Team of Demons

By: Sheltie

I don't own Naruto at all

A/N: okay, this one I am not totally sure where it came from, but it just popped into my head one day. A Naruto/multi. Warning this story will have parts that will be disturbing as it is funny. Please be advised that you may have nightmares by reading these parts. Plus there will be scenes of sexuality in this. There's a bit of gore in the beginning and scattered throughout though not too much really. You've been warned.

Chapter 1

Those words echoed in his head. The kyuubi was sealed within him. That was the reason why he was hated so much, spat upon, beaten up, friendless, alone. It was all because of that damn fox. All the pent up anger and rage that he stored during those years of abuse broke like a dam. Naruto's head snapped back as he gave out a mighty demonic roar. His appearance began to change too as his nails lengthen and his canines grew out, the whisker marks on his cheeks thicken and his normal blue eyes turned red as a cloak of demonic red chakra flared out around him forming into the kyuubi itself. He looked very feral.

Mizuki who was crowing froze with utter fear when he felt the insurmountable weight of KI hitting him. He had never felt anything like it before and he was gasping to breath since the KI was so thick. Iruka was on the verge of passing out feeling the KI even though it wasn't even aimed at him. He could the waves of it though and it was too much.

All around the village shinobis and civilians alike could feel the malice of the KI even if it was on a small scale. To the older ones who were alive and survived the kyuubi attack it brought back horrid memories. To the ones who weren't alive back then they go their first taste of immense KI and they all collapse from the intensity.

Back in the woods Naruto's red eyes locked on Mizuki.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" he screamed.

With incredible speed Naruto got to Mizuki and began tearing the traitorous chunin a part limb from limb. Iruka watched this all in sickening horror. Blood flew everywhere as Mizuki's screams echoed through the woods. Naruto was taking his time drawing as much pain as he could from the screaming Mizuki.

Several jounin and Anbu traced the heavy KI to the woods and looked only at the grisly scene unable to do a thing. It was like watching a car wreck, as much as you wanted to look away you just couldn't. By the time Naruto was finished Mizuki was totally ripped apart, shredded and everything else in-between. It didn't even reassemble Mizuki at all. Just a bloody and gory mass.

Naruto stood there panting, the red aura surrounding him starting to fade as he collapsed from exhaustion.

Hiruzen Sarutobi emerged with a very sad face. He looked at the boy who was like a grandson to him all bloody. He motioned his Anbu to take Iruka to the hospital and to clean up the mess that was Mizuki as well as to take back the forbidden scroll.

"Lord Hokage, what are you going to do?" an Anbu asked.

Hiruzen sighed. He knew this would re-spark rants of wanting to kill Naruto because they'd think he was actually now the kyuubi.

"That's quite simple. You allow me to take him."

That voice made Hiruzen to look around and he saw a figure emerge from the shadows. The man looked neither young or old, timeless really. He had long white hair tied in a ponytail. His eyes were as dark and hot as burning coals. He had a strong build and held himself in a manner that demanded attention.

"Who are you?" Hiruzen asked getting in a fighting stance.

The remaining Anbu and jounin also got ready for a fight too.

"Be at peace. I mean you no harm. I have been watching young Naruto for many years and was waiting for the moment he released all of his anger. Now he must be trained to harness this power" the man said.

"That still doesn't tell us who you are" Hiruzen said.

"No, it doesn't" the man chuckled.

"So again, who are you?" Hiruzen asked.

"My name has been lost for ages that even I don't remember it now. Know that I mean no harm to you or Naruto. I only want to help. I want to train young Naruto to control the fox's power" the man said.

"And what makes you think you can do that?" Hiruzen asked.

"I have traveled many places and times and know many things. I can train young Naruto in all he needs to know. I shall return him when I deem him ready" the man said.

Hiruzen wasn't sure about this. He had promised Naruto's father he'd watch over Naruto. And yes, he hadn't done a great job, but he did the best he could.

"How can I trust you?" the old Hokage asked.

