Episode 56: Trials Part 2

Yuni is standing before the Will of Chaos, Apophis. He has just accepted the third trial, which was a duel with Apophis. Apophis declares, "The third trial is meant to replicate the first Lord of Chaos' final step towards becoming a master of Chaos, his duel with the Chaos Emperor Dragon. Now, of course, the Chaos Emperor Dragon, and the Deck of Chaos which he used are both unavailable for a duel, so you will duel me instead. However, do not feel relieved, for I am nearly as great of a challenge."

Yuni grins. He says, "I may not have been so good at the other stuff, but dueling is my specialty. I won't be easy either."

Apophis declares, "Then let the third trial begin!" The surroundings begin to swirl and distort. When everything becomes clear again, Yuni and Apophis are on the roof of the Temple of Balance, where there is a duel field. Apophis roars, and in a flash of black and white, a deck appears floating above his wrist. He says, "This duel shall now begin!"

Yuni activates his Duel Gauntlet. The Duel Computer says, "Duel now initiating. Yuni Oha vs. The Will of Chaos, Apophis. Scanning decks…decks accepted. Commence dueling."

Apophis says, "In the original duel, the first Lord of Chaos took the first move, and so shall you."

Yuni smiles. "Don't mind if I do!" He draws and shouts, "Duel on! I activate Cyber-Tech Production line! This card allows me to special summon a level six or lower Cyber-Tech monster from my hand, since I control no monsters! I call upon Cyber-Tech Dragoon (Fire/Level 6/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2000/DEF 1700)! Then, since I special summoned it, Dragoon adds a Polymerization to my hand from my deck. Then I'll activate it in order to fuse Cyber-Tech Dragoon with the Cyber-Tech Skull Archfiend in my hand in order to summon Cyber-Tech Necro Dragon (Dark/Level 9/Dragon/Fusion/ATK 3000/DEF 0)!" Yuni's new monster is the Cyber-Tech Skull Archfiend riding on top of the Cyber-Tech Dragoon; however, the dragon now appears undead. Where it used to have scales showing, is now mostly bones and a little rotting flesh. "Now that that's out of the way, I'll end my turn (Yuni's hand: 3)."

Apophis draws. He says, "Intriguing, the first Lord of Chaos also began his first turn with a Fusion Summon. I will start my turn strong as well. I summon Chaotic Usurper Set (Light/Level 4/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 1900/DEF 1500)!" The monster wears Egyptian style robes and adornments. Instead of a human head, it has the head of jackal. He holds a golden scepter. "When I summon a Light attribute Chaotic monster, I'm allowed to special summon my Chaotic Queen Eris (Dark/Level 4/Fairy/Effect/ATK 1000/DEF 2000) in defense mode." The next monster is a girl wearing Greek-style robes and with bird-like wings on her back. She holds a golden apple in her hand. "Now, since I control both a Light and Dark attribute monster, I can activate Set's effect, which allows him destroy a monster you control." Set raises his scepter and fires a beam of energy at Yuni's monster, destroying it. "Now the effect of Eris activates, whenever a monster is destroyed, she can inflict 700 points of damage." A beam of darkness fires from Eris' apple and hits Yuni (Yuni's LP: 3300). "Since Set cannot attack the turn he uses his effect, I shall end my turn."

Yuni says, "Actually, not yet. You see, if you destroy my Necro Dragon by card effect, it revives itself during the End Phase!" Yuni monster rises from the grave. "Now your turn is over (Apophis' hand: 4)." Yuni draws to begin his turn. "I equip my Cyber-Tech Necro Dragon with Cyber-Tech Dual Weapon!" The Skull Archfiend riding the dragon now wields two slim sabers made of energy. Yuni continues, "This card reduces my monsters attack by 700, but it allows it to attack twice in one turn (ATK: 2300)! Now, unleash your first attack against Chaotic Queen Eris!" Yuni's monster flies over Apophis' monster and the dragon unleashes a breathe of noxious fumes, destroying it. As soon as the first monster is destroyed, Yuni commands, "Attack once more, destroy Chaotic Usurper Set!" The monster attacks again and destroys the other monster (Apophis' LP: 3600). He looks towards Apophis and smiles. He says, "It looks like I'm not dueling out of my league after all (Yuni's hand: 3)."

