Chapter One: Unwanted Visit

In the outskirts of district twelve, there was a vast forest with hills and mountains…untouched and unexplored. To the people at least.

The chirping sounds of birds could be heard throughout the forest, as the habitants within went on with their animalistic lives. Rabbits still hopped around looking for food, Gazelle still pranced around, mountain lions searched for prey…the animal circle of life.

Over the entire district and a bit farther, a blanket of cold temperature has rested upon the area, small flakes of snow falling from the sky. Within the district, the people of 12 usually wore clothing that kept them warm this time of year. They usually wore coats, scarves, gloves, the whole nine yards.

But for now, we are focusing on a gazelle that was now feeding itself in the outskirts forest where no one was to be, as it was outside of Capitol territory. If one was caught, they were to be punished. But no one has broken this rule.

Or…they have but have yet to be caught. Can't get in trouble for something if you're not caught right?

Anyway the feeding Gazelle raised it's head in alert. Hearing a noise, it's dark brown eyes scanned the area for any danger, but saw nothing. It slowly lowered it's head, returning back to it's meal.


Hearing the noise automatically, the animal took off just as an arrow landed in the spot it was just occupying.

The whisper of a curse was heard before a blur rushed past where the Gazelle was at, the arrow being taken with it. The Gazelle sprinted through the forest, hopping over trees and logs, making sharp turns…but the blur just kept chasing after it.

In fact, it was GAINING on the animal, which made it harbor even more fear. The Gazelle's adrenaline started to pump into it's legs to out run it's stalker. As The Gazelle ran, and it's stalker chasing after it, both were unaware of the figure watching them.

The Gazelle continued to run till it gave a cry of surprise when it was suddenly yanked and the neck snapped. The original stalker paused in it's tracks, coming to terms of what just happened.

"Dammit Naruto! Can't you just let me get ONE kill today? Shit," The stalker complained in a female voice. The woman stared at the smirking young man who sat on the dead animal.

The man was none other than Immortal Shinobi Naruto Uzumaki; One of the very first dual victors in the Hunger games, Badass shinobi, and the very fiancé of one lucky, Katniss Everdeen.

And despite the very cold weather that has plagued most of lower Panem, Naruto only had a tanktop on with black pants that he liked to call ninja pants, or Shinobi pants. He of course, wore no shoes, which usually made Katniss make fun of him, calling him a jungle bunny or bush boy.

Naruto just chuckled as he stood, up and gave a mock bow to the woman in front of him. "Well I was just being chivalrous my dear Katnip, after all it's the man's job to provide the food for the woman," Naruto grinned, puffing up his chest.

"Well you can take your chivalry and stuff it up President Snow's ass, or the capitol, whichever you prefer, my dear whiskers," Katniss teased with a smirk causing his chest to deflate and to give her a deadpan stare.

Unlike Naruto who hadn't looked he aged one damn bit, Katniss has, in more ways than one; which Naruto appreciated on more than one occasion, verbally and physically.

Katniss was now 17 years old, nearly 18. Surprisingly, she grew from 5'5 to 5'7 the last time we've seen her. Her facial features were more defined, losing some of the fat due to the extensive training she has done. Though her body was already wonderful to Naruto, it was even better.

The girl had a bit more muscle mass to her form, powerful sexy looking thighs, a curvy shape, almost of an hourglass. And a nice plump round bubble butt; not to mention her size in breasts have went to a Mid B to a high perky C. Lastly were her lips. Nearly a year ago, they were just pouty; but now due to all the work Naruto has put in, they were nice and succulent, now naturally pouty.

Naruto was truly a lip and an ass fan. Mmm.

Katniss continued to wear her hair in her traditional and signature single braid, though she let some of her bangs frame the side of her face. However, like Naruto, despite the cold weather, she too was not rightly dressed for the weather. She wore a black sports bra and some comfortable yet tight, although movable black pants; that hugged her wide sexy hips well.

And for the finishing touches were her…

"Dammit Katniss when the hell are you going to turn those things off? You know I hate looking at them constantly, they bring back bad memories," Naruto grumbled, averting his eyes from her.

Katniss smiled victoriously as she said, "As soon as you stop staring at me like a piece of meat. Besides, nothing really freaks you out besides these eyes," Katniss then formed a thoughtful expression, "You still haven't told me why they do,"

Naruto glanced to the eyes that truly did bring back bad memories…

That damn Sharingan.

Once Naruto told her his story…the truth, he found out that she had already awakened the Sharingan. He noticed it during the games, but figured it was his imagination…turns out it wasn't. She had activated it, probably when she realized Jacqueline sacrificed her self to save her.

