Epilogue: Surprise Surprise


That's all that was around him, complete darkness.

His blue eyes looked around to see nothing, he looked at himself to see he was completely naked. Where the hell was his clothes?

Hell, where the hell was he? Why couldn't he remember what happened? How did he get here?

He just remembers a flash of light and then he was in darkness.

Was he dead? Not sure.

Was he alive? Still not sure.

Maybe he was half dead…but even then he was still not sure.

Whatever, none of that mattered right now. What matters is…how did he get here, what was he doing before he got here…and where was he?

Okay, the most easiest one was where he was….obviously in complete darkness, except he could see himself clearly.

Second thing,….what was he doing here before he got here? He was thinking very hard on the subject but he came up blank. Ugh, what a drag…looking down at himself, he caught something on his left pec…it was a flower tattoo…

Well that is pretty gay…why would he have a flower…that was a Katniss flower be…that's it! Katniss!

He remembered now! Katniss, his wife, mate, best friend! The tattoo was to symbolize his wife, she had a tattoo of the Uzumaki swirl on her left breast too! Katniss, what was he doing with Katniss before this….

Flash of light…where did that flash of light come from? Oh! Lightning! But why was there lightning?...Lightning…lightning….Big tree….okay, big tree…jungle…jungle…jungle…Games!

The Hunger games! That's right, he was with Katniss and the other tributes participating in the Hunger games! They were trying to kill some bitches and blow up a tree, that's where the lightning came in!

But now the question is…how did he get here…whatever here was?

Now he was pulling up a total blank.

"He's still sleep,"

Blinking he looked around, was that a voice? It was female too.

"He's going to be okay right?"

It was another voice, female as well, this one seemed a bit worried though. However neither voices sounded familiar.

"He's going to be in bed for a few days but he'll make a full recovery,"

Full recovery? What happened to him? Why does he need a full recovery?

"Thank goodness, I was so worried about him,"

Looking around, he started to realize that the darkness was becoming lighter. What was going on now? Ugh, this was really starting to piss him off!

Before he knew it, the darkness was completely gone.

Now it was insanely bright, for no reason at all. He had to close his eyes so he could prepare. Opening them slowly, he was greeted to a white ceiling.

"Oh, he's waking up," the first female voice stated. Blinking repeatedly to adjust to the light, he sat up in his bed and gabbed his head, trying to make sense of it all.


Naruto blinked, completely taken by surprise. He hadn't been called by that suffix in a very long time. Removing his hand, Naruto looked around and spotted two people he hadn't seen in over one hundred years.

"It's good to see your awake now, Naruto," Tsunade Senju said with a bright smile, wearing her doctors coat. Naruto's eyes were completely wide upon seeing the woman he considered his grandmother.

"Naruto-kun!" he gave a light grunt from suddenly being held on too, and tightly. Looking down he saw a mop of platinum blond hair, he also took in the scent of flowers. He only knew one platinum blond who smelled like flowers.

"Ino?" Naruto called in surprise, and she leaned back and grinned brightly at him.

"I'm so happy to see you are awake Naruto-kun! Hokage-sama will be so very happy!" Ino stated before she suddenly pulled him into a kiss which he was not ready for nor was he expecting.

After a few moments she pulled away with a smile on his face.

Naruto blinked to what just happened before he looked between both an amused Tsunade and a grinning Ino. But something else was different…Ino didn't look how she looked the last time he saw her.

She was 17 years old…this Ino…was looked as if she was 14! That's when he raised his hands to see they weren't as big anymore like they were when he was in the darkness.

Suddenly, Naruto jumped out of bed and found a mirror and screamed….


And that ends this book. If you hadn't guessed, Naruto was sent back into the past. But as you can see, was it the right past?

Now I hope you guys enjoyed this sequel. All in all there will be four books. The next book centers around Naruto in the past and how he deals with it. The fourth and final book will be Mockingjay.

New twists in the story. Another thing for those who did not understand how this all happened.

Naruto came up with a seal to improve the chances of success in their mission. The seal was complex and a simple slip up could result into…well what just happened to him.

He sent Katniss off to help Beetee, but then she heard Naruto scream for her to run away. This was the gamemakers fucking with her, using the Jabberjays, also placing an illusion mirror so she was not seeing the real thing and stretching out the arena for her to take a while.

All confused and such she shoots the arrow, while gaining her third tomoe. Since the seal was on a timer, so it would go off at the exact time the lightning was supposed to happen, it started up, but was not finished to due to Naruto messing with Enobaria and boom, he was sent to the past, and Enobaria's result will be mentioned in the fourth book.

So now Katniss has awakened her Mangekyou Sharingan from the grief of Naruto's 'death' and finds out that she actually is pregnant with Naruto's child. Which he kept away from her so she wouldn't be so worried and caught up with it.

That is a quick sum of last chapter and this chapter. Which is the last chapter of this book.

I am also sorry to disappoint readers that there will be no pairing with Naruto/Johanna/Katniss. Maybe in another story.

Oh I'm also going to try and Hunger games Naruto type story later on, not at this moment though.

This next book will be not in the Naruto + Hunger games Crossover Archives, just in the Naruto archives. I will announce when it is released, probably not for another month or so.

I think that is it. Oh, be on the look out for a Naruto + Twilight crossover story. Yes, I am a twilight fan, not a Twihard though, just a fan. The pairing will probably be Naruto/Rosalie, or even a small harem. Who knows, might surprise you guys.

Last thing, I recommend you guys go check out Kami no Oni's "Enter: Team 7" story…it's pretty badass and awesome. The characters are being fleshed out just right and isn't one of them corny shits. I love it, and am hoping he updates soon.

So yeah, check "Enter: Team 7", and be on the look out for a Naruto/Twilight crossover and the third volume of this series.

Well, hope you enjoyed the ride…later.