Alright this is a random idea I came up with because I've been reading a lot of Naruto time travel fics. Pretty much Naruto gets sent back in time to the First Shinobi War as a newborn and he doesn't have the Fox only because he absorbs the chakra of the fox instantly because of time travel. The Third Hokage finds him for a reason you will find out when you read this and note Asuma and his unnamed sibling have yet to be born yet so Naruto is older than all of them.

I do not own Naruto or anything related to this series as the series is the work of Masashi Kishimoto.

So without further ado this is the Monkey Fox.

They say the Second Hokage was a master of water jutsus, able to summon water out of chakra large enough to decimate armies. They say when lightning strikes him he turns the lightning into a weapon or turn into the lightning himself. All of this just builds up the life and time of the man known as the Second Hokage, one of the founding members of the Village Hidden in the Leaf.

When he died lightning struck his corpse, burning practically all of it to ash but at the same time lightning struck again and a newborn child was left to be found by the only one who could take care of him. The man who would go down in history as one of the oldest and strongest Kages ever to reign, a God among Shinobi and the Professor. He is known as Hiruzen of the Sarutobi Clan, son of Sasuke Sarutobi the Monkey but this is the legend of his son who was not born of his blood but respected and loved just the same.

Deep in the forest this journey began, six shinobi leapt across the branches swiftly but in silence over the events that played out only a mere day ago. None more so than the newly appointed leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaf, young twenty year old Jounin Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Sarutobi Hiruzen couldn't believe it, he was just named the Third Hokage, he is already a powerful shinobi and recently married but how can he put time into having a family and raise them when he's protecting the entire village during this war.

He began to think his sensei made a mistake in appointing him, he's a decent squad leader but he's no Hokage. Danzo would be a better choice, if anything Sarutobi is more like the First while Danzo is the Second, willing to joke around but never too serious.

At least he use to, since the loss of the Second only a day ago he remained quiet, having not spoken since the ambush, what on earth happened to his best friend.

Sarutobi refused to call himself the Hokage until the Council agrees with the statement so for now he simply ordered everyone to call him by his name and so it went on until he heard something strange. In a matter of moments he thought of countless scenarios and how to counter each and every last one of his ideas from a hail of shuriken to the moon falling on them. Of course none of that mattered as they can't just keep on moving, it would mean they're walking into a trap and possibly caught off guard.

Raising his right fist up as the universal sign for stop the teams stopped and began to listen to their surroundings and look across the dense forest. There are still enemies in the forest and while the Second took many with him it is unlikely that all were killed so the six didn't even breath and continued to scan the area until they heard it.

It was a muffled sound as Sarutobi decided to take a closer look given the fact that this could be an ambush and better to spring the trap now than later, despite Danzo himself insisting that for the good of the village they should return home with the new Hokage.

'The good of the village, the good of the village would have been for me to sacrifice my life not sensei's.' Sarutobi thought to himself before he finally located the source of the strange sound only to find a newborn baby boy wrapped in a white and orange spiraled blanket. There was quite a simple genjutsu over it that one who wasn't tired would notice but given the fact that the location was between Rock and Grass it would be easier to miss such a simple technique. But it still left the question of who the boy was, how did he get here and where were his parents.

'Who in their right mind would leave a newborn baby boy out here all alone?' Was the general question as Sarutobi had looked around for anything out of the ordinary and noticed a Konoha Headband not too far away with blood on it.

"There's a Konoha headband not too far away and what looks like blood in the surroundings, the boy must have come early and forced his family to stop." Sarutobi's teammate Homura observed while pushing up his glasses with his middle finger like he did something impressive, before Sarutobi shook his head in disagreement.

"More than likely they were caught trying to return back to Fire Country and in order to keep the boy safe, they must have put a genjutsu around the area while they ran off to distract the pursuers" Sarutobi explained before he noticed a pack of wolves descend upon the child but before they could strike the newborn baby unleashed an unheard of amount of chakra, levels equal to that of an Elite Jounin.