So as he trained her, it went from level one in both eyes to level two and level one. Now they were both level two because of his constant pushing.

But it didn't matter if it was his beloved who wielded those eyes, whenever he looked into them, memories of Sasuke, Itachi and that fucking Madara and Obito appeared in his mind. Though he patched things up with Itachi and Sasuke, it still didn't mean he forgot about the times the two tried to kill him, and almost succeeded.

"When I'm ready to tell you, you'll know," Naruto said quietly. Katniss didn't press the issue despite wanting too. She had to respect her fiancée's privacy…after all, he respected hers…when it came to her past at least. Though she had a feeling he already knew about it due to being Immortal.

Yeah, she knew about the immortality that he deems a curse. She even knew about his people 300 maybe 400 years ago. She knew about chakra, the Sharingan, her ancestry, the Biju, all of that. But she didn't know why the Sharingan made him a bit…distant and irritable.

Just to make him relax a bit around her, she deactivated her eyes, having them revert to the steel grey Naruto deemed beautiful. She swore he complimented almost everything on her body, even her damn toes! He's called them cute occasionally.

With a sigh she started to turn around, walking away. "Oi! Don't you want this deer?" Naruto asked her.

"Yup, and it's a Gazelle Naruto, we've been over this," Katniss replied, which caused Naruto to roll his eyes.

"Gazelle, Deer, same god damn thing. Well if you want it aren't you going to carry it and skin and shit?" He asked her but she just kept walking.

"You have big strong arms, you carry it. Besides, you killed it, so it's your job to skin it and deal with the rest," Katniss shrugged.

"But I caught it for you!"

"No one told you to do that, sounds like a personal problem,"


She could only give a giggle.

"So what's next on the training schedule, ol lover mentor of mine?" Katniss asked, tearing into the leg of her cooked Gazelle. Naruto sat right beside her, both sitting on the edge of a cliff, their feet dangling off of it.

Naruto gave a thoughtful look as he chewed on his food. Once he swallowed he gave a shrug. "I really don't know. I taught you the basic's, so you already know how to walk on walls and shit. We discovered your fire and wind element affinity, you know some jutsu…oh, we can work on Medical jutsu, Fuinjutsu or Genjutsu," Naruto offered.

"What's Fuinjutsu?" Katniss asked, taking another bite.

"Fuinjutsu, the art of sealing. It's an art my clan, the Uzumaki were talented at, as was my father, mother and godfather. With Fuinjutsu, you can learn how to make your own seals," Naruto started. "For example, explosive tags, binding seals, transfer seals…all kinds. You can even come up with seals to help with your training," Naruto informed.

This got an excited look on her face, as she stared at him expectantly. Naruto chuckled, knowing her Uchiha blood was stirring in near full effect. The only difference between Katniss and the Uchiha he knew, was that she didn't have a stick up her ass all the time, wasn't arrogant and felt the world owed her.

However, she was even more stubborn, loved getting stronger and showing people up when they pissed her off. She's done it to Gale and Peeta a couple of times.

"For example, I can make a gravity seal right now and plant it on you. The gravity seal will increase the gravity on your body specifically. While training with on, your actions can become faster. I would have done it around the time we started but you were still growing, and it can stunt your growth. It was part of the reason I was so short when I was a kid," Naruto mumbled.

Katniss was listening intently, liking the idea of increasing her training a bit. "I personally think Fuinjutsu would suit you, especially with your bow. With seals, I can make your quiver basically a bottomless pit, meaning you can carry however many arrows you want. So lets say you carry, hmm, 30 arrows. With Fuinjutsu, I can make it about 100, or more," Naruto explained.

"I like it! Lets go with that!" Katniss grinned. Naruto shook his head causing her to frown.

"This isn't like everything else Katniss. Fuinjutsu is a bit more dangerous than Ninjutsu. With Ninjutsu you make a wrong hand seal or add too much or to little chakra, you can hurt yourself. With Fuinjutsu, it takes careful and precise strokes. Even a smidgen of wrong can cause the seal to give nasty consequences. I've lost a few limbs during my years of immortality," Naruto muttered, rubbing his left arm.

"So you say I need practice?" She asked with a raised brow.

"Yes, before I let you create any seal, I need you to be able to get the strokes 120% right," Naruto answered. Katniss nodded in understanding…that was another thing that set her aside from her basically extinct clan, she knew her limits and how to take advice and teachings well.

"So what should I do then?" Katniss questioned. Naruto thought about it for a minute before giving an answer.

