Hero Reborn

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Chapter 15: A Change of Pace

When Hiccup woke it was to an unpleasant throbbing in his head as he was struck by the worst migraine he had ever experienced. His skull felt as if it were splitting open and the pain was so intense he felt his vision sway, and his stomach was doing dangerous summersaults, threatening to spew its contents out onto the floor. The light that was streaming in from the windows was burning his retinas and caused another wave of pain and nausea to wash over him. His body ached all over and he felt liked he had been torn apart and thrashed, only to be stuck back together haphazardly. He couldn't remember when he'd last felt quite this bad, not even when he'd transformed into a dragon; but then again, most of that had been a blur and all he really remembered was a dark void and a burning sensation. At the time he had been confused and frightened, just as he was now. Why had he suddenly become so ill and in pain? The last thing he remembered was being in the great hall, and then running, and then…nothing. Was he getting sick? Maybe his body was rejecting his transformation, after all with such a sudden and drastic change it made sense for his body to react strongly against it. But why had it waited until now to happen? He had been a dragon for a few weeks without any ill effects. It could be a delayed reaction, like maybe his system had gone into some sort of shock, but even that seemed like a weak explanation to Hiccup. He groaned mentally at the rapidly increasing list of things that he didn't understand as he added yet another item he would need to investigate later. But for now, where was he exactly? He remembered passing out on the beach…but what happened after that? He suddenly became aware that he was lying on soft fur that seemed to have been servicing as a makeshift bed upon the hard ground. His back and shoulder were a little stiff, indicating that he must have slept here for quite a while. Just how long had he been out this time?

Without thinking, he sat up to examine his surroundings. It wasn't until he pulled his hand up out of instinct to block out the light that was streaming through the front door, as toothless pushed it open with his nose and entered the house, that he realized something was wrong. Hiccup gazed at his hand in utter shock and his mind froze. His hand, HE HAD A HAND! Experimentally he turned his hand around slowly to examine it on all sides, as if he was scared that if he moved too fast the illusion would be dispelled, and the appendage would disappear like smoke. Slowly and shakily he raised his other hand and closed both into light fists and watched in amazement when the long fingers curled in and out gracefully. He had never really thought about how important his hands where to him until he no longer had them, and to see and use them again was just a feeling like no other. He was scared that any moment he would wake up and it would all be just another dream. He had had plenty of them; he dreamed that he was human again, that everything had gone back to normal. But every single time he'd woken up to complete disappointment…except for now. Why? It made him not want to trust his eyes, made him not want to look away from the appendages in case they were to vanish when he wasn't looking.

Looking down at the rest of his body he was pleasantly surprised to see normal human legs extending outward on the blanket beneath him. He rolled his ankles and delighted in the feeling of his nimble legs responded to his mental commands as apposed the chunky stub like legs he had been saddled with over the last few weeks.

His headache completely forgotten he jumped up from the floor to explore the rest of his body. However, his new found excitement was derailed as he immediately lost his balance upon standing. Toothless had run and caught him with his large head, just in time to save him from ungracefully crashing to the floor, and helped pushed him back to his feet. Hiccup felt like he had just been jerked back by some large weight. Turning to see what had nearly sent him plummeting onto the floor, he was stunned by what he saw. His excitement vanished into thin air and he felt himself go cold and ridged. A large pair of bat like, raven black wings jutted out of his shoulder blades and extended back into graceful, yet imposing arches. Looking back at his hand he began to realize he wasn't quite as normal as his first initial shock and excitement had made him think. His fingers were blackened, as if he had been dipping them in soot, or had been working with grease at the smithy. They had a pattern reminiscent of the scales that had once covered his body; long, black, sharp claws that ended in deadly points jutted out from the fingertips and glistened deadly in the sun light. Turning, he realized that beside the wings, he also still had his long tail, although now much shorter, as well as a few back spines that spiked out from his skin down his back with the same pattern and pigment that adorned his fingers.

Toothless watched with tense apprehension as Hiccup examined his new form, expecting him to break down or snap at any second. Hiccup was shaking as he felt the ear flaps on his head and licked his small pink tongue over his sharp fangs. He knew this was frightening for Hiccup…hell, it was hard for him too… but he didn't know how to help his friend through this, no matter how much he wanted to. Hiccup had just finished inspecting his, now longer, legs when he finally turned to face Toothless.