If the squads weren't veterans then they would have been blown off the tree branches instead they just stared at the baby boy in awe before the Third lived up to his nickname of Monkey by jumping down and grabbing the baby boy and headband in one move.

Jumping back up he examined the metal and found it was extremely well made quality metal and made note to replicate it later. But for now he held a little baby boy that looked not even a day old, his bright blue eyes, sun kiss blonde hair and adorable whiskers on his cheeks that made the little boy even more adorable.

That detail made the Third curious however, no one is just born with whiskers, then again no one would leave their child out in the middle of the forest without a chance of safety. So who was going to save him, were the parents going to double back after they allude their pursuers, there hasn't been any sign of activity for the past few hours so what happened. There were more and more questions about the boy and Sarutobi needed answers fast, he wasn't about to bring a newborn back to the village without some assurance.

Looking at the blanket he noted how the baby's name was sown into the blanket, Naruto, and he found that Maelstrom fit better than fish cake when addressing the meaning.

The only female in the group tried taking the boy but he ended up crying once more until Sarutobi took the boy in his arms and rocked the child back and forth like he's seen so many times before in those dreaded D-Ranked missions their Sensei created.

"What do we do with the boy his crying will reveal our location?" Danzo spoke with such conviction that even his own teammates looked at him with shock.

"We'll take him home with us you saw how powerful this child is and I will warn you now Danzo I don't know what's going on in your head but this child is under my protection." Danzo simply nodded as the six of them began to run back to the village, all the while Sarutobi kept looking at his friend and noted that he has to do something or else something bad will happen to his best friend.

The village waited for the return of the Hokage and while Hiruzen Sarutobi is considered by many to be a powerful shinobi, he is still young and many will wish to take advantage of this before and when his appointment is announced. But for now the two squads had to deliver the message to the Council and announce the death of the Nidaime Hokage and the new Sandaime Hokage.

It was another few hours before they could reach the village and in all that time the young baby did not cry while in the arms of the new Hokage. They needed the element of stealth as while the village is protected and constantly patrolled it doesn't mean anything to the veterans. The village wasn't as protected as one might think, if anything all the extra refuges allowed for more spies to enter the village and with patrols stretched thin it was difficult to keep the village safe from everything.

So the six ran in silence as young Naruto continued to sleep in the arms of the Monkey until they arrived at the village gates. It was quite a sight even now as young Naruto opened his eyes almost like he sensed the village and was shocked at the size of the village.

Sarutobi laughed as he brought Naruto up to his head like his father Sasuke Sarutobi did when they first arrived at the village. This was the realization of a dream, a single military power comprised of the strongest clans to protect the people of Fire Country from the war.

"Look at this village Naruto, this is what we lived to protect and grow and someday when you're old enough you will protect the village as I have." Hiruzen whispered as Naruto made baby noises at the sight of the large Hokage Mountain with the face of the Senju brothers carved in.

The survivors walked towards the gate in order to avoid the guards being alerted and at first the guards were relieved that they have returned they were curious as to what happened to the Second Hokage. It wouldn't be strange for a commanding officer to leave his team at the gate but before, not a chance as it is the duty of a Squad Leader to ensure that their team arrives home safely.

"Gather the Council for an emergency meeting" Hiruzen ordered as the guards were curious what was happening as while Hiruzen is a Jounin and the strongest shinobi in the village but to call a Council Meeting is not within his power. The guards however still followed his orders as the student of the Second Hokage and second in command of his team, it was obvious that they would do well to follow orders.

Messages were sent as Hiruzen and the rest of the surviving teams stood inside of the Council Chambers as a nurse took young Naruto under her care while under the watchful eye of Kagami Uchiha, Danzo's teammate. It was also due to the fact that Naruto seemed to take a liking to the young Uchiha as many do as Kagami isn't like the rest of the Uchihas, stuck up and arrogant. Instead you can here drum noises as he dances around the young child making goofy faces while under an even goofy outfit, or is that just what he normally looks like.

