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I woke up with an aching feeling between my legs the next morning, and I slowly opened my eyes to see Draco propped up on one elbow, smiling at me. 'Good morning.'

'Good morning, Draco.' He kissed me and I felt him smile into my touch.

'Yes, it is, isn't it?' I blushed slightly. 'Did you know that my parents sleep on the same corridor as me?' I looked up at him, alarmed.

'Which room?'

'The one opposite mine.'

'You could have told me that before I screamed your name! Did you put a silencing charm on the room?' Draco smirked, shaking his head.

'Relax. They were probably doing the same thing and we didn't hear them, so they would have put one of their room.' I laughed nervously and cuddled into his warm body, running my fingernails over his chest, smiling proudly at the marks they had made last night on his shoulders.

'Do I have any love bites?'

'Yes. But they're not that noticeable. Do you want me to make-'

'No, it's fine.' We lay there for a few more minutes until Draco got out of bed, pulling me up with him. 'What is it?'

'I need to scourify the sheets, then we need to get dressed and open presents downstairs with family.' I nodded, looking at the white sheets. Where we had started off was covered in something white and sticky, as well as the position we ended in; and in the middle of the bed, where Draco took me, there was a tiny patch of blood. 'Does it hurt?' He asked, seeing me look at my virginity on the sheets.

'No. It feels weird not having you there though.'

'I can sort that out if you want.' He walked closer to me and I just grinned at him.

'Maybe later. In the shower.' His eyes became wide and he quickly turned away from me and found his wand on the floor and cleaned the sheets, pulled his boxers on and walked to his wardrobe. I hunted the room for my bra and knickers, finding one of them by the secret door and the other at the side of the bed. I put them on, and picked up my dress from the floor and folded it up, leaving it on the bed. 'What am I supposed to wear?'

Draco turned around, now wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms and an old quidditch t-shirt. He smirked as he saw me stood in my underwear. He opened his mouth to speak, but we both froze as someone tried the handle of his bedroom door. 'Draco? Are you okay?'

'I'm fine, mother.'

'We're going to sit in the drawing room and open presents. We'll meet you down there.'


Narcissa paused from outside of the door. 'Have you seen Hermione? Jean said she wasn't in her bedroom.'

'She's in here.'

'Oh!' Narcissa sounded flustered immediately, and I felt myself go bright red. 'Well, I'll see you both down there. Don't be… err… too long.'

'We won't.' Draco began to laugh as we heard Narcissa walk away from the room and he rifled around in his wardrobe.

'That was embarrassing.'

'That's certainly one word for it.' He pulled out a pair of grey joggers and a jumper. 'Put these on.'

'Because by wearing these no one's going to suspect what we did last night.'

'Well, considering that my mother has just gone downstairs and told my father and your parents about what we did last night, I don't think you'll need to worry.' I blushed even harder as I got dressed. 'It's fine, Hermione. No one will care.' I nodded and kissed him, then we left the room holding hands, walking down to the drawing room.

As Draco opened the door to the drawing room, our parents turned around and smirked at us, and Lucius shouted to Draco: 'Did you cast the contraceptive charm? I don't think we want any grandchildren yet.' I blushed again, and everyone else laughed.

'Yes, I did, father.' We approached the seating area, the adults on settee's whilst me and Draco sat on the floor in front of the Christmas tree. We handed out presents, Draco rolling on the floor laughing when I saw that I had gotten him hair gel and dry ferret food, reminiscent of our early years at Hogwarts. 'I love you.'

'Of course you do. You'd be mad not to. Where's my present?'

'They're here now.' I looked at him strangely as a house elf clicked his fingers, and the doors opened, and twelve men marched in, drumming for us. 'We don't usually have these on Christmas day. I brought them here especially for you.' He reached into his pocket, bringing out the final charm, a small drum, which he attached onto the chain in between the bagpipes and the crystallised pear. 'On the twelfth day of Christmas, I give to my one and only true love, twelve drummers drumming.' I smiled at him, feeling tears prick my eyes.

'I love you.' I kissed him soundly on the lips after I saw a house elf had climbed part way up the Christmas tree and was holding a sprig of mistletoe above our heads. Everyone else was so distracted by enjoying the music that they didn't notice me and Draco leave through the back door of the drawing room, planning on having the aforementioned shower.

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