Lucian Grayson—Person of Light; To Shine

Inspired by Mirrordance's "For Every Evil" (mainly by Legolas'occupation in that story) and the lack of stories of revolving around only Legolas' appearance in the Twilight realm.

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Capítulo Uno: Dejando

"Out! OUT! Get out and never show your smug little face here ever again!"

A small smile floated upon his face as he looked up to behold the sight of a snickering young man dashing away from the open doorway of his partner-in-arms' office. Said person stood just behind the door-frame, yelling obscenities and waving a fist in the air at the retreating figure. The moment that person was out of hearing, he turned to his fuming partner and lifted an eyebrow in amusement.

"Don't ask," David Smith said, gruffly. His short brown hair looked a little messy and wild. He also forgot to shave recently, if his rough stubble was anything to go by.

"I'll never need to. You are too predictable!" he laughed.

David's eyes narrowed, though there was a hint of lightheartedness in those brown depths. He grunted. "And don't think that I have forgotten about you. You know the drill, Grayson," he said, taking a step to the side and gesturing for him to enter his office. "In you go."

"I have done nothing!" he immediately cried out, lifting the palms of his hands in an "unarmed" gesture. "Whatever has happened, I am perfectly innocent!"

David inwardly rolled his eyes, but outwardly he growled.

The "younger" man seemingly in his twenties stood up quickly and speed-walked to the office, his long legs carrying him to the doorway in no time. As he passed by the older-looking man holding the door open, he said with a playful air and an over-exaggerated accent, "Why thank you, kind sir."

"Shut up and get the hell on that chair."

He beamed at him shortly, knowing the other was joking around, before obeying. He waited patiently for his partner to sit on his own chair that was currently dominating the large brown desk by observing his surroundings. "I see your cleaning habits have improved," he said dryly, looking pointedly at the desk surface swamped with a disarray of papers and opened folders. "It's nice."

David scowled. "The sarcasm doesn't become you, Lucian."

"Oh?" he prompted, once again lifting a slender eyebrow.

"'Oh?' nothing. And cut the crap—I know as well as you do that you are trying to distract me from whatever I'm about to say." He flicked the corner of a random paper. Lucian Grayson stared at his partner. From his tone, he could tell that he was in a bad mood—but not from whatever happened a few minutes ago. He was constantly clenching and un-clenching his fists, slowly scoping the room with a slight furrow on his brow—all pointing towards the sign of agitation. He was immediately on guard.

"What has happened?" he asked, already dreading the answer. His playful demeanor all but dissipated.

"…Nothing of great importance."

"I know you well enough to separate lie from truth, David." His voice was soft and melodious, but it now also contained a mild biting edge.

The man sighed resignedly. "You don't let anything get away, do you?" The piercing brown irises looked up to meet the pair of eyes that was seemed to cross and mix between the color of a stormy grey and the purest shade of blue. He was always curious about his partner's eye color. Lucian has always waved it off as a genetic trait. But there was something David was also curious about as well. There was a kindness and gentleness in his eyes…but bravery and stubbornness as well. Warm, yet sometimes hard. Sharp, yet sometimes distant.

Mischievous and open…yet filled with a sense of mystery and wisdom.

His comrade, whom he has long since grown to call "friend", has always been a puzzle to him. He knew that the moment he came into his office as his new partner. At first, he thought of him as an innocent young man who was too naïve for his own good—as a curious "boy" who couldn't get the job done. He sure did look the part: what with his bright and youthful appearance—he couldn't imagine him being older than in his early twenties. He has always known that Lucian was the most attractive out of the both of them, according to past experiences with the women. And he knew a model-worthy appearance when he sees one.

Lucian was pale, but not so much that it seemed sickly or white. If he hadn't known any better, he would've thought that his skin glows. Especially in the dark, though it must be a trick of the light. But aside from that, his form was impressive as well, his arms, legs, and torso etched with sinuous muscle, enough that he would easily be considered as both lean and slender, complimenting his tall height.

There has always been a sort of fluid and graceful quality to his movements, bending towards otherworldly. But that didn't stop him from proving his prowess. He knew first-hand that his accuracy was deadly, his strength great, his steps light and quiet—a skill he found very useful and annoying at times (sneaking in missions and sneaking up on him, respectively), his agility unsurpassed, and his intelligence bordering on genius.

He had also replaced David for the category of the keenest hearing in all of the Police Department, a very useful skill that had gotten them through many of the toughest scrapes without major injury.

To finish his look, he had a perfectly-sculpted face (with the addition of his bright eyes) and a halo of pale-blonde hair that seems to shine golden in the sun-light. In short, he was, to the majority of women, a messenger of God.