"Hey, at least I'm taller now right?" He said in a vain attempt to cover up his fear with an inappropriately timed joke, and to anyone else he would have sounded normal. Toothless however, used to his humans antics, could hear the slight shaking in his words that betrayed his true state of emotion. Toothless didn't judge him for it, he knew sarcasm and cracking jokes was Hiccup's way of coping. Toothless didn't have to wait much longer until Hiccup's nervously shaking shoulders turned into full on shudders as he began to sob silently, cradling his torso with his long arms as he knelt back down on his makeshift bed and began to curl in on himself, as if by making himself smaller he could somehow disappear.

Toothless walked up and pressed his nose gently into hiccups arms to rest on his stomach, silently willing his friend to understand that he wasn't alone, that he would help Hiccup through this in any way he could.

"Why…Why is this…..' he said in between sobs. " Why is all this happening to me! I…what did I do to deserve this!" He cried hugging Toothless tighter to him like a drowning man holding on to planks of wood. Toothless felt his heart seize in his chest painfully as guilt flooded him. This was his fault; the pain his friend was in was all thanks to his own selfishness. If he'd just flown faster, turned sharper, maybe then his friend wouldn't be in such pain, maybe then he wouldn't have had to use that damned spell. Shaking himself mentally he dashed the dark thoughts from his head. What was done was done, he'd saved Hiccup's life and he would never apologize for that…even if it brought Hiccup pain. He had done what he had thought was right and would do it again in a heartbeat if given the choice. Brooding about his decision wasn't going to change anything and it wasn't going to help Hiccup. He needed his support now more than ever, not a self-loathing dragon.

Slowly he removed his head from Hiccups grip and affectionately rubbed his nose against Hiccups cheek before pulling away to look the distraught boy in the eyes.

"I don't know Hiccup, I really don't, but there might be a way to help you" Toothless said using his tail to force Hiccup to face him properly.

The hope that flashed through the boy's eyes cut Toothless deep, knowing he'd been the cause for his distress to begin with.

"Really! Are you serious? How?" Hiccup inquired, his eye lighting up. "Does Gothi have some sort of Cure?"

Toothless hated to give him hope were there might be none, but he had to be truthful. Lying to Hiccup wasn't going to get him anywhere and it certainly wasn't going to do Hiccup any good.

"No…no she doesn't…" Toothless said "But someone else might!" He added hastily, seeing the despair creep back into Hiccups eyes. "However It isn't certain so…" Toothless trailed off trying to think of the right words without distressing his friend further. After all, how do you tell someone that their only hope for any sort of normalcy and peace could be a false one?

Drying his tears Hiccup sat up and listened with cautious interest, trying not to get his hopes up for what might just be more bad news. "Who?" Hiccup inquired.

Toothless shuffled his paws slightly; clearly not comfortable with the question because he knew Hiccup would not be too keen about his answer. "That's we're we have a problem…we don't actually know" the dragon answered regretfully.

Hiccup closed his eyes and took a large breath of air in through his nose and let it out slowly through his mouth, not noticing the small wisp of smoking escaping as he did so, trying to remain calm even though all he wanted to do was scream. "So what do you suggest we do then, just knock on every door in the hopes that someone might have the slightest idea about curing my, my … "condition"?" Hiccup huffed sarcastically; he could feel himself losing his barley rained in temper. But why shouldn't he be angry!? He'd been through more hardship then people twice his age and the universe was still not done with him! If anything, he was entitled to be upset and throw a Viking sized tantrum or two.

Toothless didn't rise to the obvious bait, he understood Hiccup's sudden desire to argue, he was frustrated and wanted a chance to vent. However this wasn't the time to oblige the Hybrid as Hiccup had more pressing matters to discuss then fanning Hiccups flames.

"No, I have an idea of where we need to look, however, getting there is going to be a bit of an issue. Since neither you nor I can fly currently, we will have to travel by water. However winter, as you humans call it, is setting in and large portions of water are starting to freeze over." Toothless explained.

"Wait, if I have my legs back then why can't I just ride you like usual? I should be able to work the pedal now that I'm mostly human." Hiccup asked a little confused as to why there would be a problem.