"I think you should learn medical Ninjutsu. After all, you have the skills thanks to your mom. When you took the edible plant test during the training time, you passed them with flying colors. If you learn the art of healing Katniss, you could help a lot of people," Naruto said in a serious tone, though he was smiling.

Katniss smiled at him with a nod, a light blush on her cheeks. This was one of the great things about Naruto that she loved, the fact despite his fucked up past and the isolation and loneliness he dealt with…he still cared for people.

Although he was blunt, rude, sarcastic, an ass, cynical, stubborn, grumpy…the list went on and on…he was still kind to those who needed it.

Also, despite being with him all the time, used to his teasing, compliments and antics, he still was able to make her blush like a school girl. There really wasn't a dull moment with her fiancé.

Her fiancé…

That thought caused her to look at the diamond engagement ring on her left ring finger. The ring wasn't much, just simple and traditional, but it was completely beautiful to Katniss because One: that's how she liked it and Two: It was purely handmade by Naruto…literally.

Naruto had actually went down to the coal mines with Gale one day, mined some coal, came back to the surface and heated it constantly with a fire jutsu for six hours straight at the constant temperature of 1000 degree's Celsius with an extreme gravity seal upon it to help make it turn.

When Katniss found out about this, she was flabbergasted to how Naruto did this. It explained why he was missing after going to the mines with Gale.

Anyway, back to the reason why she was his fiancée despite only being together for half a year when she recently just turned 17.

Now, most of you would say because of the capitol and the star crossed lovers bullshit.

That was part of it…but the main reason was because of how the two felt for each other.

Though he rarely said it, and only showed it…Naruto is absolutely in love with her. He thinks she's the very greatest best thing sincesliced bread…a little over the top right? Wrong.

He honestly meant every word he said when he proposed to her, in the comfort of her own home with her mother, Prim and Gale being the only witness's. At first she thought he was joking, and it was one of his crazy pranks to get back at her.

But he was dead serious.

He really didn't want anyone else but her and would do anything to make her happy, even if it meant leaving her alone for the rest of her life because she didn't want him anymore. Although that would never happen, still.

It took Katniss nearly half an hour to decide. And to show how serious he was, he sat on his knee, holding the ring up to her…for the full time she pondered it. The other three were still around, but got tired of waiting in the end.

So after her time thinking about it, she said yes. Katniss said yes, because she didn't think she would want anyone else either. Like, the man had protected her from an untimely forced death. He helped her keep a promise she honestly deep down think she would have been able to keep.

The man had and still is making her stronger to protect herself and keep her promises without his help. He gave her the love, affection and comfort she needed, that she didn't think she was going to get elsewhere.

He made her feel beautiful, gorgeous, a goddess. Before Naruto, she thought she was of average looks, and wasn't a real eye catcher. He completely changed that.

Naruto made her open up, express her emotions, whether it was anger, sadness, or happiness. Since actually talking to him, she has been smiling way more now than having a blank, brooding look. She laughed a lot more, and gladly participated in his good natured jokes upon the district to keep it a happy place.

And though she had her own money due to winning the games; he bought her ANYTHING she wanted or might think she wanted. He even went out of his way to get her a rare, limited edition silver bow made out titanium from the Capitol, when they decided to visit Portia and Cinna.

He had it customized and everything for her. On the base of the bow, was the mockingjay symbol on her pin, looked exactly like it, she was worried it was the same thing. Joyfully, it wasn't.

He had bought her plenty of arrows made out of the same material of the bow as a matching set, and even crafted his own special made arrows for her. Explosive arrows, poison arrows, puncturing arrows, they were simply amazing.

Though he never told her how much it all cost, but she could only guess it was a damn fortune. And funny enough, it still seemed like he had money to spare!

So those were the reasons to why she said, yes. But there was also one more reason to why.

She felt the same way about her Naruto. Like him, she was completely enthralled of him. The girl loved him with her entire being and soul, and was pretty damn sure it wasn't fake like he thought at the end of the games. She didn't want anyone else that wasn't her Naruto.

So in the end, it didn't matter if she was not even 18 yet. Katniss didn't believe love only apply to a certain age group.

And to be truthfully honest, she and Naruto were already husband and wife. They actually eloped, which was Katniss's decision. She didn't want a huge big fancy wedding, that was made out to be a big deal.

She wanted it to be as private as it was when he proposed to her. And it was. They actually eloped in the forest, with Mayor Undersee being the one who married them. Of course, Katniss's family was there, along with Gale and the Mayor's daughter.

That was bout 3 months ago, and it was one of the happiest times of her life.

So in actuality, they were actually married. But Naruto figured the Capitol would want to poke their fucking heads into their business so she had to be considered his 'fiancée' till they married…again.