David knew he should have been at least a tad bit suspicious, but for some strange reason, he couldn't help but put it aside. Lucian never gave him any cause to become so, and he has always felt at ease when he was around. An overwhelming calmness that comes with Lucian's presence, broken only when tension rises at its peak.

He felt a sudden loss at that (the calmness), but he quenched it as soon as it came.

"I think I've lost you, Smith," Lucian interrupted his thoughts. "If you continue to think so hard, you will split open your head."

David paused as the words registered before he rolled his eyes. "I don't think you have the right to make that statement, Lucian."

"Yeah, yeah, I get your point," he cut him off before he could continue, still smiling. "My lips are shut and all is forgotten. Now tell me what is on your mind."

David chuckled, "Eager child." He lifted his hands up in a calming gesture when Lucian gave him a fake glare. "Now, now, I still am way older than you, so you can't hurt me."

Lucian gave a mock gasp and widening of eyes. "David...I never thought I would see the day when you admit that you're old!"

"Shut up! You know I didn't mean it that way!"

His partner only laughed.

David gave a sigh. "Yeah, laugh all you want. Can't stop you, anyway," he mumbled the last part.

"You know me so well." David glowered at him in response, as if mentally saying that he would rather not.

But then his gold-headed partner suddenly sobered and he stared at him with those impossibly bright orbs, ever so observant. "So...what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" Lucian asked, his voice calm and casual, though David had no doubt that he knew something was off.

He sighed again, a heavy one this time, and clapped his hands together, mentally crushing the negative emotions trying to bubble up. He stayed quiet for a few moments, gathering his thoughts and trying to pick out the right words to say. It was something he had to learn to do as soon as he got into trying to achieve his career, but even more so when he was partnered with Lucian.

While it was true that Lucian could handle jokes and criticisms and even threats, he treasured his friendship with everyone, and that made him more vulnerable than he would like to admit. Those who wronged him were eventually forgiven, unless they committed something so unforgivable that Lucian remained as cold as ice and as hard as a diamond (he counted it as a blessing that he wasn't there for their last confrontation because the brief moment when Lucian talked about them was as scary as hell). But after that happened, specifically when a dear friend had done it, David could literally see the negative emotions bubbling out of him and clinging to his bright aura, making him withdrawn and distant for a period of time until they brought him out of it, or if he did it himself.

And even though what was about to happen was inevitable, and Lucian wouldn't blame him for it, he wanted him to have the least amount of doubt as possible. If none at all.

"I know that you love being here—and don't deny it."

Lucian closed his mouth.

"But I'm afraid that tomorrow…your time in this department is about to end."

It was fun while it ended...little brother.

"You have been relocated."

The words hung in the air.

Lucian blinked slowly. "...What?" he said, his face had immediately schooled itself in an expressionless façade, his eyes searching his best friend's. "You...surely you jest?"

"I'm afraid not this time, Lucian. This is the real deal." With a tight smile, he folded his large tanned hands on the desk. "A guy—the chief officer, Charlie Swan, needs a replacement because one of his officers have passed away. Our department has enough as it is while they don't have enough, so they asked for someone from our own. It was a difficult choice and you happened to be the lucky victor." He ignored the fact that he had a very faint drawl of sarcasm at the end. "And, of course, our department happened to be one of the closest to the area."

Lucian frowned, but David couldn't tell if it was because of personal reasons or just the current situation.

"I'm sure you'll have a great time. I hear they are surrounded by forests, and I know you love nature as it is." He added a slight jibe, and he was relieved when Lucian accepted it with ease.

"Of course you would say that to persuade me," he sighed, rolling his eyes. "All right, where am I being located, David?"

David smiled, not caring that his face showed how glad he was of Lucian's acceptance of his situation, and opened his mouth to answer. But then he froze, a dust of pink ever-so-slowly gracing his tanned face.

Lucian raised an eyebrow, his eyes sparkling with mirth. "Have you already forgotten?" he asked innocently.

"No!" David spluttered. "Yes. No, I mean no! Ugh." He placed his head on his hands, elbows on the desk. "You know very well of how I tend to forget these things when I'm in shock."

He tapped using his finger on the wood. "Yes, you still have to work on that," he mused aloud.

"Shut up." He could almost sense Lucian grinning in response, but he still did not look to see.

Lucian's eyes glittered knowingly. "Spoons," he hinted. However, David just looked up at him in confusion. "Knives. Plates. Bowls. Cho—" By then, the older-looking man had caught on.

He scowled. "All right, I get it!" he exclaimed. "Forks, Washington! There!"

Lucian smiled, though it seemed to be bordering on a smirk. "Thank you for telling me."

David snorted. "How did you know about it?" he asked curiously.