"You can trust me or not. That's up to you. Know that I could have taken young Naruto anytime I wanted, but waited til now. I can still take him and you could do nothing" the man said.

A jounin with gravity-defying silver hair rushed forward with kunai in hand. He'd be damned if this man took his sensei's son. The man didn't move at all and the jounin's went right through like he cut just air.

"What!?" the jounin exclaimed in shock.

"That was a nice attempt, but you are still too slow" the man said calmly.

"Kakashi that's enough" Hiruzen said.

The jounin now named Kakashi leapt back to his Hokage's side.

"I believe I've wasted enough time. I shall return Naruto when the time is right" the man said.

He and Naruto then vanished.

"Lord Hokage, we got to do something. We can't let him just take Naruto away" Kakashi said.

"I wish there was something we could do, but I sensed that man was quite strong and powerful. We wouldn't have stood a chance" Hiruzen said.

"What do we do now Lord Hokage?" Kakashi asked.

"We just tell everyone that Naruto had disappeared. That's all" Hiruzen said.

In his mind he was thinking he was too goddamn fucking old for all this shit.

/Scene Break/

Little did they know that this Naruto wasn't the only one taken. Three more were grabbed too. Their futures would determine the direction of the world.

/Scene Break/

Sometime Later

Naruto stood tall. He had changed much since the woods in Konoha. He was a few feet taller, leaner and more muscled. His once spiky blond hair is now streaked with red, his blue eyes were now cold and hard. His attire had changed too. No longer in his orange jumpsuit. Now he wore black body suit with orange flames licking all around. Covering that was a trench coat that had a nine-tailed fox on the back with its tails splayed out with six of the nine tails covering his shoulders three on each.

Now Naruto wasn't alone there were three others too. They were the other jinchuriki. On his right was a redhead the same age as Naruto. His name is Gaara.

Gaara had the same bodysuit as Naruto, but with grains of sand whipped around it like a huge sandstorm. He also wore a trench coat that had the one-tailed raccoon on the back. His red hair was cut short and he had pale green eyes that were kept blank at most times. He had his arms folded pulling off the stoic look to perfection. On his back was a huge gourd made entire out of sand.

On the other side of Naruto was a tall blond girl who maybe a year or two older than Naruto. Her name is Yugito.

Yugito again had the same bodysuit on that really hugged her fine female form with wild purple flames swirling around the entire suit. She had a trench coat with the two-tailed cat on the back with each of the tails adorning her shoulders. Her long blond hair had streaks of purple in it and was tied in a simple ponytail. Her eyes were a purple color and looked very cat like.

And finally on the other side of Gaara was a girl with mint green colored hair. She looked about the same age as Naruto and Gaara. Her name is Fu.

Fu wore the same the bodysuit like the others with glossy imprints of wings on it. Not butterfly wings, but more like a dragonfly's. Her trench coat has the seven-tailed beetle with four of seven tails on her shoulders, two each. Her green hair was cut short with it just touching her shoulders. Her eyes were an orange color, but it was a dark orange a rust orange.

The four had trained long and hard and all have merged with the biju inside them. So they had all their biju's powers. The biju no longer existed due the four merging with their respective beasts. They were the strongest people in the world. They weren't demons at all nor were they any kind of half breed. They were pure humans still but with all the powers of their bijus.

Before the four was the man that took and trained them all. Again he still had no name so the four just called him master. Mainly because he trained them for so many years and learned much from him. The years they spent training wasn't much time in their world.

"It has been many years since you've all been taken from your homes. I have raised and trained you to the best of my ability. Now it is time to put those skills you've learned to use. It's time for you to return to your world" the man said.

"Where will we end up when we get back?" Yugito asked.

"You'll be in Konoha at an important crossroad. I believe they call it the chunin exams. You must go and begin the mission that I've told you about" the man said.

"We shall not fail you master" Gaara said.

