Episode 69: The Chaos of Order Part 2

Yuni and Ma'at are locked in a duel of Chaos vs. Order. The field around them has just transformed, revealing dimensions of Chaos and Order. Behind Yuni is the Will of Chaos, Apophis, and behind Ma'at is the Will of Order. Both duelists look baffled as to what is happening. They look from side to side, trying to figure out what is going on. Apophis slithers around Yuni and moves his head close to Yuni's ear. He whispers, "Lord Ragnarok, we must overcome the corruption that is Order, or else Chaos may not survive."

Likewise, the Will of Order bends down and whispers in Ma'at's ear, "You know what Chaos does to people, it corrupts and destroys them. You must put an end to it."

Off to the side, the observation deck floats in midair, as the only part of the room that has been unchanged. The audience appears blissfully unaware of the changes that have taken place around them. Brutus shouts out, "Hey Yuni, what are you staring at!? Get back to the duel!"

Yuni thinks, Ma'at and I must be the only people seeing this. Yuni looks to the side, where Apophis has his head lowered to the same level as Yuni's. Yuni asks quietly, "What is going on here? Why can none of them see this?"

Apophis answers, "The Guardians of Order have been a thorn in the side of everything Chaos for far to long. I have come to you to ensure your victory over the forces of Order."

Yuni points across the field, "And her, what's going on there?"

Apophis says with disgust, "That is the Will of Order, I'd imagine that traitor is here for the same reason. Do not pay her any heed. You know what to do next."

Yuni nods in affirmation. He declares, "I banish the Dark Cyber-Tech Berserker and Light Cyber-Tech Prototype in order to perform a Chaos Evolution!" The armor that Cyber-Tech Magician is wearing is removed, and floats right next to it. Cyber-Tech Magician becomes cloaked light and dark energies. Yuni chants, "O, Will of Chaos, hear my plead, grant me the power that I need! White as day, black as night, Cyber-Tech Magician, unleash your might!" Light and dark energy moves from Apophis to Cyber-Tech Magician. "I summon Discordon, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Chaos (Light/Level 9/Spellcaster/Evolution/ATK 3300/DEF 2900)!" Yuni's monster emerges. The armor reequips itself. Yuni explains, "If the monster that Necro Automaton of Eclan is equipped to Evolves, it remains equipped to the new monster. Now, the effect of Discordon activates and negates the effects of all face-up cards on your side of the field!"

Ma'at looks surprised. "We've been over this already! If you attempt to negate my Eunomia's effect, I'll just negate yours and destroy your monster!"

"No, you won't, because as long as my Necro Automaton is equipped to a Chaos monster, the equipped monster can't be destroyed by card effects! Now Discordon, attack the Supreme Dragon of Order - Eunomia with Yin-Yang Stream!"

"The second effect of Return of Order prevents attacks from being declared against a monster summoned its effect!" The attack of Yuni's magician is cancelled.

Yuni asks sincerely, "Why Ma'at, why do you follow the path of Order?"

Ma'at looks taken aback. He say, "You already know the answer to that question! Chaos is a corrupt system! Chaos allows for Darkness to be just as prominent as Light! Chaos is the reason my parents are gone!"

Yuni reasserts himself, "No, that's not what I meant. Why do you think that there is no room for Darkness? You were brought up learning the values of Chaos, what made you decide that they were wrong?"

Ma'at uncharacteristically hangs his head. "I told you that already too. I watched in horror as the Lord of Chaos fell into Darkness. I saw how he changed. I knew I could never serve an organization that did such things to people."

Yuni asserts, "Why do you think that Order is any better? You should know that one can be corrupted by Light as well as Darkness. It is only a strict balance between the two that can protect one."

"That is why the Grand Order does not demand the complete eradication of Darkness, only the subjugation of it. No one in he history of the Guardians of Order has ever been corrupted. The Guardians are pure and holy. We can not be corrupted!" He says the last part full of emotion and conviction.

Yuni responds, "You know what I think? I think that your deceiving yourself. You were raised on the concepts of Chaos, you should know better than that. I think that the fall of Apep into Darkness scared you so much that you were willing to accept anything, but after all of these years, I think your starting to doubt yourself."

Ma'at looks full of rage. He shouts, "How dare you! I am the Lord of Order! I have been enlightened to the truth!"

