Episode 57: Nightfall

Yuni is standing before Apophis, the Will of Chaos inside the Temple of the Balance. Yuni says, "So this is it then? It's time for me to face Konton?"

Apophis' voice projects, "Indeed it is. The fated duel of Light and Darkness is upon us. You must journey to the Temple of Eternity and face your greatest opponent yet."

Yuni holds up his fist in determination and says, "I'm ready. Konton will not-"

Yuni suddenly stops speaking, as if something is wrong. Apophis also looks concerned. Yuni asks, "Whoa, what was that…that feeling?"

Apophis says worriedly, "Darkness is upon us. Something is wrong, as a Lord of Chaos, you sensed it as well. Hurry, outside, now."

Yuni runs outside, followed by Apophis. Once they get outside, they realize what is wrong. It is dark, night has come to the Realm of Chaos. Apophis states morbidly, "Night has fallen upon the Realm of Chaos. Konton has tightened his dark grip. We must act now Lord Ragnarok, or the Realm of Chaos shall plunge into an eternal night."

Yuni shouts into the mountains, "Konton, you've gone to far! Before, this was personal, but now I fight for the good of the Balance! You will fall!" Yuni takes several steps forward. He says, mostly to himself, "This madness will not continue." He begins to walk down the steps of the temple.

Apophis says, "Do not leave yet, Lord Ragnarok."

Yuni turns towards Apophis and asks, "What is it? Am I forgetting something?"

Apophis says, "I have debated long and hard on this subject. As the Will of Chaos, I am not supposed to directly interfere with the flow of the Balance. I am supposed to allow what may happen to happen. The job of managing the balance is up entirely to the Chaos Trinity, that is why I did not act during the Chaos Wars. However, you are still young, and know next to nothing in the ways of Chaos."

Yuni says with anticipation, "Does that mean that you're going to help me?"

Apophis slowly nods. He says, "Yes, Konton has gone too far, and an end must be put to him. I will accompany and aid you in your fight against Konton."

Yuni cheers, "Yeah, that's great! With your help, Konton doesn't stand a chance."

Apophis instructs, "Now stand still." Yuni stiffens up. Apophis flies straight towards Yuni at high speeds.

Yuni flinches and shouts, "Whoa!" Just as Apophis s about to make contact with Yuni, he starts to disappear, head first, and, as he moves forward, the rest of his body. It looks as if he is flying into Yuni's chest. Once he is completely out of sight, Yuni comments, "That was strange."

Apophis' voice, coming from inside Yuni's head, says, I have taken you on as a host body, for I am unable to leave the Temple of the Balance for extended periods of time without one. We shall travel together like this, and I can lend to you all of my knowledge and experience. If the need be, I can even exit your body, in order to help in other ways, but be weary, for I can only exist outside of your body for mere minutes. If I do not return to either your body, another host body, or this temple within that time, I will cease to exist.

Yuni responds by thinking, Don't worry, I won't let that happen.

But know this, if it does happen, and I fade from existence, especially in this dark time, when the Chaos Deity has no control, this realm, and thus all others will fall into chaos, and by that, I mean the bad kind.

Well we better not let that happen then. Yuni says aloud, "It's time to go. Your reign of terror is over Konton." Yuni sets off towards the tallest mountain.

Yuni is climbing on the face of a cliff. He is getting close to the top. He thinks, Almost there. Beyond that point, is the Temple of Eternity. He looks down and sees how high in the air he is. He realizes, How strange, I've climbed all this way, and I'm only just beginning to feel tired.

Apophis states, Now that you have access to the power of Chaos, you can draw upon its infinite energy. Your stamina has been increased ten fold.

Yuni grins, and then continues up. Slowly he makes it to the top. He climbs up onto the top of the cliff. He comes up in front of a large rocky outcropping. Apophis says, You are now on the Plateau of Eternity, location of the Temple of Eternity. Look over these rocks, and you'll see it.