"True you may resemble your old form more closely now but you're not used to your new one yet. You could hardly stand up right without my help earlier, and somehow you expect to be able fly? Plus you have a large tail and wings that would interfere in my "aerodynamics" as you called it, and make it quite difficult for me to achieve any lift. You're also heavier than you used to be and I have not had the time to adjust to your recent growth and build the necessary muscle to carry you, dragon's weren't originally meant to carry humans remember." The dragon explained feeling slightly guilty for concealing the truth. He hadn't been lying, Hiccup's new form really would cause quite a bit of trouble, however, it wasn't the main reason Toothless couldn't fly. He'd begun to feel rather weak over the past few weeks and he seriously doubted he could stay in the air for very long even with hiccup working the petal on his saddle. He wasn't sure just how much longer he could conceal his weakening condition from the boy, he knew that once he told Hiccup, the boy would be furious with him, but Hiccup had other worries and Toothless would not add to them. Especially since there was nothing the human would be able to do to help and it was his own fault anyway.

Hiccup had to admit Toothless was making a lot of sense. He had not considered how his new appendages and weight would affect Toothless' ability to fly. He had indeed grown considerably with his second transformation. Looking down he could see the new lean muscles coiled beneath the skin of his legs. His arms and abs were also more impressively sculpted, and he was also much taller than he used to be. If he had to guess, he was probably much taller than Astrid by now, he's always hated his small size so he was actually surprisingly happy about this development. At the thought of Astrid he felt his heart skip a beat, man if she had thought he'd been a freak before, just wait until she got a load of him now. He'd always had a soft spot for the blond warrior, what with her large eyes that seemed to shine like pools of liquid sapphire and her determined and fiery personality that reminded her peers that she wasn't just a pretty face but a fierce warrior. He'd had a crush on her for as long as he could remember, but so far it seemed like he was no closer to being friends with her than he was to figuring this whole mess out. Lately it seemed like they'd drifted even further apart, but that was probably his fault for not having the courage to even look her in the eye let alone try to convince her that he wasn't a monster. He was pulled from his thoughts about the blond girl when Toothless spoke again.

"We will need to travel by boat unfortunately, so it might take us a few weeks, or maybe even a few months depending on the weather." Toothless shivered remembering his last experience with said vessels which had ended with him strapped helplessly to a wooden plank beneath the water as fire raged over head.

"Toothless, this plan is all well and good, but do you honestly expect my dad to just let me go gallivanting around the world."

"Well then I guess it's a good thing that he came up with it then isn't it" Toothless stated with a slight chuckle curling his tail around his feet like an overly large cat. Hiccup really does worry too much some times, Toothless thought with a chuckle.

"Wow, that's a bit of a shock" Hiccup said a little taken aback, so his father had actually thought up this insanity? I guess things really are changing.

"You're father doesn't know that I have a destination in mind so I would like you to translate for me when he returns, he's been pouring over those dusty old and out dated map things since last night and I had no way of telling him he need not waste the effort."

"Sure, but where exactly will we be going?" Hiccup asked with curiosity. He knew that unlike the dragons that lived on the island Toothless had probably come from a land far off. He'd always suspected that night furies weren't indigenous to Berk and the Islands surrounding it since Toothless had been the only one to visit the small island in decades, which gave Toothless a better knowledge of the lands further out than the Vikings limited rations could take them. Hiccup had always had a tendency to venture off as he'd loved to discover new places, the prospect of going to a whole new land made him slightly giddy and extremely nervous. On one hand, the idea of learning about new cultures and seeing new locations that weren't the caves and forest of his home was extremely appealing. However he wasn't a fool and understood one of the biggest problems this mission would probably face. What if he was captured or killed by the natives for his monstrous appearance? If the reaction of his fellow Vikings had been anything to go on when he'd first transformed then he might just be in some serious trouble. After all, it wasn't like dragon-human hybrids were exactly run of the mill, and people might think he was some kind of demon or bad omen.