Soon the Civilian and Shinobi Council arrived as news of the Second Hokage's disappearance spread quickly across the village. The Council in turn arrived in a panic all of them asking Team Tobirama what happened to the Hokage but many more were curious as to why Hiruzen is in the Hokage Chair. There were a few in the Council who were outraged at the sight and yelled angrily at Hiruzen before he brought everyone to silence by flexing his chakra.

While the Third was young he could easily destroy everyone in the Council with little effort as the Council silenced themselves. It was tense for a moment until people began to calm themselves, it was then that Sarutobi took a deep breath, as though to form the right words and spoke.

"Honorable Council Members it is with a heavy heart that I must report that our sensei and beloved Hokage Tobirama Senju has fallen in battle against Kumo." Hiruzen announced with as much strength as he could muster at such a trying time.

Of course the moment he announced this the entire Council broke apart wanting to know what the will was concerning the successor, the future of the village and many Civilian Council Members getting up and leaving the chambers immediately. They were so scared of the loss of the Second that they decided to leave in the morning for the capital and wait out the war there.

This continued for fifteen more minutes until they noticed Hiruzen held a scroll in his hands and they realized like before he was waiting for them to calm before he addressed their concerns. Soon the remaining Councilors calmed themselves enough to sit back in their seats and waited for an additional minute before Hirzuen handed the scroll to the Jonin Commander who is second in line in the chain of command.

She in turn read the documents three times and checked for any deception behind the scroll before rising from his post and standing behind Hiruzen. This was an interesting sight as she is next in line in the chain of command and yet there she was so the Council stood in silence.

"Hiruzen Sarutobi has been named the Third Hokage by the Second Hokage Tobirama Senju in the event of his death. This document was written and signed by the Second using his personal mark, may all those who wish to voice their concern speak now." She said and looked at the Council, none of them objected as Hiruzen was an extremely powerful shinobi, managing to hold his own against the previous Hokages.

"Lord Hokage if I may some of the Council and the village will wonder what happened to Lord Tobirama will it be alright if the Head of the Yamanaka Clan would scan your memories concerning the matter?" A member of the Civilian Council said almost timidly.

Hiruzen nodded before answering the request "Very well then Mr. Sanso but just so you and your fellow Council Members know I kept track on a certain deal in the Land of Tea, I would suggest you not question my word or cause an unnecessary scene again."

The councilor became even more fearful, if that was possible, as the head of the Yamanaka Clan approached the newly named Third Hokage and placed his hand on the back of Monkey's head. He in turn jumped into the mind of a man with so much knowledge that any ordinary man would spend a life time here just sorting it out before finding just the right information.

The Clan Head saw the memories of the Second's decision but he also saw memories following the Second's departure to ensure that it wasn't all just an illusion or implanted memory. Finishing the mind probe the Yamanaka Head stood before the Council and took in a deep breath, not unlike the Third, before making his announcement.

"I Inoichi Yamanaka hereby confirm the death of Lord Hokage Tobirama Senju and that Hiruzen Sarutobi was appointed as his successor prior to his death." The entire Council rose from their seats and bowed before the new Hokage along with every Shinobi in the the room.

No one questioned the decree as they all knew that this would be troubling as no other shinobi currently in Konoha matches Hiruzen in terms of skill, knowledge, or influence. Those who would have protested ran upon the announcement of Tobirama's death and now intend to leave before other countries took advantage of the village without the legendary Senju brothers protecting them. Oh how they forget that the First Hokage, while ill, is more feared than either his brother or the newly appointed Third Hokage.

Hiruzen stood up and noted the lack of seats in the Council, yet another matter he will have to address when he takes the hat. There was also the lack of income now if the absent councilors decided to take all of their businesses with them. He will have to move swiftly to ensure this does not happen, Konoha can not lose anymore than it already has.