"I know you won't" the man said with a smile, "I am oh so very proud of you all and look at each and one of you as one of my own children. I wish you the best of luck for the mighty trials you're about to face. Remember to look to each other and stay strong. You're strong individually, but practically unstoppable together. Look after one another. Remember you're family and family sticks together."

"We will remember master" the four of them said.

The four then bowed to their master and then vanished.

The man smiled one last time as he turned to ash and was blown away by some non-existent wind.

/Scene Break/

The four arrived on a rooftop.

"So this is your old village?" Gaara asked observing the surroundings.

"Yeah, this is it" Naruto said with a frown on his face.

The young blond didn't care for the place he once called home. After all the torment he had gone through a good part of his life he didn't care about Konoha any more. He didn't despise Konoha or wanted raze the village or anything. He just didn't care about the village.


That sound caused the four to look down and see with their great eyesight a small boy with a long scarf had crashed into a big figure.

"Huh, that kind of looks like my brother, Kankuro" Gaara said idly as he looked at the figure in the cat suit.

"Him?" Fu asked pointing at the figure in the cat suit.

Gaara nodded.

"Come on, lets take a closer look" Naruto said.

The four vanished and appeared closer to the scene.

They heard the shrieking voice coming from a pink haired girl. Yugito scowled at girl. She smelled such weakness that surrounded the girl like a miasma. Gaara on the other hand was looking at what looked to be his two older siblings. He remembered them vaguely.

"That girl there looks kind of hot" Naruto commented.

"Which one?" Fu asked curiously.

"The blond with the fan on her back. I like the look of her" Naruto said with a smile.

Yugito growled at this.

"What, you know I like older girls Yugito. Plus I can have more than one" Naruto said with a foxy grin.

"But you're mine" Yugito said as she hugged Naruto pressed her fine body up against Naruto's. "You still want me, don't you?" she asked as she began to wiggle.

Naruto groaned as he felt his passion rise.

"As much as I enjoy a show, I don't want to see one that features my friends" Gaara said.

"I thought it was getting quite steamy" Fu said nonchalantly.

They turned and then watched as a new boy appeared with black hair shaped in a duck's butt.

"Now that boy looks like he has a big ass rod up his bunghole" Gaara muttered.

The other three nodded in agreement as they watched the scene til what appeared to be a third shinobi showed up and told the pink haired girl and the duck butt that they needed to get to their team meeting. Soon they left and so did Gaara's siblings. This left the four alone.

"I think I am going to check out that hot blond out some more" Naruto said.

"She's my sister Naruto" Gaara said though without any real heat since he didn't have any real familiar feelings towards his sister, but it was his sister and he had to say something.

"So, she's hot and I bet she can be freaky in the sack" Naruto said with a lecherous grin.

Gaara really didn't need to hear this and Yugito growled since Naruto was prowling about. Fu didn't care one way or the other.

"Great, we'll meet you at the mountain with all those ugly faces on it" the green haired girl said pointing at the monument.

"Great, see ya" Naruto said and shunshined away in a swirling dark fire inferno.

The others went to check out the village more though Fu had to drag Yugito away.

/Scene Break/

Warning: Lime scene Ahead

Naruto followed the two back to their hotel and into her hotel room then hid himself so he couldn't be seen. She turned around and sighed as she placed her giant fan on the floor. She plopped onto the bed and closed her eyes. Naruto took this chance and muttered a jutsu as he did the proper hand signs. A haze floated above the girl and she soon inhale it making get very drowsy. She murmured as she fell asleep.

Naruto re-appeared and crept over sat on the bed and began stroking her hair.

"What's your name honey?" he asked.

"Temari, Temari Sabaku" the girl said.

"Temari, now that's a nice name. But I think I'll call you my Desert Flower, you like that?" Naruto asked.

Temari smiled at this and nodded.

Now what was going on was Naruto's jutsu caused Temari go into a dreaming kind of state. She was conscious enough to answer Naruto's questions, but not know who he was or anything else really. All that would be like a dream to her when she awoke.

"Good, now just relax and let me take care of you" Naruto said.