"It's a land quite far off, maybe a few weeks away, called the Isle of Night, once it used to be home to thousands of dragon species and was the birth place of my kind. It's surrounded by a thick layer of fog created by some of the islands inhabitants so it hard to find, but my mother once told me of its location before she died, so I have an idea of where to look for it. The individual we seek is called the Night Mother, she is rumored to be the best dragon healer to walk the earth and is a master of ancient magic. She will probably have more insight on your current condition than any human healer and may be able to help cure you." Toothless explained, eyeing Hiccup curiously. He watched as Hiccup relaxed a great deal upon hearing that the island they would be traveling to would consist of dragons rather than humans. This human would never cease to amaze him, while most would tremble at the idea of being brought into the nest of nature's greatest predators, here sat a young boy that practically relished the prospect.

Chuckling slightly he continued. "Your father should be back any minute so we can go over the plan in more detail so I don't have to re-explain…"And almost as if on cue the front door of the cabin swung open to admit the large form of Stoick the Vast as well as Gothi and Gobber.

"Hiccup, yer awake!" Stoick said in his booming voice as he crossed the room and scooped his son up in a crushing bear hug, effectively squeezing all the air for the boy's lungs.

"Da..can..t..bre..ath" Hiccup managed to choke out, noticing his boys distress Stoick quickly put Hiccup back on the ground and took a step back but kept a protective hand on the boy's shoulder. "Sorry, but ya had me worried there, ya keep scarin' me like that and I'll go grey." Stoick said shaking the boy's shoulder a little, as if to affirm that hiccup was really okay.

Hiccup could see the toll all this chaos was taking on his dad. Within the past few weeks his father had lost a shocking amount of weight, and grey strands could be seen starting to sprout here and there throughout his red hair and beard. Dark shadows were visible beneath the chief's eyes, and Hiccup could tell that he'd been getting less than an acceptable amount of sleep. Between doing his usual Chief duties, he'd also been trying to prepare the village for winter and take care of his mutated son. Between trying to run a whole village and trying to save his family, Hiccup didn't know when the man found time for rest.

"So how are ya feeling" Stiock asked, his tone suddenly becoming serious and concerned.

"To be frank not so good, I'm sore from head to toe and my head feels like I was hit with a mallet." Hiccup said honestly, he saw no sense in lying about his condition to his dad since he probably wouldn't believe him anyway.

"Well what do ya expect transformin' like that" Gobbler interjected in his usual jovial mood. "gave us all a fright!"

"Well it wasn't like I meant to" Hiccup retorted.

"Regardless, I'm glad yer okay…I mean for the most part anyway" Stoick said with relief plain in his voice.

"Hang on a minute.." Gobber said, pushing passed Stoick and hobbling up to Hiccup. "I…think...did ya get taller?" Gobber inquired, squinting his eyes as he sized up the Hybrid before him and using his hook hand as some sort of makeshift tool for measurement, as he drew a line in the air from Hiccup's head and back to himself. " Stoick look he's grown! He's even got some muscle on his bones" Gobber observed as he gave Hiccup's arm an experimental squeeze.

Pulling his arm out of the blacksmith's calloused grasp he backed away in embarrassment, if there was anything that made Hiccup uncomfortable it was being coddled. "Don't go getting all shy on me" Gobber chided, "Looks like the transformation did ya a few favors"

Clearing his throat, Hiccup blushed slightly but didn't grace the blacksmith with a response. "So changing the subject completely, Toothless says you came up with a plan. Mind elaborating that for me?" Hiccup asked his father who'd been looking at the pair with a glimmer of amusement in his eyes.

"Yes, yes, I tell ya while Gothi here gives you a quick once over just to be sure you're alright." Stoick assured his son as the elderly woman shuffled forward to stand in front of the young boy.

Gothi reached out with shaking fingers and grabbed one of hiccups arms and began turning it over as her hawk like eyes seemed to devour every piece of information she could discern from the strange blackened flesh covering his fingers. Mumbling something under her breath she dropped Hiccups arm and circled around him to his back, where she proceeded to poke and prod at the spikes covering his spine. Hiccup shivered at the contact, it felt strange, he knew that by all rights he shouldn't be able to feel the fingers the were now holding a single spike and applying pressure around the edges where dragon scales meet skin, but he did. He could feel his tail being lifted as Gothi held it up to examine it in the light, and used her long fingers to feel for where his spine and tail connected in his lower back. It felt strange to suddenly be able to feel appendages he'd never had before, as a dragon he hadn't really questioned his ability to feel and control the massive wings and tail, it had felt almost natural, if even a bit unwieldy since he hadn't really been used to them. However, now that said appendages were attached to his more human form they felt foreign, like they somehow weren't his. He likened it to the way it would probably feel if Gobber were suddenly able to feel his hook hand or his peg leg. After Gothi finished with her tugging on his tail she stepped back and cleared her throat.

