Team of Demons

By: Sheltie

I don't own Naruto at all

A/N: here's the fourth chap. This one has much lemony goodness in it. Okay, I know many of you are curious to why Kisame and Itachi were at the door of the hotel room Naruto and Fu were at. Well the explanation is the Zetsu had given the info that Naruto was in Konoha, but that is dated and he never kept tabs on it. So they assumed Naruto was still in Konoha even when he had left and then came back.

Previous in the last chapter

"Okay, back to where we were before we were interrupted. Who are you two?" he asked.

Chapter 4

Naruto and Fu looked at each other.

"My name is Naruto and this is Fu" Naruto said.

Jiraiya stumbled back a bit hearing Naruto's name. He heard that his godson had disappeared and now here he was, alive. He couldn't believe it. The boy looked kind of like Minato, but not totally. He was sure that there was no red streaks in the blond hair before.

"Is your name really Naruto?" Jiraiya asked seriously.

"It is unless it was something else, Fu?" Naruto asked looking at his companion.

"No, but there are some names that Yugito and your lovers have called you, but those aren't polite to say in public" Fu said shaking her head.

Jiraiya heard Yugito and lovers and got a perverted grin on his face and began to giggle. He whipped out a notepad.

"Tell me, tell me all the juicy details?" he asked.

"I don't kiss and tell, well in this case fuck and tell" Naruto said.

Jiraiya pouted and turned to Fu hoping she'd give him something.

"I don't gossip about my friend's love life. His business, not mine" Fu said.

Jiraiya got depressed.

"I've heard you are trying to track down Tsunade Senju so she can be taken back to become the new Hokage" Naruto said.

"How'd you know that kid?" Jiraiya asked.

"I have my sources" Naruto said.

"Fine, but how've you been brat, where have you been?" Jiraiya asked.

"I was off training with my master to harness the demon within me" Naruto said.

Jiraiya was surprised at this since Naruto couldn't fully harness the kyuubi without the key and he had that. So how was Naruto able to do that? The sannin would have to think about this later.

"We'd like to join you Jiraiya in your search" Fu said.

"Fine" Jiraiya said.

He wanted to know what happened to his godson and this was the best way of doing it.

So the three headed off to find Tsunade.

/Scene Break/

Back in Konoha Gaara and Yugito were using their time wisely. Well, Yugito was having fun eating out and getting eaten out by Naruto's three other lovers. Most times Gaara never saw the four unless it was meal time. Other than that they'd be holed up in the tent with silencing seals active.

As for Gaara he watched Hinata Hyuga. He watched her and watched the changes she made to her attitude. She was no longer meek or weak at all. She had steel edge to her, but still retained her kindness, but that was outside of a fight or spar. Now when she sparred she was ruthless. He watched as she trained everyday to get stronger and to find ways using her Byakugan as well as her clan's taijutsu style to fit her body. It was remarkable and Gaara was amazed how flexible Hinata was.

Oh lord, I'm turning into Naruto Gaara groaned internally as his thoughts turned perverted thinking of all the ways Hinata could bend her body.

Gaara watched as Hinata was facing what looked to her sister. They were in the Hyuga compound with many men watching. Gaara knew this to be the council of Hyugas along with the head, Hinata's father.

The spar started. Hanabi, Hinata's sister started off thinking that Hinata was still the same. Hinata dodged each strike and then uppercut her sister's chin knocking Hanabi to the ground. This shocked the elders and the clan head. Since Hinata not only attacked, but not in the Gentle Fist style.

"Get up Hanabi" Hinata said coolly.

Hanabi was shocked seeing her sister act like this. Her sister's eyes were emotionless. It almost sent a shiver down the young girl's spine. Hanabi got up and moved in to attack again and again Hinata dodged the blows. Hinata then stepped back. She then moved in and performed Eight Trigram sixty-four palms flawlessly. Hanabi hit the ground in utter pain. Though Hinata didn't put enough force to kill her sister, but it did hurt a lot.

Hanabi fell to the ground coughing blood.

The elders and the clan head were absolutely shocked.

Hinata turned to them with cold eyes.

"I don't give a fucking damn about being clan heiress give it to your precious little puppet you've been grooming, but if you dare even think of placing that fucking caged bird seal on me I will show you my true wrath" Hinata growled.

The spike of KI coming off Hinata made all the elders scared. Never had they felt any KI like this, it was almost demonic. Hinata then left leaving a council and clan head that were in need of clean underwear and some new plans.