Temari sighed as she let her body go limp almost. Naruto moved and took off her blue battle kimono as well as her mesh top she had underneath. His eyes roamed taking in all of Temari's lovely supple young body.

Hmm, nice he thought.

Temari's body was quite nice. It was tone and fit in every spot. Her breasts were a nice B cup covered by a simple white bra along with plain white panties. Naruto pulled Temari's panties down and saw she had a small blond bush.

"Hmm, you need to shave, but that's alright" he said as he began tickling Temari's cunt.

Temari moaned as she spread her leg wider to give Naruto more access.

"Yeah you like that. You have such a tight cunt. I can't wait to taste it" Naruto said.

Temari was panting hard as she moved her hips, wanting more friction. Naruto gave it to her by thrusting two fingers in and out of Temari's pussy. Temari then moaned loudly as she came. Her juices spilled all over Naruto's hand and he pulled out and feast on them.

"Mmmm, yummy. You taste good my Desert Flower" Naruto said.

Temari was panting from her orgasm, but she had a smile on her face.

"I gotta go, but I'll see you later my Desert Flower" Naruto said as he tickled her cunt a little more.

He then left.

Temari would awake later wondering how she ended up in her bra and no panties and why she was so wet and felt like she had just had the best orgasm of her young life. Her thoughts were on the dream and wondering about it and why it felt so real.

/Scene Break/

Naruto appeared with Gaara, Fu and Yugito waiting for him. They were all on the mountain that had the carved faces on them.

"So enjoy your treat?" Fu asked with a smirk.

"Yeah, quite tasty. Here Yugito. I even saved some for you" Naruto said.

He then moved his sticky hand to Yugito's nose. She moaned as she inhaled the musky scent then began to lick Naruto's hand in cat like fashion. Once clean she licked her lips.

"She is yummy, I guess I approve" she said.

Naruto smiled and kissed Yugito hard on the mouth. They kissed for a while then pulled away. They were about to continue when they got interrupted.

"If you're done, then I think we need to figure out what's going on here" Gaara said.

"Fine, so what have you heard?" Naruto asked.

"Well there's a genin here that's not a genin. He's most likely a jounin in skills and he smells heavily of snakes" Fu said.

Gaara nodded.

"I saw him too. He's very suspicious. But a few other things too. It appears this village is all up in arms with this last Uchiha named Sasuke" he said.

"What's special about him?" Naruto asked.

"Well, like Gaara stated before this Sasuke guy is the last of his clan. His older brother slaughtered his entire clan leaving him the only one alive. He's been treated as damn king or something close to it. But it appears that they created an arrogant little emo instead" Yugito said.

"How do you know that?" Naruto asked.

"Simple saw him, and read his mind. The little prick has only one goal and that's to kill his brother. He doesn't care about anything else. I mean he has tons of girls throwing themselves at him and he ignores them. I bet he's got a tiny dick and cuts himself to get off, and most likely gay as all hell" Yugito said.

"Um, you got all of that from his mind?" Fu asked.

"Just the first few parts. The thing about him being tiny, cutting himself and being gay I made up, but I bet it's true. Though I don't want to be the one to check his package and I don't really want know if he plays with kunai" Yugito said.

"I see, what else?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing else really. I did enter us in the exam tomorrow" Gaara said.

"Why?" Fu asked.

"Gives us a better look at what's going on" Gaara said with a shrug.

"Well lets find a place and rest up. Tomorrow we've got a busy day" Naruto said.

/Scene Break/

The next day the four of them headed to the academy and found themselves with all the rest of the genin from other villages. They felt them all trying to intimidate them, but it was puny. They shrugged it off and found a seat. Gaara, Yugito and Fu pointed out the snake smelling boy and the Uchiha.

"The Uchiha looks like he has a damn pole shoved up his ass" Naruto commented.

"Well so does that Hyuga too" Yugito said.

"Which one?" Fu asked.

"The girly man with the long hair" Yugito said.

"Huh, interesting" Naruto said.