"Thank you Council Members but we must not forget that the body of the Second Hokage is still in the hands of Kumo and must retrieve it before those warmongers use my Sensei's body as a rallying cry to attack our lands. Nor can we forget that we are still at war, as such I need a detailed list of the village's resources and troop numbers in the Hokage's Office by tomorrow morning. We shall announce my appointment in the morning, people do not have to be awoken from their slumber at such a trying time."

The Council went to work gathering the information the Third requested but also in their own schemes for there are quite a few empty chairs in the Council now. As for the survivors of the Second's team, they went to the hospital to be checked out or return home as Naruto was returned to Hiruzen's arms.

It was quite the sight as Danzo decided to stay behind with the two other members of Team Tobirama to organize the paperwork while the Second's Advisors went to work with the new details. Naruto in turn nearly vomited on Danzo several times, Hiruzen saw this as a sign that perhaps his old friend should take a break. Danzo however saw this as a sign that he should be careful around the newborn, with accuracy like that one can only imagine what will happen when Naruto learns water jutsus.

All the while Sarutobi knew he couldn't leave the baby at an orphanage not at such a time so he would have to return to his clan compound where his wife waited. He began to wonder what to do with the young boy, the orphanage is filled with so many children escaping from destroyed villages and now there is no room. The Second Hokage was planning on using his own clan home to ease the strain but now with his death Hiruzen had to move to secure the home of the Second. As the Second decided to leave the Senju Clan Compound in favor of being alone to work so that left him with quite the large estate that was mostly empty save for scrolls of information.

The Council had a difficult time organizing everything from when to appoint the Third to updating him with all ANBU and regular shinobi force locations and missions that they were allowed to say. There was just so much work to be done that the village's legendary First Hokage himself pulled himself out of bed to speak to the young monkey.

It was an amazing sight for all those present in the Council Chambers, Hirashima Senju, founder of Konoha stepping into the Council Chambers. To those who see the man based on reputation alone, they all bowed while Hiruzen only stood still and prepared to don a helmet before the First delivers his famous Death Chop on his head.

Make no mistake even with his old age the First Hokage isn't one to be messed with even if he does appear to be old his hair is only peppered and much to his relief still intact, with his eyes still full of energy even if his body is now frail and weak from constant battle.

"Hiruzen what are you still doing here?" The God of Shinobi asked with a powerful voice even while walking in white robes and being held up right by a walking stick. It was no surprise as even the Third knew that in an all out fight, he would only win if he fought to the death. What Hiruzen has in youth and energy, Hirashima triumphs with experience, age, and skills.

"I am staying here Sensei to manage Tobi's affairs while he is away." Hiruzen had to lie to his sensei, how would he explain that his brother sacrificed himself for his team.

"Monkey, I know my brother is dead." The First said, much to the shock of the Council as news of the Second's death wasn't spoken outside of the Council Chambers yet. Even the running Council Members weren't able to speak of it as they knew it would be that much more difficult to escape.

The Third began to ponder so much that he failed to notice the First closing the gap between them until it was too late and the First used his legendary strength to le]ift the Third as though he were a child and carried him out like an old chair.

"Go home to your wife Monkey and introduce her to that little bundle of joy." The First yelled with joy as the Third grumbled as he noticed Naruto was laughing as well.

'EVEN A CHILD IS LAUGHING AT ME' His inner mind cried with large anime tears until Hiruzen took the boy in his arms and walked home. Of course no one knew what was happening just yet so he wasn't constantly stopped and greeted like his Senseis were when they founded the village. Many would question why the First's son didn't take up the post of Hokage instead as he is a Senju, many don't understand that names don't mean anything. The Uchihas themselves are proof of that as no one has even come close to a S-Rank let alone a SSS-Class like Madara or the First and the Second Hokage. The same can be said about the First's son, he is at best an S-Class shinobi but he lacks any of the other skills to be given the title while Hiruzen was groomed to be by the previous Hokages.

