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Danzo Shimura couldn't believe he got tricked into becoming a Jounin Instructor, being in ANBU was far more exciting than watching these three Genin performing the dreaded D-Ranks. Hell being a Chunin again would be more exciting, at least back then it was during the war and he at least he only did D-Ranks for a week instead of the present peace times. But it wasn't all bad, now the Bringer of Darkness has so much free time he can enjoy a book that he and Sarutobi would read though not in front of Biwako out of fear of their safety. Despite that inside his inner self was continuing his body's previous actions, slamming his head against the wall and planning bloody revenge on his eternal rival as he thought back to how it happened.

It was only a year ago that Hiruzen called on Danzo, asked him to come out of the dark in order to train the next generation of shinobi, despite the two being considered the next generation only five years ago. However in the last five years whenever Danzo was home; he would observe the three and found that they were extremely gifted- Yue with her ability to trap him in a jutsu like that, Naruto mastering all of his training and Sakumo making flawless Earth Justus was impressive but not as impressive as their teamwork.

Danzo himself will admit it is rare to have a team comprised of friends, usually there would be two friends and one outsider that can some what fit into the group to keep them on their toes. However these three must be special for the Third to remove the time honored tradition of Team 5 being comprised of one heavy hitter, one intelligent, and one stealth and instead had all three evenly matched. Normally the teams are set up this way due to the fact that on a mission sometimes there is a member that hates the other or lacks a certain skill so they have to adapt and overcome or else fail the mission.

From what he heard these three were as close to siblings as siblings can be and that's saying something as even Danzo will admit before his brother died neither of them were as close like these three and it comforted him.

This did not save them from the D-Ranks however, if Danzo had to do D-Ranks at their rank then they have to do D-Ranks and today's mission consists of something rather messy just to torture his new team.

It was there that three young children were covered in mud and working on what many would say is extremely demeaning, the washing of the pigs.

"I swear Naruto when you become Hokage you had better turn D-Ranks into Academy training, this is humiliating." Yue complained as a big managed to hit her with mud while it was escaping.

Naruto in turn nodded before a pig suddenly squirmed out of his arms, causing the poor boy to fall face first into something brown but not mud.

Once realizing what it was he immediately began spitting the disgusting semi-liquid material that managed to get into his mouth as he noted his sensei was giggling at his novel, causing Naruto to complain.

"Hey sensei why can't I use Shadow Clones for this?" Naruto yelled as he noted his sensei was reading a green book that kept him from paying attention so Naruto had an idea for a prank. The two level headed members of Team 5 knew that look and decided to back away quickly before Naruto's idea of a prank ends very badly.

Forming a quick three hand sign jutsu Naruto shot out a mud ball no bigger than a softball at their sensei. Of course the results were the exact opposite due to Naruto's aim being thrown off by a pig bumping into him, let's just say that it went really low and there's a reason why Danzo never had kids. Some say you can still hear the screams of the Bringer of Darkness across the village as you would that day, others will say this was the beginning of his brutal training regime for his students.

After the mission success Team 5 reported to the mission office as the Third Hokage took note of a very frightened Naruto and a slouching Danzo. Danzo positioned himself behind the Genin, causing Hiruzen to be curious as to why his best friend is currently looking like he ate that jar of wasabi again. He then saw a glimpse of an ice pack in his lower regions and the Third immediately knew what happened as a similar incident occurred with Hiruzen and the Second, only Tobirama-Sensei was far less kind about it.

"Lord Hokage Team 5 mission complete however I would like to make a request for another mission due to Naruto's insistence that we perform more 'ninja tasks' as he puts it. Also I would like to have myself removed to observer for the remainder of the mission, give these kids some time to shine." The smirk on their sensei's face caused everyone in the room to sweat bullets of sweat the size of snowballs and tried to guess what type of torture their sensei would put them through.

"Of course Danzo what mission do you have in mind." Hiruzen had a feeling his son would hate him but he has to learn, no one gets off scot-free because of their name.

"I believe there's a rouge cat in need of capture somewhere in the village." Danzo had a crazed glint in his eyes that his students mistook for the sun but Hiruzen, he knew full well what mission it was as his former students looked relieved over the "easy" mission.

"Very well then Team 5 your mission is to retrieve Bake." Hiruzen happily ordered as the all four members of Team 5 smiled, oh it's a good thing the children couldn't see their sensei right now.