Gaara smiled at this. She was coming along quite well now.

/Scene Break/

Back on the road Jiraiya, Naruto and Fu were still looking for Tsunade.

"How can a big busted woman with a debt larger than all of the elemental nations combined be so hard to find?" Naruto asked out loud.

"She uses genjutsu to evade those debt collectors and the ones she can't avoid end up in the hospital due to her chakra-enhanced strength," Jiraiya said.

"Huh, hey Fu you might have competition in seeing who is stronger" Naruto said turning to Fu.

"Her strength comes from infusing chakra into her fists and muscles. Mine comes naturally" Fu said.

"What are your skills, the both of you?" Jiraiya asked curiously.

"Fu here is da bomb with fuinjutsu. She can do any seal and make it badass. Plus she's good at making her own seals. If you saw the Uchiha's seal then you'd see some of her handiwork. Then there's her superior strength. With one punch she can crumble a mountain" Naruto said proudly.

"While Naruto is master in ninjutsu and taijutsu. He is a tough motherfucker to take down. Whatever is dished out he gets back up and comes back ten times stronger" Fu said.

"I see" Jiraiya said.

They didn't give too much away with what they said and that left Jiraiya wanting more answers. Soon they got to the town.

"Okay, you know the drill look in all bars and casinos" Jiraiya said.

Fu and Naruto nodded.

They split off and began their search.

/Scene Break/

Fu and Naruto were checking all the place when they found the blond sannin chugging down a bottle of saké. Right next to the blond was a young brunette haired woman holding a pig.

"That them?" Naruto asked.

"Yup, Tsunade Senju and Shizune" Fu said.

"Huh, Shizune looks very cute. I wonder what her faces looks like sucking cock?" Naruto asked out loud.

"Not now Naruto" Fu said.

"Right, right. What should we do now?" Naruto asked.

"We talk to her" Jiraiya said.

Naruto and Fu turned to Jiraiya, who was standing behind them. They then entered the bar. Jiraiya acted all shocked and surprised to see Tsunade. They then all sat down making introductions. Naruto made sure to sit across from Shizune.

While Jiraiya and Tsunade talked Naruto entered Shizune's mind and began implanting sexual thoughts. Shizune was doing her best to repress them, but she was getting quite bothered by them. Her pussy was getting wet and she began to rub her thighs together to find some relief. She got none. Each new thought Naruto implanted was more graphic than the last. It was amazing how together Shizune was acting.

Fu watched this all and sighed and shook her head.

"Why the fuck would I want to take that position?" Tsunade asked.

"You're a fucking waste" Fu said.

"What was that?" Tsunade asked glaring at Fu.

"You heard me drunkard. You're a fucking waste. Wallowing in your damn sorrow. So what, so your lover was killed? He knew the fucking risks in fighting in a war. Same with your little brother. They died to protect their home. You abandoned it like the sacred little pussy you are" Fu said.

Jiraiya was quite nervous and scared at what was going on. He could feel Tsunade's anger rise.

"That's it bitch, OUTSIDE!" Tsunade shouted.

"With pleasure. I can't wait to kick your fucking wrinkly old ass" Fu said.

Out on the street Jiraiya stood with Shizune and Naruto. Naruto was close to Shizune. He had an arm wrapped around Shizune's waist. Her will was quite weak now from all those vivid images.

"I'll only use one finger" Tsunade said.

"You're either cocky or totally fucking drunk off your wrinkly ass to think you can beat me with one finger" Fu said.

This just pissed Tsunade off even more.

The fight began.

Shifted into a fighting stance then charged in. Tsunade went and was going flick Fu in the forehead. Fu dodged and slammed a fist into Tsunade's face. Tsunade was thrown back hundred feet shocking Jiraiya. Shizune would've been shocked if she was paying any attention. Naruto was kissing her passionately all over her face and neck as he was groping one of her tits through her clothes. The pet pig showed its shock for Shizune and itself.

Tsunade got up and wiped the blood from her mouth. She didn't even look at her hand.

She has some strength. Rivaling or maybe even greater than my own the sannin thought.

"Was that the best you can do, that's fucking terrible" Fu said looking bored.

Tsunade was pissed again. She charged in not caring about using just a finger. She was going to pound this little girl into the ground. Fu dodged each attempt Tsunade made with each then would slam a fist into Tsunade's body. Tsunade fell to the ground and coughed up blood. This she saw and froze.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me? You're afraid of some blood. What kind of damn medic are you?" Fu asked.