Yuni asks, "Tell me this, if you're so pure and incorruptible by Darkness, then why are you showing so much anger? The manifestation of such a dark emotion can only lead to Darkness."

Ma'at looks slightly embarrassed at Yuni's last comment. He instantly calms himself down, and returns to a serene state. "I have nothing more to say to you Chaos scum."

Yuni sighs. He thinks to Yugi, I feel like I was getting close to a breakthrough. Maybe the Matt that Apep knew is still in there.

Yugi replies, I agree, maybe, just maybe, we can return him to Chaos.

Yuni says aloud, "Alright fine, what ever you want. I'll just finish my turn by setting a card and activating the effect of Necro Automaton of Eclan! Since its equipped to a Chaos monster, I can once per turn send a Light and a Dark monster from my deck to my grave! I'll send Cyber-Technokinetic and Cyber-Tech Skull Archfiend, which I shall immediately banish in order to keep my Discordon on the field (Yuni's hand: 0)!"

The Will of Order whispers to Ma'at, "He has insulted you, he has insulted your organization, and worst of all, he has insulted the Grand Order. Utilize my power. Destroy the heretic, and make him pay for all he has said."

Ma'at nods in understanding. He holds his hand up into the air and declares, "I call upon a Draw of Order!" Golden energy swirls around both his hand and the top card of his deck. He dramatically draws the card. "It's time to even the playing field! I return Archlord of Order and Beast of Order to my deck! Go, Evolution of Order!" A vortex of golden and white energy begins to swirl around Eunomia. "Grand Order, master of the universe, I draw upon your power! Great dragon Eunomia, evolve and usher in the New World Order! I summon Divine Dragon of the New Order - Neo-Eunomia (Light/Level 11/Dragon/Evolution/ATK ?/DEF ?)!" The light slowly dies away, revealing Ma'at's new monster. Like before, it is a serpentine dragon, but it now has arms and legs. Out of the top of its head is long, flowing, and elegant golden hair, giving the dragon more of a female appearance. Its armor is now more gold than white, and the gaps in its armor shine more brightly than ever.

Yuni exclaims, "What, there's a such thing as an Order Evolution!?"

Ma'at corrects, "It's Evolution of Order, not Order Evolution. And yes, there is a such thing. Anything that you followers of Chaos can do, the Guardians of Order can do better." Ma'at explains, "Like its predecessor, Neo-Eunomia's attack and defense is equal to the number of Light monsters in my grave times 1000 (ATK and DEF: 1000). That might not be much now, but wait until I activate Neo-Eunomia's effect! It allows me send the four top cards of my deck to the grave!" The top four cards of Ma'at's deck glow white, and then fly into his grave. "What do you know, all four cards I sent were Light monsters (ATK and DEF: 5000)! Neo-Eunomia's next effect allows me to return a card from your field to your hand once per turn. I'll return your facedown card to your hand with Cyclone of Order!" Neo-Eunomia releases a swirling cyclone of light energy that blows Yuni's facedown away. "Now to play the card that I drew via my Draw of Order! I activate Artifact of Order: Serenity Arms!" A silver and gold armor equips itself to Neo-Eunomia. It sparkles and shines with a golden aura. "Divine Dragon of the New Order - Neo-Eunomia, attack Discordon, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Chaos with Devastation of Order!" In front of its mouth, Neo-Eunomia charges a massive ball of golden energy. Out of the ball fires a gigantic beam of light at Yuni's monster.

Yuni declares, "I activate Discordon's special ability! By banishing the Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Enforcement that I sent to my grave earlier, I can activate its effect! Which by the way, makes the attack of my monster become equal to the attack of the strongest monster you control (ATK: 5000) until the end of the turn! In addition, if my monster battles the strongest monster you control, my monster can't be destroyed! Counter attack with Yin-Yang Stream!" Yuni's monster launches its magical burst of light and darkness. "Since my monster can't be destroyed, say goodbye to your Neo-Eunomia!"

"Wrong again! The effect of Serenity Arms does two things! By sending an Order monster to my grave, I can prevent Eunomia's destruction by card effect, but what matters here is that it prevents the equipped monster from being destroyed by battle, meaning that neither of our monsters are destroyed!" The two attacks collide and create a massive explosion. When the smoke clears, the two monsters remain on the field. "I finish my turn by returning two Light monsters to my deck in order to keep Neo-Eunomia on the field (ATK and DEF: 3000) (Ma'at's hand: 3)."