Naruto boasted that this was going to be an easy mission, after all the name Bake means the cat was going to be an easy find until they found out the cat in question is better known as the Demon Cat of Konoha. It was well known to everyone but Naruto, even Yue as the cat that will cause havoc no matter where you go and no matter what you do. Then they saw Danzo's smiling with glee as he sent his team off to the cat's hideout and yelling "I am not liable if you die."

Standard rules for retrieval missions is to gather information on your target and once you do learn information on the target learn where he or she would be and learn the location as well as the target.

Thus the next morning all three Genins of Team 5 would be found at the highest building they could find that would provide them with maximum coverage of the target area and concealment so no one could spot them let alone a cat. Only the said building was used to store fish and if the demon cat even noticed someone not belonging in the building he would avoid it so they started to smell like the fish.

All three muttered angry threats at their sensei as they waited for the Demon Cat's daily ritual, start trouble in the food market before causing the village's entire dog population to go after it, and then running into the local fish market for a reward. After that anything could happen before someone manages to catch the cursed cat. From time to time it changes however and they can't be so sure what the cat's plan will be this time so it's best to catch it in the early stages.

Of course just because the crazy cat is considered by many to be random they have to find a way to watch all of the exits. Technology isn't as advanced as it is in fifty years, the closest thing to advanced technology are in the homes so no cameras, no radios, not even a decent telegraph.

To solve that issue Naruto employed the use of Shadow Clones to watch all surroundings, both on the ground and on the rooftops. They in turn would have signals to be able to inform the real group the situation since the only thing close to communications at this time weren't radios but runners. In this case Naruto's clones would dispel if there was important information that needed to be relayed to the main team.

At the same time they would be employed in teams of three, Naruto alone could produce fifteen clones without issue so that left four main escape routes covered and the remaining three clones would be assigned to the actual team members while they search the ground. It was the same tactic they were taught for search missions and despite the simplicity of the mission Bake isn't something one should underestimate.

If they remember correctly the damn cat is so evil that one cannot show happiness around the creature or it will ruin the source of happiness. Such as dropping a kid's ice cream or stealing their candy, ruining a bouquet of flowers, or even going so far as the scar someone's face, at least that's the rumor.

There have been many times one had considered putting down such a wild animal but every time it is captured Bake manages to escape. It's like a ninja cat but it doesn't matter, a target is a target and they were order to capture the target.

So all three remained hidden and watched the target area and waited, the only sound they could hear was the loud machinery of the fish being processed and cut down for the market to sell. Despite all of that they had to keep constant watch, the cat seems to sniff out anything amiss so they have to be very careful, in the event they find the cat they could easily slip out using a preplanned substitution, the three don't do anything half-assed for any reason you see.

As Danzo explained "The things you do in D-Ranks will help you in S-Ranked missions, you'd do well to remember every mission no matter how horrible it may be is experience for the future."

They all understood what he meant, a long term A-Ranked mission could require them to pose as farmers for many weeks and it is necessary for them to know what to do to sell the cover, hence why they would have had a D-Ranked mission as Genin involving helping farmers. Another would require you to get close to a target out on the street, no one really takes note of someone helping an old lady with her groceries until the groceries turn out to contain explosives. Then there's the job of a delivery man or a gardener, you get closer to your target like traditional shinobi before killing them with a handy set of hedge clippers.

In this situation the mission is to prepare them for blending into a target and get use to the smell of fresh fish as it has a very strong smell. Observational training was conducted during their senior year to help them with the mission, now all that is left is to wait, one of the most important factors of any shinobi.

Hidden in plain sight but not noticed by anyone was their sensei, observing his team with a cold distance he has to maintain as a member of the ANBU Black Ops and their instructor, he can't always hold their hand.

It wasn't until the town square became busy with people that they spotted the first sign of the cat, a blur of orange leaping across the rooftops without single sign that it was ever there.

The Shadow Clones watching the area immediately relayed messages using Morris Code reflected on a metal plate of their headbands to update the real team on the status of the cat. They waited for an opportunity to strike and it didn't take long before the clones confirmed it was indeed Bake and they moved in fast with the Shadow Clones remaining close in the perimeter rather than risking the loss of the target.