"Oi, earth to Katnip," Naruto called, waving his hand in front of her face. Katniss broke out of her thoughts and wondered what he wanted. "Spaced out on me for a minute. Anyway, we have to get out of here. Gale is going to want this," Naruto muttered, gesturing to the cooked animal.

"You're really not going to give him cooked meat are you? You know that when it's cooked it goes bad even quicker than when it's raw. Besides, he needs a raw animal to get money for it," She told him.

"I don't see what the damn problem is, he's already living in my house, what's the difference? It's not like he and his family don't eat, or something," Naruto grumbled. Katniss just gave a sigh, not feeling like arguing with him.

"Whatever, do what you want," she muttered. Naruto shrugged as he gave a stretch.

"Race back to the house?" Naruto smirked. Katniss gave her own smirk, giving a nod. She was already pushing chakra into her legs.


Both victors blurred from sight as they ran back into the forest, heading back to the district and to their home. As Katniss ran, she glanced to the left to see Naruto was tree hopping expertly, a smirk like grin on his face.

"Cheater," She grumbled before she decided to boost her speed. The girl too jumped, hopped and swung from tree to tree, going even faster than Naruto, a carefree grin on her face as she enjoyed the wind hitting her face.

Naruto was too, but he was enjoying the use of his chakra even more. Though he wasn't at his full power, he was still strong enough to level a district a bit. So he at about…63%? Though that might not seem much, it's a big improvement from 44% before he got back into training.

It also helped that he was learning how to add Jubi's power into his own. Now if he didn't have Jubi's chakra to worry about, he would already be at 85%, but he didn't have that luxury; he did have Jubi's chakra and did have to worry about it. So it just meant it would take more time and he would have to work a bit harder.

The good thing about the whole Jubi thing was…the knowledge. To be perfectly honest, before the sealing, Naruto knew no fire jutsu, wind jutsu or any other kind of jutsu besides his signature ones. Hell, he barely knew Fuinjutsu.

The only way he knew this, was because of the Jubi. While it didn't have a conscious…the other tailed beasts did. They had their own experiences and learned different things. So when they were all fused together to make Jubi, their knowledge became it's knowledge.

Not to mention, the damn thing was the god damn MOON! It basically watched over the whole world since the Rikudo sennin. That of course meant, it had no choice to pick up knowledge as time went on. It was constantly watching, constantly learning.

So thanks to the Jubi, Naruto now knows what he knows. Hence, why he could train Katniss in the art of Shinobi. If he had to determine her level, it would be high Chunin to low jounin. And if he had to determine his level right now, it would be low kage.

Besides, Naruto didn't mind not being at 100%. He's only been at that percent of power once, and that was when the Jubi was sealed into him and he had to defeat Madara and Obito. The power was…overwhelming. He almost lost himself, just like Obito did. But he reminded himself who he was and what he was fighting for.

Naruto was sure, that when he reached his full power, his appearance would change, because it did when the jubi was sealed. His hair was like a silver white, he had horns coming out of his head, his skin was a bit pale and his eyes…they were the mix between Sharingan and Rinnegan.

The blond blinked as he nearly collided with a tree. Evading it, he stopped and realized that Katniss was way ahead of him, probably already at the house. That girl would take any chance she could to beat him, even if it was a simple race.

Part of the reason he loved her, she was good competition. Besides, he knew the reward she wanted whenever she won, hands down. It was always the same, and probably would never change.

It was a mutual reward, he had no problem giving.

Katniss grinned while also lightly panting, looking back towards the gates of victor's village to see if Naruto was catching up. She could see no sign of him so she shrugged, a smirk on her face. She won. Which means, she get to choose the reward.

A frown then came upon her face as she thought about the reward she always chooses. It's a mutual reward, so basically Naruto gets to enjoy it too when it's supposed to be for her only. Hmm, guess she needed to change it up, so he didn't really benefit.

The girl was about to walk into her house when she took a glance at Haymitch's abandoned, foul smelled house. It really made her stomach turn just looking at it. She hated going in there, because it fucking reeked to the high heavens. She usually made Naruto go in since he is used to it.

But Naruto wasn't here, and Haymitch needed to wake up before camera time, which was an hour away. That meant she had an hour to take a shower and get ready for the dumb cameras. What a drag.

The girl stalked over to Haymitch's house and kicked open the door. She knew that the man wouldn't wake up, so she went even further into the disgusting place he called home. You would think he would take care of it…wrong.

When she entered the dining room, he was knocked out on the table with beer bottles and shit around him. Initially, she kicked him, but he didn't even budge. She thought about using charka but decided against it as it would be a waste.