They soon arrived at the Clan Compound of the Sarutobi Clan, which was located in the forest of the village so it was far removed than the other clans save the Nara and Aburame Clan. As such much of the compound is larger because of the forest which were used to train clan members in maneuvering in the forests as that was what kept them alive during the Clan Wars.

The guards nodded at their Clan Leader and noted the child but made no mention of it but instead opened the large doors leading into their home. Normally the gates would be opened but it is night time and many in the clan would like to keep their goods safe so the walls were tall and strong and constantly watched.

Soon the large double doors were opened by the guards by reaching for the tails of the monkey busts etched into the doors and began to untangle them in a certain order. They heard a loud rumble which didn't bother anyone save for Naruto who awoke to see the large doors open and what greeted him made the young baby smile.

Standing in the middle of the compound resting on the top of a hill is a large peach tree created by the First Hokage himself when Sasuke Sarutobi brought his clan into the village. It is a symbol of their alliance to the Senju Clan and Konoha and the loyalty of the Monkey Clan to protect the Village Hidden in the Leaf.

"Come young Naruto, let us see my wife." Hiruzen whispered into Naruto's ear and he in turn curled up in the young monkey's arms as they walked towards the home but all the while he couldn't help but be saddened by the passing of his sensei.

His young wife Biwako was waiting in the backyard and drank tea to calm her nerves, the wounds she took during her last mission were healed so she waited for her husband to return as she thought about her future. She was brought out of her stupor when she sensed someone enter the backyard and almost prepared for a fight until she recognized the chakra signature as that of her husband.

Seeing her new husband with a baby boy made her think of so many possibilities, one of the biggest ones is that he cheated on her. However when she saw the baby's face she knew it could not be for the child's features while close to the Third's features, doesn't match. Granted he was just a baby but the boy as blonde hair and blue eyes, not brown hair and black eyes like her husband.

Biwako is a young and beautiful woman with long brown hair kept in a ponytail and gives off the same wise like appearance as her husband. She wore a simple night robe for the cool spring weather and besides her was a warm cup of tea as she waited for her husband to return from war. Sadly however she was not allowed to join her husband into war, had she been able she would have showed her skill with fire and give people reason for why she was given an A-Class rank.

Hiruzen was tired, he looked it but he had to do this as he approached his wife she saw the pain in his eyes and didn't know what to do. After all the couple have known each other since children but this wasn't right even for her.

"Sensei is dead, I've been named the Third Hokage." Sarutobi spoke with as much strength as he could summon before looking down at the child. "I found this boy on the way back, he was very brave, met a pack of wolves with determined eyes like I've never seen before."

This made Biwako smile at such a strong baby boy as she simply reached out and took the baby boy from her husband's arms and started cradling the little baby. She was thankful for all the D-Ranked missions she had where she had to babysit children or else she would not be prepared for this.

"What will become of this boy does he have any family or anyone to take care of him?" She asked as the baby started grabbing her finger with surprisingly strong hands, 'this boy will be a soldier' she thought.

"His name is Naruto and it seems as though he's taken a liking to me." Hiruzen answered before rubbing the little baby's cheeks "I've sent word to anyone if they know the child but judging by the surroundings we found the baby in it is most likely the parents fell in battle."

"What is to become of young Naruto then the orphanage is already packed with more children than the staff can handle." Biwako was sensible though annoyed that Sarutobi didn't answer her question but she also loved the child the moment he came to her arms.

"That is something I would like to ask you Biwako, in the two days I have gotten to know young Naruto I have seen more determination in his eyes than most veterans, he's smart and he's...OW!" The mighty Third Hokage, strongest shinobi in the village, was stopped short by his wife throwing a sandal at his face.

