door open and ducked inside, Jason quickly following him. With a loud boom they slammed the doors shut and breathed a sigh of relief, slumping against the door.

"Okay problem…" Jason said softly as he took in deep breaths.


"Dragon is outside. We need it inside."

"Oh bugger."


They both slowly got their feet, staring at each other wearily and then both grabbed one of the double doors each and wrenched them open. The dragon's eyes met theirs at the sound of the door opening and let out a deafening roar. Harry and Jason exchanged glances before disappearing out of the sight down the corridor at a mad pace.

"What's keeping them?" Nada peered at her watch. "It's just after one am!"

"I hope they're okay…" Jess said worriedly. "I mean a troll is pretty big, how will they handle it?"

"Don't worry Jess, I'm sure they got something a lot smaller than a troll. Like maybe a boggart or something…"Anna said with a weak smile.

"Yeah sure-" Jess couldn't finish her sentence as the castle shook. "What- the-"

All three girls looked at each other wide eyed.

"You don't think…"

"They wouldn't..."

"Yeah…how could they get a troll…"

"…Too difficult…."

"It's probably just an…"


"Boggarts don't make earthquakes…"


A bleary eyed Albus Dumbledore was shaken awake…literally. He placed his half moon glasses on his nose, bewildered and slipped on his slippers and padded out of his room and into his office. He stumbled slightly as his office shook and grabbed his wand and quickly left his office his face set.

"Shh!" Nada hissed. All three girls pressed themselves against the wall as the Headmaster stepped from his office and began striding towards the source of the quake. "Let's go." They all quickly scampered up the stairs before the gargoyle could close itself and skidded into the unusual office of Albus Dumbledore.

"Cool!" Anna grinned at the stuff and began to walk towards a cabinet that had a lock on it. Nada quickly grabbed her by the arm. "Stay focused!" She hissed.

"Here it is!" Jess exclaimed and sprang at the hat, where it sat sleeping…that is…if a hat can sleep. It sprang 'awake' at once as Jess shook it and she placed it roughly on her blonde head.

"Ahh…Miss. Dubois. What an unexpected visit. What can I do for you?"

"What you can do for me…" Jess replied with gritted teeth. "Is keep your mouth shut."

"Indeed…" the hat mused.

"You listen to me you piece of cloth! You say one thing about us elementals and you'll wish you were never sown together!" Behind her, Jess could hear Anna laugh and a slap of a hand as Nada covered her mouth. She grinned, threatening was fun.

"Oh I wasn't planning to say any thing…" the hat said. Jess didn't quite believe it, and so knowing that the hat could see everything in her head, visualised a huge quick unpick, slowly pulling the hat to threads. She heard a sharp gasp from inside her mind and grinned. Then she chucked the hat to the floor, brandished her wand and cursed it.

"Feeling better now Jess?" Anna asked, watching her furious friend get her revenge. Jess turned around and smiled thinly,

"The hat won't say a word. And even if it tried…well it would soon be just ravels of thread!" She grinned triumphantly. "Come on, let's go see what kind of monster the boys let loose." They quickly left the office, the hat left lying on the floor ungracefully. The gargoyle slammed shut behind them quickly as they left, making them jump.

"Jeez, grumpy statues." Anna muttered shaking her head as they walked away. The distant thunder of whatever monster was let loose was becoming louder as they approached. "Is it just me or does that sound like it's coming straight at us?" Anna asked, raising an eyebrow. Nada squinted down the hall, trying to see what was coming towards them in the dark lights of the corridor. "Er…I think we're about to be run over."

"Really?" Jess asked snidely, rolling her eyes. "I can tell by the tone of your voice that we should run."

"No really guys. Are you blind!" Nada had stopped walking and was trying to keep herself upright, as the thunder shook everything in the corridor. The lights flickered slightly and then suddenly went out as if some great wind had extinguished the flames.

"Uh oh," Jess mumbled. "That can't be a good sign. Guys?" She paused. "GUYS?" Suddenly a hand snatched out and grabbed her pulling her into the darkness. She let out a scream but the hand muffled it as she was pushed down behind a statue.

"Shhh!" Someone hissed in her ear.

"Jason?" Jess whispered back.

"The one and only."

"What the hell is that!" She hissed at him as she peered at the large black form leering in the dark corridor.



"A dragon?"

"A what?" Jess exclaimed shrilly and once again had her mouth clamped over by Jason's hand. The red eyes of the dragon shot like laser beams in their direction and paused. A large sniffing noise was heard as Jess sat frozen in Jason's arms. Her eyes widened in slight horror as she made out the shape of the dragon's head less than a meter away.


Jess almost choked in terror and on slight laughter. Harry was definitely reckless.

"Wooohoooo Mr. Dragon!"

