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Pennod 2: Porc o Ffyrc

His first impression was that he would love it here.

Even as Legolas was entering the borders, he could see the mammoth trees reaching up towards the sky in an array of magnificently large heights and sizes. He immediately rolled down the window and was rewarded with the beautiful songs of the trees and other plant-life welcoming the newcomer they recognize as a friend. They rejoiced to know that one who understood them had finally appeared.

If he wasn't trying to keep a good image up for his new co-workers, he would've bounced or even skipped in his step. But he didn't. Instead, as he closed the door of his car and walked to his new department, he greeted everyone he passed with a grin and a warm acknowledgement. There were many who were caught by surprise, and those people who said their welcome out of habit did a double-take and stared.

After a quick tour, he reached the door of the chief's office. It was near the main entrance, but he had explored almost the whole area further inside the place to greet everyone who was not busy. Feeling the eyes penetrating his back, he knocked on the door in short staccato beats. He heard the occupant say, "Come in," before he opened the door and entered.

A man presumably in his late-thirties was leaning over some papers intently. His warm chocolate brown eyes flicked across the pages beneath his short and spiky dark hair. Legolas waited for a few moments before clearing his throat. His new superior's head flew up to look at the new arrival as if he had forgotten he had granted entry to someone.

Legolas needlessly noted that he had a moustache. The man stood up and walked over. "Hello," he greeted in his slightly rough voice, sticking a hand out in front of him. "You must be the new recruit."

Legolas took the proffered hand and shook it firmly. "Lucian Grayson," he said smiling politely.

"Charlie Swan. Chief of the Police Department." They separated their hands and Charlie assessed him shortly. He nodded with approval. "You seem like a capable man. Welcome to Forks."

"It's good to be here," he replied. Charlie's lips twitched with a smile before he gestured for Legolas to sit down. They both sat down in their respective chairs at the same time.

"I'll just get straight to it," Charlie said, folding his hands on the tidy desk. "There are weird things that are going on in this small town, and people are disappearing from our radars." His expression was grim. "Only to come to come back with just their bodies. I have already lost a few friends and officers already, and so I need someone I could rely on to watch over the others and theirselves."

Legolas blinked. "Sir, if you don't mind me asking," he started, "Aren't there any other people that are available for this occupation? Here in Forks or any other town or city?"

"I've looked them over, but they aren't exactly as dependable as you are," he answered. With a smirk, he continued, "My sources tell me you are a 'Good-Luck Charm'—especially on dangerous assignments."

"Perhaps they were just over-exaggerating it a bit."

Charlie rebutted, knowing what the other was indirectly referring to. "That incident was only one time. It's not like anyone was killed, were they?"

Legolas sighed, "No, I suppose not." With a grin, he looked up at the chief. "But I've never turned down a challenge like this, so why start now?"

"That's the spirit." Charlie suddenly turned thoughtful. "You know, you are pretty young to have assumed your position in such a short time."

Legolas shrugged with a smooth movement only he could manage to make. "I have a gift," he simply said. "But I would have never gained this position if it weren't for everyone's help."

For a moment, Charlie was vaguely surprised, but the bewilderment soon disappeared and was replaced with a hint of respect. "I'm glad to hear that." He looked up at the time on the clock overhead. "Ask one of the officers to find where your office is," he instructed. "They should know."

"I have already shown myself around. The location of my office will not be too hard to find once again."

Charlie looked at him with mild surprise. "You didn't come straight to my office?"

"No. I had spare time on my hands, so I decided to greet my new co-workers before coming here."

"Oh. Then I guess you have already made a good impression on them, judging from your obvious happiness," he stated, lifting an eyebrow at his new officer's still present grin. "Or maybe you are just satisfied. I don't suppose you have irritated any of them?"

With a small laugh, not noticing Charlie's taken aback expression from the tinkling sound of it, he replied, "No, sir, I have not." He looked at the chief, eyes sparkling with mirth. "I have been merely waiting for your permission."

Charlie, his mood pulled partly into cheerfulness from the elf's own cheerful demeanor, chuckled heartedly. "Well then, don't hurt them too much," he said when he recovered with a genuine smile, the muscles around his mouth slightly straining from disuse.

"No, I suppose not," Legolas said with a hint of a sheepish tone. "But it would do them no good if they all remain as tense as they are now." He shrugged again. "Someone has to lift their gloomy mood."

Charlie's smile turned sad. "Many are still in mourning. It has been a week; I could see some improvement among them, but it is very slow."

Legolas watched him quietly. "I am sorry," he said softly.

