Warning: This is season 3 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium series. Make to read Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Season 1: Chaos Rising and Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Season 2: Descent of Darkness first.

Note on continuity: This series is based completely of the English anime, and as thus, it will contain discontinuities when compared to any other version of Yu-Gi-Oh, such as the magna or Japanese anime.

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Season 3: Guardian of the Balance

Episode 49: Enter Chaos

Three Days ago…

Yuni is standing in the underground base of the Disciples of Darkness, after being trapped there by Ruin. Ruin is saying,"You're too powerful, and it's too risky. But I have found the solution. I have accumulated enough power to banish a mind, without first beating that person in a duel."

Yuni says in shock, "Wait, what!?"

Ruin says, "That's right. Consider your mind banished. Go, Shadow Leech!" A shadow spreads from Ruin to Yuni. The shadow then starts to spread onto Yuni and slowly wraps around him completely.

Yuni shouts, "No! No!" As the shadows begin to cover his face, a look of despair crosses his face. He says solemnly, "That's it. I fail." He thinks, I'm sorry Yugi. This is the end of us.

The shadow covers the remains of Yuni. A spirit version of Yuni is pulled from the body. Yuni's body falls lifelessly to the floor. It looks as if some unseen force is dragging Yuni's spirit by the leg upwards. A dark portal opens up and Yuni is dragged towards it. He thinks desperately, No, this can't be it! I need to escape! No! Yugi! Yuni struggles, but to no avail. He's dragged into the void.

The scene changes to show an infinite expanse of darkness. All that can be seen is black and dark-purple voids going on for ever. Yuni appears in the void. He says to himself meekly, "Yugi…" Suddenly Yuni writhes in pain and screams out. He shouts, "Mommy, Daddy, No!" He continues to scream in intense agony. Yuni starts to transform. He turns into a younger, child version of himself. He continues to scream.

The scene around Yuni slowly starts to change. The scene shows a flashback of the inside of Yuni's house. Yuni's parents are standing at the front door and the younger Yuni is running at them.

"Mommy, Daddy where are you going?" says the Yuni. "You said that you would be home for a while this time."

Yuni's dad kneels down and says, "We're sorry son but we have to go again. We might be gone for a while this time. We need you to stay here with Grandpa, to keep him company. Can you do that?" Yuni nods his head and his dad stands back up. This time his mom kneels down.

"I want you to know that we will always love you no matter what. Please, take this and when you miss us, just press the button on the side." She then places the holo-locket around Yuni's neck. Yuni presses the button and the hologram of his parents appear. appears. He then presses the other button and the locket opens up, revealing Another Hope.

"What's this Mommy?"

"Protect that card Yuni, you are bound for great things and that card is the key. We have to go now Yuni."

"Don't go. I don't want you to go!"

Yuni's father kneels back down, "Be brave my son. You come from a strong line. You can do this." His parents walk out the door, and shut it. Yuni curls up on the floor and begins to cry.

The Scene begins to change around Yuni again. He is still younger, and in the exact same fetal position he was in before the shift. It's now nighttime, and it's raining hard. Lightning strikes and thunder sounds. Young Yuni looks stops crying and looks up. Suddenly, Yuni's father runs by. He shouts, "Jade, come on! He's nearly caught up with us!"

Yuni's mother catches up, she's panting. She says, "We've been running for hours Ben! I can't keep up! I can't carry on."

"Come on, we need to keep moving! We don't have any time to stop!"

"Alright, fine. Let's go."

Suddenly, a malevolent voice says, "You two aren't going anywhere!" In the flash of a lightning bolt, the silhouette of a figure in Disciple of Darkness robes is revealed.

Yuni's father says, "Oblivion."

Oblivion says, "Give me back the card, and your ends will be merciful."

Yuni's father says sternly, "That card doesn't belong to you! It has power greater than you could comprehend!"

"I comprehend it power better than you do. You know nothing of it."

Yuni's mother says, "The card is meant to be used for good! You would abuse its power!"

Oblivion shouts, "Enough! Give me Another Hope now!"

Yuni's father smirks. "I'm sorry Lord Oblivion, but that would be impossible. The card is hidden. You'll never find it!"

Oblivion shouts in anger, "Noooo! You two will pay for this!" Another bolt of lightning, and Oblivion can be seen raising his arm. "Shadow Leech!" Tendrils of shadows stretch from his hand wrap around Yuni's mother and father.

The last thing that Yuni's mother says before she engulfed is, "Yuni…forgive me…" Both fall limply to the ground.

Young Yuni, still watching, shouts, "Mommy, Daddy! No!" He starts to cry again.

Oblivion walks over to the bodies of the two and says, "I will find Another Hope. I will obtain it's power. Your sacrifice was in vain." Oblivion laughs manically.