He paused before his amusement slowly melted away. "I...saw it on the news. About the officer, I mean." His abnormal eyes softened with sadness. "That brave man. He died too young."

The deceased in question had only just turned 29 years old before the tragedy struck. According to his family and friends, he was a good man. Smart, kind, and committed. For a rookie, he was excellent in the department. The reporters had said that the man was out camping in the forest with his family. It was all safe at that time, but they soon were attacked by something. The family were too terrified to pay close attention, and it was very dark out, so they couldn't see who or what it was. Before the assailant could cause harm to anyone, the officer had started grappling and fending it off so that his family members could leave safely. That was the last they had seen him alive. A week after his assumed death date, his body had been found floating in the river. The reporters didn't speak of the conditions of the body, but he assumed it was terrifying. Now, the family only had a mother as a widow, a grandmother, a teenage girl, and a boy who was too young to understand what had transpired.

David was silent for a moment, and when he spoke his voice was quiet. "I agree. But doing our best, even if it means risking our lives, is one of the main reasons why we are in this job anyway, right?" His eyes became distant as he slowly stood up and walked across the small room. A small solemn smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he gazed at a group picture that included the deceased officer and the rest of the rookies on the day of their orientation, all of them smiling in triumph from their accomplishment. "...We took an oath. And we will fulfill it."

Something twanged in Lucian, un-noticed by his now ex-partner. Whispers of a similar statement vibrated inside his eardrums and he realized that the whisper was the voice of his long-departed friend whom he has loved as a brother for many years. I hold your oath fulfilled, his friend had once said. Go. Be at peace. He knew those words weren't directed at him, but it still gave him a sense of tranquility.

A few minutes later, David stopped pacing and looked at his dazed friend. "Luke," he called, "Are you all right?" When the fair man didn't answer, he reached out and grasped his shoulder. He recoiled, but wasn't fast enough, however, when Lucian shook out of his reverie and punched out to the person who was intruding in his personal bubble faster than he could see. With an 'oof!' he backed up a few steps, doubling over and wheezing. He heard his partner get up and cry out his name in surprise. A second later, he felt a hand lightly rub his back in a soothing gesture with Lucian apologizing repeatedly and with guilt.

"Man…you pack…quite a…punch," he managed to get out between gasps. He grinned to show his ex-partner that he didn't mind the sudden reflex, but he kept apologizing nonetheless."

"Oh the Valar, I'm so sorry, David! I didn't mean to do that—It was a reflex and I couldn't stop it - "

"At ease, Lucian," he reassured him. He stood up straight but couldn't suppress a wince as his abdomen throbbed with the movement. That's gonna bruise, he thought with a pained smile. "I'm all right. You shouldn't worry about me. And wipe that guilty look out of your face," he added sharply. "One punch won't be able to take me down."

Lucian grinned sheepishly at his scolding but laughed softly when the rest of his friend's words left his mouth. "Men and their pride," he murmured. He shook his head. "What am I to do with you?" This time it was at a regular volume.

"You won't have to. I'll have to be the one asking that question when I meet my new partner." He frowned. He had looked at the profile of his new comrade-in-arms, and he instantly knew it would be a very banal experience, indeed.

Lucian lifted his wrist to look at his watch. "When do I leave?"

"Tomorrow night at the latest. You won't have a problem." He paused and looked at his partner pointedly. "Especially since your damn office is always as clean as hell."

Lucian stood up from his seat, having resumed his position a few minutes after the little episode, stretching his limbs. "Time and patience, my friend. Time and patience," he answered the unspoken question. He walked out the door, waving and calling behind him, "Come see me off tomorrow morning, all right?"

"In your dreams!" he answered in a yell.

"Then I will fall asleep before leaving!" was his fading response. "See you then!"


The last he heard of his partner that day was his musical laughter. "Damn, pretty boy," he muttered with a slowly elongating grin.


"'Oh the Valar'?"


For an immortal being doomed to walk for millennia while death plagues the air of the forever-changing earth…his condition was fairly well.

He has gone by many names. Names that brought many nostalgic memories. But the name that mattered most at the moment...was Lucian Grayson.

Sometimes, he felt guilty over deceiving many humans of which he saw as his closest friends, but it was necessary in order to live in this new world. A world he had once left, but returned from that sacred place.

Valinor—the sanctuary over the sea. He had arrived there long ago, after Aragorn's death, with Gimli the dwarf. They were both devastated, yes, but they found comfort in each other and the beautiful land surrounding them. However, such things were just not left to be. Gimli soon grew too old and weathered, unable to move freely as he has done since the journey of the Fellowship. His strong, callused hands were too weak to grasp any object and his grip soon became too limp to hold anything effectively.