Charlie gave Legolas a puzzled look. "What are you apologizing for?"

"I cannot possibly help ease anyone's pain if I have not even met he whom they are mourning for. It would be completely disrespectful for me to do so." He smiled sadly. "I cannot share it with them."

Charlie walked up and placed a firm hand on Legolas' shoulder. "You should never need to. We will get through this, but it would take time. And with you as a part of our department, I am sure more than ever of their recovery."

Legolas opened his mouth, but then he seemed to think better of it and closed it. He nodded and a small smile slowly grew on his face.

Charlie nodded and stepped back, slipping his hand off Legolas' shoulder. He suddenly winced. "I have enough sadness outside of my office, and I most certainly do not need it here. Be off before it sticks."

He laughed softly. 'Yes, I suppose so."

Charlie nodded. "Now, I must get back to work. It was nice meeting you, Grayson."

Legolas smiled. "Likewise. And it's Lucian, if you will, Chief Swan."

The only occupant in the room who had a mustache smirked. He understood. Between adults or friends, even if they have just met, he really didn't see the point of formality if it wasn't for business. "Very well, Lucian. Then you may call me Charlie."

"Will do." They both exchanged smiles before Legolas led himself to the door. Charlie couldn't help but notice how graceful he walked or the fact that he made no sound on the hard wooden floor. Not to mention that his voice, throughout their whole conversation, had a curiously melodic tone to it or the fact that he seemed to have a certain appearance that seemed to rival that of the Cullens.

...Pale skin, lean with firm muscles, and blonde hair—a very similar shade to a certain doctor.

"Lucian." Said elf stopped mid-step before planting his foot firmly on the ground once more and turning his head towards him curiously. "Are you…in any way…related to the Cullens?" He was awarded with a blank yet confused stare.

"The…Cullens?" Poor man looked so bewildered. "Who are they?"

Charlie almost sighed with relief. "No one," he evaded. "I was just curious because you look a lot like the father of the family." It wasn't a lie. If he hadn't known any better, he would have thought that Lucian and Carlisle are brothers, albeit the former being younger. What was he, 22?

After bidding Lucian goodbye once again, he searched the folders on his desk for the recruit's file. It didn't take long—the file was massive. Taking out his profile page, he leaned in to take a better look. Lucian Grayson: 21 years of age; joined the law enforcement at the age of 18. With wonder, Charlie flipped through his many accomplishments over that pretty small time period. His eyes widened on one statement. He…he jumped off a building?! he thought incredulously.

The reports stated that after a cross-fire, one of the dying enemies managed to fire one last shot at a police officer standing near the edge of the roof of the building before taking his final breath. The person that got shot had been hit on the shoulder by the bullet and caused him to stagger backwards from the blow. He lost his balance, tripped over the edge, and fell. Lucian immediately took action and, discarding any heavy equipment, leaped over and down the side of the 17-story building.

An interview with Grayson later managed to fill in the gaps: Lucian had managed to catch up to the unfortunate victim of the shot and wrap an arm around the officer. Those two were extremely lucky, for there had been a long and stable pole bearing the United States' flag right underneath them as they had fallen, positioned firmly on the brick wall of the building. If it weren't for Lucian's quick and steady reflexes, they would have been splattered pancakes on the cemented ground. Fortunate for them, Lucian managed to keep them hanging until help arrived. Unfortunately, they had to struggle to do so because the residents in the room next to the flag pole were screaming and throwing stuff at them for a good five to ten minutes before their comrades had come.

The civilians had apologized and admitted that they had lost all common sense the moment that they had seen two men hanging right outside their window. Needless to say, they thought they were robbers in the guise of police officers.

Charlie chuckled when he read the comments. He set down the file and looked at no spot in particular on the ceiling.

He was sure bright days were ahead of them.


Afternoon found a certain elf still pondering the identity of those called the Cullens. Due to his time arranging his new office, he has not had the chance to ask around or look up the family. The chief—Charlie, he corrected himself, popped in every now and then for the past few hours to strike up a friendly conversation. Legolas knew in an instant that the man was lonely and in need of cheerful company, so he did his best to keep up both of their spirits. As a result, he never once brought up the Cullens, as it was supposedly, to some extent, a sore topic to the mortal. Other than that, for his first day, his relationships with all his co-workers are going along quite well.

Of course, there were some rather rude people in the midst, but he continued to "pester" them nonetheless, as they had so eloquently put it. He had groaned inwardly when some of them had also started treating him as their own child or actively showed admiration towards him. But at least a good half of the people tolerated and respected him enough to act as they should be.