Gaara had his eyes closed and used his sand to gather all kinds of intelligence like how an Aburame did with their bugs.

The exam began and the four were separated as they took the test. They snorted at the pathetic scare tactics being used, but could see how the mortals were ensnared. After that they were introduced to the second proctor and Naruto eyed her with great interest. Yugito saw this and frowned as she growled at the attire the second proctor was wearing.

Soon they got to the next part of the chunin exam and saw it was a huge forest surrounded by fence.

"What's so scary about this?" Fu asked.

"Don't know, it doesn't look like much" Gaara said.

"I agree, it doesn't look scary at all" Yugito said.

"A freaking walk in the park" Naruto said.

He then turned his head as a kunai flew passed his cheek. He then felt a lovely warm body pressed to the back of his.

"Damn, you had to move. I wanted to taste some of your tasty blood" the proctor said pouting.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I am enjoying myself though" Naruto said as he pressed his back to the proctor's chest.

"You're a naughty one aren't you?" the proctor asked with a smirk.

"I am, but if you want to know how naughty I am then meet me after the exam and I'll show you" Naruto said with a sexy fox smirk.

The proctor gulped as she felt her panties get wet. No one has ever set her on fire like this before.

Yugito glared at the act before her. While Temari watched this wanted to be the one Naruto was rubbing against. She had no idea why she was thinking that, but she was getting hot too. All around guys were getting nose bleeds and girls were either shocked at the display, disgusted with it or wanted to be in the proctor's spot. What could they say Naruto looked fucking hot, and the fact that he kept his trench coat open so you could see his tight body suit. He looked damn fine.

After that a grass genin handed the proctor back her kunai and the proctor headed back up and explained the whole exam. Basically it was a five-day survival test. With added difficulty that you had to get two scrolls, a heaven and an earth one. Each team would start with one and they'd have to find, fight and beat another team to get the other. The hard part was that none of the teams what scroll the other team had. It was an easy way to weed out teams.

Naruto, Gaara, Fu and Yugito thought it was a bit ingenious. But they knew this would be easy for them. So after they signed waivers stating that the village wouldn't be responsible for their death they got their scrolls and headed to a gate. At the sound the gate opened and they headed out.

"What's the plan?" Fu asked.

"Simple, find a team, beat the shit out of them and then take their scroll. If they don't have the one we need then repeat til we get what we need" Naruto said.

"Well that sounds like a plan. I can't think of anything better" Yugito said.

Gaara just nodded then he looked ahead.

"We've got some company" he said.

They stopped and found a team they easily beat them and found their scroll. It was the right one.

"Damn, I was hoping we didn't get the right one. I wanted to have some more fun" Naruto pouted.

Yugito sighed while Fu looked bored. Gaara looked up and frowned.

"I sense snakes" he said.

"Then lets go check it out" Naruto said.

/Scene Break/

It didn't take long and they found the pink haired banshee, the Uchiha and another black haired boy. They were facing off against the grass nin they saw earlier.

"Is that where the snake smell is coming from?" Naruto asked.

Gaara nodded.

"Well what's the plan?" Fu asked.

"We check it out and if we need to we'll engage, but mostly just observe" Naruto said.

"Really Naruto, I thought you'd want to charge right in" Yugito said.

"Hey, I can be patient when I want to be" Naruto said.

Fu snorted.

"What, I can" Naruto whined.

They soon got in close enough and watched as the grass nin they had seen before toy with the team with the Uchiha on it.

"She's only playing with them. Like a cat with a ball of yarn" Gaara said.

Yugito sent a glare at Gaara.

"She is, but what's her true purpose?" Fu asked.

"I can tell you one thing. That ain't no girl at all" Naruto said.

"How do you know that Naruto?" Gaara asked.

"Dude, I can just tell and I know that isn't a girl. It's a disguise" Naruto said.

Soon they saw the Uchiha perform a fire jutsu and the girl's face melted off.

"Told you" Naruto said with a smirk.