Tsunade just knelt there not hearing Fu at all. Jiraiya came up and helped Tsunade up. He healed her the best he could without being perverted.

Naruto and Shizune were about a few seconds away from fucking in the street.

"Naruto if you want to do that get a damn room!" Fu shouted.

Naruto gave Fu a two-finger salute then vanished with Shizune to a more private place.

Fu just sighed. She needed a fucking drink.

/Scene Break/

Lemon Scene

Shizune landed on a bed totally devoid of clothes. Her shapely body and round pert B cup tits just winking at Naruto. Naruto was naked to as he fell on top of Shizune. He inserted his cock into her and Shizune moaned loudly. As Naruto pushed more and more of himself into her he found she was still a virgin.

Now Naruto was a caring lover when it came to a girl's/woman's first time. He increased his pheromones to over saturate Shizune with pleasure as he broke away her final innocence. Shizune winced slightly and let out a small mewl of pain, but the over abundant of pleasure made her not feel her hymen get torn away.

Naruto paused when he was fully inside Shizune to let her get adjusted.

"Naruto, fuck me, make love to me" Shizune said breaking the silence.

Naruto then proceeded to give Shizune a night she'd never forget. She'd never ever forget her first time.

"Oh Naruto, yes Naruto. Fuck me, fuck me so good! Oh it feels so good. I never thought having sex would be so good" Shizune moaned.

Naruto worked at a nice pace pushing in and out of Shizune loving how tight her formerly virgin pussy was. It was so delicious.

"Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, Naruto" Shizune panted as she was reaching her climax. "NARUTO!" she screamed as she came hard.

Naruto felt Shizune's cunt spasm and convulse around his length and kept going prolong her first orgasm by intercourse.

"Oh gods, oh fucking god. It feels so good. Oh Naruto" Shizune moaned as her hand thread through Naruto's blond and red spiky locks.

Naruto grunted as he changed his pace. He was now giving Shizune long hard strokes. He'd pull his cock almost all the way out just leaving the tip in then slamming back inside. This caused Shizune let out such amazing sounds. She gasp at first getting filled then it turned into low guttural moan as she grounded her hips into Naruto's.

Naruto liked how into Shizune was getting with the fucking. Before she would Naruto do all the work, but now she was doing some as she got more comfortable and confident. Naruto kept going giving Shizune many, many huge orgasms then he spilled himself into her. Shizune sighed with great exhaustion.

"Sleep my Naughty Nurse. Sleep well" Naruto said.

Shizune smiled as she dozed.

End Lemon Scene

/Scene Break/

Fu was at the bar.

"Hey girly, you're not of age, scram" the bartender said gruffly.

Fu glared at the barkeep. She then waved her hand over him.

"I am of age to drink" she said.

"You're of age to drink" the barkeep said in a trance-like state.

"You'll give me any drink I want" Fu said.

"I'll give you any drink you want" the barkeep said.

"And you'll charge me nothing" Fu said.

"No charge at all, on the house" the barkeep said.

Fu then began to drink. What was good about that was she along with Naruto, Yugito and Gaara could never get drunk. Their demon selves burned up the alcohol quickly, but they still got the nice buzz that came with drinking. It was late when Fu left the bar. She drank most of all the alcohol in the place.

/Scene Break/

The next day Naruto brought Shizune back and she had that after sex glow while walking a bit bow legged. Tsunade saw this and was pissed. She thought of Shizune as close family.

"Brat, what did you do to her?" the blond sannin growled.

"You know what I did. I fucked her brains out and she enjoyed it. You need to get laid too. Maybe that would chill you out" Naruto said.

Tsunade was about to stomp over to beat the shit out of Naruto, but Shizune jumped in front of Naruto protecting him.

"I love him Lady Tsunade, don't hurt him" Shizune said firmly.

"WHAT! But you just met the punk yesterday" Tsunade said.

"Yes, but I love him I don't want you to hurt him" Shizune said.

"Fine, but you better treat her right brat" Tsunade said glaring at Naruto.

"Of course. I treat all my women right" Naruto said.

"WOMEN!" Tsunade shouted.

Jiraiya just giggled pervertedly at this.