Up in his hiding post Danzo nodded at his team's decisions, if they passed the mission then perhaps it would be prudent to teach the three the way of a true ninja, one of silence and deception, of shadows and death. The way they act now is how the First had hoped the word shinobi would be changed into, soldiers, unfortunately that wasn't the best ideas as samurai are becoming a dying breed. Such is the curse of the Clan Wars, shinobi became too powerful trying to defeat each other with the real benefit of a samurai is if they are in force. Without a massive army a single shinobi could lay waste to a squad of samurai unless they are in the same caliber as Kenshin the Fire Daimyo's personal samurai guard.

Looking back at his team he noted how perfectly they executed their plan however that doesn't mean he would just let it go smoothly.

"No plan ever makes it through real combat." The Second Hokage taught all of his students this lesson and much like the Second, Danzo used D-Ranks as a way to teach his own students this lesson. Of course Naruto will pay dearly for what he did, Danzo still can't use the bathroom properly, at least someone invented ice or else he wouldn't know how he would have survived.

Naruto in turn discovered that the village rooftops are strangely covered with muddy footprints, a result of shinobi using the roofs rather than walking. This in turn caused Naruto to strangely trip or as he calls it "stumble" on several random patches of mud that mysteriously appeared before they escaped the rooftops.

Back at Danzo's hiding place we find the strangest of all sights, the Bringer of Darkness crying his eyes out and laughing as he became very happy with the outcome and chose to replay the incident in his mind for the next five minutes.

"That will teach the brat to aim before he shoots." Danzo of course did not believe Naruto's story about a pig messing with his aim.

Back with the three Genin however they were having a far worse time than anticipated capturing Bake-Neko as the creature was slightly faster than the three Genin. This was simply because the cat is nimble, lighter and has ran the course hundreds of the time to the point where it found cracks in the wall that only Naruto can follow due to his interesting Transformation Jutsu. Basically he can do a full transformation which means he becomes the actually animal disguise, something only those with precise chakra control can use and something the newly minted Genin learned since the First's death on his spare time.

Danzo himself was impressed but the risk of using such a high risk technique is this, one slip of chakra control and he transforms back quickly inside of a small alley. As such the technique is considered a kinjutsu or forbidden jutsu due to the risk of being crushed to death and yet Naruto discovered it without knowing the designation.

Regardless the technique proved it's uses as Naruto managed to keep track of the target despite no doubt feeling the pain of his bone snapping in thousands of places, his skin shrinking and then becoming extremely itchy, his hands melting together or his new found senses. The pain normally should cripple him but it didn't which showed just how much time Naruto spent on practicing this single transformation until he could transform without feeling pain.

This allowed Naruto to keep eyes on the prize while others had to go around the objective he kept eyes on it demon cat until finally he figured out where the cat was going. It would make sense in the event of a skill pursuer go to an area one knows best and the same instinct applies to animals only now comes a good test, will it return home or will it head to a place to get lost in the crowd.

Team 5 ended up losing Naruto however, the narrow areas were a big threat to the village if an invasion ever occurred as there would be no where to run unless you're a shinobi.

Naruto however found the little demon cat in a simple hole in the wall that lead to a nice little alley that would make it impossible for most creatures to attack and for good reason. Whoever built this part of the village kept some of the alleys small and narrow but enough for say a cat to protect itself and much to Naruto's shock, her kittens.

There were five little kittens inside the little hole in the wall, normally he wouldn't feel sorry since there are so many animals without homes in the village but this one seemed different. Bake was willing to leave his children, or hers he could never tell, to steal food when let's just go with he needed it for his family and it just goes to show no matter where you are the bond of family can never be broken easily.

Of course Naruto looked at all five kittens, the strange one had all of Bake's features but opposite so the fur colors and the fur patterns were switched in colors. Another had Bake's fur but almost tiger like patterns across it's chest while another had a similar pattern but spots on it's belly. The next one had basically dark brown fur across it's body save for it's paws and belly, which instead were a dark yellow color with a bit of orange mixed in to show the kitty would either lose the color or it will overwhelm the fur. Lastly was oddly enough a dark brown cat borderline black with the strangest yellow eyes Naruto has ever seen in that they seemed to glow. Despite all of that they were still young, barely old enough to survive in the real world but not young enough that Bake had to worry about them as much as they knew what to do.