Yuni climbs up onto the rocks and looks over. Sure enough, a massive temple complex sits on the other side of the plateau, one that's ten times larger than the previous temple. However, Yuni gasps when getting a good view. Between him and the temple is a massive army of monsters. There are all kinds of monsters, of both the Light and Dark attributes. Examples of various groups of the monsters include, Chaos, Lightsworns, Dark Worlds, the Dark Counterparts, Lightrays, and many other miscellaneous monsters. Yuni says to himself, "Oh my…"

Across the plateau, Konton stands on the top of the stairs leading to the temple. He announces, "My loyal monster army, the time of reckoning is upon us! After five millennia of twilight, night has once again fallen on the Realm of Chaos! Together, we shall destroy all who oppose me…" He corrects himself, "Us, I mean all who oppose us!" The monster army cheers. Konton says, "Now, if I am not mistaken, we have an unwelcome guest here." He says in a kind voice, "Everyone, I'd like you to meet Yuni Oha!" The entire army turns in Yuni's direction.

Yuni says quietly, "Oh no."

Konton says causally, as if it was nothing, "Destroy him."

The entire army charges towards Yuni. Apophis warns, Ragnarok, we need to get into that temple! Nothing must stop you!

Yuni says, "Alright, I guess that it's a fight then." Yuni flips open his deck case and prepares for battle. He pulls out three cards, and declares, "I summon Cyber-Tech Magician (Dark/Level 7/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2500/DEF 2100), Cyber-Tech Automaton (Water/Level 4/Machine/Normal/ATK 2000/DEF 0), and Cyber-Tech Enforcer (Dark/Level 8/ATK 2600/DEF 2000)!" Yuni's three monsters appear in front of him. The first wave of Konton's army reaches Yuni, which happens to be a Dark Grepher (Dark/Level 4/Warrior/Effect/ATK 1700/DEF 1600) and a Lightray Grepher (Light/Level 4/Warrior/Effect/ATK 1700/DEF 1600). Yuni commands, "Cyber-Tech Magician, Cyber Magic Attack on the Light one! Cyber-Tech Enforcer, Cyber Bludgeon on the Dark one!" Yuni's monsters both launch their attacks, but the two Grephers dodge out of the way of both.

The two monsters make it around Yuni's monsters and charge in at Yuni. Apophis warns, Quickly Ragnarok, use your Chaos powers!

Yuni aims each of his palms towards one of the monsters and fires a beam of shadows at the Light one, and a beam of light at the Dark one, destroying them both.

Apophis says, See, you no longer need to rely solely on your monsters. Speaking of that, create a pulse of energy…now!

Yuni charges momentarily, and then unleashes a massive pulse of light and darkness that destroys several monsters that have begun to surround him. Yuni sees a Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World (Dark/Level 5/Fiend/Effect/ATK 2300/DEF 1400) and Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon (Light/Level 6/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2000/DEF 1600) heading at him next. Yuni commands, "Attack once more Cyber-Tech Magician and Enforcer!" Both monsters launch their attacks and hit their targets, destroying them. However, Gragonith had let loose an attack before being destroyed, and its heading straight at Yuni, giving him almost no time to react to it. Just as its about to hit him, his Cyber-Tech Automaton moves in front of him and blocks the attack. Automaton is destroyed in the process. Yuni shouts out in despair, "No!"

Apophis says sternly, Stay focused! Your monster sacrificed itself to protect you! It knows what is important! Get to the temple!

Yuni regains his composure and continues to battle monsters. The following scene is fast-paced, and in it he destroys many monsters using a combination of his monsters and Chaos powers. Eventually, his Cyber-Tech Enforcer falls to the combined attack of a Lightray Diabolos (Light/Level 7/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2800/DEF 1000) and Dark Armed Dragon (Dark/Level 7/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2800/DEF 1000).