Apophis draws. He says, "You have merely defeated my first wave of monsters. Each wave will get stronger, and stronger. Just watch. By banishing the Dark type Eris in my grave, I can special summon Chaotic Destroyer Angra Mainyu (Light/Level 6/Winged-Beast/Effect/ATK 2300/DEF 1700)." The monster is half-bird, half-man. It is draped in ancient robes, and looks dangerous. "Then, by banishing the Light attribute Set, I can special summon Chaotic Devourer Whiro (Dark/Level 6/Zombie/Effect/ATK 2000/DEF 2000)." This monster is a shadowy, monstrous creature that appears to be undead. "Since I control both a Light and a Dark attribute monster, I can activate the effect of Whiro, and banish a monster you control. Not only that, but Whiro devours the soul of the monster and grows stronger." Shadowy tendrils reach out from Whiro and wrap around Cyber-Tech Necro Soldier. Yuni's monster is pulled in towards Apophis' and is absorbed into it. Upon full absorbing the monster, Whiro grows bigger (ATK: 2500).

Yuni states, "Oh no, since you banished my monster, its effect won't bring it back!"

Apophis responds, "Exactly my goal. Whiro may not be able to attack the turn he uses his effect, but now that your monster is gone, my Angra Mainyu can attack you directly." Apophis' monster prepares to dive down at Yuni.

Yuni declares, "I activate the effect of Kuriborg in my hand! By discarding it, I can negate your direct attack!" Kuriborg appears in front of Yuni and blocks the attack.

Apophis says, "Very well. However, you should know, if Angra Mainyu declares an attack while I control a Dark attribute monster, it inflicts 500 points of damage to you." Apophis' monster fires a volley of sharp feathers from one of its wings at Yuni (Yuni's LP: 2800). "Now I'll set a card and end my turn (Apophis' hand: 3)."

Yuni draws. He smiles upon seeing the card that he drew. "I banish Cyber-Tech Skull Archfiend from my grave in order to special summon Cyber-Tech Component (Earth/Level 2/Machine/Effect/ATK 500/DEF 900) from my hand. Cyber-Tech Component can count as two tributes for the tribute summon of a Cyber-Tech monster, such as my Cyber-Tech Magician (Dark/Level 7/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2500/DEF 2100)! That doesn't conclude my turn though, because since I control a Cyber-Tech Magician monster, I can special summon Cyber-Tech Apprentice from my hand (Dark/Level 6/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2000/DEF 1700)! Cyber-Tech Apprentice helps to power up her teachers, and gives 500 attack to all Cyber-Tech Magician monsters I control (ATK: 3000). Then I activate Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Drawing! Since I control a Cyber-Tech Magician monster, I can draw two cards, but that's not all! I get to draw an additional card for every Spellcaster monster I control that isn't a Cyber-Tech Magician, so I can draw three cards!" Yuni swipes three cards off the top of his deck. I'll keep things rolling by equipping the Cyber-Tech Apprentice with Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Mastery!" Cyber-Tech Apprentice begins to study her new spellbook. Yuni says, "Now Cyber-Tech Magician, destroy Chaotic Devourer Whiro, Cyber Magic Attack!" Yuni's magician launches a magical blast at his opponent's monster, and destroys it.

Apophis states, "When Whiro is destroyed by battle, I take no battle damage."

Yuni responds, "So be it. I end my turn (Yuni's hand: 1)."

Apophis draws. He observes, "There is much fight in you. We might just make a Lord of Chaos out of you after all. But that, of course, depends on how you react to the remainder of the duel. I tribute my Chaotic Destroyer Angra Mainyu in order to special summon Chaotic Monster Typhon (Light/Level 7/Reptile/Effect/ATK 2500/DEF 2500)!" The monster has the torso of a human, but instead of a normal head, it has three serpentine dragon-like heads. Its lower body is that of a coiled snake. "Then, since I special summoned a Light attribute Chaotic monster, I can special summon Chaotic Archfiend Tau as well (Dark/Level 7/Fiend/ATK 2700/DEF 2100)!" The creature has human form, but appears to consist purely of shadows. Its face consists of a devilish grin, that glows red, and large, red eyes. Apophis continues, "Now that I control both of my mighty monsters, I have Chaotic Monster Typhon attack Cyber-Tech Apprentice!"