So she went into the fridge, got a cold bottle of beer and stood over Haymitch. She opened it and was about to pour it, but took a healthy sip before she did dump it on him making him wake up in a flailing screaming way.

"Wake up, it's an hour before cameras and you need to get up. If you wanted a babysitter you should have asked Naruto," Katniss told him as she took the last remaining sip and set it on the table.

"Well shit, you didn't need to give me damn pneumonia. Besides, if it was Naruto, that bastard would have drank and stolen all my beer before waking me up. Damn," He muttered as he dried drying himself off.

"Take a shower Haymitch," Katniss ordered, walking out the house.

"I already did!"

Once she was out of the house, Katniss still didn't see Naruto which made her a bit irritated. With a grunt she walked in the house, taking off her shoes and bow.

"Hello dear, how was your walk?" Her mother asked kindly, but Katniss immedieatly knew something was wrong. Her mother's smiled was too forced, and she knew that Katniss never took a walk in the forest, especially with Naruto.

"What's the problem?" The girl demanded with narrowed eyes. Being around Naruto, and trained by said man to have Shinobi skills, made you take an analysis of the situation, searching for problems off the bat.

"You have a visitor," Prim stated causing the older girl to look up to see a man in a black tailored suit. He was obviously from the capitol.

"This way, please, Ms. Everdeen," the man ushered her…in her own home. Now she knew she was spending way too much time with Naruto when she wanted to curse the man out for trying to boss her around in her own god damn house that she nearly died to have.

The two words 'Fuck you' nearly rolled off her tongue out of reflex but she bit it…hard. She wasn't sure what this man was capable of, and what the issue might have been. Though she figured she could take him, she wasn't sure if there was more and her family was being held hostage or there was a bomb somewhere. Stupid paranoia.

Katniss just gave a stiff nod, her facial features become stoic and impassive; just like Naruto taught her when faced with situation where emotions could set someone off.

When Katniss entered the office where Naruto usually worked, her expression hardened when she saw that fat Santa look alike fuck, President Snow, sitting her husbands chair like he owned the damn place. He was even touching Naruto's stuff.

"I would appreciate if you put Naruto's stuff down. He doesn't like when people get their fingerprints on it," Katniss told the man in a cold cutting tone. Snow looked away from the picture of a smiling Naruto and Katniss holding each other, right after the games ended minutes prior.

"It's nice to see you again too, Ms. Everdeen ," Snow chuckled lightly, setting the picture back down on the desk. He looked around the office, seeing the book shelves were quite full, and the walls were decorated with paintings and pictures. But the one that caught his attention the most, was the painting sitting on the wall across from him.

Katniss didn't even have to look at it to know what he was looking at, as she has gazed upon it hundreds of times in awe of it's beauty.

The painting was that of Naruto's village, Konohagakure. It was painted by Naruto himself in third point of view. Though to her it seemed he captured everything, he says he hasn't, as there was much more to it.

The painting contained what he dubbed the Hokage monuments and the Hokage tower, along with the homes and shops of the middle class. Billboards and buildings were all painted in complete detail. It was crazy that someone as jumpy and active as Naruto, would actually take the time to sit down and paint something so wonderful.

Her husband just continued to surprise her.

Snow broke his gaze away from the painting and focused his icy snake like gaze on her.

"I think we'll make this situation a lot simpler if we don't lie to each other," he says, "What do you think?"

Katniss just stands there, trying to keep calm and not allow her emotions to run wild. "Yes, I think that would save time," she agreed.

President snow smiles and Katniss's notices his lips for the first time. She was expecting snake lips, which is to say none. But his are overly full, the skin stretched too tight. She wonders if his mouth has been altered to make him more appealing. Because if so…it didn't work. Look absolutely horrific…to her at least.

"My advisors were concerned you would be difficult, but you're not planning on being difficult, are you?" He asks. Katniss just holds her eye from twitching as she answers.


"That's what I told them. I said any girl who goes to such lengths to preserve her life, isn't going to be interested in throwing it away with both hands. And then there's her family to think of. Her mother, sister, and of course…her boyfriend," by the way he lingers on the word 'boyfriend' she must think that he knows she and Naruto aren't really at that stage anymore, or he doesn't believe they were to begin with.

"Please sit," He gestured.

"I rather stand thank you," Katniss replied quickly yet evenly. Naruto taught her to always stand if she had the choice and if she didn't…who gave a fuck. Standing meant she could be at the ready any time, and was at her perfect height than when sitting and had to fumble for shit.

His exact words.