The little kittens were hiding as Bake hissed and looked ready to attack young Naruto so he kept his distance and summoned a carton of milk and a bowl he usually had sealed up in a supply scroll on his back in the event he ever needed food or drink.

Filling the bowl with the milk and also summoning some fish Naruto performed a little fire manipulation to heat up the fish before setting it down in a saucer and repeating the process five more times before leaving the little hiding spot. Due to how small Naruto was, due to his young age, he had to crawl out of the small opening only to be greeted by a shadow.

Looking up he found the face of his sensei, his arms crossed and a stern face Naruto would normally associate with his Mother when he gets into trouble.

"Naruto your orders were to capture Bake and bring him to the pound." Danzo never raised his voice but Naruto knew he was upset, a shinobi should never show weakness no matter the mission.

Rising from his crawl Naruto stood at attention so he could at least explain his actions like a man, he won't lie or make excuses he will tell Danzo the truth.

"I know sensei but I couldn't do it?" Naruto couldn't look his sensei in the eyes, if he couldn't stand separating kittens from their parents, how could he do the same to a person.

Danzo sighed and stepped forward until Naruto couldn't see the sun but instead his sensei had a strange aura about him thanks to the sun.

"You know how disruptive that cat is to civilian business correct?"

The word civilian seemed to bother Naruto and he just blurted out "Exactly, civilian, we're a shinobi village sensei every last D-Rank we ever did was for those who could clearly do the job themselves but instead assign it to trained killers."

Naruto paused when he felt a small trickle of chakra leak out of Danzo and looked up to find his eyes were narrowed.

"Exactly Naruto we are trained killers but we also have a system, civilians bring us jobs and supplies and in return we provide them with easy labor for low prices." Danzo explained while his clones were trying to locate Sakumo and Yue but the thing about being a member of Team 5, you're always hard to find.

"We are not heroes Naruto, we are not soldiers even if Monkey or the First says we are, we are servents and killers who get paid to do so." Danzo then decided it was time to make Naruto choose "Do you take responsibility for your actions and the actions of Bake-Neko?"

"Yes sensei."

"Even if Bake harms another human being will you take responsibility?" Danzo was sure he had the young shinobi kept repeating his answer.

"Yes Sensei." Like an echo his voice repeated the exact two words as his sensei relaxed and looked at his student.

"You will feed them, you will raise them and if they need to be put down you will perform the task is that understood?"

Naruto nodded and looked some what relaxed before he suddenly felt a fist bonk him on the top of the head.

Naturally the young boy cried out and looked to see his sensei casually walking away and yelling "NEXT TIME AIM!"

In truth Danzo didn't hit him for that reason, Naruto was far too young to be so damn serious let alone bipolar. One minute the kid acts like a six year old should, next thing you know he's an old wise man too serious and too rigid and while that would be a good trait to have it is not good for a young boy.

Being with his friends and family helped but Danzo knew that as Naruto got older Naruto would turn into the Second Hokage and while that isn't the worse thing in the world, Danzo would never forgive himself.

So the Bringer of Darkness kept walking fast, which in truth was Jounin leveled speed as a tiny yellow blur kept following him as a familiar silver blur soon followed him and then a black blur.

Danzo was impressed with his team's speed but knew that they were just low Chunin level, once he gets done with them they'll be high Chunin and ready for any C-Ranked mission. For now they will have to be prepared as he led them to the Mission Office in the Hokage Tower to report mission parameters changed, Naruto found a way to solve the problem.

All four members reported and stood at attention but the lack of the infamous cat in a cage or in their arms made the result of the mission obvious. The Third Hokage looked at the three students no Genin he helped train with pride as he began to light his old pipe before reading the report quickly written down by Danzo on the way here. As a member of ANBU and a veteran he is use to writing reports on the fly as many missions don't have the luxury of just reporting the results.

Finishing the report he placed it on the desk and sighed, letting the smoke to escape his mouth as he looked at Team 5.

"I will give you three an A for effort, planning the mission was well executed and could be used in real life and you maintained the secrecy of the shinobi force and performed an impressive number of feats most Chunin would find difficult to use. However that doesn't excuse the fact that Naruto chose to abandon the mission in favor of letting the creature live with her family."

Her, that was the general surprise to the Genin, they knew Naruto too well to know that he would hate to leave anyone an orphan despite his jutsu preferences.