"There's that heavy snake smell again" Fu said.

They then heard the conversation.

"So that's Orochimaru, the snake sannin. A missing nin and was one of the legendary sannin" Gaara said.

"He's so fucking gay" Yugito said.

"Yeah, especially the way he's going after the Uchiha. He's gay and a pedo" Fu said.

"Looks like the snake's found a new hole he wants to play in" Naruto said.

"Ugh, that's disgusting Naruto" Yugito said wrinkling her face.

"It's true though" Gaara said.

"So should we just watch?" Fu asked.

"Why not, it's kind of fun to watch" Naruto said wishing he had some popcorn.

So they watched til Orochimaru extended his neck and bit the Uchiha on the neck. The Uchiha screamed in utter pain then passed out. Then the snake disappeared. Leaving a weak and battered pink haired girl and her teammate.

"Huh, we'd better go down and check that" Naruto said.

Gaara, Fu and Yugito nodded. They leapt down and Fu performed a jutsu on the three so they'd be rendered unconscious and have no memory of what happened. Naruto rolled the Uchiha over ignoring the other two and checked the neck.

"Huh, it seems to be some kind of seal. Fu come over here, this is your expertise" Naruto said.

Fu walked over and looked over the seal. Each one of them had a special talent and Fu happened to be seals. She knew everything about seals that no seal master could match her skill. Yugito was master in reading and altering minds though all of them could do that to a certain extent. Yugito was most skilled. Naruto was the main fighter of the group and Gaara was the defender. They all head their own special skills though they could all do each other's jobs, just not as good as the expert.

"It's a seal to increase power, but if used too much it will destroy the body. Which the snake wants so he can take over it" Fu said, "since he injected the seal with his mouth he added his DNA into the seal making it easy for him to take over the body and make it their own."

"How do you know that?" Naruto asked.

"While you were enjoying your sand dessert I went through the entire archives including the highly classified stuff. It explained all about Orochimaru's goals and stuff. Plus the Uchiha isn't the only one who has this seal. That proctor you were rubbing against also has one" Fu said.

"Okay, so what can we do if anything?" Naruto asked.

"I can do something" Fu said with a smirk.

"Alright Fu, mess with that shit" Naruto cheered.

Gaara was keeping an eye out on their surroundings making sure they weren't disturbed while Yugito was just checking the other two. She eyed the pink haired girl and snorted as she read the girl's memories. Pathetic was the only thing that came to mind. Then the boy, he was curious since it seemed he was under the control of someone.

"Fu, when you're done. Come over here" Yugito said.

Fu nodded as she kept working. She was then done and finished the seal.

"So what does it do? Will he be bat shit crazy or something?" Naruto asked.

"No, mini dick there is already on his way to bat shit crazy. I left that alone, but I did seal the seal on him as well as a few other surprises" Fu said with a smile.

"Like what?" Naruto asked eagerly.

"He's sterile now. He no longer has little Uchiha swimmers any more" Fu said.

"Damn cold Fu" Naruto said.

"Like Yugito said before. He probably doesn't even like girls. So no loss there" Fu said as she walked over to Yugito.

She then began checking and found a seal on the boy's tongue and Fu worked on that.

"There, he's now our little spy" she said with a grin.

"Good, we've wasted enough time. We should go" Gaara said.

The four left.

/Scene Break/

A few days later in the tower. Naruto, Fu, Gaara and Yugito were lounging. They had arrived early and now had nothing to do til the five days were up. Once it was they were lined up with the rest that had survived. They saw the team with the Uchiha was one of them and were surprised by that.

They ignored the whole speech going on and soon it was time for the prelims. They got to the balcony to watch the matches. The first was the Uchiha and another leaf nin.

"Fu, you're smiling. You did something, didn't you" Yugito said.

"Yeah, I did" Fu said.

"What did you do?" Naruto asked with excitement.

"Well, I lied when I said I wasn't going to make the Uchiha go bat shit crazy. I have to, it's always fun" Fu said.