The scene returns to the dark void. Yuni, who is normal aged again, is floating there with his eyes closed. He's writhing in agony and mumbling under his breath, "Mommy…Daddy…no…no…please…" Yuni instinctively reaches for the holo-locket around his neck, but he can't seem to grasp it. He keeps on grabbing for it, but he just can't reach it, as if it wasn't there.

The scene shifts once more. Yuni is back at the start of the scene where his parents' minds were taken. He looks like a kid again. He stands completely still, and there is a terrified, traumatized look across his face. It looks as if he wants to stop watching, but he can't. His face is the face of a lifeless person. As the scene plays out just as it did before, a mysterious, but familiar voice says, "Yuni! I can help you get out of here!" Yuni appears not to notice. The voice continues, "You do not have to be trapped here for an eternity! I can get you out!"

Yuni mumbles to himself, "Mother…Father…"

The voice asserts, "Stop it Yuni! Do not dwell in the past! I can help you escape, but only if you want to! You must have the will!"

Yuni questions, still under his breath, "Escape…?"

"Yes, that's it! Escape, I can help you! There is hope!"

"Hope…what is hope…?"

"This is not the world you live in Yuni! Remember me! Remember what I mean to you!"

Yuni doesn't respond. After several seconds, he manages to meekly say, "…Apep…?"

"Yes Yuni! Yes! Together we can get you out of here! Remember the good times Yuni! Remember your parents for what they were, not what you're seeing! Remember Another Hope! Your parents wanted you to protect it! That's not what you're doing!"

Young Yuni, who doesn't have the necklace on, slowly reaches towards where it would be. He clenches the air. Suddenly out of his fist, a light shines. The light pierces through the illusion around Yuni. He is now back to being full-grown, and has the holo-locket in his hand. His eyes open. He asks in surprise, "Apep!?"

Apep answers, "Good Yuni! Good! Now look for the light!"

Yuni looks around. "What light?"

"The light in your heart Yuni! Only that light from within can pierce the eternal shadows of the Realm of Darkness! Let out the light of hope and friendship in your heart!"

Yuni closes his eyes and concentrates. Several images rapidly appear, and disappear behind him. Images such as Apep, Brutus, Tori, Yugi, and even Seto appear. A light begins to glow around Yuni. With every new thing he thinks of, the light grows brighter. Finally, the light grows so bright that a beam of it shoots out of Yuni and hit's a point in empty space. Where the light hits, a portal opens. The ceases, and Apep can be seen on the other side of the portal.

Apep says, "Good job Yuni! Now will yourself to move to the portal! Escape from the Realm of Darkness!"

Yuni closes his eyes again. Slowly he begins to drift towards the portal. He goes through it.

On the other side, Apep is standing in an unknown place. It's an area were all of the ground is a somber gray, and the sky is a yellow-orange. It appears that throughout the sky, there are vortexes that open and close constantly. Streams of gold, purple, black, and white energy flow from one vortex to another. Yuni falls onto the ground out of the portal. Apep exclaims, "Yuni!"

Yuni slowly gets up and looks at Apep. He finally says excitedly, "Apep, I thought that you were gone! What happened!?"

Apep smiles. "I was no more gone than you were Yuni."

Yuni runs up to him and hugs him. He lets go and asks, "How did that happen? What happened? I thought that there was no way back when you're mind is banished!"

Apep nods slowly. "When I lost in my duel with Oblivion, I knew what was going to happen next. I used an ancient Chaos technique, one that allowed me to reroute were my mind and body were banished to. I have been here for several days now, watching you. As soon as I saw what was about to happen, I knew I had to save you. I couldn't reroute your mind before it was banished, but I got to it as soon as I could."

Yuni shouts in disbelief, and a little anger, "As soon as you could!? I had to have been in there for years! I watched my parents' last moments millions of times!"

Apep lowers his head in shame. "I am sorry Yuni. Mere moments spent in the Realm of Shadows appears to be years. It is the torturous effect of it. I'm so sorry you had to go through that."

Yuni sighs. "Why was I seeing all of that?"

"As I said, the Realm of Darkness is a place of pure darkness and torture. It shows you what you fear the most. It shows you your inner demons."

Yuni looks confused. "But…I get seeing my parents leave, but their confrontation with Oblivion…I've never seen that before. How was it that I saw it then?"

"It's hard to say. No one knows much about the Realm of Darkness. I would have to guess that what you fear most is what happened to your parents, so despite not knowing what happened, that is what you were shown."

Yuni sighs. "I'm almost glad to have seen that. I can't tell you how many times I've gone over what might have happened to them in my minds. It can help me be little more in peace."

"That's good Yuni. Overcome your inner demons. That is the only way to succeed in life and to properly serve Chaos."

Yuni finally takes notice of where he is. He looks around. He asks, "Whoa, what is this place?"

Apep says, "Of course, I forgot to explain. Yuni, you are now only the fourth mortal being to step foot in the Realm of Chaos in over 20,000 years."