After that happens Yuni shouts, "Enough of this!" He pulls out a card from his deck and declares, "I activate the Cyber-Tech Spellbook of Destruction!" Cyber-Tech Magician looks at Yuni and nods with understanding. As if by magic, a spellbook appears in its hand. Its floats up into the air, high above all of Konton's army and recites the spell. An incredible blast of magic surges the monster and separates into thousands of spears of light. A maelstrom of these spears rain destruction upon Konton's army, destroying every single monster. Cyber-Tech Magician returns to Yuni's side. Yuni looks up at it and nods in approval. He says, "Good job my old friend." The magician nods back.

Yuni shouts out, "Looks like your army wasn't enough to stop me Konton! I'm coming for you next! You can't hide any longer!"

As Yuni is shouting, the Chaos Emperor Dragon appears behind him, and readies an attack. Apophis warns, Yuni, behind you!

Yuni turns around in shock, and starts to jump out of the way, but its too late, the attack is already heading towards him, leaving no time to dodge. In the last second before hitting Yuni, the Cyber-Tech Magician moves into the path of the attack and is destroyed.

The Chaos Emperor Dragon approaches Yuni. It says, "You're all alone now mortal! I will enjoy destroying you!" Yuni starts to reach for his deck box, but the Chaos Emperor Dragon launches a weak, but quick attack, hitting the deck box and launching it off of Yuni's hip. He says, "Na, ah, ah! This is you and me!" The dragon begins to charge for another, more powerful attack.

Yuni projects a shield of Chaos energy around him and blocks the attack, but it puts an obvious strain on his energy.

The Chaos Emperor Dragon taunts, "Ha, you don't even know how to properly manage your energy! Meanwhile, I still have full energy!" He charges for another attack.

Yuni thinks, No! I don't have enough in me for another shield!

Suddenly a dark vortex opens up behind Chaos Emperor Dragon and begins to suck him in. He ceases his attack and focuses on escaping the pull of the void. He demands, "Who is doing this to me!"

Yuni thinks in agreement, Who is?

A voice declares, "I am!" Yuni looks towards the direction of the voice and sees the Chaos Sorcerer standing in a heroic pose on top of an outcropping.

Both Yuni and the Chaos Emperor Dragon say at the same time in shock, "Chaos Sorcerer!?"

The Chaos Emperor Dragon continues to be sucked into the void and demands, "What are you doing!? You are my loyal servant! A servant does not attack his master!"

Chaos Sorcerer says, "I no longer wish to serve the Darkness! I am working to restore the Balance!"

The Chaos Emperor Dragon is fully dragged into the vortex. As he disappears, he shouts, "You will pay for this!"

The Chaos Sorcerer jumps from its position and lands next to Yuni. Yuni turns to face and says awkwardly, "Well…thanks…um…I guess."

Chaos Sorcerer nods and says, "I'm sorry, this must be very strange. Allow me explain, my duel with Apep had me thinking. He reminded me about what happened last time I chose Darkness, and what my true duties are. If you don't mind, I would like to help you defeat Konton. It would be an honor. I could be of great assistance. Konton trusts me. Also, I know the layout of the temple. You'll get lost in it without a guide."

Yuni starts to nod. He thinks, What do you think Apophis, should we trust him?

Apophis responds, It is hard to say one way or another. The Chaos Sorcerer has always been known to be a trickster and untrustworthy, but he has also been known to help the Balance at times. His original purpose was to help maintain it.

Yuni thinks, I'm guessing that he wouldn't destroy his master, if he wasn't sincere. I say that we could use the help. He says aloud, "If you want to help, you're welcome to. We can use all the help we could get."

Chaos Sorcerer bows and says, "Thank you, Lord Yuni. I shall serve you well."

Yuni says, "Now come on, the path to the temple is clear. Let's get in." Yuni first picks up his deck case, and then he and the Chaos Sorcerer run towards the entrance of the Temple of Eternity.

Some time later, Yuni and Chaos Sorcerer are walking through the elegant halls of the temple. The inside looks as if it was designed for giants. Everything is massively large and oversized. Yuni thinks, This place seems to go on forever! How much longer until we make it to the throne room?

Apophis responds, The Temple of Eternity was built to the scale of the Chaos Deity. A short walk for him, would be quite long for you. However, we shouldn't be much longer now.