The Will of Order whispers, "Do not give up, victory will always come to those who follow the True Path."

On the other side of the field, Apophis whispers to Yuni, "He may appear powerful, but as long as you trust in Chaos, you can not fail."

Yuni announces, "Let's do this again, Chaos Draw!" Yuni epically draws another card infused with Chaos energy. "I summon the Chaos Relic: Golden Automaton of Shinla (Light/Level 4/Machine/Union/ATK 1800/DEF 1800)!" This relic is a robot made out of pure gold. It appears to be much more elegant and well put together than the previous automaton. "Since it's a Union monster, the Golden Automaton of Shinla can turn into armor and equip itself to a Chaos monster that I control." The robot melts down into a pile of molten gold and moves to the feet of Discordon. It then starts to reform and wraps itself around Discordon, creating a layer a shining gold over the armor of both the Necro Automaton of Eclan and its normal armor. "I'll set the card that you returned to my hand earlier and with that done, I'll have Discordon attack Neo-Eunomia! Go, once more, Yin-Yang Stream!" Yuni's magician of Chaos launches its attack.

Ma'at says, "The effect of Artifact of Order prevents her from being destroyed!"

"But you still have some damage coming your way!" The attack hits. While the monster remains on the field, a shockwave hits Ma'at (Ma'at's LP: 3400). "Now I'll activate the effect of Necro Automaton of Eclan and send a Light and a Dark monster to my grave, which I will banish in order keep Discordon on the field!" As soon as Yuni declares this, the Golden Automaton of Shinla begins to glow brighter. "The effect of the Golden Automaton allows me to draw a card for each monster the I banish!" Yuni draws two cards. "Now my turn is over (Yuni's hand: 2)."

The Will of Order says to Ma'at, "He has made a mockery of Order by attacking us. You cannot allow that to stand."

Ma'at charges Order energy and declares, "Again, Draw of Order!" He pulls off the glowing card from his deck. "I equip Neo-Eunomia with Artifact of Order: Tranquil Arsenal!" An assortment of weapons are donned by Neo-Eunomia. Two small, cannon-like devices are equipped to each of its arms, while on its back, on top of its neck, a larger golden cannon is mounted. In addition, golden spikes are now lining its back.

The Will of Order says, "Yes, use the weapons that I forged and enforce the Grand Order."

Ma'at declares, "Now, I'll activate Neo-Eunomia's effect and return Discordon to your hand!"

Yuni replies, "There's no way I'm going to allow that to happen! I activate my facedown card, Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Immunity! This card makes it so that you can't target any of my Cyber-Tech Magician monsters with effects!"

Ma'at says without missing a beat, "Then I'll just activate Neo-Eunomia's next effect and send the top four cards of my deck to the grave." Four more cards fly into his card graveyard. "I just sent two Light monsters to my grave (ATK: 5000)!" Ma'at shouts with all of his heart, "Now Neo-Eunomia, attack with Devastation of Order! We will show why Order is superior!"

The Will of Order loudly, instead of whispering, "Yes, put an end to this eons old feud!"

Apophis, also loudly, declares, "No, it shall be us who ends this war!"

Yuni shouts with passion, "That's right! Counterattack now, Yin-Yang Stream!"

The two attacks collide in the center of the field, and create a massive orb of energy. From that orb, there is a massive flash of light.

When the flash recedes, Yuni and Ma'at are standing in a new location. It appears to be in some sort of ruins. While Yuni and Ma'at's monsters are gone, the Wills of Chaos and Order are still present.

Ma'at demands, "What is this!? Why have you brought me here!?"

Yuni shouts back, "I have no more a clue than you do!"

Apophis says, "You are seeing a vision from nearly 5,000 years ago. Look over there." He beckons to the left. Yuni and Ma'at look.

There is what looks like a duel going on. The two duelists are utilizing the original Duel Disk system. One is wearing a black and white cloak, similar to the one worn by Apep, he also has messy brown hair. Behind him is the Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End (Dark/Level 8/Dragon/Effect/ATK 3000/DEF 2500). The other wears a reflective white jumpsuit, and has pure white hair, combed back orderly. Behind this one is the Supreme Dragon of Order - Eunomia (Light/Level 9/Dragon/Effect/ATK ?/DEF ?) (ATK and DEF: 4000).