"That's my Fu" Naruto said happily.

Fu smiled proudly.

"So how does the new seal make the Uchiha go bat shit?" Gaara asked.

"Watch and see" Fu said still keeping her smile in place.

/Scene Break/

Warning: Disturbing material Ahead

Down on the arena the Uchiha and the leaf nin faced off. The proctor signaled the match to begin and the Uchiha turned his Sharingan on, but before him wasn't his opponent. No, it was his brother, Itachi.

"Hello little brother, get any ass today?" Itachi asked with a smirk.

Sasuke began screaming and charged in wildly.

The leaf nin was freaked seeing this change and jumped away. It was no use though. Sasuke kept following screaming.

"Fuck you Itachi, fuck you. I am able to get ass whenever, wherever. I am an Uchiha! I can ass fuck anyone I want anytime I want!" Sasuke screamed.

There was many sweat drops upon hearing this from the last Uchiha as well as many thinking, he's gay! Two of the girls on the balcony were fighting with all their might to not believe what they just heard.

"Come back here Itachi and I'll show you I'm better at plowing ass than you are!" Sasuke screamed.

"What have you been teaching to the Uchiha, Kakashi?" a dark haired, red-eyed woman asked.

"I surely never taught him anything like that. I swear" Kakashi said as he was just as baffled as everyone else.

The leaf nin was running out of breath. He had done so much running to try and stay away from the Uchiha from possibly violating his ass.

"Get away from me!" he shouted.

"Not til your ass is mine Itachi!" Sasuke screamed.

Naruto was on the floor laughing his heart out at the scene. Fu was still smiling at her handiwork. Gaara made a note to never turn his back on an Uchiha while Yugito was on the floor with Naruto laughing. Somehow she had also set up a video camera to capture the whole thing.

Back down in the arena the leaf nin was worn out and was lying on his back panting, trying to gasp for air.

"I see you've come to your senses Itachi. Now time for me to show you who's the top and who's the bottom" Sasuke said as he kicked the leaf nin making him roll on his belly. Sasuke then began to undo his pants.

"Sasuke Uchiha wins!" the proctor shouted before it go any father.

Sasuke's Sharingan turned off and Sasuke fell unconscious. Kakashi grabbed him and took him up to the balcony to rest. Still unsure what happened, but vowed not to use his own Sharingan just in case the same thing happens to him.

/Scene Break/

The rest of the matches were lackluster really. Fu's match she just took out her opponent with seals. This shocked all those watching since they never seen anyone so adapt with seals in many, many years. Yugito's match was quick and she made easy work of her opponent as well as toying with them just enough then going in the 'kill'. Gaara wasted no time with his opponent and encased him with sand and told him to forfeit unless he wanted to be crushed. Naruto easily took out his opponent with out much trouble nor showing any of his real skills.

Like said before the rest of the matches were completely boring to the four, but Naruto eyed with interest a girl who used all weapons.

"That girl's bound to be kinky" he said.

Yugito pouted while Fu rolled her eyes and Gaara just stood there stoic.

"Naruto, you already have one girl, why do you need another?" Yugito asked.

"I like variety Yugito. Besides, you know that I always bring back cream for you" Naruto said.

Yugito couldn't help, but lick her lips. What could she say, she just loved her cream and Naruto always brought the best back to her.

"Then it's settled" Naruto said then kissed Yugito on the lips.

"Any other of these girls pique your interest?" Fu asked casually.

"Hmm, that Yamanka girl is quite feisty and also that girl who used the bells. Oh, plus that hot red eyed jounin she looked damn sexy and not to mention that proctor from the second exam. I want a better look at her" Naruto said.

"Your dance card is getting full Naruto" Gaara said.

"Eh, there's always room to add more" Naruto said with a shrug.

Soon the final match was done with and they came down to the floor with those who had made it to take numbers to find out who they'd be facing in the finals. Once that was done they had a month to prepare. Or for Naruto to add girls to his collection.

End of Chapter

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