The son of Gloin had lived a long and valiant life, and it was time for him to join their friends in the stars. He had died peacefully on his deathbed, holding Legolas' hand with the lady Galadriel watching over them, as per Gimli's request, in solemn but peaceful silence. Legolas had held in his tears then, granting the dwarf's last sight of a smile upon his best friend's immortal face. But the light soon faded away when Gimli's soul had left his body. He broke down then, sobbing through tears and letting out all his sorrow.

He mourned for days, reminiscing their time together, before he soon regained his wits through the sympathy and encouragement of his people. But still, his friend remained forever in his heart—the large piece of his heart filled with all of his other deceased loved ones. In time, however, he grew…weary. Such a thing he had and would never perceive. His mind told him to stand firm and stay in the Undying Lands, but his heart called to the outside world.

In time, however, he made the decision that would change his life forever.

He would leave.

His elders protested, but gradually agreed to respect his choice, though for a reason he could not fathom. But even through his curiosity, his resolve was still strong. In a month's time, he had left the glorious land and into the new world.

Legolas straightened and cracked his neck to release some tension. His belongings were pretty few, organized neatly in the labeled boxes. Without any effort at all, he lifted up three boxes before him and started heading towards his silver Toyota Prius. The boxes blocked his vision, so he relied solely on his other senses. Halfway to the door leading towards the parking lot, he heard a voice call out.

"Ho, Luc-o!" Turning his head, he saw a dirty-blonde man in his late-twenties jogging towards him and waving his hand. With a chuckle, he motioned with his head to the warm morning outside and left the building. Spotting his car easily, even with its common color, he transferred the box at the bottom of the stack to his left hand before swiftly taking out his keys and opening the trunk of the car. He pocketed the metals on the chain-loop before starting to put the boxes in his car. By then, the same man from before, a co-worker named Parker Evanston, had caught up with him. His breath was a bit faster than usual, but overall not very noticeable. "My god, even carrying a bunch of boxes, you are still as fast as ever!" He faked wiping away sweat from his brow and grinned. When he looked at said cardboard, seeing the words indicating Legolas' possessions, he sobered. "You are leaving?" he asked with a frown.

Legolas nodded with a sad smile. "I'm afraid so, my friend," he answered, placing the last box in the car. "They are in need of an officer at a town nearby."

Parker groaned. "Great, just great. They are taking one of our best cops and sending him to a place full of dingoes." He averted his gaze to the heavens. "Why, oh, why did they have to pick you?"

"Is that sympathy I hear, Parker?" He teased, closing the trunk of the car with a thud. He turned to his friend, grinning. Said man took on an innocent expression.

"No," he replied, drawing out the word. He followed the other blonde to the driver's seat of the car.

Legolas chuckled. "What do you need?" he asked knowingly, pressing the button on the remote to unlock the door.

Parker smirked. "My baby sister wants her play-mate back," he replied. "Or should I say her angel?" He laughed as Legolas smiled helplessly. "I wonder what you would look like with your hair black," he mused out loud, tapping a finger on his thoughtful face. "Perhaps she would then see you as the little devil you are."

"I am not evil!" Legolas laughed.

"And how would we know? Maybe the lion inside of you is just waiting for the right moment to pounce!" he exclaimed, grinning. "Lord knows whatever plot you are planning."

"You flatter me, Parker," he said, shooting a grin back at him before ducking inside the automobile. His car soon roared to life and he closed the door, but rolled down the window. He looked up at his frowning friend who was standing outside. "Don't worry; I will call every now and then," he reassured him.

"No dropping by?"

"I'll try my best to see if I will be able to spare some time, but I can't make any promises. And I'm sorry, but I won't be able to visit your little sister in a while. But I will call." He reached and pulled the car into reverse.

"I'll hold you to it." With one last shared smile, they both gave a small wave and Parker stepped back as Legolas backed up the car. "Don't forget about us, ya hear?" he shouted. Legolas answered with his own shout of consent.

As he was starting to leave behind the place by the main road, he saw David standing outside the front doors he had just recently exited. Before he left to bring his boxes to the car, they had shared a small talk along with departing words before David was called to the chief's office. Even though his friend couldn't see his own face from the large distance between them, he could see his very clearly.

Conflict was easily shown on his face, as if he was having trouble grasping just one emotion to portray. In the end, he settled for a cheerful demeanor and lifted his hand high in the sky as a farewell. Legolas returned it, though he knew there was a fair chance David isn't able to see it with his mortal eyes. He drove away, leaving behind all those familiar sights full of memories.

He drove away, unknowingly leaving the sanctuary of light and entering the realm of darkness.

To be continued…

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