"Yes he said women. Naruto has a harem of women as well as girls he fucks whenever. He's not some 'fuck and leave them' kind of guy. He cares for all who he does" Fu said stepping in.

"I suppose you're a part of it?" Tsunade asked with a growl.

"No, Naruto and I are more of a brother and sister relationship. We're not like that at all" Fu said.

Tsunade just huffed and folded her arms.

"Look Tsunade come back even if to just heal Kakashi. He had a run in with Itachi and you're the only one who can help" Jiraiya said.

Tsunade said nothing.

"Look, how about I pay off all your debts in exchange you go back to Konoha" Naruto offered.

"You pay off all my debts brat? You actually have that much money?" Tsunade asked dubiously.

"I do" Naruto nodded.

"Fine" Tsunade said.

She and Naruto shook hands to seal the deal.

"Great, you go back and I'll deal with you debt" Naruto said.

"I'll head back too" Fu said.

Shizune pouted at this since she wanted more time with her Naruto. She knew of Naruto's other girls and didn't care. Hell, she wanted to try doing a girl. She was so new to all things sexual that she wanted to try it all.

/Scene Break/

They parted ways with Naruto heading off with a list of all the debts Tsunade had while the others headed back to Konoha.

"Tell Yugito I'll be back as soon as I can. Oh, and introduce Shizune to the rest too" Naruto said.

"Sure thing Naruto. Happy trails" Fu said.

"You better keep your end of your bargain brat" Tsunade said.

"I will. I am a man of my word" Naruto said.

After several steamy goodbyes kisses between Shizune and Naruto, which Jiraiya jotted down they finally parted ways. Tsunade of course pounded Jiraiya into the ground and threatened him with castration if he put Shizune in any of his books.

/Scene Break/

Lemon Scene Ahead

Naruto was on his own and decided to do some exploring as he paid off all of Tsunade's debts. He had a list of all of them thanks to Shizune who kept track of them. He headed off to Water country first. When he got there he found a girl picking herbs.

"Hello there" Naruto greeted.

The girl looked up and was stiff at first, but relaxed seeing that Naruto wasn't a threat, but Naruto could see she was at the ready in case she had to fight. Naruto could also see that the girl had some training.

"My name is Naruto, what's yours?" Naruto asked.

"Haku" the girl said.

"I see" Naruto said then decided to take a peek into her mind.

He found that Haku followed a missing nin named Zabuza and she was gathering herbs to help heal Zabuza. He also found that Haku and Zabuza had a run in with the Konoha team that had the pink haired banshee, the ass reamer and the odd boy that was led by the porn reader. He thought it was interesting how they survived the fight on the bridge and decided to have a taste of her. So he released his pheromones.

Haku picked up a scent it was strange and it made her loins ache. She inhaled more and she was getting more aroused. Damn, what was this scent that was making her feel this way and where was it coming from? She looked at Naruto and there was the answer to where it was coming from.

"Now Haku, let's see what's under that kimono of yours" Naruto said.

He strode over and ripped the kimono off. Haku gasped, but more in surprise than in pleasure. Naruto saw her chest was wrapped and ripped it off revealing she had some delicious C cups. He buried his head in them motor boating them. Haku moaned as she held Naruto's head to her chest. Naruto's hands went to Haku's panties and peeled the wet material off and shoved two fingers inside her.

Haku moaned and bucked as she fucked Naruto's thrusting fingers.

"Oh god" she panted.

Naruto smirked as he continued to pound his fingers in and out of Haku's now soaking cunt. Her hips moving in time to Naruto's fingers. She was panting hard as her eyes were glazing over with total lust. She moaned loudly as she came drenching Naruto's fingers with her slick juices. She was left panting hard never had come like that before. Sure she had played with herself once and a while when she had time. But she never got these kind of results.

But Naruto wasn't done. He pushed the exhausted Haku down on the grass and dropped his pants. Haku saw Naruto's cock was scared.

How the fucking hell is that going to fit inside me? she thought.

Naruto wasted no time and before Haku could react Naruto slammed himself fully into Haku. Haku howled in pain as her tight walls expanded with Naruto's girth. Tear leaked from her eyes, but they were kissed away by Naruto. He then kissed Haku passionately and Haku moaned at this. Naruto released his pheromones and this revved Haku's engine.

"Oh fuck me Naruto" she moaned.

"As you wish" Naruto said.