Snow just looked at her but went on anyway. "I have a problem, Miss Everdeen," Snow says. "A problem that began the moment you pulled out those poisonous berries in the arena,"

"Well that sounds like a personal problem that you can shove up your candy santa looking ass," Katniss and Snow both looked towards the door where Naruto walked through, Snows guards on the ground completely unconscious.

Katniss gave a relieved smile at his appearance while Snow just silently glowered.

"Mr. Uzumaki, how kind of you to join us," Snow said, though his tone said otherwise. Naruto just stood by Katniss's side, albeit a bit protectively but it was understandable for Katniss.

"What the fuck do you want Snow? I don't give a damn if you are the president, you have no right to come into my home, unannounced. The deal was, we win, we tour the capitol and you leave us the fuck alone. So what the fuck is the problem?" Naruto growled, his eyes flashing red.

"Watch who you are talking too Uzumaki. I can take this estate away from you and your little friends. So I would be mindful of who you are speaking too," Snow warned.

"Didn't stop Johanna, why's it going to stop me?" Naruto smirked darkly. Katniss wondered who Johanna was but said nothing, though from the look on Snow's face he obviously knew.

"If the head gamemaker, Seneca Crane, had had any brains, he'd have blown you both to dust right then. But he had an unfortunate sentimental streak. So here you are. Can you guess where he is?" Snow ask the two, moving on despite his irritation towards Naruto.

"Dead, because you are the fat bastard who killed him," Naruto answered with narrowed eyes. His nose gave a slight twitch, a look of disgust then comes across his face. The smell of roses and blood has grown stronger, only the desk separates them from it.

Naruto notices the rose in the man's lapel, which at least suggests a source of the flower perfume, but it must have been genetically enhanced, because no real rose reeks like that. As for the blood…no damn clue.

Snow ignored the comment as he went on, "After that, there was nothing to do but let you play out your little scenario. And you were pretty good, too, with the loved crazed schoolgirl bit and the rebellious bad boy act. The people in the capitol were quite convinced, even after you gave your speech of your 'love' for this boy here. Unfortunately, not everyone in the districts fell for your act," he says.

Naruto settled into a glare but Katniss, her expression was filled with rage and hate. Bewilderment and disgust on her features.

"Are you doubting my feelings for Naruto?" She demanded, taking a step forward, her anger rising. Naruto could feel the build in chakra towards her eyes and he knew that was a bad idea. It would be best not to have her activate her Sharingan in front of Snow, not yet anyway.


"NO!" She turned on him before going back to Snow with a growl. "I'm sick of everyone thinking our love is fake, that I'm so naïve and foolish to fall for a guy with a ridiculous attitude in one week! Well guess what, I did fall in love with this idiot! And I still am in love with him and that will never change, so believe what you want, but the next time you say something negative about it in front of me, consider yourself a target!" Katniss promised before she stomped out of the room out of anger.

Snow just stood there silent, along with Naruto. The two gazing at each other with serious gazes. The President just gave a soft sigh as he spoke,

"I will look over that threat , but only once. You might want to control what she says next time, if she is truly your woman. Neither you nor her have the power to go against the capitol," Snow told him.

"Though I doubt it Snow, you must've had a woman who was strong and stubborn enough that you can't control what they say or do, not when you insult something they hold dear. I can't control Katniss, just like she can't control me. We make our own choices," Naruto replied with a serious tone.

Snow just glared at him before he continued the reason he was here in the first place.

"You have no access to the information about the mood in other districts. In several of them, however, people viewed your little trick with the berries as an act of defiance, not one of love. And if a girl and a boy from district twelve of all places can defy the capitol, and walk away unharmed, what is to stop them from doing the same?" he says. "What is to prevent, say, an uprising?"

"Simple, the Capitol being blown sky high with you altogether. No capitol, no oppression, no oppression, no uprising," Naruto shrugged with a smirk but Snow just glared at him. "An uprising would actually be good, have there been some?"

"Not yet, but they'll follow if the course of things doesn't change. And uprisings have been known to lead to revolution," Sonw rubs a spot over his left eyebrow, the very spot where Katniss gets headaches, Naruto noted.

"Do you have any idea what that would mean? How many people would die? What conditions those left would have to face?" Snow asked Naruto who just snorted in amusement.

"Well look at you, actually pretending to give a damn about the people of panem. Well I'm not buying your load of shit, Santa. If you truly cared about the people, you would have gotten rid of those violent meaningless games when you came into office. Yes, people will die, but they will die fighting for their beliefs," Naruto told him.

"Whatever problems anyone may have with the capitol, believe me when I say that if it released it's grip on the districts for even a short time, the entire system would collapse," Snow retorted.