"Hiccup, tell me how do you feel?" She inquired, her voice serious.

"Sore and a little strange…" Hiccup responded.

"Hmmm…strange how?" She asked.

" I can't really describe it… it's just… strange… kind of disconnected."

"Now that's interesting…So can you feel it when I touch your tail or the spines on your back?" She inquired, touching each in turn as she spoke.

"Yea but it feels strange, like I know I shouldn't be able to but I can." Hiccup replied

"So that's what you meant by disconnected" She said in realization. "Tell me hiccup how much control do you have over your wings? Can you move them?"

"I'm not sure, I haven't tried yet." He admitted.

"How about trying to extend them back for me?" Gothi requested.

"I can try". Hiccup concentrated on his the feeling of the heavy weight coming from his shoulder blades. He thought about making them move and extend, and as he did so he heard a faint gasp from the side of the room followed by "By Thor!" that he recognized as coming from Gobber. Looking back over his shoulder he saw what had caused the outburst. Two large wings as black as night were now fully extended back and spread wide, displaying the bat like webbing and circular scales that looked like they were made out of the purest obsidian as they glistened in the light. Although they were not quite as big as they were in his full dragon form his new wing span was still an impressive sight to behold. They extended at least twenty feet back on either side of him, giving him a mind boggling forty foot wing span.

"By the Gods" He heard his dad gasp under his breath as he eyed Hiccup's wings with shock and awe.

Gothi quickly continued her inspection, running her hands along the webbing and feeling along the bones in the wings and following them back to where they merged into Hiccup's back, were she pushed lightly to feel for were they connected. Then stepping once more back she made a sort of grumbled sound as if satisfied with what she found.

"You can put them down now, Hiccup, thank you. I think I've seen all I needed to see." She said as she folder her hands behind her back with a thoughtful expression on her elderly face making her brow furrow in concentration.

"How is he Gothi?" Stoick asked worriedly, finally shaken from his awe struck silence when Hiccup folded his wings in again against his back.

"Hmmm, from what I can tell Hiccup is in perfect health. There are no problems that I can see, but then again there has never been a case like this before. The tail appears to be attached to his spine just like any other animals would be, and the wings are attached to his shoulder blade in much the same fashion as one would expect to see in a dragon like Toothless" She stated. "The new joints felt very similar to the ones I found when I first examined Hiccup after his first transformation" elaborated the healer. "The spikes along his spine seem to behave similarly. He seems to be able to feel them when I touch them so there doesn't appear to be any nerve damage and he can move them just fine. Other than the fact that he has them at all, there appears to be nothing the matter with him." Gothi concluded.

Breathing out a sigh of relief at the first bit of good news he'd had all week, Stoick felt his tense shoulders relax.

"But why would I transform again to begin with?" Hiccup inquired, feeling slightly anxious.

"I do not know my child" Gothi said, shaking her head in defeat, her long grey braids swaying with the motion. "From what I have seen, I do not think this…gift" She wasn't sure how the young man would take to hearing the word curse so gift sounded much nicer. "...was given with malicious intent. If it was, you'd probably already be dead or in some state of ill health."

"Gift" Hiccup mimed dumbly. "Gift? You call this a gift?" He asked incredulously. "The whole village thinks I some sort of freak. Half of them want me dead, and the half that doesn't treat me so coldly they make snow feel warm!" How could she for one second think this was some kind of blessing! She didn't have to live with the shame, the crushing weight on his chest when sapphire eyes regarded him with paralyzing fear and the feeling of judgmental glares boring holes into his back everywhere he went. The pain of over hearing whispered gossip filled with words dripping with poison aimed to slaughter his very soul. No she didn't know, she didn't understand, no one did.