"Hiruzen just say you want to adopt Naruto I can already tell he's a perfect child." She commanded or rather scolded as Hiruzen rubbed his forehead in pain and muttering something about getting a troublesome wife.

"Yes dear that's what I'm trying to say, this baby boy has no one as far as we know, I truly believe I was meant to find this boy." He answered as he returned his wife's sandals to her only to discover that it was the sandal he was wearing, leave it to his wife to be the only one able to be sneaky to him.

This was after all why he married her and it wasn't because she was powerful and a gifted healer and very attractive. Hiruzen couldn't help but chuckle at his choice of wife before putting his sandal back on he gave off a familiar look that said he had to go so Biwako shooed him away and started taking care of young Naruto.

Hiruzen returned to the Hokage Tower where the Council was waiting for him, apparently the Council was working hard and fast to their tasks and he had to sort through the new reports. He mused himself wonder what his young wife was doing at this moment, they always talked about starting a family but the war started, now they have a chance as Hiruzen also made sure to have adoption papers ready. Of course he couldn't help but think what his wife is doing right now with young Naruto, he always broke down with children.

"Awwwww is little Naruto-Bo hungry oh yes you are oh yes you are." The Fire Temptress of the Sarutobi Clan brought to a child like level by a baby, that is just pure comedy.

Of course the young baby boy ate more food than she even thought possible, she actually had to send servants out to get more food for the baby and what's more frightening is that the child didn't even look like he put on weight, his body just burned through it all.

This made feeding the boy incredibly difficult the first night as she soon found out that Hiruzen couldn't properly feed the young baby so he was hungry. When Hiruzen returned, he got a scolding from his wife over how he and his team were such macho men trying to prove that they can make it to the village without rest and his female teammate actually said they should stop to feed the baby.

So after scolding him, Biwako had Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Professor, current Third Hokage spend the next week constantly feeding and changing the boy followed immediately by playing with the boy, buying clothes and food, and setting him to sleep. The Council despite agreeing to Hiruzen's appointment agreed that after being deployed so long and now being back to organize the troops takes its toll on any man. So they allowed him to take a week of rest, something the Third was hoping to spend anyways with his wife and newly adopted son.

Days later the food was brought down to semi-manageable levels as news came in that there was no one in the village to claim the boy. It came as a relief to the Third Hokage and his wife, who have grown quite attached to the child following many sleepless nights simply because the child was literally attached to their hip as a child would be.

Finally after a month Naruto began to calm down and he even received his first stuffed animal, an orange fox he saw during a festival, if only they realized the significance. The little baby was a bundle of joy as the trio were practically inseparable to the point where Naruto went to work with Hiruzen or in the gardens or hospital with Biwako rather than with a sitter.

At the same time Hiruzen was officially declared the Third Hokage and took over the role officially though at first he was reluctant to even wear the hat as shown as his first day in office now that he was declared.

Stepping into the office of his mentors, his sensei, his idols, he found thousands of scrolls and books all lined up behind the desk as befitting the Second Hokage and his knowledge in scrolls and jutsus. Hanging right where the Second left it before heading out with his squad was the familiar red and white robes of the Hokage, hanging on a hanger right by the door.

Sarutobi touched the robe and felt the fabric against his fingers, noting that it would more than likely survive even his reign and yet it felt wrong to him. It still didn't feel right wearing the robes worn by those greater than him so Sarutobi simply left it as it was and decided not to wear it until his inauguration ceremony in a week.

Until then he walked towards the desk and ran his hand across the old wood desk created by the First Hokage Hirashama Senju using his Mokotun Bloodline, creating a perfect desk that would survive longer than even the Third.

To the back is a simple couch made for one to sleep or wait on while two other more formal chairs stood in front of the desk, most likely for private meetings. Next to the desk is a open window, nothing too large given the fact that the Hokage is too important to risk assassination but not too small that the Hokage can't use the window to sneak away.