"And as it should! This isn't a democracy or a republic! This is dictatorship! You are oppressing these people, giving them no reason to keep living! You are taking young children to kill each other to keep order! That is no order!" Naruto shouted.

"Well excuse me for trying to bring back the Shinobi way, !" Snow threw out causing Naruto's eyes to widen. They then turned into narrowed slits as he held himself back from throwing the man against the wall.

"Yes, you tipped me off. That symbol, I knew I saw it somewhere and I did; On an old tablet not too far away on the outskirts of district 13. Konoha The Village Hidden in the Leaves; A lost village that fell not too long after the Blood Unity era. The Shinobi, they ruled our world for over 1000 years, and they were excellent," Snow grinned darkly.

"The Shinobi don't need to come back. Because if they do, even more mindless violence will ensue, especially with this kind of technology. War will return once more and the world will truly, fall apart," Naruto said truthfully.

Although, while he did love being a Shinobi, he wasn't a naïve child anymore. The Shinobi were a violent people, not really having a reason to kill besides to benefit themselves. Even if it wasn't a world war, war was always constant. Whether it was between two villages, or amongst the village and it's people, a civil war. War never rested and lives were constantly lost.

So Naruto did not want the shinobi to return. And if they did, it would be because of him and under his laws and restrictions. Besides him, Katniss was the only person he would allow to possess the skills of a Shinobi.

And if Snow truly wanted to bring back the Shinobi like he just said, then he would have to kill him right now so that were to never happen.

"We didn't mean to start any uprisings," Katniss stated as she walked in and stood by Naruto's side once more. She was calm once more, her features impassive. Naruto glanced at her with a narrowed gaze while Snow just nodded.

"I believe you, it doesn't matter. Your stylists turned out to be prophetic in their wardrobe choice. Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire and Naruto Uzumaki, the man of flames. You have provided a spark, that left unattended, may grow to an inferno that destroys Panem," He says.

Naruto wanted to say something but he caught Katniss shake her head, giving him a warning glare to keep his mouth shut. The blond gives a small scowl as she spoke.

"Why don't you just kill us now?" she blurted out. Both men looked towards her, one with a raised brow and the other with a look of confusion.

"Publicly?" Snow asks before shaking his head. "That would only add fuel to the flames,"

"Arrange an accident?"

"Katniss," but his reply was another glare.

"Who would buy it?" Snow asks with a snort. "Not you or Naruto, if you were watching. Not even I,"

"Then just tell me what you want me to do, I'll do it," Katniss says. This time Naruto was about to speak but Katniss grabbed his arm and squeezed, a fierce glare on her face. Snow was watching them and just smiled.

"If only it were that simple," He picks up the flowered cookies and examines it, probably her mother put them there. "Lovely, your mother made these?"

"My friend Peeta,"

"Ah I see, well please tell him they are very delightful," Snow says. Katniss just nods while Naruto has an stoic expression.

"Now I must ask, how handsome is this…Gale?" Snow asks and a look of confusion comes across the couples face. Where the hell was he getting at?

"I don't know what you are talking about?" She states.

"Oh please Ms. Everdeen, him I can easily kill off if we don't come to a happy resolution," Snow states with an uncaring shrug. This causes Naruto to give a light snarl in response.


"Naruto!" Katniss cut. Naruto growled before he walked towards the door. He couldn't stand here forced to be silent when he had no idea what Katniss's plan was. As he walked out the door he took his arm back, speaking as well.

"Don't underestimate me Snow, many have fallen because of it," Naruto warned as he left the room. Snow just glanced to the door before he looked towards Katniss.

"Please don't hurt Gale," Katniss whispers. "He's just my friend, a good friend for years. Naruto's as well. That's all that is between us. Besides everyone thinks we're cousins now,"

"I'm only interested in how it affects your dynamic with Naruto, thereby affecting the mood in the districts," Snow replies. Katniss then glared at Snow, fire lighting in her eyes.

"It will be the same on the tour just like it's always been since the start of the games; our love," Katniss told him. Snow just stares at her before nodding, getting up.

"Only you'll have to do even better if the uprisings are to be averted. This tour will be your only chance to turn things around," Snow warns her. Katniss just gave a nod.

"I know, I'll do…better. I'll convince everyone in the districts that I wasn't defying the capitol, that I was truly in love with Naruto and still am…because it's true," Katniss stated.

Snow crossed around the desk as he said, "Aim higher in case you fall short."

"What do you mean? How can I aim higher?" Katniss wondered. Snow gave a light chuckle as he was finally headed towards the door.

