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"Don't just stand there, hand it over." I cower against the wall, clutching my sketchbook to my chest as tightly as I could. I squeeze my eyes shut, and I feel tears escape through my lashes and streak down my face.

"Leave me alone." I say, though it comes out weak and hoarse. I think about what happened to the strong Clary I used to be. The one no-one messed with. What happened? Well, I moved. Now I'm friendless, on week two at Idris High school, being bullied for my artistic trait.

Aline Penn-hallows is the leader of a nasty group of the most popular girls at Idris. These girls usually get me into detention by starting a fight and teasing me until I snap and do something that gets me in deep trouble.

Aline storms up to me and snatches the book from my arms, and I reach out helplessly to retrieve it. Flipping it open, she grins and starts describing the drawings and showing them to the crowd that has gathered.

I curl up into a miserable ball. "Oh and this one's of her daddy, wait, isn't he the one that ran away before you were born? Well, I can see why- I mean, if I found out I had a daughter like you, I would do the same."

"Aline, enough." A voice says from the crowd. It is soft and angelic, yet firm. Suddenly he appears right in front of me.

Jace Wayland.

I know who he is, well, everyone does. He's definitely hard to miss, even when I'm looking at him through blurry tears. Well, I can tell because there's a lot of gold. His hair, his skin and eyes, are all different shades of gold.

Jace. The most loved guy in the school. Extending a hand. For me, Clary Fray, the girl with her head in her sketchbook, or any book for that matter. The girl at the bottom of the food chain.

"You gonna let me help you, Gingerbread?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.

I kind of forgot to mention that Jace is a complete ass. I don't know if he even remembers me, but we've bumped into each other more than once in the hall, and all he's ever really said was, "Watch it, Red."

And I've heard quite a few rumours of him being a player, so I'm pretty sure he's the kind of guy I should stay away from.

Not that anyone at this school CARES about my opinion.

I've just realized that he's been standing there this whole time with his arm out while I've been blankly staring at him.

"Look, Red, I know I'm breath-takingly gorgeous, but my arms getting sore and I don't have all day."

That stupid, self-absorbed, rude, obnoxious, arrogant, golden-eyed, handsome- Getting off track, Clary.

I get up without taking his hand, brush myself off, calmly walk over to Aline, snatch my book off her, bitch slap her across the face, and storm into the girls bathroom.

I slam a toilet door shut and lean against it. I shut my eyes, breathing in and out. But instead of the firm, re-assuring breaths I wish and expect, my breaths come out shaky and out of sync.

Suddenly I burst into tears, sliding down the door and onto the floor. I cry for what seems like ages, but I realize that it's probably only been 10 minutes at most.

When I've stopped it suddenly hits me.

I bitch-slapped Aline Pennhallows.

Uh Oh.


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Here's the second part.

I sigh as I walk to the principal's office, I really should think before I slap. I'm going to get in SO much trouble, just another fault on my record. I mean it's only the second one, and the last one was after I yelled at Aline. And guess what they did? Put us in detention together, and then when we bickered, gave us a dash on our reports. What did they think was going to happen? That we would get over our differences and become best friends?

Didn't think so.

I take a seat opposite Mr Starkweather, and he take his glasses off and sets them on the table. "Just on time, Clarissa."

"I'd prefer it if you called me Clary." I correct him.

He gives me a look, "Clarissa, I don't think you are in the position to be preferring names for yourself. I will call you by the name on your birth certificate, and your first name is Clarissa.

I sigh in defeat and try to think of a new subject, "Aline is late." I state.

My, my, my, I did a fabulous job, didn't I?

"She is. However, we can start without her." He says, clasping his hands on the table.

Just, Fabulous.

"Mr Starkweather, I didn't slap her for any reason. "I say, no help in denying it, a teacher saw it.

"Well, Clarissa, I know you are not the kind of girl who starts fistfights without something behind the scenes." He says.

"It was barely a fist fight." I huff stubbornly.

"Clarissa," His voice takes on a sound of warning, "Do not interrupt me."

I nod; you do not want to mess with Hodge Starkweather.

"But you know that I do not tolerate violence in this school, and seeing as Aline was not sighted to be harming anyone, you will be put in detention for the rest of the week, and she will not."

I closed my eyes, anger pulsing through my body. "Did you or whatever teacher that was there see what she was doing to me?"

"No, actually, Mrs Lynn saw the slap, not much more. She also saw you rudely decline Jace Wayland's offer to help you." I focus on the board behind him, clenching my fists.

"Not that I'm very happy with Jace at this very stage. It seems he will be accompanying you in detention tonight-"

"What?" I say, glancing up at him.

"Jace seems to have also, caused some trouble." Mr Starkweather shakes his head.

"Anyway, Clarissa, please just come at the end of the school day for your detention with Ms Price and we will not mark it on your record. Now, I believe you have gym at this very moment. Aline will be called here to speak with me and afterward she will be sent to another class." He says.


I nod numbly and stand up, "Goodbye." I say firmly, and then I walk out the room silently.

Mostly because I'm scared that if I open my mouth, I will really get a strike on my record.


I go down the hall and to my right, there is the gym. On my right after I turn right, there is the Female Change Rooms.

You know that awkward moment where you're late and everyone seems to freeze and stare at you as you walk somewhere? Yeah, well that was what happened as I awkwardly and slowly entered the gym.

I opened the change room door and ran right into Aline, which make me stumble backward. Her whole face twists into an ugly scowl, I make a face.

"Hi." I say, bobbing my head.

"You little ska-"

"Language Aline" Jace saunters up behind her, and wraps an arm around her waist.

Since when were they doing all this? What the cheese ball's is happening? He defended me against her and now they're together?

"Hey." Jace smiles at me.

"Hello." I give him a not-so-friendly-look and duck past the two and into the room "Goodbye."

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