"Naruto will take the blame and the mission will be marked a failure on his file does anyone disagree with this?" Immediately Naruto's teammates stepped forward and Hiruzen smirked 'We taught them well sensei."

"Lord Hokage we are a team if one member fails then we all fail." Sakumo boldly explained in a manner that made Hiruzen forget he was looking at children not veterans.

"So the three of you would willingly accept the failure on your files?" Hiruzen asked curiously as he sat up straight with interest.

Naruto was about to protest when Yue gave him a look that says speak and he will get hurt before she began to answer.

"It's a D-Ranked mission Lord Hokage, if it truly was important than you would have had experience Genin chase after Bake rather than fresh Genin and therefore we will accept the mission failure with pride." Yue spoke with equally high commitment as Sakumo as Naruto stepped forward with them and they nodded.

Hiruzen had a stern face on him that spoke volumes of how he felt before he relaxed and the look of sadness was clear on his face.

"You three are far too young to be so serious but so long as Bake-Neko doesn't start trouble again then I see no reason to mark this a failure." Hiruzen then tossed the three their pay "Now spend that money on something nice and it better not be on weapons."

All three Genin saluted and left the office as Danzo stood behind to wait until his team was gone before Hiruzen summoned a cup of sake and two saucers.

Danzo pulled up a chair as the Chunin in Charge would take in mission reports for the Third unless it was an S-Ranked mission but those types are rare.

Hiruzen poured a drink for the both of them and they drank it in one swig before refilling it this time the sake sat there undisturbed in their hands with the liquid serving only to show the two their reflection.

"Children should never have to grow up so soon where did I make the mistake Danzo?" Hiruzen asked his old friend and rival as he thought back to his son and his friends, they were far too serious for their own good.

"They all suffered in their own way Hiruzen, Yue is an orphan who lost her family right before her eyes. Sakumo lost his family and practically his entire clan during the war and Naruto has nearly been killed hundreds of time but I truly believe Hashirama's death was the catalyst for Naruto's change in demeanor." Danzo commented as he thought back to his own past, his Grandfather and Father were both killed before Danzo could proudly display the Konoha headband on his head. His mother doesn't exist in his eyes and the Land of Fang still hunted down his clan due to a slight made by the Daimyo when they refused to follow his orders.

That is why Danzo stayed in ANBU for so long, his clan name was well known and his name made it even worse. People will come and try and kill Konoha's assassin master following the end of the war someone in the Council leaked his mission file pertaining to the assassination of a minor Daimyo but the man had friends.

"Something must be done my old friend before the three become like us." Hiruzen gulped the sake again but didn't feel the effects just yet.

"I agree, they may hide it but it is clear these three are waiting for a chance to make a difference in the world."

That gave Hiruzen an idea as he searched through the minor scrolls on his desk and came out with a particularly interesting scroll marked C.

"This mission might just be enough." Hiruzen tossed the scroll to his friend who in turned opened the scroll and smiled.

"We'll depart tomorrow morning, be sure that Biwako doesn't kill me upon our return." Danzo joked though honestly he wouldn't put it past the Fire Mistress to try and roast him alive.

Hiruzen chuckled and answered "Don't worry I imagine she will get her revenge on me instead."

"What was that getup she had you wear the one with the..." Danzo suddenly found himself being struck an empty scroll in order to stop the ANBU Guards in the room to discover the things their Hokage and his wife do at night.

"Utter one more word like that Danzo and I'll remind you why they call me the Professor." Hiruzen threatened and Danzo answered that threat by rolling up his sleeve and flexing his muscle.

"Maybe but I think you've been sitting in that chair for too long." Danzo pointed and the Third's hair and said "Is that a gray hair."

Hiruzen panicked and quickly brought out a mirror from out of nowhere to check only to find nothing as he heard Danzo laughing at the top of his lungs.

"Ha...Ha...Ha...Ha...Ha...I can' fell for that." Danzo said between breaths before suddenly finding himself under extremely amounts of killer intent but it was so worth it just for revenge.

"Danzo...YOU'RE DEAD!" Hiruzen began to throw kunai and shuriken at his rival who simply leaned back and used wind manipulation to make them miss and instead hit the back wall.

"You're way too serious Old Monkey but you're welcome to try." Danzo showed Hiruzen his rear with a rather disturbing smacking sound being made before running off.