Before the two can proceed much further, a roar is heard. Out of the shadows of an adjacent corridor, a Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World (Dark/Level 8/Fiend/Effect/ATK 2700/DEF 1800) lunges at them. Yuni barely has any time to react. Chaos Sorcerer once again projects a vortex that swallows up the monster. Yuni, still recovering from the surprise attack says, "Wow, that's two times that you've saved me now. Thanks."

Chaos Sorcerer responds, "I'm just doing what I hope that you would do for me." He beckons forward, "Now come on, we're not that far from the throne room."

They continue to walk for several moments, when out of nowhere, a Judgment Dragon (Light/Level 8/Dragon/Effect/ATK 3000/DEF 2600) pounces onto Chaos Sorcerer, pinning him down with its paw. It looks straight down at Chaos Sorcerer and opens its mouth in order to start charging for an energy attack. Chaos Sorcerer looks completely shocked.

Yuni, noticing the attack on Chaos Sorcerer, "Oh no you don't!" He pulls out a card and says, "Cyber-Tech Magna Knight Ferros (Earth/Level 8/Rock/Effect/ATK 3500/DEF 3850), protect the Chaos Sorcerer! Attack with Magna Force Sword!" Yuni's magnetic warrior appears and slashes at the dragon, and destroys it.

Chaos Sorcerer slowly gets up and he brushes himself off. He asks in wonder, "Why…did you save me?"

Yuni smiles and says, "Why wouldn't I? We're partners in this venture. Besides, you've saved me twice now. The least I can do for you is save you."

Chaos Sorcerer smiles and says, "Wow, you really mean that." He thinks, Maybe I should reconsider. He looks towards Yuni and sighs in confusion. He says aloud, "Come, the throne room is just through here." He beckons Yuni forward.

Yuni, with his monster floating behind him, steps into the next room, followed by the Chaos Sorcerer. The group steps into the next room, which is completely dark. Yuni continues to walk for several steps into the dark, when the Chaos Sorcerer suddenly warns, "Yuni, stop where you are! Don't go any further!" Yuni stops in his tracks.

Yuni asks, "What!? What is it!?"

Light suddenly comes to the room. They are standing in a gigantic room with a massive vaulted ceiling. Yuni is standing in the center of a yin-yang, emblazed on the floor. On the far side of the room, there is a massive throne, were Konton is sitting. The throne is disproportionately huge compared to Konton. It is as if something the size of a mouse was sitting on an average sized chair, but Konton sits there, as if it was a perfect fit. Konton smiles sinisterly, and says, "So you have finally made it Yuni. I'm so glad to see you again. The same goes for you Apophis. I'm so sorry I have to do this."

Yuni questions, "Have to do what?"

Konton shouts, "Now Chaos Sorcerer!"

Chaos Sorcerer says under his breath, "I'm so sorry Yuni." He makes a motion with his hands, and barrier of light surrounds the yin-yang that Yuni's standing on.

Yuni looks at the Chaos Sorcerer in shock. He demands, "What are you doing!? I thought you decided to serve the Balance!" The Chaos Sorcerer looks ashamed.

Konton jumps off of his throne, and slowly floats towards the ground. Upon landing he says, "Oh, but he is. He's serving the new Balance. The one that I shall create once I rid the world of that pesky Will of Chaos."

Yuni looks at Chaos Sorcerer loathingly and says, "You double-crossing, no good, lowly, traitor. How could you do this to me!?"

Chaos Sorcerer says with remorse, "I had no choice, Konton made me."

Yuni responds, "There is always a choice."

Konton laughs and says, "Not in this case. And now that you have fallen for my trap, it's time to destroy Apophis once and for all." Konton casually strolls towards Yuni's prison. He says, "You've made a mistake Will of Chaos. You never should have left your temple. You might be untouchable there, but I rule here, and I know your one weakness." He turns to Chaos Sorcerer and commands, "Begin the spell."