There was a knock on his door, and Legolas' smiled in amusement. As he called, "Come in", and Charlie walked in yet again, he noticed that the man had a distracted kind of look to his face. He seemed to be pondering something, but what it was, Legolas could not decipher.

"Hey," Charlie said tiredly, plopping down on one of the chairs. Legolas saw his hesitation, and, after Charlie reluctantly slouched himself further against the back of the chair, he realized that Charlie was determining if he should show such casual behavior since he was the official boss of the department. He chuckled, garnering a strange look from the only other occupant in the room.

"As I have said many times before, my friend, you do not have to hide beneath that mask." His clear voice rang throughout the room, containing a faint trace of amusement in the harmonious tone. "There are times when the formality is appreciated, but this is not one of those times." To further prove his point he yawned openly and stretched his limbs.

Charlie rolled his eyes. "Got it, Luke," he said, adopting Legolas' nickname from his old friends. After a long while of talking, the barrier between their "worker and boss" relationship had blurred and all but disappeared. Instead, the categories were replaced by friends—it still astounded Legolas how easy it is to gain almost all humans' trust and/or friendship. But he didn't mind at all. In fact, he basks in the warmness he feels whenever he makes a new trustworthy friend. Charlie paused, and then he opened his mouth once more—"Why do you always say that?"

Legolas' eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Why do I say what?"

"'My friend'," he answered, but he didn't say it in a mocking tone. It was just plain curiosity. "I have never heard of someone who always speaks that way. And you are from Washington, aren't you?"

Legolas blinked and then laughed softly. "Ah, I see. Yes, to answer your recent question. But as for why I speak this way…I suppose I just have not gotten rid of the habit of mine that I had acquired from some people very close to me." In a way, he was telling the truth. He had grown up, being taught by his elven teachers, of how to speak during his early years on Middle Earth. He had decided long ago, when he had arrived in an earlier era, that he would keep his speech patterns of saying, "mellon-nin" in the slightly altered Common Language as a reminder of who he really is—a commemoration of his friends of the Fellowship and in the Ages. "But, truly, I do not want to be rid of it. I'm afraid my reasons are my own." He smiled, a tinge of sadness coming into his eyes, hoping that his new friend would notice and let it pass.

To his relief and surprise, Charlie merely nodded, as if he was used to that type of privacy. But from who? he wondered. Legolas stopped, frowning, and shook off the thought. It is not my business. Charlie will tell me when he deems it an appropriate time.

"Then I suppose I won't press you," the man said. "I…I'm sorry I brought that up." Charlie's face had scrunched up a bit in conflict after he had spoken his first word, but once he started speaking again, the look vanished and was replaced with understanding. I…have a daughter who acts the same way, Charlie admitted inside his mind.

Legolas stared silently. "Thank you," he acknowledged him with a smile.

He sighed. "You have given one too many thanks," he said. "This will be the last time I will accept it for a long time."

Legolas looked sheepish. "Sorry. It's a force of habit."

Charlie stared at him, unblinking. "Sometimes I think that you are too nice for your own good."

Legolas scoffed. "Speak for yourself."

"No, I'm serious!"

"Sure, you are."

So easy as it was to start another long chat between the two recently united friends. Neither of them paid any attention to their surroundings or the world outside of them. Not even when a rather large bang and large uproarious laughter emitted from somewhere outside the door. They, themselves, had been laughing hysterically then—all the more reason why they had not paid attention. Every waking moment as they talked just constructed the bridge of trust between them, making it sturdier, stronger, and reliable. Just as they were towards each other.

"Hey," Charlie said again after a long moment of companionable silence. "You have just arrived in town, right?"

Legolas was confused, not understanding why the random question. "Yes," he answered slowly.

"And you have not had the chance to choose somewhere to stay?"

"…Yes," Legolas repeated, realization slowly dawning on his young, fair visage.

"Would you like to stay until you find a suitable home?" asked Charlie. He was rubbing the back of his neck, but his eyes betrayed his determination…and was that desperation? "At my house? With my…daughter?"

He expected it, he did. But he still reacted with surprise. "…What?" His eyes widened a fraction and his mouth opened an inch. "Why would you offer that to me?"

Charlie looked up at him—just long enough for their eyes to connect—before closing his brown eyes and leaning back on his chair.

Legolas knew that look. He knew that with all his heart; it was a look that he has seen on countless numbers of much older-looking friends: Protectiveness. He resisted the great urge to slap a palm against his forehead. Curse his youthful appearance! Can the humans not understand that he is technically an adult by their standards?! Were his past actions not enough to proof his capability?