Yuni looks shocked. "The Realm…of Chaos? As in the source of all Chaos power, and the place were the Rulers of Chaos reside? That Realm of Chaos?"

Apep nods. "That very one. I'm glad to hear that you've been studying the materials I gave you."

"Wow." Yuni takes a few moments to look around. He suddenly looks surprised, as if he forgot something. "Excuse me one moment." Yuni thinks, Yugi, are you there? Yugi?

Apep states, "I'm sorry Yuni, but Yugi isn't here. When your mind was ripped from your body, Yugi's mind was left behind. Just look." Apep waves his hand, and a projection appears in front of them. It shows Yugi starting his duel against Ruin.

Yuni exclaims, "You have to get me back! Ruin is dangerous! I need to help Yugi!"

Apep says, "I am sorry to say, but that can't happen."

Yuni looks surprised. "Why!?"

"In the real world, I'm the most powerful master of Chaos. But in this realm, my powers are next to nothing. Only one of the Chaos Trinity could send you back."

Yuni exclaims, "Well than let's go find one of them!"

"I'm afraid it's not that simple. You see, there is another reason why I brought you here."


"The Realm of Chaos is in a state of disaster. Darkness plagues it."

"What happened?"

"To explain that, I must first explain the story of the first Lord of Chaos." Yuni nods. As Apep tells his story, the scene changes to illustrate the story. "It was almost 5,000 years ago. The Realm of Chaos was in a state of unending disbalance, known as the Chaos Wars. You see, the Chaos Trinity, or Rulers of Chaos, composed of The Chaos Deity and his envoys, the Chaos Emperor Dragon, and Black Luster Soldier, normally maintain the Balance, but it all came to an end. The Chaos Emperor Dragon launched an attack against the entire realm. He destroyed everything. Normally the Chaos Deity would have immediately destroyed any threat to the Balance, but he was powerless to do so. The Chaos Emperor Dragon had possession of the legendary Deck of Chaos. This almighty deck has control over Chaos itself. He who controls the deck, controls Chaos. The Chaos Deity secluded himself, as he could do nothing. The Black Luster Soldier did all it could to stop its counterpart, but it was hopeless. An eternal battle ragged. It would seem that the Chaos Emperor Dragon would win, and that Darkness would rule supreme. That is, until a lone duelist entered the Realm of Chaos, some say as a mere mistake. This duelist, whose name is lost to time, gave aid to the nearly destroyed Black Luster Soldier. Together, they fought back against the Chaos Emperor Dragon. It all lead to one final climactic duel between the duelist and the Chaos Emperor Dragon. No one in all of history has ever defeated the Deck of Chaos, but the duelist had other plans. He took control over Chaos Emperor Dragon with one of his cards, and than used Polymerization to fuse it not with another monster, but with himself. The two became one, and the duelist gained control over the power of Chaos. He returned Balance to the Chaos. After years dedicated to maintaining the Balance, the Chaos Deity officially thanked him, and declared him the first mortal Lord of Chaos. Over the following years, the duelist gathered followers, and created the Society of Chaos. Eventually, the duelist passed on. It freed the spirit of the Chaos Emperor Dragon, but after spending years merged with one so pure of heart, it no longer desired to conquer the Realm of Chaos. They say that the soul of the duelist still remains fused with that of the Chaos Emperor Dragon's. After the duelist passed on, the Deck of Chaos was returned to the Realm of Chaos, and the Chaos Deity said that as long as they remain a Guardian of the Balance, he would grant future Lords of Chaos with the Power of Chaos."

Yuni looks fascinated. "So you're the heir to that legacy."

"Exactly. But don't get confused, the original Lord of Chaos had the full power of the Chaos Emperor Dragon. I merely posses an insignificant portion of it, granted by the Chaos Deity."

Yuni nods. "So what's going on now?"

"I told you before that you were only the fourth mortal to step foot in this realm for thousands of years. The first was the original Lord of Chaos. I was the third. Our problem comes in the form of the second. It is impossible to say how, but somehow one with malicious intent has made it into the Realm of Chaos. Not only has he accomplished that, but he has gained control of the Deck of Chaos."

Yuni exclaims, "What!? How!?"

"I wish I could say. After it was returned by the first Lord of Chaos, the Chaos Deity locked away the Deck of Chaos. It has gone unused, but heavily guarded, for millennia. How anyone, let alone a mortal, would get their hands on it is unknown."

Yuni says, "That's horrible."

Apep lowers his head. "That isn't even the worst of it. Despite all of its efforts, the Chaos Emperor Dragon was never able to subjugate the Black Luster Soldier, or the Chaos Deity using the Deck of Chaos. It was as if the Laws of Chaos, prevented one of the Chaos Trinity from controlling the others. The current control over the Deck of Chaos has is bound by no such rules. He now has total control over entire Realm of Chaos, and the Chaos Trinity itself. Yuni, the new Chaos Wars have begun. I need your help to fight it."