Behind him are several different books but strangely enough the Second left a book on the table with a bookmark, very strange indeed. The Second was well known for being organized if he left a book out and didn't bother putting it back then it must be important so Sarutobi opened the book where the mark was. Inside was notes that the Second just started writing concerning the fact that he can't keep watch of his village personally.

So he was beginning to start work on a sort of device that would allow him to watch the village using specially made surveillance seals. Of course the Third almost had dirty thoughts as one of the areas marked were the hot springs but he instantly shook it as he doubted his sensei would be a closet pervert.

The Third isn't a Seal Master, at best he's a Level 6 but with his current level he could perhaps be able to finish what his late sensei was planning on creating, mostly out of protecting the village and watching it grow. But for now he'll have to take the job seriously so he made sure the book mark was secured before putting the book away and returning to the desk.

Sitting down he decided to get familiar with the work of a Hokage so he slowly learned that the Second would spend most of his days cooped up in the office reading and signing paperwork, 'no wonder sensei wanted to be out on the field a day of this and I'm already wishing there was an invasion.'

The endless paperwork involving quarterly reviews, budget, trade routes, and current economy was truly annoying to read and what's worse is that Sarutobi hadn't even gotten to the reports from the shinobi yet.

He continued reading the reports well into the night until he heard a knock on the door and was praying it wasn't another pile of paperwork or else he'll throw them out and burn them with a Giant Fireball.

But for now he had to look presentable as he drank some water and straightened up before allowing the person to come in.

In came a woman who had retained her beauty long after her time, standing before him at almost fifty years old was Mito Uzumaki, the current heiress of the Uzumaki Clan, Matriarch to the Senju Clan, wife to the First Hokage Hirashama Senju, and Grandmother to a beautiful little girl name Tsunade.

"Hiruzen it's getting late perhaps it's best you go home and see your family the paperwork will be here tomorrow." She said in a soft but kind voice that hid the fiery temper possessed by all members of the Uzumaki Clan. Mito still retained her youthful face and scarlet red hair but she didn't have as much energy as she use to, not that anyone would notice, and she continued to wear the traditional white robes with the Uzumaki Clan symbol on her shoulders. Her seals still remain in the disguise of earrings though anyone whose seen those seals open know that they contain her katana, a mainstay of the Uzumaki Clan while the other holds chakra in the event of an emergency.

Hiruzen wouldn't lie in saying that in his younger years he was attracted to the woman but now it didn't feel right, he allowed her brother in law to die and she's too old for him.

"It's alright Mito-Sempai I am nearly done." Sarutobi tried brushing her off so he could continue distracting himself before she placed her hands gently on his hands. Looking up he saw her eyes had turn fiery red as her hair became loose and began to go wild while still maintaining a pleasant smile. The Third immediately gulped, 'this is the technique that whipped sensei' was all that the Third could think.

"I understand that you and our wife had recently adopted a child perhaps you should return home and take the child in your arms. A newborn child is the greatest gift one could ever receive even if he isn't by your blood." Mito was now returning to her more "calm" state by smiling with her eyes closed which meant she will throw Hiruzen out through the window if he doesn't do as she said.

Sighing Hiruzen put away his pen and stacked the paperwork again, if he were a Nara he would say "troublesome women" but it wouldn't do good to insult someone that holds a demon inside of her.

"Oh I almost forgot congratulations Monkey on becoming a Father I'm a little upset that you didn't introduce me to your new baby boy yet." Mito chirped near the end, leave it to an Uzumaki to always be happy and trustworthy.

It was true the Third felt very happy, reading to young Naruto while the boy was cradled in his arms was greater than any joy he could ever have. Though honestly the diapers weren't all that fun, young Naruto was an expert at surprise attacks and perfect aim.

"Yes I suppose I never did I'm sorry Mito-Sempai I'm sure you wouldn't mind visiting young Naruto, he should be getting his bath by now." Hiruzen invited while organizing the last of the paperwork to be shipped out.