Chaos Sorcerer nods and says with some remorse, "Yes, of course." He raises his arms and white energy is projected from them. The energy forms into a bright sphere around Yuni.

Konton then does the same, except with shadowy energy. A sphere if light is formed around the one of light. He then makes a motion with his hands, as if he was pulling two things apart. At his motion, the two spheres start to move in opposite directions. Yuni remains in the sphere of light, but as the one of darkness passes through him, Apophis is pulled out of his body and trapped in the dark sphere. At the end of the process, each is trapped in a different sphere, floating right next to each other.

Konton walks to Apophis' sphere and says, "So you are the high and mighty Will of Chaos. You have caused me so many problems. But now, you shall meet your destruction, and whither away to nothing without a host body." He suddenly turns enraged and shouts, "You will never interfere with my plans again!"

Apophis says, "You will never succeed in your quest of darkness. The Balance will always restore itself in the end."

Konton shakes his head and says, "Maybe it will. But, as I said earlier, with you out of the way, I will create a Balance. One that serves my needs." Konton walks back towards his throne.

Yuni turns towards Apophis and says, "I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. I shouldn't have trusted Chaos Sorcerer. I walked us right into a trap."

Apophis says, "I was fooled as much as you were. No, this is my fault. I am one of the oldest beings in existence, and yet I couldn't see the looming trap. Do not blame yourself." Apophis suddenly begins to fade away. He says, "So it is happening. I have left the confines of my temple for too long."

Konton turns back towards the trapped two. He says, "Perfect. Soon all of my troubles will be gone." He looks at Yuni and commands, "Chaos Sorcerer, banish this thorn in my side."

Chaos Sorcerer, who has been standing motionless says, "Would I have been destroyed?"

Konton turns around and demands, "What!? What are you talking about!?"

"If Yuni hadn't destroyed the monster that attacked me, would it have destroyed me?"

Konton looks confused. He says, "It was a test. I needed to know if Yuni trusted you."

"So it would have destroyed me."

Konton says in rage, "That's not the point! You weren't destroyed! That's all that matters! Now do as I command! Destroy Yuni!"

Chaos Sorcerer looks towards the ground and stands still for several moments. He then says, "No…I will not follow you anymore…"

"What did you just say to me!?"

Chaos Sorcerer looks straight up at Konton and says, "I will no longer be your puppet! I will protect the true Balance!" Chaos Sorcerer projects a void that begins to suck in Konton.

Konton shouts, "No! You can't do this to me! I am the Lord of Chaos!"

Chaos Sorcerer releases Yuni and Apophis from their traps, Apophis flies back into Yuni, and Yuni says, "No, that would be me."

Konton says with extreme hatred, "You will all pay for this! You will suffer!" Konton is completely swallowed by the void.

Yuni walks over to the Chaos Sorcerer. He says, "Wow, why'd you do that?"

The Chaos Sorcerer sighs. He says, "I wasn't completely lying before, when I told you that what Apep said had an effect on me. I've been having second thoughts ever since that duel. I guess that Konton trying to destroy me like he did just pushed me over the edge."

The voice of Apophis says, "You made a wise choice. You have proven yourself a worthy Server of Chaos."

Suddenly, Chaos Sorcerer begins to glow. He becomes cloaked in a harsh light. Yuni asks, "What's happening!?" As suddenly as it appeared, the light goes away. Chaos Sorcerer's robes have changed from purple and black to white and light blue. There is now a glowing aura around him. He is now the Lightray Sorcerer.

He looks at himself and questions, "What happened to me?"

The voice of Apophis answers, "In showing your dedication to the Balance, your powers of Darkness have evolved into powers of Light. You now are better equipped to serve the Balance."

Chaos Sorcerer says in disbelief, "Wow, this is amazing. I feel so great!"

Yuni says, "Congratulations."

A clapping sound is heard. An ominous voice says, "Yes, congratulations. You have proved yourself unworthy of serving me."

Yuni looks in the direction of the throne and sees a shadowy figure sitting on it. Yuni says, "Konton."