He sighed, making sure to mask its volume greatly to keep away from the chief's ears. No use having the man feel down from possible rejection.

"It's…just a suggestion," Charlie said lamely.

Legolas looked at him with disbelief. "To someone whom you have met not four hours ago," he added pointedly.

Charlie tried to look surprised…and was failing. "Has it been that short? I thought it has been half a day."

"Charlie," Legolas warned exasperatedly.

"I guess I can't help it. You're just too easy to talk to. How do you do that?"

"By being honest and not avoiding questions as you are doing," Legolas snapped, though he tried to keep it as gentle as he could without losing the hard-edged quality of it. Charlie had the grace to look a bit ashamed. "You are a police officer, Charlie. And no police officer, not even a chief, would go as far to invite an almost complete stranger into their own home. Unless they are dim-witted or have good reason." At the former, Charlie looked affronted before calming down on the latter.

Legolas sighed. "If you need company, Charlie," he continued, "Then you should just say so. Or if you need advice for family issues, then just say so."

"How did you—?"

"Know about the family issues?" Legolas finished. "Just now. To me, you are pretty easy to read, Charlie. Especially when you hesitated before saying that you had a daughter with you. All I needed was to say something to clarify. And don't bother trying to change the subject, I will not stray from my earlier question."

"You, young man, are too perceptive," Charlie said, groaning. "Fine. Just give me five seconds to sort my thoughts out."

Legolas smiled and lifted a hand. Five.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

Four. He started ticking down his fingers.

"That's not long enough! I need more time!"


"That is not fair, Luke."


"Stop counting!"

One. Legolas smiled.

"Oh forget it."

Zero. "Now what was it that you were saying, my friend?" Legolas asked innocently, putting his clenched hand down.

Charlie sighed in defeat. "…I have a daughter—her name is Bella—and I have just gotten her back about half a year ago," he admitted. "She's in high school, and ever since she started going there…she has been involving herself with a group of popular kids." He grimaced as he added, "And her boyfriend."

"Are you concerned from their influence over her?"

Charlie widened his eyes. "No, she is not becoming more like them. It's actually…" He struggled to find the right words. "She's pulling away from me, I guess, to be with them. The Cullens."

There that name was again. "Who are they?"

"Huh?" Charlie asked distractedly before shaking his head. "Oh. Just a rich family no one knows that much about. Their father works in the nearby hospital."

Legolas stayed silent as the whole conversation sunk in. Well, at least his curiosity has been satisfied somewhat. "So," he started slowly, "You want me to be a replacement for most of your daughter's times of absence?"

Charlie looked horrified. "No! Of course not, Lucian! I would never do that to you two!"

Legolas laughed. "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I didn't mean what I said." He looked at Charlie with an eyebrow raised. "But I'll still let you know that it doesn't take long for me to find my own house."

"All right, how about you stay for a day to satisfy my social needs before living in your new home and visiting every now and then?"

"That's better."

Charlie stood up with a smile, reaching over with a hand out. Lucian did the same and they clasped hands firmly. The handshake was not merely a greeting as before. Instead, it was more like a sign of appreciation and friendship. "Thank you Lucian. I know that this was a very hard decision to make."

Legolas smiled as well. "As long as I am able help a friend in need, I am honored to receive it."



A while later…

"Here, Luc, try this. I got it from my favorite restaurant."

"What is it?"

"You'll have to try it to see."

Pause. "It's not poisoned, is it?"

"Do you not trust the chefs I have known my whole life?"

"I do not trust the waiters or cashiers who gave it to you."

"I've known them too."





"What are you doing?"


"Do you really have to look so closely at it?"


"And smell it?"


"What is it?"

Sigh. "Pork."

"I know that, but what type of Pork?"

"The type of Pork that comes from the best restaurant in town."


"…Are you allergic to meat, Lucian?"

"No, I am not."

"Then why are you hesitating?"

"I am merely observing."

"…A piece of meat. You are observing a piece of meat."


"I don't understand you."

"And you never will."

"Is that a bet?"

"No. Nor is it a challenge."

"Then why did you say that?"

"Should I have any reason?"

"Yes you should."

"Then I don't."

An exclamation. "You're so difficult!"

"As is everyone else on this planet."

"Not true."

"'Tis true."





A tense long silence. Then—"Gah!" (2)



"Are you still going to eat that Pork?"

To be continued…

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(2) They were having a staring contest. Obviously, Legolas won.

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