He then began pumping in and out of Haku. Haku moved her hips matching Naruto's strokes. She bit her bottom lip in that sexy way as her eyes were hooded with such lust. Naruto just loved the way Haku looked and he sped up his pumping. Haku threw her head back moaning as she withered around on the grass not even caring she was getting grass stains on her back.

"Oh fuck me Naruto, fuck me. It feels so good. I've never felt this good before. OH GOD YES! There, right there!" Haku wailed.

Naruto grunted as he spewed his load deep inside Haku. Haku was panting hard as she looked up. Naruto pulled out then brought his shiny dick and smushed her breasts together and began to titty fuck them. Haku moaned just letting Naruto do whatever he wanted with her body. She was so far gone that she didn't give a flying fuck about anything.

She dipped her head down and began to sucking the head whenever it got close to her lips. Naruto groaned at this as he increased his thrusting. He soon came coating Haku's hair, face, chin and breasts. Naruto pulled back admiring the mess Haku was.

"You look so fucking hot" he said.

Haku was breathless.

"You are now my Ice Queen" Naruto said.

"Yes, Naruto" Haku said.

After that Haku got cleaned up and she and Naruto kissed before parting ways. Naruto gave Haku a way to communicate with him as well as it works as a way to transport her to Naruto wherever she is.

Naruto left feeling good as he headed to clear up some of Tsunade's debt.

End Lemon Scene

/Scene Break/

Fu arrived back in Konoha and let Gaara and Yugito know what was going on as well as introduce Shizune to Yugito. Yugito pulled Shizune into her tent and ravished the medic nin.

"Oh fuck, I've never had a woman do this to me" Shizune moaned.

She was on her back totally naked as Yugito was in between Shizune's legs feasting on Shizune's cunt. Shizune was withering and moaning. She had never such pleasure course through her. She never thought getting pleasured by another female would be so enjoyable. Almost as enjoyable as Naruto's cock.

Yugito was loving the way Shizune was tasting.

"Oh god" Shizune moaned as she came.

Yugito swallowed all the sweet juices Shizune spilled out.

"Yummy" Yugito said.

/Scene Break/

Fu and Gaara were in a dango stand enjoying a nice lunch.

"So how's it going with the Hyuga?" Fu asked.

"She's coming along" Gaara said.

"And?" Fu asked.

"And what Fu" Gaara said.

"Gaara, you have feelings for this Hyuga. I know you do. So just get it over with. You're not going to get anywhere unless you do something" Fu said.

"I-I-I just don't know how to approach her. I'm not good with girls like Naruto is" Gaara said.

Fu sighed. Looked like she was going have to do the work.

/Scene Break/

Back on the road Naruto was making good time. He had paid off several of Tsunade's debts. How you may ask? Well, Naruto killed them then took their money for his own. He didn't really have the money to actually pay off the debt, but he was bored. When he found debt collectors that were also into the sex trade he got angry. Sure he liked women and all, but also respected them and the way these women have been treated really ticked him off. He killed those and gave the women the money to start a new life.

Naruto finally arrived in Lightning country. He inhaled the fresh mountain air and then continued on. He reached Kumo and grinned. Kumo pussy, he wondered, what does that tasted like? Was it as different as Suna pussy? He snuck in easily and explored the village. He had some time between getting to the next debt collector. He soon found a target. His eyes widen at the girl.

There's no way those are fucking real, they have to be fake. She's too damn young to have those kinds of melons he thought.

He was staring a blond haired girl maybe a few years older than he was in human years. She had ice blue eyes and light skin. But what drew him was her fucking rack. They had to be a D cup at least.

"I just gotta get my dick between those" Naruto said to himself.

/Scene Break/

Back in Konoha Gaara was keeping an eye on his project known as Hinata. He was watching her spar against her two teammates. She was ruthless. She put down a loud mouth boy with a pet dog finishing him off by Jyuuken the boy's groin then a quiet boy wearing a long coat. Both boys were in bad shape. Nothing a good night's sleep couldn't fix though the loud mouth boy might not be able to father children in the future. When the meeting ended a woman Gaara knew was one of Naruto's girls stopped Hinata.

"Hinata, where did this new attitude come from? You could've killed Shino and Kiba" Kurenai asked.

"Um, I am not really sure Kurenai sensei. I just feel different when I fight" Hinata said confused.

"Really, like what?" Kurenai asked.

"I don't know really, just different. That's all I can say" Hinata said since she wasn't sure about it herself.