Honestly if someone saw Danzo Shimura do that they would have a heart attack over how strange and bizarre Konoha's resident spy master and assassin acted.

Of course that didn't matter as Hiruzen summoned Enma and the look of anger on the Hokage's face said it all to the Monkey Prince.

"Oh what did Danzo do this time?" Enma sighed before turning into his staff form "I don't get enough treats for this crap."

Hiruzen ignored his long time companion's joke as he pulled off his robes to reveal his battle armor and began chased after his oldest friend with a fury his perverted student would learn the day he was caught spying on girls.

However the entire chase was rather loud to the point where several civilians feared that the village was under attack as the Third Hokage continued to chase after his old rival hell bent on smacking his old friend around.

Danzo meanwhile activated the seals on his right arm to swap out his old armor with his preferred combat armor until finally arriving at an all too familiar location for the two veterans.

The Second Hokage's secret training spot, never revealed to anyone but his students Hiruzen landed to find his old rival in his war armor. The flak jacket was replaced by a black variation ANBU chest plate with minor plates on his shoulder and heavy armor plates on his left arm for good measure. His neck was protected by a padded collar not unlike future generation flak jackets with his clan symbol etched into both sides of the collar.

On his back was his familiar katana which was earned during his battle with a Kiri swordsman who was also a former Seven Swordsman. The blade was still extremely good and he kept it clearly on his back like an ANBU would but whereas they would carry around Ninjatos due to their shorter blade length, Danzo prefers the katana.

Hiruzen smirked at the sight of his friend challenging him like in the old days before the war, those days changed the both of them.

"So how about it you Old Monkey wanna dance?" Danzo drew his katana and smiled causing the God of Shinobi to twirl Enma around his body before both assumed their respective fighting stances.

"Let's go Ruffles." Hiruzen could see Danzo nearly break character over his own nickname before charging at the Third with an all too familiar attack, a downward slash with wind chakra, turning the strike into a mid-ranged attack.

Hiruzen countered by extending the staff outwards, striking the Air Blade and dispelling it before making it's way towards his opponent.

Danzo in turn gracefully spun around the staff and brought his sword to his right side as Hiruzen swung it around. The resulting attack forced Danzo to skid slightly to the left but not too much and ducked before the attack came full swing, causing Hiruzen to stagger for a second but that was all that he needed.

A shadow fell over Hiruzen as he looked up in time to find Danzo performing a front flip and then suddenly speeding up in time to strike Hiruzen had he not retracted his staff in time in order to not be too weighed down to dodge.

Suddenly Danzo found his back turned against his opponent as Hiruzen leapt into the air and crashed the staff down upon Danzo's exposed back so Danzo spun around just as quickly in time to block the strike but it was enough to cause the swordsman to lose his footing.

Using the other end of the staff Hiruzen swung down fast in an attempt to sweep his opponent's leg who in turn performed a cartwheel that many gymnasts would applaud to. Not one to allow his opponent to recover Danzo aimed to chop off the Third's head but the Third was too skilled to allow that to happen and moved his staff to the point where it look like he was about to swing a bat but instead he aimed it just enough so that the blade gets intercepted by the end of the staff. Hiruzen then extended the staff to leave his opponent wide opened before slamming the staff onto his opponent's foot, there is no such thing as honor for shinobi in battle.

Hiruzen landed the first blow as Danzo yelped in pain before he back pedaled, an unwise maneuver as Hiruzen now had the distance between the two to strike hard and immediately struck Danzo in the chest with the butt of his staff. That blow brought Danzo back into reality who in turn suddenly found himself under a barrage of blows from the Monkey Prince's staff form.

Narrowly avoiding them all Danzo found that Hiruzen struck in areas where he could escape to but instead every blow had to be deflected or dodged because just getting struck by one of those attacks would break skulls as his foot would prove.

Eventually Danzo managed to gain just a split second to form a single hand sign and that was all he needed before suddenly Hiruzen found himself striking a log that shattered upon impact. Before the splinters ever fell to the ground Hiruzen found himself scanning for his opponent with not just his eyes but his ears and other senses until finally he felt a sudden increase of wind heading towards him.

Bringing up the Earth Affinity his clan is so well known for the ground rose up in the shape of a thin wall but upon impact Hiruzen was quite happy it was there to begin with.