Yuni declares, "The effect of Spellbook of Mastery makes it so that as long as I control a Cyber-Tech Magician monster, I can negate the destruction of Cyber-Tech Apprentice!" Typhon lunges one if its heads at Yuni's monster, but a barrier appears around her and stops the attack.

Apophis states, "So be it, but you still take the damage (Yuni's LP: 2300). Now I believe that I'll simply set a card and end my turn (Apophis' hand: 2)."

Yuni draws. He says, "Now it's time for the best part of Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Mastery! Since I've had it equipped for an entire turn, while also controlling a Cyber-Tech Magician monster, I can upgrade Cyber-Tech Apprentice into her true form! I summon Cyber-Tech Magician Girl (Dark/Level 6/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2000/DEF 2100)! My new monster retains her effect of powering up all Cyber-Tech Magician monsters on the field, which now include her (ATK: 2500), but that's not all! She also now gains a 500 point bonus for every other Cyber-Tech Magician monster I control (ATK: 3000)! Now, Cyber-Tech Magician, attack Chaotic Monster Typhon, Cyber Magic Attack!" Yuni's monster unleashes its magical attack at Apophis'.

Apophis objects, "Do not get ahead of yourself, for as long as I control a Dark attribute monster, Typhon cannot be destroyed by battle!"

Yuni returns, "Then it's a good thing for me that my Cyber-Tech Magician has his ability! Go, Effect Sealing Magic!" Yuni's monster casts another spell and Apophis' monster loses all of its color. Yuni's original attack hits and destroys his opponent's (Apophis' LP: 3100) Yuni continues, "And don't stop there my magicians! Cyber-Tech Magician Girl, attack Chaotic Archfiend Tau, Advanced Cyber Burning Attack!" Yuni's second magician releases a burst of magical energy and sends it at Apophis' last monster, which is immediately destroyed (Apophis' LP: 2800).

Apophis says, "When Chaotic Archfiend Tau is sent to the grave, I can banish up to two Light and/or Dark monsters from my grave, besides him, in order to gain 500 life points for each one. I'll banish Chaotic Destroyer Angra Mainyu and Chaotic Devourer Whiro (Apophis' LP: 3800)."

Yuni says, "Now I'll just set a card, and be done with this turn (Yuni's hand: 1)."

Apophis pauses momentarily. He says, "I have been waiting until the appropriate time to fully test your abilities. That time has come now." Apophis holds his arm towards the sky and shouts, "Activate, Chaos Draw!" His hand glows with light and dark energy, and so does the top card of his deck. Apophis draws dramatically.

Yuni says in shock, "How can you perform a Chaos Draw!? I thought that only those selected by the Will of Chaos could!"

Apophis looks slightly confused. He says, "I am the Will of Chaos!"

Yuni suddenly realizes his mistake and says, somewhat embarrassed, "Oh, yeah… Carry on."

Apophis continues, "Now, by banishing both a Light and Dark monster in my graveyard, such as Tau and Typhon, I can summon myself, Chaotic Serpent Apophis - the Will of Chaos (Light/Level 9/Dragon/Effect/ATK ?/DEF ?)!" Apophis floats forward and takes the position of a monster on the field.

Yuni smirks and thinks, I'm getting really tired of people summoning themselves. The next thing you know, I'm going to be drawing a Yuni card!

Apophis resumes, "As long as I remain on the field, my attribute also counts as Dark."

Yuni says, "Been there, done that. How many of you Chaos monsters do that anyways?"

Apophis ignores him and says, "Also, my attack and defense become equal to the number of banished monsters times 1000. I have six monsters banished, and you have two, making a grand total of eight (ATK and DEF: 8000)! Now I activate my facedown card, Chaotic Initiative. This Continuous Trap card grants one Chaotic monster I control, such as myself, immunity to destruction by card effects. Also, I take no battle damage from battles involving a Chaotic monster I control. Now I attack your Cyber-Tech Magician Girl with Flames of Chaos!" Apophis breathes his black and white flames at Yuni's monster.

Yuni says, "I activate my facedown card, Cyber Damage Dampeners! This card reduces all damage I take this turn to zero, that is, as long as I control Cyber monster." The Flames of Chaos engulf Cyber-Tech Magician Girl and destroy her, but Yuni takes no damage.