"Okay Hinata, but if you ever feel afraid of yourself let me know and I'll help you" Kurenai said.

"Yes Kurenai sensei" Hinata said then left.

Gaara watched this and frowned. Gaara wasn't good at tinkering with the mind like Yugito, but he was about second best. He knew what he did in Hinata's mind was safe or else he wouldn't have done it.

/Scene Break/

Lemon Scene Ahead

Back in Kumo Naruto followed the busty blond til she left her team. He then placed a subtle suggestion in her mind and she followed it. She was soon in an alley. Naruto placed a jutsu so they'd have privacy then appeared in front of the girl.

"Tell me, what's your name?" Naruto asked as he released his pheromone.

"Samui" the busty girl said.

"A lovely name, Samui. And you have such a lovely chest. So delicious" Naruto growled out.

Samui, who had always kept up a cold exterior shivered at Naruto's voice. Shit, she was getting wet. She rubbed her thighs together as subtly as she could. She had tried to fight whatever this was, but she was under Naruto's spell. The pheromones he gave off overpowered all of her rational mind.

"Now, lets see these things in the nude" Naruto said.

He undressed Samui and soon she was naked in front of his feasting eyes. He loved what he was seeing. Samui's great attribute was her breasts of course, but she had shapely legs too and her cunt had a small patch of blond fuzz.

"So amazingly, so lovely" Naruto said as his hands caressed Samui's body all over.

Samui did her best to bite back a moan, but it escaped. The way Naruto's hands touched her felt so great. She had never let any male touch her at all since they all looked at her like a piece of meat. Hell, she castrated a few guys, who got too fresh with her. But this guy, she was willing to give him her body wholeheartedly. Her hips ached and thrusted at Naruto.

Naruto chuckled at this.

"You really are a responsive one, aren't you?" he asked.

Samui just moaned as Naruto plucked her hard nipples. She then felt one of his hands sink down and tickle her folds before sinking two fingers into her heat. She moaned as she was getting finger fucked. She had lost her hymen during training a long time ago.

"Oh yes, yes, mmmm, so cool, feels so good. More, more please" Samui panted.

"Yes, and you'll get more. So much more" Naruto said as his other hand left Samui's chest and undid his pants.

They dropped and soon his boxers were on the ground too.

Samui's eyes opened up since they were closed to experience the pleasure she was feeling. She saw Naruto's cock and couldn't believe the size of it. She had seen a few guys since she castrated them, but Naruto was the biggest of them all.

How is that all supposed to fit inside me? she thought.

But before she could think or fear anymore she hit her peak. She shuddered as she came. She threw her arms out and grabbed Naruto's shoulders to keep herself upright. Her head pressed against Naruto's chest as she tried to regain her breath.

"Your first orgasm?" Naruto asked.

Samui just nodded.

"Then today will be a first for many things" Naruto said as he pushed Samui back up against the wall. He then raised her up and aligned his cock with her entrance and then lowered her down.

Samui gasped as she felt herself get split and stretched. Her hands tightened on Naruto's shoulders. She moaned loudly as she felt Naruto push more of himself into her. It was too much, way too much.

"Oh god, oh god!" she wailed.

Soon she was totally full of Naruto. He let her get settled then began to slowly pump in and out of her. Samui threw her head back as she was getting fucked for the first time. It felt so amazing. Every nerve inside her was getting set off. She was sensitive everywhere it seemed. She then gasped as she felt Naruto's hands on her chest. She thrusted it out wanting to feel more.

"Oh god yes, touch me, touch me everywhere. It feels so good, it feels so fucking cool. OH YES!" Samui moaned.

She had her first orgasm due to coitus. It felt so good, but he was still going, oh fucking shit, what had she gotten herself into. She had heard most guys went limp after the first time, but he was still going, what she didn't know was that Naruto hadn't come yet, but even if he had he'd still be hard. He wasn't like most guys.

Naruto was reveling in Samui's tight cunt. It felt so great around him. How her muscles clenched and unclenched around him. How when she came it would squeeze the life out of him, trying to milk him of his precious cargo.

Samui didn't know how many times she had come, but she was knew it was a lot. It wasn't just big ones either. No, Naruto playing with her breasts set her off too with mini orgasms bursting like firecrackers before the fireworks.

Naruto finally spilled his load into Samui. Samui's legs were gone. They were like jelly. Naruto lowered her down as she was gasping for breath. Her entire body soaked with sweat. Her eyes had a glassy appearance.