Mito stood there pondering before answering "Naruto huh? You named him after a ramen topping...I like him already."

This will never end well, Sarutobi knew Mito since he was a child, his Father brought him to this new village when it was completed and the sheer size of it left an impression on the Third to this day. The first person to greet him was the First Hokage, he brother who at the time was his advisor, and Mito, the other advisor, all three of them left a lasting impression on the young Hiruzen that would shape his life for the rest of his days.

However Sarutobi became somewhat upset that people would think Naruto is named after a ramen topping but he couldn't do anything about it, after all he wasn't the one who named the boy.

"Mito-San would you like to meet my son?" Hiruzen was always willing to show off his adorable son and even took him to the Council Meetings in order to convince the Council to join his side. You'd be amazed at how effective a newborn child with the most adorable looking face and sound effects, the Council couldn't say no as Hiruzen constantly held young Naruto up to their faces and they broke when he looked sad.

Mito heard of this as her husband attended many Council meetings as the new Elder and advisor to the Third. Though Hiruzen refused to allow the First Hokage to be alone with his son, something about the last time this happened, though the Third refused to mention it and the First was tight lipped about it, even to his wife.

"I would like to meet your son Little Monkey." Mito answered with a polite tone that only made the Third pout.

"Mito-San I'm almost twenty years old can we please stop with the nicknames?" The proud man spoke in annoyance only to see a smile on the elder woman's face.

"Nope afraid not." Mito chirped before walking towards the Sarutobi Compound, Hiruzen grumbling along the way until he decided to speak again.

The pair walked down from Hokage Tower to the Sarutobi Compound, now that he's Hokage he'll have to move into the mansion but it felt strange leaving the only home he ever truly knew. His father is still well enough to take care of most clan business, especially since he chased young Naruto through the entire day, not a sign of an old man but instead the Brave Monkey, his moniker.

But for now the Third will keep his own room the same in the mansion but Naruto's room was already being painted in light blue with red swirls that secretly hold every last barrier and protective seal the Third knows in order to protect his son from just about anything.

During the walk Sarutobi told stories of his son to his mentor's wife as she laughed at how quickly the boy learned, a sure sign of genius. He was already beginning to crawl on his own and signs of walking soon along with recognizing certain objects.

Of course the first thing Naruto learned was the notorious Puppy Dog Jutsu, with that adorable face no one can avoid it's gaze for long and not break. There was one time Naruto saw the Third practicing with Enma and wanted a ride on the back of the Prince of the Monkeys, who of course refused until he saw those big sad eyes and broke. So for the rest of the day you would hear the sounds of the Monkey Prince running all over the place with a squealing Naruto on his back.

Mito laughed at that, remembering fondly of her son's use of that Jutsu and currently her own Granddaughter is using it as well in order to get more stuff for gambling. Mito rubbed her forehead over how her husband taught their only Granddaughter such a thing, a part of her wants to kick his sick ass out just for his terrible senses.

Though she didn't mainly because she would have to kill someone to do so, so for now she just smiled at how far Hiruzen had grown from that little boy who would rub his nose in arrogance to have a child of his own and replace her husband and brother in law as Hokage.

She had a feeling that this young Naruto was special if the stories involving his discovery were true. Mito Uzumaki Senju had to examine the boy as while Biwako is a good medic and Hiruzen is a Seal Expert, neither are as good at noticing the smallest of details as the Senju or Uzumaki.

If this boy has chakra that rivals that of most Jounin, she will have to find out why but most of all she has to make a choice. Young Naruto could be a threat to the village if his real parents turn out to be exiled shinobi or worse enemy shinobi. There are worse things in life than the loss of one child, the Warring Era taught her that as Mito walked down the streets with her husband and brother in law's best student. Mito showed no sign of it but she was disturbed by what she was planning to do even if it means dying to protect the village, such is her husband's will, the Will of Fire.


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