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She didn't know why she was nervous about this, she was finally getting this damned cast off of her leg and she was nervous? They had been back in the city for two days and she had been nothing but grumpy, ready to take this thing off of her leg, that kept her from doing what she wanted. Castle had put up with her and her grumpiness and snapping rather gracefully and now he stood by her, holding her hand as she swung her good leg back and forth, waiting for the doctor to come in.

He was quiet, had been mostly since they got back into town, knowing she was testy and that any small thing could set her off. She was actually sorry how she reacted to most things, for yelling at him when he was just trying to help, but she was tired of feel so useless and she knew he understood, he would always understand, but it was still no excuse and she still felt bad.

She felt him give her hand a squeeze when the doctor finally came into the room, eyes focused on a pad in front of him. He closed the door behind him and looked up at the two across from him and smiled.

"Ah Ms. Beckett, Mr. Castle, how are we today?" He greeted, setting his pad down.

"Ready to get this thing off." Kate grumbled.

"Of course, you should be. Well, let's not waste any time then." He said, coming over to Kate.

With Castle still holding her hand, the doctor ran through some simple examinations before he got the necessary tools to finally remove her cast. She felt Castle's presence behind her as the doctor turned on the saw and finally began cutting the cast away.

The cast was off, finally, now she felt like her leg could breathe. It felt strange though, without the cast, although she hated it, she got used to it and now her leg felt light and a bit alien. She wriggled it around a bit, noting the slight numbness she felt and raised her questioning eyes to the doctor.

He explained to them what would happen after the cast come off, that she would still need to go easy on it, but since the leg had been pretty much out of use for a while, she would need to keep it hydrated and active. She could start physical therapy in a while, which was good to hear, one step closer to being able to go back to work. It was beginning to drive her mad staying home all day although now … there were various activities to be done now that this cast was off.

She pulled her bottom lip in between her teeth at the thought, realizing she had tuned out the last bit of what the doctor was saying. He was shaking Castle's hand and reaching for hers, she took it and shook his hand, before he left them in the room.

The room fell quiet and she didn't look up at him, she just let her mind wonder to all the things they could do now, she did a poor job of hiding the flush on her face. She could tell that Castle knew exactly what she was thinking when he came around to her front and took one look at his face, that annoying smirk that she loved made it's appearance as he looked her over.

"Excited for something Ms. Beckett?" He asked, his voice teasing.

She peered up at him, releasing her lip from her teeth's grip, "Nope."

She hopped off of the table, tumbling into his arms when her feet hit floor. She may be out of her cast, but she definitely could not go back to walking on this leg like it was normal, she was sure the doctor said that, but her mind was elsewhere.

Castle's hands gripped her elbows tightly, pulling her upright, "You okay?" He asked, concern making its way into his voice.

She nodded, it wasn't hurting as much as it was just … numb and she didn't like it one bit.

His face softened and he leaned down to kiss her, his fingers brushing lightly over her cheek, making their way into the hair at her neck. He could feel her smile against him and respond instantly, her hands fell to his waist, holding herself up, until the pulled apart.

"Better?" He murmured, his breath ghosting over face.

"Much." She whispered, tangling her fingers in his hair and pulling him to her again.

She bit lightly on his bottom lip, diving in when he open his mouth to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her to him, her free hand came to play with the hairs on his exposed chest, she let her fingers creep lower, until she felt his hand grasp hers and he pulled away.

He looked at her, breathing deeply, his eyes were dark and hooded and she could feel him practically restraining himself. He knew his mind was in the same place as hers was, but now wasn't the time, she knew that, knew from the look he was giving her, that it had to wait. She was sure someone would be coming in here soon and of all the fantasies she had, getting caught doing it in a doctor's examining room was not one of them.

So wordlessly she eased away from him, allowing him to help her walk out of the room and out to the streets. It didn't take long to get a cab and he quickly got her inside, following behind her, he gave the driver his address and pulled her against his side.

She leaned against him, taking in his comfort, allowing her mind to wonder once again, but this time to the past weeks of her life.

So much had changed, she didn't like to think of the catalyst for it all, she preferred to keep that far from her mind, but if not for that she would have never been here, with the man she knew she had loved and had denied for some time now.

She couldn't have survived it all without this man at her side, the one person she trusted with her life and her heart. The man who didn't stop until he found her and made sure she was okay time and time again, who wouldn't let her be alone even if he wasn't there. She didn't know what it was about him that had her needing him so much, had her dreading the thought of ever being alone again.

He was her rock, her light that kept leading her out of the darkness, that kept giving her something to hold on to and not once has he ever asked for anything in return, except her love … but then again, he never asked for that either, but it was only fair to both of them.

She thought about the fact that most other men would stop pursuing her as much once they got into bed with her, or would make it blatantly known that the sex is what they were after, not the romance, not the relationship, they didn't want that, but she did and she knew he did too.

He had waited for her, let her go at her own pace, when she wasn't ready for sex, he stopped, he didn't push, didn't angry, he understood and comforted her and it made her love him even more.

She hadn't thought they would be in this relationship for this amount of time and not had sex yet, although they had done things, mind blowing things, one step at a time, she knew this one last step had to be special, had to be free of obstacles, whether it be her cast or the emotional trauma for what happened to her before.

She felt him press his lips against her temple and sighed, bringing her from her memories to the present. She rested her hand a little too far up on his thigh to be considered appropriate and dug her nails lightly into his pants, she didn't look up at him and her fingers crept closer to his crotch, she felt his breathing speed up and smiled at the effect she knew she had on him.

She dodged her original destination and let her hands crawl up to his shirt, sneaking under, to run lightly against his stomach, dragging her nails over his skin as she went. He wasn't saying anything or doing anything, which was actually surprising, but still she didn't look up at him as she leaned over and attached her lips to his jaw, moving slowly down to his neck, holding back laughter as he not so subtly covered a moan with a cough.

She let her fingers trail higher under his shirt, her fingers playing lightly with his nipples as she sucked on his neck. Finally he reacted, his hand cupping the back of her head and pulling her to him, pausing right before they connected, he stared into her eyes for a moment, his lips parted, his breath laboured, before crushing his lips to hers, his other hand tugged at her waist, obviously forgetting where they were and attempting to pull her right into his lap.

She let herself get lost in him as he kissed her, his tongue entering her mouth, making her dizzy, breathless and wanting more.

They broke apart as the car they forgot they were in jerked to a stop. She buried her head in his neck, letting her hand splay out across his bare chest. She bit her lip as she heard the embarrassed voice of the cab driver announcing their arrival.

He let go of her for a quick moment to pay the man, with a generous tip for having to witness what had just almost happened.

He squeezed her hip and ushered her out of the cab and into the lobby of his loft. He pulled her into the elevator and crowded her immediately, resuming what he was doing in the cab. He let his hands wonder down her body, cupping her ass and pulling her flush against him, making her gasp against his mouth. He hoisted her up and she wrapped her legs around him, thankful that they were alone in the elevator, she wasn't sure he would have cared if they weren't and damnit why weren't they at their level yet?

He moved down to her neck, sucking on the spot behind her neck, her head falling back as she bit back a moan as one of his hands ran under her shirt, his fingers mimicking what hers had been doing earlier.

She felt her body react to his every touch, ready for this, completely ready to give him herself. She could feel herself melting under him, wondering if they would even make it to his bed. Maybe she could save the romantic fantasy for round 2 … or maybe 3 …

Right now, she just needed to have him alone in his loft.

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