The dark scales hit the light as the dragon swung around, narrowed red eyes seeking out the disruption that stopped it from smelling out its prey. Harry paused like a deer caught in headlights, suddenly wondering what possessed him to do something so suicidal. A sickeningly happy glint seemed to reflect from the dark pupils of the dragon as it swaggered forward towards Harry. The large padded noise of its claws hitting the ground seemed to shake the very walls of Hogwarts let alone the poor portraits which had moments ago fled in terror.

"Guys…" Harry said softly, hoping that everyone was nearby in the dark to hear him. "Where's Dumbledore?" He got no reply; no one dared to speak for fear of the dragon. "Right o! I'll take that as a 'no, Dumbledore is no where near by.' Just great." He paused in his mumbling to take a few steps back and increase the distant between him and the menacing dragon.

"Okay, that means we'll have get rid of this thing. Fantastic." Harry rolled his eyes to himself and then glanced at the torches, which had lost their flames. "Some light would be good Anna…"

Seconds later and a flame flew from behind a suit of armour and bounced along lighting all the lights in the corridor before disappearing. The dragon halted for a moment in curiosity before pacing forward towards Harry more, a suspicious glint in its eye.

"Erm, okay guys. Now let's see," Harry mumbled as he wiped the sweat from his palms on his robes. Suddenly the dragon lunged forward and Harry landed on his bum.

"Bloody hell. SOME HELP HERE PLEASE!" Harry rolled, narrowly missing a breath of fire that came shooting towards him. Not a moment later and a nearby suit of armour lost its helmet as it came soaring over and bonked the dragon right on its noggin. A roar of anger resounded from the dragon as it tossed its head madly, nostrils flaring and hot hair prickling the air about them.

"It's going to breathe fire I just know it….Nada…." Harry was slowly walking backwards as the dragon lowered its head directly at Harry and stalked forward. Its mouth opened wide and just as it was about to fry Harry to an inch a jet of water choked it. Harry dived into a hiding spot during the distraction and found himself pressed up with Anna.

"I've got a plan," she hissed at him, watching the dragon from the corner of her eye. "The dungeons are fire proof…"

"Are they?"



"Shut up Harry and let me talk." She glared at him and continued. "If we lock the dragon in one of those empty ones, it'll never be able to get out until we let it out." She looked at him expectantly and waited for a reply.

"Great idea," Harry nodded at her and stood up suddenly and began sprinting down the corridor. The dragon smoking by the ears whipped around and thundered after him.

"He's a bloody idiot!" Anna shrieked and sprinted after him. The other elementals rolled out of their hiding places in confusion and chased after her. She sprinted past a cross section of corridors and failed to notice the elderly wizard until she ran full pelt into him and fell to the ground breathing deeply. The others skidded to a halt around them.

"Miss. O'Sullivan?" Albus Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at her and then turned and acknowledged the others. "Mr. Cumerford, Miss. Dubois and Miss. Makris."

"Professor!" Jess squealed. "There's a dragon chasing Harry!" Dumbledore looked slightly stunned for a second before he turned completely serious.

"Lead the way."

When Harry found himself at the stairs he cursed whatever God had made him this unlucky. It seemed the stairs had disappeared for the night  that led to the dungeons and the only ones in action were leading in all the wrong directions. He turned to look behind himself and saw frightening form of the dragon as it stalked triumphantly forward. Without a second glance, Harry jumped. He felt the air rushing past him and slowed his speedy drop to a nice float. He looked up and found the dragon breathing down on him literally. With a slight twist in the air, Harry flew down to the dungeon level and began running as the dragon hit the bottom with him. He ran past classroom after classroom until he found an unused one and sprinted inside. It was then that Harry realised he had just dug himself his own grave.

One, the dragon was now in the way of his only escape.

Two, it could make the classroom an oven in two seconds flat and have a nice Harry roast.

And three, there was nothing Harry could do about it.

"OH FUCK." Harry wasn't one to swear of course, but given the circumstances he felt he was entitled to a bit of swearing. "Holy shit in a brick, Mother of Merlin, Stupid Stupid Stupid…." Harry stopped in his tracks and suddenly grinned. The dragon couldn't fit through the door. "HA!" Harry lifted his hand and waved it and suddenly the door was shut in the face of the mad creature. He pulled out his wand and walked forward and got down on his stomach to peer through the crack under the door. He could just make out the movements of the huge clawed feet of the dragon as they paced in frustration. Harry stood and tapped his chin thoughtfully, as he madly tried to think of the spell that Sara had taught him recently. It basically would swap Harry with the Dragon, making the dragon the one stuck in the classroom and Harry the one in the corridor.  "What is it! Bloody hell…AHA!" Harry brandished his wand and yelled, "Transference Draconis!"

With a pop he found himself in the corridor, and a loud roar signified the dragon was locked in the classroom.

"Good job Mr. Potter."

Harry looked up startled and his face fell. Bloody hell, I'm in biiiiig trouble.

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