"You still with me?" Naruto asked.

He heard a soft grunt.

"Great, lets go get a room and continue this" he suggested.

Samui said nothing as Naruto picked her up bridal style then covered her in a genjutsu so she wouldn't be seen. Naruto wanted to be the only guy to see Samui in her natural state. He got a room at a nearby hotel the same way Fu got her free liquor. Once in the room Naruto sealed it and then dropped Samui on the bed releasing the genjutsu. She had regained some coherence during her little trip to the room. But that was shattered as Naruto stripped off his clothing. Her eyes raked up and down wanting to catch every detail of Naruto's amazing body.

She had never seen a male body so up close and totally devoid of clothing. It was another first for her. She licked her lips.

"Now where were we" Naruto said.

He then got on the bed and placed his hard cock and squeezed Samui's hug tits and began to fuck them. He groaned as his dick slid in and out of Samui's cleavage. Samui helped by sticking her tongue and grazing Naruto's head whenever it got close.

"You little minx" Naruto growled.

Samui shot Naruto a saucy grin.

Naruto kept going til he blew his load all over Samui's face, chin, neck and chest. She was a sight to behold. She was breathing heavily with Naruto's come all over her.

"Such a pretty thing" Naruto crooned.

He then moved in and penetrated Samui's pussy once again making Samui howl in utter pleasure. Thankfully Naruto placed seals around the room so no one could hear them.

End Lemon Scene

/Scene Break/

Back in Konoha Gaara had finally gathered up all his courage. He was going to talk to Hinata. Hinata was in a little café enjoying her cinnamon buns and tea. Gaara came forward and cleared his throat. Hinata looked up and she felt her heart beat hard and fast as a red hue crossed her cheeks. She had never seen such a cute boy before. Sure she saw him during the chunin exams, but she was so worried about the exams themselves to actually take notice of Gaara the first time around.

"Is this seat taken?" Gaara asked.

"No, it isn't" Hinata said.

Gaara sat down.

"My name is Gaara" he said.

"Hello, my name is Hinata" Hinata said as she held out her hand.

Gaara being raised as a gentleman took Hinata's hand and kissed him. This made Hinata's blush reach a deeper red hue. It was amazing she had blood to spare for the rest of her body since it looked like it was all in her face.

"So, do you come here often?" Gaara asked though he knew she did since he read her memories.

"Yes I do. This is one of my favorite places. They make the best cinnamon buns" Hinata said.

Gaara nodded knowing Hinata almost had an erotic fetish with the pastry.

"Um, you were in the chunin exams, right?" Hinata asked.

"I was" Gaara said.

"I saw your match against my cousin" Hinata said.

"Oh" Gaara said.

"Um, yeah. It was, um different" Hinata said.

"Yeah, I guess it was" Gaara said.

There was a silence that was awkward.

/Scene Break/

A little ways away from Hinata and Gaara was Fu and she was watching the scene with binoculars.

"Come on, come on. Do something Gaara. Do something. She likes you. I can see it. So jump on it. DO IT" Fu muttered.

"You actually want Gaara to have sex with that girl right on the table at the café. Why Fu, I didn't know you were that kind of girl" Yugito said.

Fu turned from her binoculars to find Yugito.

"What are you doing here, don't you have pussy to munch?" the green haired girl asked.

"Taking a break. I wore them all out" Yugito said then she snatched the binoculars away from Fu and looked through them. "Oh this is good. Gaara and that Hyuga girl. They look so cute together," the blond squealed with delight.

"Just when did you decide to act like a girl?" Fu asked.

"I am a girl. So that means I have a right" Yugito said.

"Yeah, but you hardly act like one most of the time" Fu said.

Yugito just shrugged while Fu sighed and pulled out another pair of binoculars.

"So you really want them to go at it right there?" Yugito asked.

"That wasn't what I meant and you know it. I swear you have the dirtiest mind ever" Fu said.

"So?" Yugito said.

Fu sighed.

"But I do agree with you. Gaara needs to do something. I can smell that Hyuga girl. She wants Gaara, she wants him bad" Yugito said.

"Really?" Fu asked.

"Yes, and it's not just a sexual thing. I can read her mind and tell she likes Gaara. They would be good together" Yugito said.

Fu just nodded.

So the two sat watching waiting for something happened with Gaara and Hinata.

End of Chapter

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