"I will not deny that the way the people of this village have treated you is cruel and undeserving," Gothi agreed, sorrow etched in her withered face. "However, not all see you that way. There are those that call you a hero." She reassured the angrily shaking boy. "It does not matter what they think, because regardless of what they say we are the masters of our own destiny, young chief, and it is your choice what you do with it. Do not hate them, Hiccup, pity them, for they are lost in the bitter nothingness that is ignorance, selfishness and greed. And as the Future chief it is your responsibility to help guide them to the future that you seek, and I believe in time you will become one of the strongest leaders Berk has ever known." She said pride and loyalty evident in her voice.

Hiccup stared into Gothi's elderly eyes and was stunned speechless. Never once had someone told him that they believed he would make a good chief, let alone a great one. But he saw no deceit in her eyes; she had meant every word. A warm feeling spread through his chest as he caught the look on his father's face, Stoick was smiling, no more like beaming, with pride at Gothi's words. And then a sad thought occurred to Hiccup…Oh, this is what it must feel like to have someone believe in you…

Clearing his throat and blinking away tears that were threatening to spill out of his eyes he turned his head to avoid everyone's gaze.

"So, about this plan…" Hiccup said trying to change to subject and nearly kicked himself when his voice came out shaky and rough.

Noticing His son's discomfort Stoick came to his rescue. "Yes, the plan. Gothi believes that yer condition is the result of some kin' of magic. But she doesn' have a way to break it." Stoick explained. "So we need ta find another healer with more knowledge on this type of enchantment, which means we're going ta need ta travel ta the out laying lands. But so far we've not been able to figure out where to start."

Grateful that his father had changed the subject hiccup nodded in understanding.

"Toothless says he has an idea of where we could look for the healer." Hiccup added "Some place called the isle of night and that the person we're looking for is called the Night mother." He elaborated.

"The Isle of Night!" Gobber gasped in recognition.

Swinging his head around to regard the blacksmith, Hiccup saw the look anxiety reflected back at him from under a pair of bushy and unruly blond brows.

"So you've heard of it?" hiccup asked, not really surprised. Gobber was like a fountain of obscure knowledge and legends, often regaling Hiccup with strange tales and facts when they were working long nights at the smithy.

"Legend has it tha' it's supposed ta be the birth place of the dragons." He explained swinging his hook hand wildly in his excitement. " So it's real then?"

Hiccup shrugged. "I don't know, I've never been there, but if Toothless says so then I guess it is."

"Where exactly is this Isle of Night?" Stoick inquired.

Turning to Toothless Hiccup exchanged a few growled and warbled words with the large reptile, to the amazement their companions. After about a minute or so Hiccup's gaze finally lifted from the dragon and returned to address the rest of the room.

"He says it a few weeks due west of here. He's not completely sure where, but he has a good idea where to look, but were going to need to travel by boat so it might take longer than a few weeks." He translated.

"Why can't ya' fly? You've got ya' feet back now, so you can work that saddle contraption right?" Stoick asked confused.

"Toothless wouldn't be able to get air born, thanks to my wings and tail I'd throw off his aerodynamics and I'm heavier then I used to be and it would tire him out to quickly. Plus, even if Toothless' tail wasn't an issue, I still don't know how to fly with my own wings." Hiccup explained.

Stoick nodded in understanding when hiccup finished his explanation. "We have a vessel ya could use, however, ya won't be going alone" the chief stated.

"Dad you can't come with me the village needs you" Hiccup argued.

"Yer right I can't," Agreed the chief. "What with preparing for winter and trying to rebuild the armory, I don't have the time. But I wasn't talkin' about me." He finished.

"Then…wh-?" He was about to asked, confused, but he was interrupted by his father instructing Gobber to go and retrieve this mysterious somebody. Who else besides his father would willingly come with him? It couldn't be Gobber, since he was needed to help rebuild the armory and he'd just left to retrieve said mystery person. And since they'd just established that most of the villagers still harbored negative feeling towards dragons and himself, he doubted very strongly that it was any of the adults. That left the dragon riders. It definitely wouldn't be Snoutlout since he'd been keeping his distance from the town freak for weeks and avoided him completely. His dad wouldn't entrust his life to the likes of the twins since he was sure they couldn't even dress themselves without help. Fishlegs was smart, but he was also on the cowardly side, so he was sure his father would choose someone who was more of a warrior. Then and Idea struck him just as the door swung open again to reveal Gobber and the mystery individual. Oh no

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