The Chaos one says, "Why Chitsujo, why? It didn't have to be like this."

The other one, apparently named Chitsujo says, "No, Chaos is corrupt! I saw you give into the Darkness! Order has given me a new way!"

"Order has corrupted your thinking! Order leads only to disbalance!"

Yuni makes a realization and exclaims, "That must be the first Lord of Chaos!"

Ma'at also exclaims, "Chitsujo, that's the first Lord of Order!"

The two continue their conversation, as if they can't hear what Yuni and Ma'at are saying. Chitsujo asserts, "Chaos is wrong! Chaos utilizes Darkness! No such system will ever work!"

The first Lord of Chaos hangs his head. "I thought that I had taught you better than that. You were my most promising student, how could you have sunken so low?"

The other exclaims, "It is not I who is low! Look at the monster behind you!" He points at the Chaos Emperor Dragon. "You fused yourself with the monster that represents only Darkness and destruction! You use its dark powers! How can one so connected to the dark side of Chaos be trusted to rule it!?"

The Lord of Chaos looks up towards the dragon. "Yes, I have bonded with the Chaos Emperor Dragon, but it is not he who's effected me, I have taught him how to follow the ways of the Balance." He looks straight in the eyes of the other. "Besides, it is not me who has been corrupted. I may carry the spirit of the Envoy of the End, but it is you who has become corrupt. Just look at yourself, you used to be my most serene follower, but now…now you are but a ghost of your former self. Order will only lead to corruption.

A look of anger crosses Chitsujo's face. He shouts in anger, "How dare you suggest that I, the first Lord of Order, can be corrupted! I am more powerful than you ever have been, even with your dragon friend helping you! I will destroy you and save the Grand Order!"

The Lord of Chaos looks disappointed. He says, "You are only proving my point. You may follow Light, but your emotions of Darkness are more out of control than ever before. You feel that the world is wrong, and that only you can fix it, that is a sign of corruption by Light. You are too far gone. I am sorry that I must do this." He looks up at his Chaos Emperor Dragon. The dragon nods in understanding. "I pay 1000 life points (Lord of Chaos' LP: 3000) in order to activate the Chaos Emperor Dragon's effect, destroying every card on the field and in each of our hands, then you'll take 300 points of damage for each one!" The Chaos Emperor Dragon unleashes a massive pulse of energy that destroys everything. The energy hits Chitsujo (Chitsujo's LP: 0). The first Lord of Order falls to his knees. The Lord of Chaos walks towards him.

Chitsujo, although weak, looks up at the Lord of Chaos and sneers with hatred and rage, "You won the duel, go ahead, take my soul." The Lord of Chaos begins to outstretch his arm.

The vision changes. Yuni and Ma'at are floating in a void of whiteness. The two Wills are not there. Yuni says, "Did you just see that? Do you believe me now?" Ma'at doesn't answer. "You just saw the very first Lord of Order become corrupted. You must believe me now."

Ma'at looks up at Yuni and shouts hysterically, "That was only one of your Chaos tricks! It is no problem for a Lord of Chaos to conjure up hallucinations! You're trying to trick me!" As he shouts that, Yuni and Ma'at return to their duel.

The attacks of Neo-Eunomia and Discordon finish their collision. Yuni is damaged by the shockwave of the attack (Yuni's LP: 800), however, Discordon remains on the field. Ma'at demands with some annoyance, "What has protected your monster this time!?"

Yuni answers, "Discordon's Golden Automaton armor prevents its destruction by battle!"

"That means that we're in a stand-off, neither of our monsters can be destroyed by battle or card effects!" He smiles. "But the advantage is mine! My monster can continue to attack yours to cause damage, and you only have 800 life points left!" Ma'at returns two of his monsters to the deck to keep Neo-Eunomia on the field (ATK: 3000) (Ma'at's hand: 3).

Yuni, before drawing, thinks seriously, He's right…we are in a stalemate now, and he still has 3400 life points. Is there anyway I can turn this around?

As if reading his mind, Apophis asserts, "With the power of Chaos on your side, there is always a way!"