Apophis says, "You may survive the turn, but your magician loses its attack bonus (ATK: 2500). Also on top of that, whenever I destroy a monster by battle, I banish it, meaning I gain another 1000 attack points (ATK: 9000). Without any Chaos powers, you have no hope of winning. You're playing out of your league. You might as well give up (Apophis' hand: 2)."

A look of determination crosses Yuni's face. He says, "You know what? I may not have your almighty power over Chaos. I may not be able to perform a Chaos Draw." Yuni draws dramatically. "I may not even be able to perform a Chaos Evolution. But you know what? That doesn't matter! I have spent my entire dueling career strengthening my deck and myself! I don't need any fancy Chaos tricks to win a duel! I just need a lot of skill, and maybe even a little bit of luck! Just watch me! My Cyber-Tech Magician has been on the field for three turns, so I can evolve it!" Cyber-Tech Magician begins to glow. Yuni chants, "Listen now to the chant I recite! Come forth and bring me victory in this fight! Cyber-Tech Magician evolve and show me your true might! I summon Temporax, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Time (Dark/Level 9/Spellcaster/Evolution/ATK 3500/DEF 3100)!" Cyber-Tech Magician transforms into its ultimate form. "When I summon Temporax, his effect instantly negates the effect of one card on the field! I'll negate your effect, negating your ability to gain attack points (ATK: 0)."

Apophis says, "You may have weakened me, but thanks to Chaotic Initiative, you can't inflict any battle damage to me."

Yuni smiles and says, "I've considered that already. That's why I activate Temporax's second effect, which allows me to activate a Cyber-Tech Spellbook card straight from my deck! I activate the Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Sealing! This spell card negates the effects of all face up spell and trap cards, and then, for every card negated, my monster gains 500 attack points (ATK: 4000)! Now Temporax, the Cyber-Tech Magician of Time, attack Chaotic Serpent Apophis - the Will of Chaos, Temporal Burst! Yuni's monster attacks with temporal energy and hits Apophis, who is forced back to his original position (Apophis' LP: 0).

Apophis regains his composure and declares, "Yuni Oha has passed the third trial!"

Yuni cheers, "Yeah!"

Apophis looks directly at Yuni and says, "While that duel was meant to gauge your skills as a duelist, it also told me something greater. Sometimes, the true character of someone only truly shows when they are in the heat of battle. Yuni Oha, you showed that character. Your speech at the end of the duel told me that not only that you would never give up, but that you have a determined fighting spirit. Even more than that, it showed that you were not trying to obtain the Chaos powers for selfish reasons, but because you truly wanted to help protect and serve the Balance. Your first two trials may not have gone off perfectly, but here you have shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are a worthy Lord of Chaos. And so, by the powers invested in me by the Chaos Deity, should you chose to except the burden, I, Apophis, the Will of Chaos, declare you, Yuni Oha, the next Lord of Chaos."

Yuni nods his head. He says, "It would be both an honor and a blessing."

Apophis then declares, "I now declare you Lord Yuni, guardian of the Balance and Lord of Chaos! Furthermore, you must now take a new name, the name of a Chaos Lord. I declare your name to be Lord Ragnarok. It is entirely up to you whether or not to use this name." Yuni nods. Apophis continues, "Now I will bestow upon you the powers of Chaos. Do you accept my gift?"

Yuni nods again and says, "I am ready."

Apophis nods. He breathes a breath of black and white fire at Yuni. The fire circles around him and forms a vortex. At a moments notice, the fire begins to fly straight into Yuni's chest, right where his heart is. As he slowly absorbs the fire, Yuni is levitated into the air. He closes his eyes and balls his fists. An aura of gold and dark purple begins to emanate from him. On the back of his right hand, a glowing yin-yang appears. Yuni opens his eyes and beams of light shoot out of each eye, one gold and one dark purple. The beams cease, and Yuni's eye color has changed to match the color of the beams. The last of the fire is absorbed into Yuni, and he is gently lowered to the floor. His eyes return to their normal color, and the yin-yang ceases to glow, however an outline of it is left behind.

Apophis declares, "The person you once were is gone now. You have now been reborn as Ragnarok, the true Lord of Chaos!"