However he soon found himself cautious as Danzo held shuriken in his fingers and began to blow wind into the blades, causing them to spin before he threw them on target.

Knowing what his teammate did Hiruzen quickly dodged and did his best not to dodge into the air for if he did, those shuriken would hit their mark. So instead he did his best to dodge as the shuriken flew at him and cut through what was left of the Earth Wall and Hiruzen retreated and stayed below the attacks.

The first few were easy to dodge, he just moved to the side however there lies a problem, sooner or later he would be boxed in or make a mistake and that mistake happened rather quickly as Hiruzen turned forward once again to find a shuriken heading straight for him. With not enough time to dash to his side Hiruzen ducked only to find another shuriken under the shadow of the first shuriken.

Normally it would be easy to deflect these weapons but they were moving exceptionally fast as Hiruzen looked at his opponent and saw why, three different jutsus were being used in conjunction with his shuriken.

The first was obviously the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu, the next was the Vacuum Blade to extend the length and the speed of the weapon, and the third was a Wind Blast to increase the spin speed.

So rather than risk an early haircut Hiruzen gathered chakra into the soles of his feet and dashed toward Danzo, Enma being left behind until he was needed as the Professor quickly gathered the heat of his belly into his throat and shot out a massive fireball. Danzo watched as the next volley of wind shuriken he threw began to melt as the wind blades only quickened the flames before melting the high quality metal that made up the weapon.

Granted all shinobi forged weapons are of similar metal his were designed to add and element to them and as such they were lighter to throw. That in turn allowed the flames to melt the metal as the fireball came racing at Danzo in high speeds.

Hiruzen continued to keep up the pressure by adding more and more chakra into the flames and continued to charge at his enemy while Danzo did the same only instead used the Vacuum Gale Jutsu to suck the air out of the flames. The two jutsus created a vortex of flames as the two charged at each other in the middle before both striking each other square in the jaw.

The jutsus were canceled out without constant chakra to keep the blaze going as the two most powerful shinobi in the village fell to the ground gasping for air between laughters.

"Nice to know I've finally caught up to you huh Monkey?" Danzo smirked as he looked at his old rival.

"Ha the only reason you won was because I was behind a desk the last five years." Hiruzen defended as he felt like his skills had waned the past few years and he couldn't help but laugh at Danzo's master plan.

"Getting me out of the office was a good plan old friend I thank you."

"Just remember sooner or later someone will start a new war and I don't want you to die because your fat ass was stuck behind a desk."

"Hey my wife loves my ass." Hiruzen countered and Danzo countered with a "Because she knows it will cushion your posterior when you fall."

They shot back insults and counters like teenagers as the ANBU assigned to protect the Hokage looked at him with awe, what appeared to be a large five minute match was in truth only two minutes. The ANBU could barely see the fight at all, the entire thing was almost a blur to them as the members of the Hokage's Personal Guards swore to never be so weak again.

All the while Naruto separated from the team in order to get some more supplies, Bake maybe a devil cat but even he has to admit that the little cat was not as crazy as he remembered.

So he opted to gather up food and water and milk for the family of cats now hiding in the abandoned part of the village.

Happy to see that his choice was right he left to rejoin his friends in causing a bit of mayhem in the village. After all, Team 5 is trained for infiltration and espionage and nothing says espionage like sneaking into the Uchiha Clan Compound and coloring every white part of their clan symbol pink.

The next day was pure training as Danzo was quite interested to see how far they've advanced by having them run five laps around the village while carrying a full combat and travel pack.

Noting they were quite good Danzo handed the three of them new jutsu scrolls and became immediately amazed at how quickly the three of them learned. They were precise chakra control jutsus designed for infiltration and espionage, the purpose of Team 5 during times of peace.

'These three could well surpass me by the time they're teenagers, better watch out Hiruzen your students are going to be great.'

Smiling after the end of training Danzo had his team stand at attention in front of him before making an announcing that interested the entire team.

"Team 5 the Hokage has seen fit to send us on a little retrieval assignment." Danzo announced "This will be a C-Ranked Mission anyone who believes they are not ready step forward."

None of them stepped forward, the look of excitement were in their eyes as any shinobi worth their grain in salt would have.

Danzo hid a smirk as it was a simple mission however with any luck they might just get to have their first kill. First Kills are better to get out of the way first rather than wait for a true battle.


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