"Convince me," he says, his hand on the handle. "Oh, and I know about the kiss," and just as he said that the door opened and he walked out. Leaving a wide eyed and scared Katniss in the room.

She had lost her breath when she was reminded of the time Gale kissed her while Naruto was gone. It was a complete misunderstanding yet she nor Gale told Naruto about it, and she felt guilty because of it.

But how the fuck did he know about that?! It was a couple months ago!

Katniss calmed herself as she walked out of the room and headed upstairs to find her husband, Prim and her mother watching her warily. The young wife finally approached the door where she and Naruto slept and walked in to see he was gazing out the window.

"Naruto," she called softly. The blond glanced towards her before looking straight again, his jaw clenched.

"What was that?" He demanded quietly. Katniss frowned before she sat on the bed and began to explain.

"I needed him to see that I was willing to cooperate," She started causing him to look at her with an unhappy look. "Naruto, it wasn't you who made the choice for the berries, it was me. If I didn't cooperate, think what he would do to my family, or the district?"


"There are no buts! Naruto I love you, I do, but I love my family too. I don't want Snow to kill them, because I know he will! You just rebelling and fighting against him will only increase his anger and make him want to hurt you," Katniss stated.

"He can't hurt me," Naruto growled but Katniss shook her head, standing and walking towards him.

"Maybe not half a year ago, but now he can. He can hurt you, by hurting me or what I hold dear. I am your weakness Naruto, and he knows that," Katniss told him as he looked away a frown on his lips.

Naruto closed his eyes and gave an angry sigh. "So what do we do?"

"We aim high," She told him, causing him too look at her in confusion. "Snow doesn't believe we are truthful about our love. He wants us to make him believe it, because if we make him believe it, than the districts will too, he doesn't want uprisings to start," Katniss answered.

Naruto just gave a grunt. As much as he wanted to level the capitol and kill snow, he was at a clear disadvantage. Snow still held power, and could destroy district 12 if he so wished…or at least kill their friends and family.

"Fine," was all he said, turning back around. Katniss however wasn't done with the conversation. Snow had her feeling a certain kind of way with the last thing she said, and now she felt Naruto needed to know the truth.

"There's something else I need to tell you," Naruto said nothing, allowing her to continue. "It's about Gale…and I,"

This caused Naruto to turn around with a raised brow. Katniss averted her eyes from his, not wanting to see the anger in his eyes when she revealed her secret. "A-a few months ago, when you were away Gale and I-"

"I already know about the kiss Katniss," Naruto cut her off. Katniss eye's widened as she looked up towards him in vast surprise. "Gale had already confessed, the next day actually. He felt bad, said he was a bit drunk and it happened. An accident," he shrugged.

"You aren't mad?" her answer was a shake of the head.

"Katniss, if I got mad at every wrong thing you did, then I would be angry all the time. I understand what happened, hell I was there when it did. I just didn't say anything. Was I hurt a bit, yeah, but I got over it. I've been in Gale's shoes, I've done a lot of shit while I was drunk," Naruto muttered, scratching his face a bit sheepishly.

Katniss narrowed her eyes at him, a questioning gaze. "Like what?"

"Don't worry about it, it was a while ago," Naruto shrugged as he started to walk off but he stopped when Katniss grabbed his arm.

"Like what Naruto? I can handle it, I'm a big girl. I married you didn't I?" she smirked. Naruto gave a slight huff before he sighed.

"Well if we're comparing the kind of situation you were in, then I guess I should say I banged Johanna Mason," Naruto shrugged. Katniss blinked in surprise, trying to place a face to the name.

"When was this?" the girl wondered quietly, still thinking. Naruto thought she was getting angry so he took a step back.

"It was before the reaping. A few months prior actually. I was visiting districts, came across district 7, met her in the bar, thought she was pretty then we banged for the next two days," Naruto shrugged.

Katniss then remembered who she was. She was the victor of the 71st hunger games for district 7. She pretended to be weak…like Naruto.

Then slaughtered the other tributes…like Naruto.

Not to mention from what she remembered, the woman was abrasive, cocky and rebellious…just like Naruto.

A match made in heaven.

"Is…is she better than me?" Katniss asked quietly. Naruto raised a brow in confusion. Seeing it, Katniss stepped away from Naruto and undressed herself in front of him before grabbing a towel off the rack and walking to the bathroom, but just before she entered she gave him a lustful seductive smile.

"Are you not coming, my dear husband?" she smirked at him before walking into the bathroom, leaving a blinking and stunned Naruto. With a grin, Naruto undressed himself as well walking into the bathroom after her.

"Why of course, my dear wife,"

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