With a new look of determination, Yuni declares, "One last time, go Chaos Draw!" With more flare than ever before, Yuni swipes the top card of his deck up in a Chaos Draw. "It's time to prove the superiority of Chaos! I equip Discordon, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Chaos with Chaos Relic: Twilight Sabers of Glintos!" Discordon forfeits his staff in exchange for two magnificent, slim swords, one sparkling and made of light, and the other made of shadows with a dark aura. Yuni explains, "The Twilight Sabers give Discordon 200 attack points for every Chaos Relic card on the field, for a grand total of 600 (ATK: 3900)!"

Ma'at says, "It makes no difference, you still can't defeat me!"

"This time you're wrong! Since my life points are lower than 1000, the Twilight Sabers allow Discordon to attack your life points directly! Go, Chaos Relic Yin-Yang Slash!" Discordon raises both of its blades and crosses them in front of him. He then jumps high into the air, above Neo-Eunomia and plummets downwards towards Ma'at. Just as he's about to land, Discordon slashes with each of the blades (Ma'at's LP: 0). Once his life points hit zero, the strange field reverts back to the zero-gravity duel arena. The Will of Order disappears, but Apophis remains behind Yuni. The attack seems to deliver real force, and knocks Ma'at down towards the bottom of the arena.

Ma'at starts to say to himself in a frenzy, "No, this is not possible. How could Chaos defeat Order? Order is the only true path. This isn't right."

Yuni looks down at him. Apophis says into Yuni's ear, "Now is the time. Eliminate the threat of Order once and for all. Take away his soul. He would have done no less to you if you lost." Yuni, in an almost a trance-like state, kicks off the wall behind him and floats towards Ma'at, who is still against the floor. Apophis continues, "Do it now, Order must be destroyed."

Yuni looks down at Ma'at. Ma'at sneers at him, "Go ahead, I deserve it, if I lost to the likes of you. Do it, take my soul!"

Yuni turns to look Apophis in the face and says, "No."

Apophis says in extreme disbelief, "Did you just disobey me? I am the Will of Chaos! No one disobeys me!"

Yuni looks back at Ma'at and says, "I cannot do that. To take his soul would be to give into dark emotions. It would not serve the balance." Yuni instead offers his hand out to Ma'at. With some hesitation, Ma'at takes it and Yuni helps him up. Yuni continues, "I am trying to show that Chaos is only true way to peace and balance, and I will not stoop down to the level of taking souls, that would prove nothing. The only way to truly prove it, is through just actions and compassion." Yuni faces Apophis again.

Apophis lowers his head. "You once again show your wisdom Lord Ragnarok. I cannot argue with such logic. Maybe I allowed my darker half to get the better of me today. I will have to contemplate this." Apophis considers something for a moment. "You are not unlike the Original Lord of Chaos. In the aftermath of the vision you had, he too refused to take away the soul of his adversary. Maybe I really was wrong." He disappears.

The Minister of Dueling announces, "And so you have it, Yuni Oha is the winner! He shall move onto the semifinals where he will duel against Seto Ossius! Our next duel will be announced after another ten minute break."

Yuni and Ma'at make it back to the observation platform. Brutus, ignorant of what has happened, shouts out, "Great duel Yuni! I hope I'm dueling next, I could use a good duel!"

Tori scolds, "Oh calm down Brutus, we'll all get our chance to duel eventually."

Brutus mutters, "Whatever."

Everyone leaves the room, except for Yuni and Ma'at. Ma'at looks at Yuni. After a few speechless moments, he finally says solemnly, "You didn't take my soul, why?"

Yuni shrugs. "I thought that I already made that clear."

"I know, but it is what I would have done to you, I told you to. It would have been safer for you, what if I try to defeat you again in the future?"

Yuni shrugs once more. "I guess that I'll just have to beat you again." Yuni smiles.

Ma'at starts to walk out of the door. Right before he has fully exited the room, he pauses and says, "I need to think about things. You either made a major mistake in allowing my existence to continue or…"

Yuni questions, "Or?"

"Or you made yourself a powerful ally. But which, I cannot yet tell you." Ma'at walks out.

Yugi comments, I'm proud of you Yuni, you made the right choice.

Yuni sighs. I can only hope so.